The Masters Girls 01 : Twice Removed

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Kendra Neal Masters paced her living room floor. Her life was about to change for a second time. After fourteen years of being denied visitation of her twin daughters Becca and Rose Masters they were heading home.

Her ex-husband Charles Masters had passed away unexpectedly leaving her now 18 year old girls by a mere two days homeless. In his Will he bestowed Kendra a resumed custody to make certain his daughters were cared for.

The specifics to be discussed shortly when their Case Worker brought them by. All she knew was that her girls had been sheltered. Charles being a wealthy man enforced they remain with him instead of their Mother. She had no choice but to relent. Bringing up past mistakes led her to give in far too easily. Regret to say the least.

She knew very little about these last twelve years other than Charles isolating the girls from the world on a desolate stretch of beach in North Carolina. Kendra was happy to reunite but her nerves were on edge. They barely knew her. She only remembered them as babies.

Having spent some time hospitalized after Charles took the girls away, Kendra took years to get past her nervous breakdown. Going on to school and taking her life back. Now employed as a Surgical Nurse for a Heart Surgeon. Buying her own home.

Spending time just rebuilding herself. Kendra felt life again. Now this.

Everything up until the last 48 hours was smooth sailing. Two years ago she had met a dashing Contractor who owned his own business building homes all around the greater Memphis Tennessee area. He was good for her. Caring yet strict when necessary. A great provider when she needed it. Preferring to take care of herself. Her independence kept her down to Earth.

Tony Desmond was her rock. Now if he would only put that rock on her finger.

“Where are you Tony? I need you here before the girls arrive. I know I should do this alone but you being here will help me keep sane.” Kendra continually peers out the picture window of her home, “Fourteen years. I missed their birthday by two days. I hope Tony remembers to get the cake I bought. My sweet girls are eighteen now. Even moving here with me now will probably be short lived. They will want to get out on their own I’m sure. At least they will get to know me again before making that decision.”

Clock ticking away she decides to call Tony in transit. Ringing five times before he picks up on his Bluetooth from his black Chevy Silverado pickup.

“Are you close?” She frets.

“Not far. Just picked up that cake. Got some candles and a big number 18 to put on top. You holding up okay?”

“No. I’m a nervous wreck. Thank God my Boss gave me today off short notice. I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow. I can’t miss work twice in a row or Doctor Marconi will have a fit. He’s short staffed as it is.”

“Stop worrying. I have your back. If necessary I’ll let my foreman Murray run the builds for a few days. I can babysit.”

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course. I love you Ken.”

“I love you too. Thank you Tony.”

“Sit down and relax. My ETA is ten minutes.”

“I’ll try.” She makes a smooching noise into the phone then hangs up.

Tony was a well tanned Boss of a man. When standing he stood 6’4, 260 pounds of chiseled muscle. Dark brown hair with a well groomed goatee. Piercing blue eyes. Tattoos all across his upper body. From neck, across his shoulders, and down his biceps was a massive piece of artwork. Designed to be armor plating overlapping each other. Very realistic in black ink. A centerpiece connecting the shoulders around the front of his throat with chainmail. Engraved within the chainmail were the Chinese characters for GOD. In his own egotistical way he thought himself one. Even though he contained his ego around Kendra.

Regardless Kendra was swept away by his charismatic charm. He knew it. Which is why she felt so safe in his arms. Kendra Neal referred to him as her Knight in Shining Armor. Just as they had hung up on each other a white Ford Taurus pulled up into her Kendra’s driveway. Fanning herself with fluttering fingers Kendra whimpered. Tears forming as she looked over on her fireplace mantle at baby photos of her girls. With a deep breath she exhales, “Then and now. Let’s do this.”

Exiting from the car was a large African American woman dressed in yellow. She had informed the girls sitting in her back seat to remain there until she returned. With a weak knee the woman limped her way to Kendra’s front door, ringing the doorbell.

Swiftly opening up Kendra greeted the woman with trembling hands, “Mrs. Johnson. Hello.”

“Please call me Edith.” The woman timidly smiles and shakes Kendra’s hand. Stepping just inside the door leaving it open.

“Alright. Edith? I’m really nervous. Fourteen years.”

“I totally understand. Before I re-introduce you, we should go over a few things. Their Father left a sizable Will with stipulations. Both for yourself and your daughters.” She reveals an envelope from within her kartal escort purse, “Here is a copy.”

