The New House

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“POP” the champagne cork flew across the room as my husband Dave and I opened the bottle to celebrate buying our first house. We’d been married five years and had scrimped and saved and both worked two jobs to get the down payment, since mortgages were so big in California, and had finally saved enough to buy, if not our ‘dream home’, a very nice place. Actually, it wasn’t a new home, since we’d bought my parent’s house when my Dad decided to take early retirement and he and Mom decided to travel before settling back down. It was the house I grew up in and they’d owned for almost 30 years. I looked at Dave as her poured the champagne, he had a big grin on his handsome face as he handed me the glass and raised it in a toast.

“Here’s hoping this place brings us the same good fortune as it brought your parents Richard and Maggie,” he said.

“Hear hear” I replied and drank the wine, then on impulse, I tossed the glass at the fireplace.

“HEY!!” he yelled kiddingly, ” Don’t do that, we can’t afford new glassware, not with the size of these mortgage payments”

“Awww sweetie, a moment of indulgence” I replied as I pressed myself up against his body “I’ll umm think of someway to make up for it ‘ I ran my hand up his thigh and over the bulge in his jeans. I could feel it twitch through the rough material and immediately felt my nipples hardening under the thin tee shirt I was wearing. Dave wrapped his arms around me and crushed my petite 5’2” body against his 6 foot frame

And I knew he could feel my nipples pressing against his chest.

“I can think of a few things you could do at that ” he whispered before pressing his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. My hand rubbed his crotch feeling his hardness growing and lengthening under my hand and squirmed against him as one of his hands slid down my back to cup my asscheek. Pushing my tongue into his mouth I deftly started to unzip him and slipped my hand into his jeans and grasped the hard shaft of his cock. Dave’s got a beautiful cock, not huge, just under 7″ and just the perfect girth to slip into my mouth. I felt him groan into my mouth as I ran my nails lightly up the length of him, but then he broke the kiss and stepped away.

“Oh baby I’m so sorry, ” he glanced at his watch, I have to be at work in 20 minutes and ” I had to smile as he tried to adjust himself back in his pants” aren’t your parents coming over to spend the week-end?”

“Oh my god you’re right” I said ” They should be here any minute. Good thing we didn’t start anything after all. “

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll finish this when I get home” he playfully smacked my ass as he headed towards the door.

“Yeah sure, at 2 in the morning?” Dave worked the swing shift, and got off at midnight, “I’ll be sound asleep.”

“Again Baby, I’ll think of someway to ‘wake you up” ” he gave me a grin and leered at me and walked out.

As I turned to get a broom and sweep up the broken glass from the hearth, I heard Dave talking in the driveway, and realized that my parents must have just arrived. I was bending over to sweep up the glass shards when I heard the door swing open and I was suddenly grabbed from behind and swung around, two strong arms wrapped around my waist.

“Congratulations Princess” my father’s voice boomed out and he playfully spun me around and around, just as he’d done when I was little.

“Richard!! Stop that ” my mom was smiling as she watched us “She’s 25 years old not 5 anymore.”

Dad lowered me to my feet and I turned laughing and reached up to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you Daddy,” then turned and hugged my Mom “And thank you both for helping us get this house”

“Well princess, as I told Dave, things have gone very well for your Mom and I and think of this as part of your inheritance,” laughing again, ” at the rate your Mom enjoys spending money, it may be the ONLY inheritance you get” Dad ducked as Mom threw a playful jab at him.

“Smartass” she said.

“Anyway, we saw Dave in the driveway and he said he’s got to work tonight, so why don’t we postpone the celebration dinner until tomorrow?” Dad said. ” I’ve actually got to go and see Sam Olsen about some investments anyway.”

“Fine” Mom said, ” Nancy and I will have our own celebration tonight and you two work-a-holics can just suffer without us”

Dad just laughed and turned around to grab the suitcases they’d brought in, easily lifting the massive bags but pretending to struggle “God Maggie, what did you pack in here? We’re only here for two days, not two months”

“Just hush Dick” then turning to me Mom said, ” Where are we sleeping? You’re father can put our bags in the room.”

“In my old room, we’ve made that the guest room since it has it’s own bathroom”

“Ok ” Dad, said as he carried the bags up the stairs, and returned a moment later.

