The Mud Bath

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A few years ago I wrote an erotic romance entitled Smitten. This is an adaptation with less romance and added sex.


It’s a fiction set during WWII in England when 18 year olds were innocent and na├»ve – and most were virgins!

It was the spring of ’44 and I’d been called up. I was to report to the barracks on the following Monday and I guess it was nostalgia for our youth that drew Steve and I to the water hole in Bill’s Wood. The pond wasn’t very large, but big enough to swim five strokes from one end to the other. We used it because the kids preferred the larger one half a mile away.

Although early April, it was a warm day and we were swimming. Naked. We splashed about and laughed and, I presume it was our noise that meant we didn’t see her.

‘Hi Will. Hi Steve.’

It was my elder sister Diane. She wore a pale blue dress, a denim coloured cotton, buttoned at the front from top to bottom. She had sandals and ankle socks … white. The dress was old, not tattered, but faded. Clothes rationing forced us to wear our clothes way beyond their best. Even so, she was so beautiful, though I’d never told her.

She laughed at us, a teasing snigger. ‘Where are your clothes, lads?’

It was instinctive to look to the spot on the grass where we’d left two bundles of clothing. They’d gone.

Steve was the first to respond, he waded through the water, but skidded in the thick mud on the bank. Despite that, he was soon back on his feet and after her.

I was out of the water in a search for our clothes. It took a minute before I located them, bundled behind a nearby oak. While I’d been in a rummage through the undergrowth, Steve had shouted for me. I pulled on my trousers – no pants, and followed his voice.

I found them fifty yards down the trail. He had her pinned against a tree, although it was obvious he was about to lose her. Steve was short for his age, whereas she was almost twenty and a good four inches taller. We were all slim, there were few fat kids during wartime, but Diane was that bit stronger. However, against the two of us, she had no chance, and we soon frog marched her back to the pond.

‘What should we do with her, Will?’

‘How should I know?’

‘Whatever you do, you mustn’t mud bath me.’ Her pale blue eyes stared into mine. I swear she blushed a little.

‘Good idea,’ agreed Steve, as he struggled to wrestle her to the ground.

I helped him, wondering why she’d suggested her own reprisal. It didn’t make sense.

Diane lay on the grass, her arms pinned down by Steve, while I part sat and part lay along her legs.

‘Now what?’ I queried. ‘How do we get mud and stop her from escaping?’

Steve stared at the pond, ten feet away. ‘Will, can you hold her while I get the muck?’

‘I suppose.’ I shrugged. ‘I’m bigger than you, so best for me to give it a try.’ I leaned forward until my torso rested on hers. ‘Go on, quick before she tries to escape.’

While Steve scooped up a double handful of mud, I rested full length on Diane. I was amazed. She didn’t struggle, but lay dormant as though afraid to move. My head rested beside hers and I could feel the warmth of her soft breath on my cheek.

When Steve returned, I sat up and repositioned myself until I straddled her hips, my thighs acting as a gentle restraint.

He looked down at us, as mud drips splattered on the grass. ‘What do we do now? Sprawl it over her?’ His eyes pleaded with me. ‘Will?’

Diane twisted her head until she could see him. ‘Steve Potts, if you ruin my dress, my mum will flay you alive.’

Steve’s eyes began to bat. Not only did they open and close in rapid succession, but his face scrunched up with each eye movement.

‘Calm down, Steve. She’s kidding you.’

He didn’t look convinced. ‘What can we do, Will?’

‘Suppose we pull off her dress.’ As I uttered the words, I was nearly sick. I couldn’t believe I’d dared to say them. For the moment I’d forgotten she was my sister.

Her face was impassive. Astounded by her indifference at my outrageous suggestion, I asked, ‘Diane, is that OK?’ It was a stupid question.

There was no reply, yet I was sure I detected bahis firmalar─▒ a faint smile which seemed to inform me she was in agreement. She gazed at me in a way I’d never seen before and it unnerved me and I looked away. Steve and I exchanged glances, undecided as to our next action.

Diane began to unbutton her dress, while we stared in awe. Halfway down, with her hands mere inches from my crutch, she gazed up at me. From her expectant look, I guessed what she wanted and moved out of her way. I slid down and knelt astride her, with my lower limbs and her thighs in tender contact.

She tugged up the light fabric, pulled it around her waist and released the remaining buttons. Without hesitation, she pulled the dress apart so the two halves lay on the grass. Diane stretched out on her dress, seemingly relaxed despite her exposure. Her bra and panties were white cotton, simple and basic – sexless by comparison with modern lingerie. To me, it was the most incredible sight I’d seen and I nearly fainted at what she did next.

She arched her body from the ground and her hands slipped behind her back. With a quick flick, she pulled the bra loose and tossed it onto the grass. She looked up at me. ‘Mum would kill me if you ruined it.’ She winked at me and I sensed the burning of my face.

My heart clambered into my mouth and I gazed in awe of her. I’d never seen breasts and hers were exquisite, with the palest of pink tips.