Kendra cautiously opens the paperwork as Edith shuts the door behind her. Respecting the fact the air conditioning was running.

“As you can see Charles left a considerable inheritance. His daughters are well taken care of but will only receive the money when they turn 21 and can fend for themselves. His request is that you guide them into adulthood. What our offices have managed to learn your daughters have not attended school a day in their lives. Not even home schooling.”

“What?” Kendra stares at Edith with surprise.

“I know. How Charles managed to get past this is beyond me. They do however seem quite intelligent if not book smart. Very na├»ve. Innocent. Well mannered. Charles at least taught them respect.”

“That’s a good thing. So, at 18 now what do I do about any schooling? They’re adults.”

“I suggest home schooling.”

“I work 12 hour days 5 days a week. On call if emergencies. How can I teach them from home?”

“A tutor perhaps. I will leave that up to you. There is more. He gives you authority over a percentage of their inheritance to feed and clothe them. Small monthly increments as needed. A list of rules is included in that.”

Kendra reads as fast as she can until locating the rules.

“I have no say in their choices in clothing? Seriously?” She continues the list, “In my own home? How could he possibly expect me to abide by his rules when he stole their childhood from me?”

“While I do understand your frustration. I do ask you to look upon the Lawyer notes at the bottom. You might like what you read.”

Groaning Kendra skips ahead. Locating a segment that details the furthering of Charles Will. Her jaw drops.

“At age 21 on the condition I follow his instructions I receive a sum of $2 million dollars? That’s unexpected. He left me with nothing when he took the girls.”

“While that amount is admirable considering, the girls split quite a bit more than that. From what I understand, and do please consult your Lawyer as well as that of their Father, the girls should get upwards of $150 million. That does not include the daily costs of preparing them to enter society on their own at age 21.”

“Good lord. Charles must have invested well. Okay? So, in order for me to inherit $2 million I need to put up with whatever Charles instilled in my daughters for the last fourteen years? Some of these rules are ridiculous. I must maintain their body weight at no more than 110 pounds. Pamper them with beauty treatments including facials, manipedi’s, massages, tanning sessions, and grooming.” Kendra shakes her head boggled by the list, “Am I raising future runway models?”

Edith thinly smiles, “They are quite beautiful. If not childlike in appearance. If I did not know their true age I might suspect they were fifteen. Their innocence quite bashful at times.”

“Can I see them?”

“In a moment. I left the car running and the air on. They should be comfortable.”

“What are you not telling me?”

“That’s rather hard when we are uncertain ourselves. Our Psyche evaluation of the girls separately were inconclusive. They refused to discuss how their Father treated them. On the outside they appear perfect Angels. Yet, with no schooling or connection with society we worry what type of shall we say conditioning they went through.”

“Are you saying…Charles might have?”

“Please don’t jump to conclusions. We hardly know anything. All we do know is they are well mannered young ladies. If you would like to arrange counselling for the three of you feel free to call me. I will recommend someone.”

“Let’s see how our first week goes.”

“If I may, Ms. Neal? All they have known is Charles. You being a female although their Mother a bond might be complicated at first. With no male influence like they are used to you might struggle at first.”

Hearing a car door across the street Kendra looks out the window, “Speak of the Devil. That male influence just arrived. My boyfriend of two years. He’s a Godsend.”

Edith glances out to see Tony Desmond crossing the street bearing a cake box and a plastic bag. Respectful not to even walk in the grass he chooses to traipse beside Edith’s car on the concrete driveway. Noting him take the time to wave at the girls in passing.

“A very handsome Rogue. A dapper dresser even. Rather intimidating if I might add.”

“He builds homes for a living so he keeps in shape. Loves to look and smell good. I’m very lucky.”

Edith turns her gaze to the girls reaction. It was a bit of a challenge to see well but she did interpret them as to be giggling. Harmless enough. At least they appeared happy. That would help Kendra.

Excusing herself to open the door Kendra greets Tony with a brisk kiss to his cheek. Not wanting to show too much intimacy in front of the Caseworker.

“Sorry to intrude Ladies. Birthday cake coming through.” Tony raises maltepe escort bayan the box and winks at Edith. She found him very charming.

“Bless you. Tony this is Edith.”

“Howdy Edith. Hillbilly express. I’ll go into the kitchen and start stabbing the cake with candles.”