Mom walked into the living room looking at how I’d decorated it. “It so different it doesn’t even seem like the same place”

“It’s the same place alright, ” Dad said ” and I’m guessing the floor still creaks in the same places too”

He walked over, and held Mom in his arms and gave her a kiss. Watching them I suddenly saw them not bahis firmaları as my parents but as two very attractive people, obviously in love. The way they looked at each other as they stood there and embraced was so romantic, and I also noticed even though I always knew it, that there was very much the same height difference as Dave and I. In fact they could easily have been mistaken for a couple our age, instead of in their late 40’s, since both were trim and athletic. Dad’s build was a lot like Dave’s and although Mom ‘s hips were a bit wider then mine and her breasts were a tad heavier, she still could have passed as my sister if she tried.

Dad kissed Mom again and said ” I’m outta here baby, gonna see Sam and maybe have a few drinks with him. I won’t be too late” he started towards the door.

“Wait Dad” I said, grabbing my purse and pulling out a key. “Here, just in case we’re gone when you get back, here’s a house key. We may decide to grab a bite to eat while your gone.”

“Ok ladies, I’ll see you later” and he left.

“I see you and Dave were celebrating already” Mom said, seeing the open bottle of champagne on the end table.

“Not much of a celebration ” I said “He left about 3 minutes after I opened it, we didn’t even get a chance to ‘christen ‘ the house yet”

Laughing, she stood and headed towards the stairs “Well why don’t you pour us a glass while I unpack, and we’ll celebrate ourselves”

She went upstairs as I went to get another glass for her, then I heard her calling me.

I went upstairs to find her in the guestroom looking a bit disconcerted.

“What’s wrong Mom?”

“Nan, I am so sorry, but ” she pointed at the waterbed “there’s no way your Dad will be able to sleep on that. He hates those, always complains he can’t get to sleep with all the motion”

“Oh Mom, I’m so sorry, I forgot all about that, I remember him always complaining when we first got it, how he’d never own one himself”

“It’s alright dear, we’ll call and go to a motel, it’s really no problem” she started to close the suitcase she’d laid on the bed.

“No, you’re not staying in a motel, we’ll just switch rooms, you and dad will use the master bedroom and Dave and I will stay in here.”

“You can’t do that ” Mom said, “it’s not right, this is your house now and as you said, ” a twinkle appeared in her eyes “you still have to how’d you put it? “christen? The house?”

Laughing, “Oh Mom, that’s the least of my worries, Dave loved this bed, I’m sure he’ll have no problems taking care of our ” giggling” christening on it”

“Wellll, if you are absolutely sure.. ” she said.

“Absolutely, no more talking about it, lets just drag these bags into my room and get back to the wine”

Ten minutes later we were back downstairs toasting the new house.

And toasting and toasting.

Three hours later, as it approached 9 o’clock, we had polished off two bottles of champagne and another half bottle of tequila. Having long since forgotten about eating dinner , we both stumbled up the stairs and changed, amidst a huge amount of giggling and laughing, into our nightclothes. I helped mom pull off her jeans, grabbing them at the ankles and pulling as she lay across the king size bed in the master bedroom wiggling her hips and pushing the tight pants down over her ass. Her panties slipped down along with them as I fell backwards on the floor as the pants suddenly slid down her thighs. Laughing even harder as she looked down her body at me and slurred “Fuck the panties, I never sleep in any anyway” She let out a gale of laughter when I said “Me neither, they just get in Dave’s way” I fell over sideways on the floor, for some reason that struck us both as simply hysterical and it took several minutes for us to catch our breaths and finish changing. As Mom shakily stood up and tried to pull the long tee shirt she used as a nightgown over her head, I couldn’t help but notice how firm her breasts still were, full round globes with perfect dime sized nipples. I started giggling again for no apparent reason as I pulled my own tee shirt over my head, and tossed it to the side.

“”Oh Nancy” mom said looking at my naked body ” I remember when I used to look like that”

” Mom, don’t be stupid, you’re still a beautiful woman, anyone can see that” I replied

Mom head kind of wobbled a bit and she cupped bout her breasts “They’re starting the trip south, ” which started us both laughing again “and it ain’t a short vacation trip either” She feel back on the bed laughing.

“Come on” I said grabbing her hands and pulling her to her feet. She stumbled against me and a shock of electricity went through my body as I felt her nipples press against mine. It was only for a moment but I could feel my nipples hardening and see them pressing out through the thin fabric of my own nightgown.