Steve’s eyes explored her body. They still batted open and shut, and a nervous twitch of his head added to his ludicrous appearance. He allowed the lumps of mud to fall from his grasp and they splattered onto her chest with the sound of gentle slaps. He grabbed her wrists and forced them to the ground. ‘Go on then,’ he gestured to me. ‘Rub it in.’

‘Why me?’ I protested.

‘Cause I’m holding her arms.’

She lay motionless. It didn’t appear she required any constraint. It was as though Diane was eager to get a mud bath. Nevertheless, I accepted his logic, swallowed deep and forced my hands towards her bosom. As much as possible, I avoided physical contact with her chest as I retrieved handfuls of mud. It was smeared over her, and beginning at her stomach, my strokes layered the sludge with firm pressure.

‘Will, not so hard,’ she hushed. ‘Be gentle with me.’ The reprimand was given in such a soft whisper, it excited me in a way I couldn’t comprehend.

With care, I smoothed the mud over her stomach and midriff until my hands were poised below her breasts. I examined her face. Was it a dare? She nodded her approval as though she could read my mind. I felt the need to form an additional barrier between my massage and her audacious breasts, and asked Steve for another helping from the bank. He returned and, that time, avoided her body as he deposited a massive load onto the grass. It splashed down and large gobs showered the girl and I. Steve grabbed hold of her wrists and sat cross-legged.

I scooped up a handful and smeared it over her breasts. I spread it into her skin and in a short while, the muck was no longer sticky. The more it smoothed over her, it became thinner, turning soft and silky like her skin. Within a short time, it was almost water and, through the thin film of dirty liquid, I sensed her nipples as they pressed against my palms. I continued to roll my hands over them, conscious of a curious sensation in my stomach.

She groaned, a sound that resonated deep within her throat. Not only once, but over and over, like an animal in pain.

Steve’s eye batting had increased in intensity, but her moans changed that. Wide-eyed, unblinking, he stared at her.

In addition to the unusual sounds from her open mouth, Diane’s eyes were half closed and her head lolled to the right.

It was too much for Steve, he abandoned his responsibility and forced himself up onto shaky legs.

‘Hey,’ I complained. ‘You let her go.’

‘What was that noise?’ he whispered. ‘Why did she do that?’

‘How should I know?’

He gathered his clothes and pulled them on while he continued to stare at her. ‘I have to go,’ he squealed. ‘You coming?’

My gaze lowered to Diane. Her eyes were ka├žak iddaa glazed as they bore into mine. She shook her head from side to side as if to deny my absence. I didn’t know why, but there was nothing on earth that could have persuaded me to leave her.

Steve sat on the grass as he struggled to pull on his boots. ‘OK,’ he said. ‘See you tomorrow?’

‘Yes. Come round after tea. Usual time.’

‘What shall we do? Go to the pub or the pictures?’

My mind couldn’t cope with such trivia. ‘Er, what?’ I replied, while her eyes locked onto mine. ‘Oh yes, I don’t care what we do.’

Steve rushed through the clearing, shirt tail trailing out of his trousers. When he reached the line of trees, he took a last look back over his shoulder and vanished along the pathway.

I was never so glad to see him leave, though worried as to what I should do with Diane. Not for long! My sister took my hands, placed one on each breast and pushed them onto her flesh. Her eyes smiled into mine.

Unsure of what I should do, my fingers remained where she’d left them. She took control, used her hands to guide mine over her bosom, manipulated my touch to pleasure herself.

Diane’s face was beautiful. Long strawberry blonde hair flowed haphazard in the grass, lips parted by the pinkness of her tongue, eye’s closed against the world, as she lay in some secret place of her own.

My hands trembled as she guided my fingers over the softness of her slim body. Her nipples grew, swelled into pencil rubbers, while she rolled them beneath my palms. The mud had all but gone as it slithered down the sides of her body, and collected into patches on her open dress.

‘Will,’ she hushed.

I blushed at the look she gave me. ‘Yes,’ I stuttered.

‘Hold my nipples.’ She pressed the right one between her finger and thumb. ‘Like this, Will.’ As I gazed in amazement, she rubbed herself.

My limbs were paralysed.

Diane’s hands captured mine and, with the most delicate touch, they led me to her breasts. Her eyes held me, and as my fingertips closed around her buds, she released a long sigh and her eyelids softly closed. ‘That’s the way, Will. Squeeze them gently as you pull on them.’ Her eyes opened for a brief moment before she groaned. She asked me to cup them and press them together. ‘That’s good. Your touch is so tender.’ She gave me a reassuring smile. ‘Yes,’ the dear girl sighed. ‘Keep doing it, don’t stop.’

While I petted her, a silence fell around us like a shield, isolating us. A stillness settled, broken only by her moans and my laboured breathing. The whole world centred upon this darling girl – woman.



‘I want you to remove your trousers.’

I blushed. ‘Must I?’

‘Yes,’ she giggled. ‘It’s the only way. Do you want me to help you?’

‘No, I can do it.’

I stood, and with a struggle, finally controlled the tremble in my fingers and unbuttoned my flies. I turned my back on her and tugged the trousers down.