Moving away quickly he avoids overstaying his welcome under the conditions. Even the elder Edith Johnson had to wink at Kendra, “MmmMmm! He sure is healthy. I’m sure the girls will love their cake.”

“A few days late but better than never.” Kendra smiles at her remark then fans the paperwork, “This is insane. I’ll follow these as best as I can. Quite a few items here I disagree with but hey. At least I get my babies back.”

“Agreed. If you are ready I’ll bring the girls in.” She expresses hoping for a joyous reunion, “Oh, would it be too much to have your young Man bring in their luggage? I have a trunk full.”

“Of course. You go get the girls I’ll go get Prince Charming.”

Separating Kendra races into the kitchen to find Tony putting ice cream in the freezer from the plastic bag.

“Thank God you’re here. This letter is full of rules that Charles demands . Part of his Will.” She puffs her cheeks, “We need to read these together later. Edith asked if you would haul the girls bags in.”

“Sure thing. I’ll take them upstairs while you visit.” He starts away until she grabs his arm. “Not so fast Cowboy.” She lays a sweltering kiss on him that forces him to hug her tightly. She needed the attention to overcome what came next. His hands rub her back then pat her bottom.

“Stay tough Cowgirl.”

He peels away and heads through the house. Edith had awaited his arrival to open her car trunk. Again he waves at the girls in the back seat. Studying them a bit more this time. He couldn’t tell them apart. Both identical in every way. Right down to their black dresses. He did note them express devilish smiles and bright eyes. Both biting their lower lip.

Reaching Edith at the rear of the car he discovers the trunk packed tightly. “They bring the kitchen sink?” He chuckles whispering.

“Almost. Tony, was it?”

“Yep.” He begins unloading bags on to the concrete.

“As I told Ms. Neal the girls have only known their Father. He sheltered them from the world outside. You might need to go above and beyond to help her bond with the girls. A man in their new life might be required.”

“Absolutely. I have Ken’s back now ’til kingdom come.”

“Wonderful. A God faring man?”

“Yes and no. Got my own belief’s.”

“I see. I’ll just escort the girls inside.”

As he continues unloading multiple bags he observes Edith open the back door to her car. The girls vacating on each side of the car. As Edith guides them to grab their things from the back seat the girl on the passenger side stood tall in her 5’4 stature. Her black dress short and barely covering her butt cheeks. While Edith communicates with the other girl her sister steps toward the trunk. Without speaking she tosses something crumpled into the trunk. Then, with a beguiling flare of bright brown eyes she twirls in step. Her back to Tony she reaches behind her and hikes her skirt enough to let him visually spy upon her bare bottom. Then, just as fast she joins Edith and her sister on the journey inside.

“Huh!” Tony fidgets then reaches in to grab the crumpled cloth. Fanning the cloth he quickly realizes there were two pieces to them. Two thongs. His gaze quickly darts toward the house to avoid prying eyes, “Well now! I’m thinking Ken has her hand full.”

Hiding behind the trunk for cover he took the risk of inhaling the thongs. Their scent sweet and alluring. Carefully he stuffed them into a duffle, not wanting to get busted with them. Bad enough his hand was now smelling of pussy.

Hands full with luggage he heads inside with his first load. Within he finds Kendra holding the door open for him. Her eyes full of fear. It took him to glare at her to calm her down.

“I’ll just haul these upstairs to their bedroom. Sharing one from what I hear.”

“We share everything.” One of them opens up as the other merely nods in agreement. Tony smirks, “First shots fired Ken. Better get in there while they reload.”

Ken pats his back and watches him head upstairs. Motioning the girls to their seats on a sectional. They were well behaved and made certain to sit properly in their short dresses. Legs together tightly. Hands in their laps.

“Girls?” Edith garners their attention, “This is your Mother Kendra.”

“We know!” They speak as one.

With a tear brewing Kendra sighs and sits down on an ottoman, “Forgive me if I start crying. It’s just been so long. I want to hug you both but I know that might freak you out at this point.”

The girls stare at her without emotion or expression. They had no idea what to say or how to react. Long silences maintained their poise.

“First and foremost I’m very sorry for the passing of your Father. I know the sudden escort pendik change must be terrible. Charles…well Charles had his moments. Before you both were born we had good times. I’m not certain what he has told you but…” Kendra is cut off.

