The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 28

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 28

Deirdre’s Tales — Part 1

Deirdre Sullivan was the resident Symphony Orchestra leader at Regal Bay University as well as the head of the entire Music Department. She had held her current position for nearly half of her adult life, a position that was more a passion to her than a job. A strikingly beautiful woman, Deirdre was blessed with fiery-red hair, eyes that were sparkling green, and pure milky white flesh. Freckles, though fading with age, still adorned her face, arms, neck, and upper chest. All in all, at forty-eight Deirdre still embodied the stereotypical idea of the Irish Lass.

Deirdre had been born in Cork, Ireland, and with her younger sister, Teagan, she came over to America to study music while still in secondary school, the equivalent to high school in America. Staying with their distant relatives outside of Boston, she and her sister graduated two years apart, with Teagan following Deirdre’s lead in attending Boston College. While studying Musical Theory towards a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Arts there, Deirdre met and soon married Geoff Sullivan.

Geoff was a Boston born and raised MIT student who Deirdre was introduced to through her cousin Joan. Their first date, a double with Joan and her boyfriend, was to a Boston Bruins hockey game. Deirdre had enjoyed herself, and began to see Geoff semi-regularly for the next year. Eventually, Geoff was able to sweep her off of her feet. They married during the break between her senior and graduate years, and by the time she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Musical Arts; she was pregnant with her first child, her son Brian. By the time Geoff joined the staff out at the Gen. Bradley Military Research Facility, they were the parents of 4, two boys and two girls. Once all were of school age, Deirdre resumed her passionate pursuit of music, completing her Master’s degree within a year and her Doctorial degree less than two years later. Honored with the title of Doctor of Musical Arts, Deirdre was soon offered a residency at the University, a position she still holds.

Though a mother of four children by the time she had settled into her role at Regal Bay University, she had little need to work out. Her tall frame was well maintained by a healthy diet, augmented by frequent walks either along the mountain trails or the beachfront. Deirdre’s long strides took her miles each week, and kept her figure neat and trim. Still, Deirdre often could be found in the early evenings at the Bayside gym on a treadmill or one of the other cardio machines, working up a sweat as she listened to music on her i-pod.

Despite her motherly efforts, only one of Deirdre’s four children took to music. Her oldest son, Brian, had left home seven years ago. He had a love for the sea from early on and had made it clear as a young boy that he wanted to be a sailor. He received several academic offers and was accepted to the Naval Academy. Upon graduation he accepted his commission. Next, he went on to join one of the most respected and elite groups in the entire military. Just that autumn, Brian became a member of the elite Navy S.E.A.L.s. Both she and her husband were very proud of their oldest child.

Their two daughters, Allison and Sarah, graduated high school with honors and left Regal Bay to attend separate colleges, pursuing separate fields of study. Allison, her now 22-year-old daughter, had always enjoyed the outdoors and was leaning towards a career in wildlife conservation. She was away studying at the University of Oregon. Sarah, a freshman at 20, was on a course of study that may one day lead to a position in the Roman Catholic Church. She had spent a year at Holy Cross University, but had transferred to the University of Notre Dame and that school’s world renowned Theological Studies program. Deirdre was very proud of both of her daughters, though she wished they would at least call a little more often than they did.

With their three oldest children away, that left Deirdre and Geoff alone with their youngest son, Conor. Conor had been the lone child to be swept up in his mother’s music, and had displayed a gift at an early age. Conor was an expert pianist by age nine, and had begun to master several other instruments by the time he entered the high school program. He played violin in the concert band through the winters, and trumpet during the marching band season. By the time he graduated from high school, seven different schools had offered him scholarships. But Conor had seen his three siblings leave home, and with his father away on business much of every month, it left Conor and his mother alone in the large home most nights. Seeing the way his mother was affected as her children left home, Conor didn’t want to cause her any more anxiety, so he accepted the offer Regal Bay University had presented him. It helped that he would be able to study under his mother’s tutorage. He also soon discovered that he had an Oedipus crush on her as well.