‘Will,’ she laughed, ‘I’m over here.’

With a supreme effort, I turned to face her.

Diane’s gaze lowered to my middle and she smiled. ‘Come here, you darling boy. Kneel down. I won’t hurt you.’

I had no underpants, naked and vulnerable, I bowed before my goddess.

‘Will you do something nice for me?’ she lulled.

‘Yes, anything.’

‘Remove my panties?’

‘If you want,’ I said in a low voice, so quiet I scarcely heard it myself.

She raised her bottom from the ground, and I awkwardly grasped the elastic waistband.

As I lowered the flimsy material down her legs and exposed her, my heart pounded so loudly, I was sure she could hear. When the garment was finally discarded on the grass, I worshipped her nakedness. I had never seen a naked female and, with no idea of what to expect, I was eager to explore her.

Diane studied my face while she parted her legs. It was a languid, tender moment as she revealed herself, and nothing has ever surpassed the beauty of what I saw. The fine hairs were light brown, a delicate covering. Amongst the tangle of curls, I could detect the faint trace of a parting.

I hadn’t forgotten she was ka├žak bahis my sister, but a force discounted the fact and I knew I was helpless. ‘Diane … may I touch you?’

‘Let me see your hands.’

I thrust the muddy hands in her direction.

‘Will, they’re filthy,’ she said in mock disgust, ‘go and wash them in the pond.’

I rushed to the water, waded in and with my back to her, had a secret pee.

On my return, I held out my hands for inspection; turned over the palms to show the back and front, as though I was a child and this was Mum, not my elder sister.

Diane grinned her approval, and I knelt between her open legs. ‘Now you can touch me,’ she whispered.

I had no idea of what I should do. Diane took my hand in hers as she helped me unfold her. The darling girl initiated me, showed me how I should fondle her and, as I wondered at her splendour, a thrill travelled from the tip of my penis and engulfed my groin. I gazed at myself. I was erect; a fine dribble flowed onto the grass.

‘Will, I want you to kiss me.’

‘OK.’ I started to move higher, but she stopped me. ‘No, not my mouth.’

I frowned, no idea what she wanted. ‘I don’t understand.’

She was almost breathless as she pointed down. Her fingers were shaking. ‘Between my thighs … my … my vagina.’ I could hear the passion in her voice.

I stood and gazed at where she pointed. ‘Are you sure?’ I gulped.

‘Please Will, please.’ she implored.

I stretched out on the grass so my face was inches from her soft down. I parted the hairs and lips, unfolding her to reveal her most secret place. A fine dew added to the exquisite splendour of her intimacy. ‘Di, you’re beautiful.’ I kissed every sweet part of her as she moaned her pleasure. I dared to push my tongue inside and caress the walls and she whimpered as I lapped her succulent nectar.

It was an accident that my tongue discovered her clit. I had no notion of what it was and maybe she didn’t, but she gasped as the tip of my errant tongue came in contact. I licked again and she cried out, ‘Oh yes, yes, Will, do it again please. More, more.’ My tongue pleasured her as her passion grew more intense and when, as an experiment, I thought I’d suck on it, she began to thrash around. It was obvious she loved it, so I continued to suck. She went berserk, squealing with passion and I struggled to keep in contact as she neared her climax. I held her hips with my face pressed between her thighs until she cried out and my face was coated with her orgasm.

‘Oh Will, Will, that was wonderful. Come and hold me.’

I lay beside her in her arms while she slowly recovered. She kissed me on the mouth. Gentle kisses, which I’d never enjoyed before and never expected to receive from my sister. Intimate kisses with her tongue tenderly exploring inside my mouth.

After a few minutes, she gazed into my eyes and whispered, ‘Will, I want you to lie on top of me.’

I repositioned myself and by accident, I prodded her as I obeyed. ‘Sorry,’ I stammered.

‘Shush,’ she caressed, ‘you’re doing well.’

My upper chest pressed against hers, Diane’s sweet face was inches from mine. So close, I was able to study the sprinkling of incendiary freckles across her cheeks and delicate nose. As I gazed at her beauty, soft fingers glided along my penis before they enveloped its base.

‘Raise your bottom a little more,’ she whispered in a breathless voice. ‘That’s good. Stay just as you are, Will.’

Thrilled by the tender touch of her hand around my penis, she stroked its length and caressed the head. I groaned at her touch, moaned as she explored me, smoothing her fingers over my erection. I think she sensed I was so near, so began to guide me to her entrance.

‘Will,’ she murmured, ‘lower your bottom.’ Her voice was so soft. ‘Allow yourself to drift down. You must be slow as I guide you in.’

With care, I did as I was told. As the constraint of her body gripped my penis, I lost control. My body erupted in a series of violent bursts, each one producing waves of ecstasy to pulse through my whole being. I continued to enter, and as our bodies joined, I melted within her.

I lay in her arms, confessed that I loved her, and had always loved her. With delicate strokes, she smoothed her fingers through my still damp hair and, it was the first of many times, that she named me her ‘darling William.’

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