“Nothing. We remember your face. We know you loved us. Father loved us more.” Spoke Rose Masters, the eldest of the two by five minutes.

Kendra swallows dryly, “I’m sure he did. Please know my love has never left my heart for either of you. Since the day you were born. I’m very proud of how you turned out. You’re both very beautiful. Very elegant young women.”

Their attention wavers as Tony stomps back downstairs for a second trip. Even Edith Johnson notices how much they change in persona when he shows up. It concerned her a bit. It was most likely just the fact he was new to them.

Kendra smiles at Tony in passing waiting until he heads outside to continue her talk.

“We have so much to catch up on. I’ll show you your baby pictures later. I have a whole photo album of you two.”

Becca Masters eyes the picture frame on the fireplace mantle, “Is that us?”

Kendra reacts quickly standing up to retrieve the frame and offer it to them for a better look. The girls smile and look at each other before sitting it aside.

“You two look so much alike. I’m ashamed of myself but I can’t tell you apart. Which of you is Rose and which of you is Becca?”

“You decide.” Rose fidgets while Becca glares at her sister smirking. It was obvious they loved to play coy.

“Girls?” Edith clears her throat, “That is no way to act. This woman gave birth to you. She has opened her heart and home in your time of need.”

“It’s alright Edith. They’re grieving right now.” Kendra declares.

Rose pouts at her scolding, “We’re sorry. I’m Becca. This is Rose.” She twists their true identities without so much as an expression of deceit. The real Becca following along with a glint of surprise that her sister spoke such a lie. If Father were here she would have been spanked. He wasn’t however, Becca in turn accepted her new temporary role. “There. Was that so difficult?” Edith praises them.

Kendra wasn’t so sure. Her suspicion was that they were playing her. To their shock their Mother caught on quickly.

“I seem to remember when you were children that Becca’s eyes always told on her. So, let’s not start off on the wrong foot here. Rose is Becca. Becca is Rose. Try as you might I’m still the Mother here. Nice try.”

Rose shrugs off her misguided effort, “Suit yourself. Kendra.”

Becca again eyes her sister. It was easy to see who the leader of the two was. The younger sister lowering her gaze out of disrespect.

“A word outside Ms. Neal?” Edith rises from her seat. Kendra nodding and following her outside on to the landing. Again holding the door for Tony to slip through with an awkward amount of luggage and loose items.

Door closing off the girls from hearing them Tony walks past the girls and accidently drops a small bag. In trying to catch it he loses more. Growling under his breath he looks down to see the smaller bag had popped open and spilled its contents. Eyes locking instantly on some things that force him to look toward the girls.

Becca leaps to her feet and steps around the coffee table to assist him. Kneeling down to begin picking up the items. She grabs the most important items holding it up for him to see. A large life like dildo that was as thick as a pop can and a good nine inches.

Wagging it playfully in front of him he stammers.

“Don’t upset Daddy.” She giggles and quickly stashes it in the bag. Followed by a double dildo of equal girth and twice the length. Butt plugs. Motorized toys. Handcuffs. Thin spools of rope. Much more all into the overstuffed bag.

“Might wanna hide those from your Momma.” Tony tries to maintain authority, “I don’t think she would understand all those. Not at your ages. I won’t admit to seeing that stuff. You just keep it hidden. Deal?”

Becca nods with eyes that refuse to blink and helps him gather up the rest. Winking at Becca then Rose he hurries upstairs before being busted by Kendra. In his mind wondering how these girls managed to get their toys by Social Services. Didn’t they check their bags before hand? Obviously someone was negligent.

Unloading the treasures in the girls room he heads back down. Kendra and Edith were still outside. Stopping to clasp his hands together he opts to introduce himself.

“My name’s Tony. I’m your Momma’s boyfriend. Rose and Becca right? Which one’s which? I can’t tell ya’ll apart.”

The girls giggle eying each other then look to make certain the women were distracted. Without warning the girls hike their feet up on the coffee table side by side. Spreading their legs he is treated to the most succulent pussy’s he had ever seen. One girl was shaved silky smooth. The other with a tiny patch of well groomed hair above her clit. Almost in the shape of a–“

“Rose. This is the only way to know it’s me. Becca is the softy. I’m beautiful but I have the thorns.”

Tony begins to sweat and throws his palms up, “Good to know. Now let’s go back to being lady like and not ruin this reunion so fast. Legs down and knees together. Hurry it up.”

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