Since reaching puberty, Conor had found that his mother filled his dreams at night. For the most part they were ordinary, but on many occasions the dream would turn sexual. Waking bahis firmaları with a raging boner after dreaming of his mother, Conor began to use images of her as his masturbatory figure. It wasn’t long before she became aware of the way he looked at her, not as a son to a mother, but as a young man to a woman. She liked the idea that she was still an attractive woman as she entered her middle age years. Few of her students seemed to pay her much notice and even fewer of the men her age. It was only after catching Conor in the shower, jacking off and mumbling, “Mom, oh, mom,” over and over again that Deirdre began to consider their relationship in a different light.

Deirdre was a popular woman about Regal Bay. She was easy to recognize, and admire. She enjoyed meeting with people, talking music with those who shared her passions, and helping out where ever she could. Often, she would spend a free morning at one of the elementary schools, playing music for the children. Other times, she would join her sister, Teagan, who had moved on to teach music at the high school after several years in the lower grades, as guest director during band practice. She also spent an evening or two each month playing classical pieces on the grand piano out at the Golf Club for V.I.P. guests or special occasions. Music was indeed Deirdre’s life.

With the close of the spring concert season on campus, Deirdre had the majority of her afternoons free until the summer sessions began. This gave her a little over six weeks to relax, enjoy herself, or spend time at her home piano working on any one of several pieces she was composing. It also served to give her a few evenings out, to spend with her husband when he was in town, or with her friends. On this particular evening, she had been invited out to dinner with her sister and a couple of their close friends. Recently, an Olive Garden restaurant had opened along the bay front, a short walk from downtown and the boardwalk. Teagan had suggested the evening to her earlier in the week, and Deirdre readily agreed. It had been some time since she’d dined out with her sister, she admitted.

That evening, Deirdre sat in front of the vanity mirror, refreshed from her lengthy shower. She had dressed in lavender slacks and a white blouse for the evening. She ran a brush through her long, fiery-red (though now artificially maintained by her hair-dresser friend Lisa Hayworth) hair. She was looking forward to the night out with three of her good, long-time friends; Gabriella Santiago, her sister Teagan, and her cousin Joan Kuykendall. Gabriella and Joan worked at the university with Deirdre, though in different departments altogether. Gabriella was primarily a Sports Therapy instructor, but she also held the position as the women’s golf team coach. Joan worked in the Liberal Arts Department as an instructor of Advertising Management as well as Business Marketing. They would be joining Teagan for dinner and afterward the four would most likely stroll along the boardwalk and take in a drink or two at any one of the many small bars and dance clubs that were open for the season.

This get-together was a semi-regular monthly ritual for the women, a chance for them to talk about their work and families, but mostly to tell tales of their rather randy sex-lives. All four of them were members in the unofficial sorority known around the area as the Regal Bay Matrons Club, a group of middle-aged women who enjoyed a little something extra in their lives. Usually, that something extra was men, the younger the better for some of them.

For many years, Deirdre had heard stories told by her friends of their secret affairs. Many enjoyed younger men, and a couple in particular had even gone so far as sleeping with a nephew or even a son. One woman even told how she had been her father’s lover, her uncle’s lover, her brother’s lover, and was now both of her sons’ lover, all over the course of her fifty-some-year lifetime. Deirdre didn’t believe half of what that woman ever claimed. Even so, she wondered what it would be like to attend to Conor’s fantasy needs. That had been nearly five years ago. Much had changed in the years since she first began to wonder.

As Deirdre sat gazing into her own reflection, slowly stroking her soft red hair, Conor appeared in the doorway behind her. He leaned against the door jam, taking her in as she smiled at his reflection in the mirror. He looked as if he’d been pounding away at the keyboards, with an almost maniacal look upon his face. Conor had been working long hours of late on a lengthy original piece that would go towards his own Bachelor’s degree in Musical Composition, and which he hoped to perform over during winter months. His ash-blonde hair was all over the place, sticking up at odd angles as if he’d been tugging at it while working out the next stanza.

“I’m home, Mother,” Conor needlessly informed her. His voice held little of the Irish lilt hers maintained. She still had a musical voice even after more than thirty years of living in the United States. “How was your day?” he asked as he moved into the room behind her.

“Pretty quiet,” she replied, her Irish accent thick and melodic. kaçak iddaa In response to his unasked question, she told him, “I’m going out with your Aunt Teagan and some friends tonight.” As she explained this, Conor laid his strong, youthful hands upon her shoulders and gently began to massage them.