“Geeeeez” I thought to myself, I must really really need Dave’s attention”

“Cummon” Mom said “I think there was still some tequila left” and she stumbled out into the hallway and barely made it down the stairs. I heard her go into the living room and figured, what the hell, turned to our dresser and dug out our bong. kaçak iddaa Dave and I love getting high and making love, so it was always ready, and, damn it, I WAS going to christen the house when he got home. Lighting the bong I inhaled a deep lungful and held it as long as I could before letting it out with a whoosh. Another deep intake and another rush of smoke from my lungs and I was feeling the effects already. I love the feeling; my skin tingles and I get all warm and fuzzy when I’m loaded. There’s nothing like being touched and caressed when I’m in this condition, and I never never seem to get tired of making love. Now if only Dave was home…

I lit the bong again, inhaled, and looked up to see Mom standing in the doorway, with a grin on her face.

“Ohhhhhh, I thought I taught you better, you’re supposed to share” she started into the room, tripped on her own feet and landed face down on the bed. Obviously we both thought that was way too funny for words and laughed so hard that tears were streaming down our faces. She managed to turn over and sit up, her nightgown riding way up her thighs, exposing her well-trimmed bush, reached over and grabbed the pipe. “Fire it up” she said, and I lit the bong as she held it to her mouth.

“I never knew you smoked Mom,” I said.

She just looked at me and giggled.

“What do you think your Dad and I did in college? Study??” she nearly choked on the smoke as she said that, but quickly took another big toke.

Two tokes later, we were both somewhere in another land mentally. I managed somehow to get the pipe and put it on the bedstead next to the bed, then fell back onto the mattress next to Mom. We giggled and joked some more but I have no idea what we were talking about. The wine and tequila and dope had totally wasted me, and from the way Mom’s voice was slurring and the incoherent things she was saying, I knew she was in even worse shape.

“Bedtime for me” I muttered, and she responded with some incomprehensible mumble and turned over on her stomach. her nightgown totally bunched up around her waist, her firm round asscheeks totally exposed. I managed to turn out the light, and almost crawled into the guestroom. I climbed up on the waterbed, the wave motion was suddenly very very unsettling to me, and I fell face down sprawled spread eagle across the bed trying to settle the motion down, afraid to move lest it start rolling again. I managed to glance at the alarm clock; the numbers glowing greenly in the pitch dark room and saw it was only going on 10 PM. A fleeting thought crossed my mind that Dave wouldn’t be home for 4 more hours, and then I drifted away.

What seemed like only moments later, I was brought back from wherever my mind had wandered by the feel of warm breath against my calf. Warm lips started softly kissing up the back of my leg as I felt the bed start to slowly move as a body climbed up onto the mattress between my spread legs. A warm wet tongue slowly was dragged higher up my leg, pausing to kiss the inside of my knee then I felt warm wet kisses being planted up the back of my thigh. A soft moan escaped my lips as I realized Dave had gotten home and was “waking me” in his own special way. My ass started moving gently as I felt strong hands slip up both my thighs spreading them gently as his lips worked further up my leg. Arching my back slightly, lifting myself, I felt him push my shirt up over my cheeks, his hands cupping them and squeezing as his hot breath touched my exposed skin. His hands slid under my thighs and lifted, bringing my already wet cunt up as his lips pressed to meet it. I felt him lift me a bit higher as the tip of his tongue ran slowly up my slit, barely parting the puffed folds, catching the droplets of my excitement, tasting me. He kept dragging it up, between my cheeks and brushed the tip over my exposed rosebud. ” A huge sigh escaped my throat at the feel of the tip of his tongue probing at my tight asshole From somewhere the thought crossed my mind that this was new, Dave had never done this before, but before I could grasp that thought, I felt the tongue slip down and thrust deep between my cunt lips, the very suddenness of the action almost triggering an orgasm.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh” a guttural moan came from my lips as I felt the tongue stab deep inside me, in and out then sliding up and down my cunt. He circled my clit with the tip then sucked the swollen nubbin into his mouth, catching it between his teeth and gently sucking and rubbing it between the sharp edges of his teeth. Shivers ran down my body as I felt my juices flowing faster and faster, his tongue moving to catch the wetness, suckingthe juice into his mouth, drinking me. My thighs involuntarily clamped tight around his head as the first orgasm hit me, and he continued to fuck my cunt with his tongue. I pressed back against his tongue trying to drive it even deeper, rotating myself against his face feeling my juices smearing across his cheeks. With a final spasm, I felt myself relax and collapse back on the waterbed as he pulled his hands out from beneath my thighs and his tongue withdrew from my sopping pussy. My head sideways on the pillow, I could just make out the dark form of Dave as he kaçak bahis crawled up kneeling between my spread legs, I felt him reach under my hips and gently pull my ass up, spreading my thighs with his knees as he moved up behind me. He gently pushed my thighs forward, under my body, forcing my ass high and my upper body down into the mattress, the waves already making my body rock back and forth in a mockery of the motion of love making. I felt the satiny smoothness of his cockhead press upon me at the top of my ass and slowly press between my cheeks, separating them. My ass tightened involuntarily as I felt him drag the head down between my cheeks until it pressed firmly against my puckered hole. The trail of precum between my cheeks from his already dripping cock felt slick and warm against my skin. I felt him start to push the head against my asshole, felt the first twinge of pain as he pushed the rubbery head harder. We’d never tried anal before I thought, and even though I felt totally loose, the idea still scared me.

