The Neighbor’s Daughter Returns

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I was out at our local mall on Saturday when I ran into Tammy, a former neighbor’s daughter.

I hadn’t seen her in a few years, that was for sure! She had graduated from college, and working for the state government.

She had just moved back to the area after she graduated and was just settling into her new life now.

The little girl I once knew, was now 22 years old, five feet eleven inches, slim with light brown curly hair that fell to her shoulders.

I bought her lunch at the mall, and we talked a bit. “I don’t hardly know anyone here since I moved back , Mr. Martin”.

“It’s Dan, Tammy, please call me Dan.”

“Ok Dan, sorry!”

“I just got a new apartment, and no one has visited me yet.”

I told her I would be glad to see her new place, and she eagerly took me a few blocks away.

Her place still had boxes stacked all over. All she had had time for, was to set up her bed and bring in a couch and chair, for the living room.

She said, “would you mind if I caught a quick shower?”

“Not at all,” I replied. I sat on the couch and in a few minutes she came springing out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her. She went directly to her bedroom.

“Dan, bahis firmaları could you come in here for a moment, please,” she said.

I said sure and walked in the bedroom. Tammy was naked on her stomach.

“Would you spread some lotion on my back, please?”

“Sure,” I said. I was taking in the long naked body with my eyes. I wondered how the front looked like? I took the tube of lotion and rubbed it in.

“Mmmmm, my skin is so dry, thanks.”

She also slowly parted her legs just barely as I spread some lotion down her ass cheeks.

I said, “OK, all finished.”

“Not quite,” was her reply. She slipped over onto her back and I got the view that I was seeking.

Tammy’s tits were small, but she had big brown nipples. Her pussy was shaved to just a small patch of pubic hair. I could feel my cock starting to spring into action in my pants. God, what was I going to do?

“Can you come down to the bed and apply some to my front?” No sooner had I sat on the bed when she moved over and was kissing me with her open mouth.

“Tammy, I don’t know about this,” I said.

“Don’t you find me attractive, Dan?”

“Of course I do, but this isn’t right.” She reached over and felt the kaçak iddaa bulge in my pants.

“I want to see it please?”

I don’t know what possessed me, but I stood up and pulled off my pants, underwear shoes,and shirt. My eight inch cock sprang out.

Tammy said, “Oh my God, your cock is huge!”

Not only is my cock eight inches long but it is very thick, and turns up slightly when erect.

“Please Dan, it has been so long for me, make love to me!” Tammy didn’t have to ask me twice.

She pulled my naked body to hers, and my cock found her opening. She guided the head just past her pussy lips. She was panting like a dog in heat now. I started to push in, she was so tight!

“God, your cock…..” That was all she managed before I drove my entire length into her.

She shouted out loud as I fed her. I wasn’t going to stop for any reason. She met my strokes now with her own motion and rhythm.

In and out, I fucked her, she was gripping me tight now with her pussy muscles. I found a brown nipple with my teeth, and start to bite it. Tammy arched her back even more now.

“Fuck me Dan, I need your cock!”

Well, I needed her young pussy too! She wrapped those long, luscious kaçak bahis legs around me and urged me into her further.

We were tongue kissing when I felt my sacs getting tight. I was almost ready to pop. Tammy must have sensed this and she pushed her legs higher up my back.

I grabbed those legs and brought them over my shoulders. I was pumping every inch into her now. I almost pulled out, leaving my cockhead just inside her, then I rammed it in, to the bottom.

She was moaning when I dumped my load into her hungry cunt.

Hot ropes of cum flooded her insides. Tammy’s eyes were rolling back into her head as I continued to pour my sticky cum into her. When I finally felt spent, I collapsed onto her body.

We didn’t move for many minutes. It wasn’t long before Tammy was kissing me and then telling me all her thoughts and feelings.

“That was incredible,” she told me.

She had had a few lovers in college, but had never made love like that, ever! She said it felt like my dick was reaching into her stomach at times. She told me my cock was doing things to her she never thought possible.

“Please Dan, I need you as my lover.”

Those words got my cock stirred up once more. I wanted her, and planned to have her as often as I could.

We made love again after that, she wanted me to show her all the love positions I knew. I told her I would teach her that and more. This story will continue soon……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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