“Well, you’re looking beautiful tonight, Mother,” he complimented her. Deirdre always melted under her youngest son’s touch, and felt not only her nipples suddenly harden beneath her blouse, but her clit-bud tingle between her thighs. Conor took the brush from her and picked up brushing her hair. Deirdre looked at his handsome image in the mirror, seeing her absent husband in their youngest son’s features, quite prominent now that Conor was nineteen, the age at which Deirdre had fallen in love, and lost her virginity, to Geoff Sullivan.

Deirdre rolled her head back to look up at her son, while reaching up to run her hands up his strong biceps. Conor grinned down into his mother’s face and after just a slight hesitation, lowered his to hers. Deirdre sighed as her son kissed her, lightly across the lips at first, while stroking his hands down her shoulders and upper arms. He switched sides, now over her left shoulder, and tilted his head to better, and deeper, kiss his mother.

She reached up and stroked his head, his hair growing longer and more unruly by the day. Conor admired his older brother Brian, but knew he would never have the kind of self-courage and discipline it took to join the Navy. Instead, he was accepting, and embracing fully his life as an artist of music. He was definitely beginning to look and act the part of an eccentric composer, Deirdre thought, even at nineteen. And after spending hours of energy at his composition, he was obviously ready for another type of energy expenditure. The kind that included her.

Deirdre felt Conor’s left hand cup her right breast and she gasped, but only slightly, as his tongue pushed between her lips to touch hers. She responded with her own, and their kiss grew ever deeper, while he cupped and squeezed his mother’s breast through the fabric of her blouse and bra. As the kiss continued and Deirdre’s breathing began to quicken, Conor ran his left hand down his mother’s torso, across her belly, and along her right thigh, before pulling back up between her legs. Deirdre moaned softly and allowed her knees to part as her son’s hand cupped and squeezed her pubic mound.

As Conor continued to stroke his mother’s pussy through her slacks, he began to kiss lower, along Deirdre’s chin and then neck. Deirdre was lightly panting as her pussy grew ever more heated under the attention of her youngest son. It had been more than a month since he’d shown her such attention, long enough that Deirdre was sure he’d outgrown their short incestuous affair. Obviously, that was not the case.

Deirdre and Conor had been secretive lovers for over a year. Since that first night, when Deirdre came home from a night out with her sister and friends a little more drunk than usual, with a head full of stories told by her friends of trysts with their own sons, and daughters, when Deirdre slipped into her son’s room to find him asleep in only his boxers, and his long, semi-rigid cock laying exposed across his thigh. Since that first night of passionate incest Deirdre and Conor had been lovers. She knew he was spending more time with his musical work, even to the detriment of his other class work. She also suspected that Conor had a young lover of his own, though he had yet to discuss it with her.

When their lips parted and Conor raised a little straighter behind her, his delicate hands remained lightly caressing across the front and sides of her upper torso.

“You are very beautiful, Mom. Dad doesn’t know what he’s missing,” he told her mirrored image. “I wish he wouldn’t spend so much time away.”

“I wish he wouldn’t, either. I think he does know what he’s missing, however. We talk all the time, Conor. He has his work and it is very important for him.” She paused, and then sighing, she added, “I know that he has another woman in his life, and I don’t mind anymore. I’ve got you still, here with me. Your father still loves me, as he does all of us.”

“I just wonder that if he could spend more time here at home, then would he?” Conor asked her. “I think he likes staying away more than being here at home with us. We just don’t have anything in common, you know, Dad and I. He’s a military-minded engineer. We’re musical artists. Two entirely different worlds.”

“I understand, Conor,” Deirdre agreed. She reached up and patted the hand that rested on her shoulder. Deirdre had had the same thought many times about her husband and their relationship over the past several years. He had never really been interested in her music, and she had no desire to understand his engineering. Yet they had once loved each other very deeply, and still did. It was just a different manifestation of love now that they were in their middle-years.

Deirdre shifted from her son’s image in the mirror up, to look at Conor’s face poised above her. She returned his smile. Conor leaned closer and this time kaçak bahis he kissed his mother’s right ear. All the while, as Deirdre’s body tingled under her son’s breath in her ear, his hands began to tug upward at her blouse. His tongue flicked across her earlobe, sending a jolt through her that made her nipples spark to life. Again he moved to kiss her, and this time their tongues found each other to dance together. His right hand slipped up under her blouse to cup her right breast through the lavender bra beneath. Deirdre again moaned deeply, this time into Conor’s open mouth.

