The Mother Load Ch. 01

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On a Tuesday before Thanksgiving, when I was a freshman in college, I was driving home to Santa Rosa, California from my school in Portland. It was my first trip home since college started. I had only one class scheduled for Wednesday, but I was anxious to see my mother and friends at home, so I cut that class and headed out on Tuesday afternoon.

During the drive, my mind wandered from topic to topic – classes, reading, games, friends, girls, and more. I spent some time reflecting on the fact that I had not yet lost my virginity, as I had hoped to do early in my college career. And I thought (as I often did) about who I might lose it too, bringing to mind the girls I knew at college, a few I didn’t really know, but who were in my classes, and even the female professor who taught my English class. She was, of course, quite a bit older than the girls, even middle-aged I guess, but something about her made me find her more desirable than any of the girls. Breasts always caught my eye, and she had a lovely, well-developed, firm-looking pair on a nice compact body. She usually wore a skirt to class, and I was also quite taken by her shapely legs. Maybe her being older made her seem sexier to me, as well.

Well I thought, all this was something to pursue when I got back to college, though I didn’t have any good ideas how to do that, never having initiated a relationship with a girl. As to how to start something with the teacher, I had no clue. I had done the adolescent obligatory reading on how to pleasure a woman, but I hadn’t figured out how to get a subject to practice on.

So my thoughts moved on to other subjects, and after some hours of driving and musing, I turned into my home street. It was evening by then. I noticed that the living room lights were on as I pulled up in front of the house. Also at the curb was another car – a gray Honda Accord, which belonged to my mother’s friend Lorraine.

Lorraine was my mother’s closest friend. They loved to be together, and they spent a lot of time with each other. It was one of those relationships where the friends told each other everything and had no secrets.

They also happened to be physically alike – standing just over five feet tall, with shoulder length brown hair, pretty legs, attractive bodies, not fat but with just a few extra pounds, and large, but not huge breasts, which looked firm and seemed even more prominent due to Lorraine’s and my mother’s short stature. To my eyes, both of them had a sexy look, though they did not often dress to put that aspect of themselves on display. Maybe I did have a thing for older women.

They were both well-educated, single women in their late forties. They worked at the same hospital. Lorraine was a registered nurse, while my mother worked in billing.

Personally, Lorraine was more of a free spirit than my mother. At least, I thought so at the time. She liked naughty jokes, and she would make comments about men that she thought were sexy, including speculations about a certain body part that she had gleaned from her habit of package watching. When I reached puberty, she started to tease me a bit. She would hug me a bit longer than was customary, pressing her breasts into me, or she would come up to me from behind and press into my back, or come hug me when I was sitting down so that her breasts rubbed against my face. Sometimes, when we were sitting together, she would sit so close to me that or legs were pressed together or she would put her hand on my thigh and squeeze it while she talked to me, as though nothing unusual was happening. Of course, she always succeeded in getting me hard, as I am sure she intended. And, although she was careful, I did notice her from time to time checking out her effect on me.

I enjoyed her attentions, but never expected anything to come from them. She did, however, became a major fantasy subject for me as puberty progressed. Another fantasy subject was my mother who resembled her and who I wished would tease me like Lorraine did. bahis firmalar─▒ Both these women had more appeal to me than any of the girls in my school.

I was glad to see that Lorraine was visiting when I arrived home, so that I would see her too. I was not expected until the next day, so planning to surprise them both, I walked softly to the front door, used my key to quietly unlock it, and silently entered. I tip-toed through the entry hall and peeked around the corner into the living room, but no one was there. Carefully, I checked the other rooms downstairs without success and came to the landing of the stairs. There I could hear voices coming from upstairs, but couldn’t make out what was being said.

I crept up the stairs and then down the hall to the door to my mother’s bedroom, since the sounds were coming from there. Quickly I stepped into the doorway, ready to shout “Surprise,” but I was stopped short by the scene before me. My mother was lying on a sheet on her large bed, with her arms and legs held by ropes reaching to the four corners and attached to soft cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She was blindfolded, and she was naked except for a pair of what looked like sensible polyester, rather full-cut panties and a bra that had holes of about three inches in diameter strategically cut out over the nipples and areolas. The bra seemed to be a bit small for her breasts, causing the nipples and surrounding areas to bulge out. The nipples were long and firm, and of a rather dark reddish color.