“Noooooo” I muttered” not now,” it was barely a whisper, but Dave heard, and I felt the pressure go away and his cockhead drop further down my crack as he lifted my hips a bit higher. My already dripping cunt eagerly spread to accept the tip of his hardness, bathing it in my juices.

“Alright Maggie, we can do that later,” he said.

I felt the swollen head of his cock press into me, my cunt lips stretching around it as he slid in and in and in…….. “My mind flashed back. “MAGGIE?” he said Maggie?? I tried to turn my head but with one thrust he buried his cock full length into my seething cunt, splitting me and impaling me on his manhood.

I squealed as I felt the huge member throbbing deep inside me, touching places no cock had ever reached before.

“Oh my god ” I thought, it’s my FATHER fucking me!!”

Before I could react, Dad started to fuck me, ramming his huge cock in and out of my pussy with powerful thrusts, long strokes that sent me over the edge over and over again. The motion of the waterbed accentuated the actions, thrusting my body back against his with each stroke, forcing his cock deep in to me. He seemed to go on forever, riding me, pistoning his manhood in and out of my tight cunt. Even as another orgasm rolled through me, I vaguely remembered switching beds with mom and realized that Dad didn’t know we had. With a final savage thrust, Dad shoved his cock deep inside and growled deep in his chest as I felt his cock throb powerfully inside me and his cum spurted deep inside me. Grinding against me trying to force himself deeper inside me, I could feel the jets of cum spewing from him, flooding my cunt.

With a great sigh, he pulled his cock from my cunt and collapsed on the bed next to me, breathing hard. That’s when I suddenly smelled the rum on his breath and realized he was almost as drunk as mom and I. I rolled onto my side, feeling the flood of our cum dripping out of my still gaping pussy. A gentle snore came from Dad, and I managed to sit up

“Oh my God” I thought. What do I do now? My own father has just fucked me, and even worse, I loved every minute. How can I face him or , oh no, how can I face Mom??” I sat there, listening to my father’s gentle drunken snores, and tried to figure out what to do.. The guilt one part of my mind felt only grew as another part of my mind remembered the feel of Dad’s cock sliding into me seemingly without end. Even as I tried to figure out what I could say to Mom in the morning, I watched as my hand seemingly of it’s own volition, reached out to touch Dad’s still semi rigid manhood. In horror, I felt myself grasp his cock, wrapping my fingers around it. I tried to rationalize to myself, “I just want to see how much bigger he is then Dave” but that wouldn’t explain why I was slowly starting to stroke his thick meat, feeling it growing harder in my hand, feeling the slow pulse of his blood as it rushed to bring it to full erection again. “It must be ten inches” I thought, at least. In the dark I couldn’t see it, but my hand sliding up and down the length of it could feel it getting fatter and longer. I turned, and got on my knees next to him, the movement causing the waterbed to ripple, making his body lift up and down, almost feeling like he was stroking himself in my hands. I reached out with my other hand, and wrapped it around his cock too. “Who am I kidding, Dad’s got at least 12 inches, ” both my hands were around his cock and the head was still uncovered could feel his cock start to slowly throb and the head swelled slightly as I brought my hand up to cup it. It was slick and smooth, covered with my juices and his cum, and my hands glided up and down smoothly, stoking him to grow, to get even harder.. Without seeming to move, I found my lips pressed against the head, my tongue playing with the tiny slit tasting the dribble of cum that leaked out as I jacked his cock with my hands. I pressed my lips to him and sucked the head into my mouth, running my tongue over it, swirling my tongue over and around the crown, pushing my face down, I managed to pull several more inches into my mouth, sucking him, licking my tongue up and down underneath the hard shaft. I tried to open my mouth wider, wanting to take even more in, but gagged as the head hit the back of my throat. As I started to lift my head pulling him from my mouth, I felt his hands on my head, tangling in my long hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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