As Conor’s hand squeezed and rolled his mother’s tit within it encasing bra, his mouth slipped lower to again attack her neck. She felt his teeth dig into her flesh gently and her body tingled excitedly. Not wanting him to leave a mark in such a visible location, Deirdre stroked his head and whispered, “Come around in front of me.”

Conor slipped his hand free of her blouse and lifted his mouth from her neck long enough to step between her and the vanity itself. With his mother still seated, he straddled her knees, and then allowed himself to be pulled forward as Deirdre took hold of his hips. He gently embraced her head with his hands and pulled her mouth again to his. Their kiss was gentle and loving, and grew steadily more passionate. Suddenly, with a burst of frantic energy, both mother and son began to tug at each other’s their clothing.

Conor deftly had his mother’s blouse unbuttoned, pulled clear of her shoulders, and tossed aside. Deirdre had tugged her son’s black “Rock Me Amadeus” logo t-shirt upward, and with him leaning forward, she pulled it up and off. As Conor again drew himself upright, Deirdre began to kiss and lick across her son’s hairless chest and shoulders. As she did, he reached around to attack the clasp of her bra. A moment later the clasp popped, and her bra fell away into her lap, releasing her breasts. Deirdre pulled him forward and her tiny, hardened nipples poked into her son’s warm belly flesh, just above his jeans beltline. She looked up at his face and cooed warmly as her body tingled from the flesh on flesh contact with her young lover-son.

“I love to feel your warmth on my flesh, Conor,” she admitted softly. She kissed his flesh while running her hands up and down his back. She took hold of his tight little ass through the denim of his jeans and gave him a fierce squeeze.

Deirdre looked up at him and whispered, “Stand up, Conor.” Still straddling the chair and his mother’s thighs, Conor took a step back. He relaxed and watched as she began to tug at his belt and the fly of his jeans. Once unfastened, she started to tug his jeans downward. A moment later his jeans fell to the floor around his ankles, revealing to his mother that he had gone “commando” that day.

Deirdre gasped, as she always did, when presented with her son’s mighty, youthful cock. His was ever so slightly larger, and a good inch longer, than her husband’s manhood, although both were very similar in shape. The pink tip was shaped as a spearhead, all the better for ease of penetration she mused, and the shaft, long and straight as a maestro’s baton, was rippled with large veins that drove Deirdre mad with lust when used on her. She reached up, took hold of Conor’s cock, which was still only semi-erect, and lovingly wrapped her red-painted lips around its crown. Conor sighed and began to stroke her hair as his mother licked around the head of his cock, now warming within her mouth.

“That feels nice, Mom,” Conor sighed. “I like that.”

Deirdre was an expert cock-sucker, having long ago been taught by her husband in the oral arts, and was soon slobbering, panting, huffing, and humming as she brought her son’s thick cock to full arousal, along with herself. It didn’t take long. The first flavors of his pre-cum quickly coated her tongue as she began to run her mouth along the length of his wonderful cock. She knew Conor enjoyed her cock-sucking skills. After all, it had been how they first began their incestuous affair.

That first night, Deirdre had taken Conor’s semi-rigid cock in her hand and ever-so lightly, she explored it with her fingers. While he still slept she had leaned down and taken him into her mouth. That night, she had licked and kissed his youthful manhood until he rose to full mast. It was at the point of no return, several minutes later, with his cock pulsing wildly within her mouth, Conor awoke to find his mother sucking him off. The blast of cum he shot down Deirdre’s throat in the moment that he recognized who it was blowing him was almost painful for Conor. For Deirdre, it was by far the largest single load she’d ever had flood her mouth, and she fought hard to gulp every drop of his hot semen down. Deirdre was unable to hold all of Conor’s seed within her tight lips, however, and a lot spilled out. She spent much of the next hour licking his crotch, balls, and even down to his asshole, clean of the semen she had lost. By that point, Conor was rock-hard once again. That night, Deirdre wasn’t about to let a good, strong boner go unused, and next gave her teen-aged son the ride of his young life. She lost track of how many climaxes she rode out, straddling his narrow hips in his bed, but the heavy load her son deposited within her womb was explosive, and set her off with such intensity that she collapsed beside him and passed out.

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