Lorraine was standing next to the bed, wearing only a pair of medium cut panties, also of polyester. I could see her entire lovely breasts, and her nipples were in the same state as my mother’s. She was holding an implement in her hand that looked like a feather duster.

It took only a second for me to take all this in. It was a quite a shock, and I was about to say something (perhaps, “Holy shit??”), but Lorraine quickly put her finger to her lips to silence me. She then said to my mother, “I’ll be right back.” She came over to take me by the hand down the hall to another room, where she closed the door.

“You look a bit stunned and that is totally understandable,” she said, “But we are just having some harmless fun. Neither of us has a steady guy right now, so we make up for that this way, and to tell the truth, I like this almost as much. Women have needs just like men do.”

She came over and hugged me in her way, pressing her naked breasts on me. Then, she reached down a put her hand on my crotch, discovering that I was hard as the proverbial rock. The sight of my mother and her had started it, and the hug finished the job.

“It feels to me that you might be ready for a bit of harmless fun too,” she said, stroking me. I was still too stunned to speak. I assumed she meant fooling around with just her when she referred to “harmless fun”, but then she said, “Come on back to your mother’s room and we can all have some fun together.”

I found my voice at last: “Oh god! She’s my mother. She would never let me do anything.”

“Well the blindfold she has on will block everything out, and as long as you don’t say anything she will never know it’s you. She thinks you are still at college. And you know, it might not really be so bad if she did find out.” Whoa! What did that mean? Lorraine and my mother shared everything. Did she know something naughty about my mother’s feelings for me?

Thinking that I could always back out, I let her lead me back to my mother’s bedroom. When we got there, she said to my mother:

“I have a surprise for you. I asked another person – a male – to join us tonight. He is here now. I hope you are up for that. I know you liked it the other time.”

“Oooh – who is it? That new intern we were talking about yesterday?”

“I’m not saying. All I will say is that he is young, and seems to be very fit and firm.”

“Oooh, I like the sound of that!”

“First we need the young man to get completely naked.”

I ka├žak iddaa took off my shoes and socks. Then, I lifted my jersey over my head and off, while Lorraine undid my belt and helped me push my pants and boxers down my legs and off. My cock was standing straight out, maybe even pointing a little up – at 18 this was quite possible – as hard as it had ever been. Lorraine took it in her hand, rubbing it gently up and down, before announcing to my mother:

“He has a beautiful, long and stiff piece of equipment there. I’m sure you will enjoy playing with it later.”

Lorraine moved over to the bed on my mother’s right and began to gently stroke her shoulder and neck. She motioned to me to do the same on the other side, and I followed her direction. I cupped my hand on my mother’s neck and stroked her neck, repeating this several times. Following Lorraine’s lead, I then used my hand to hold her hair up and kissed up and down her exposed neck from the hairline to her shoulder, licking and sucking gently on the softest parts. She made little sounds of pleasure as we both did this.

I was completely in the game now, intoxicated by kissing my mother’s soft neck, and hearing her sensual response. If possible, I got even harder thinking of what we could do to the rest of her body.

Lorraine kissed down over her chest to her breast, and I followed on the other side. Lorraine said, “We were playing for a while before you arrived, so her nipples are already quite sensitive.” I could see even more clearly now how they were flushed and distended. Lorraine cupped her breast on her side where it was held at the bottom by the bra, and she started licking around the nipple. Next, she licked right on the sides and top the nipple and took it in her mouth. I could see from her cheeks that she was sucking pretty hard. She had bright red lipstick on, and I thought that the sight of her pouty red lips sucking on my mother’s nipple was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.

I did the same on my side, relishing the feel of the bumpy areola on my tongue as I licked it and sucking the long, firm nipple into my mouth. I kept sucking it for a while, and used the tip of my tongue to flick it.

Finishing with the breasts, we kissed over her stomach, and then moved down to her feet, rubbing them, kissing her soles and toes, licking between the toes. We started up each leg, stroking the calf and kissing, then up over the knee, stroking the thigh from bottom to top and kissing up and down the length of it.

A wet spot had appeared on the crotch of my mother’s panties and I could smell her arousal. She was also moaning and struggling a bit in her bonds, obviously very turned on by what we were doing. It had been about half a hour since I had joined in.

We both stroked for a while at the top of her legs, right at the edge of her panties. Then I put my hand on her wet spot, feeling the little valley there, and ran my fingers gently up and down the panty-covered slit.

Soon Lorraine stepped back and said to me – “Time for you to fly solo now.” She reached into a case on the floor by the bed, into which the feather duster had disappeared, and took out a pair of sewing shears. She used these to cut my mother’s panties from the two leg holes to the waist, so that the front could be pulled down and the garment removed.

My mother had a neat, short brown bush, the color of her hair. It did not look trimmed, but seemed to grow naturally on her mons into a nice dense, compact muff without a lot of stray hairs. Further down, I could see her vulva with inviting red, slightly puffy, wet lips. My mouth was watering at the sight.

I did not need more coaching now. I moved between my mother’s spread legs, and began to kiss them. Lorraine untied the restraints on her legs and my mother lifted her knees up, giving me better access to the inner thighs. I kissed up and down the inner thighs slowly a number of times. When I got to the top, I would put my mouth on the sensitive place ka├žak bahis where the leg joined the body just inches from her pussy and smooch on it with loud smacking noises. From the noises she was making, it obvious that my mother was very aroused and loving what this did to her.

Finally, deciding that it was time, I made my last trip up the legs. I used my fingers to open her up and stroke gently over the labia. I blew a little gust of warm air onto her clit and below, followed by my tongue slowly licking all around her saturated pussy.

By this time, my mother was moaning and saying, “Please..please.” I started licking up and down the inner lips, stopping at the bottom a few times to tongue the sensitive area between the vagina and the anus.

My face was now soaked with the juices flowing from her and I had acquired her aroma. Finally, I moved my mouth up to the top of her vulva, and tentatively probed at her clit with my tongue. Immediately, she responded with an “Aaah” and grasped my head with her legs. She had been waiting, not so patiently, for this. I circled the clit with my tongue a few times, then started gently licking on it. She squeezed my head harder with her legs. Her clit was engorged, and I could suck it into my mouth and play with it with my tongue. The smell and the taste were overpowering, the strongest aphrodisiac I could imagine.

She was struggling against the remaining restraints, trying to get her arms down to hold my head. Everything I did got a response from her, and I could tell from her responses, verbal or physical, what she liked the most. It all seemed to be good – teasing with the tip of the tongue, lapping, sucking the clit into my mouth. The best seemed to be keeping my tongue flat and using it to lick the clit from the base to the tip. As I kept this up, her sounds and physical thrashing got wilder. Then she stiffened and started saying ‘O..o..o’ in quick succession. Her face was grimacing. I kept up her favorite type of lapping faster now, as the “O..o..o” got louder and more closely spaced. Even I, inexperienced as I was, knew that she going to cum any second.

At this moment, Lorraine stepped over to the bed and, to my horror, slipped the blindfold off my mother’s head. My mother quickly looked down and saw the top part of my face that was exposed and obviously immediately recognizable. For an instant her face registered extreme surprise, but then her orgasm hit with full force. She closed her eyes and expelled a huge breath with a loud guttural sound and squeezed my head tightly with her legs. I kept licking her. Her climax seemed to go on and on, as she kept shaking and moaning. Finally, it died down and she laid quietly back on the bed. Lorraine untied the restraints holding her arms.

I wasn’t ready yet to come up for air and face the music. (But, I could still mix metaphors.) So, I kept my head down between her legs. It was warm and wet and smelled wonderful. After a few moments, hoping to postpone the confrontation, I started to clean up the juices around her vulva with my tongue. To my surprise since I thought she must be spent, she responded with a sound of pleasure. So I moved to her clit again, first sucking it then licking it avidly. She put her newly freed hands behind my head and held me to her. Again I could sense her climbing the wall toward climax, and I kept licking her until she reached a second orgasm, shouting and thrashing and holding me tightly to her.

I paused for some moments. I wondered if she might be good for one more. This time I started by licking that area beneath the vagina, and she let me know how much she liked that. I could tell she was still quite aroused, so I continued my oral ministrations to her clit and slipped a finger into her vagina to see if I could find her G spot where it was supposed to me. Right then, she started saying “Yes..yes..oh please.” After a couple of minutes of this, I was rewarded when she had another huge orgasm, as dramatic or maybe more dramatic than the first.

When she finished shaking, she lay back, clearly spent this time. I rolled over on my back next to her. Naughty Lorraine came over to me and whispered in my ear, “You know, I am just as multi-orgasmic.”

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