The Lovely Daughters Ch. 04

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Later that evening, Giovanna was taking a nice relaxing bath, so relaxing. That is, without her dad’s presence. Warren, in fact, was in the bedroom he and his wife shared, watching a movie on ABC. Knowing that his daughter was in the bathtub, he decided to skip the rest of the movie and go spy on her. She would then sit back in the warm bathwaters and relax in the soapy warm water.

She then lathered her massive chest. Giovanna’s big 46G-sized tits were adorned with sepia sagged-skin areolas, 3″ ones that were an island to smaller black spots to make both areolas’ edges resemble the sun’s atmosphere as both breasts floated above the waters, both wide areolas in full view. The girl ran her hands through the chilling water and rubbed her nipples.

She would then open her legs and set free a stream of golden liquid. Giovanna was wondering if her dad wanted to see, for it turned him on to watch his daughter pee.

The man was in fact watching as he peered in in between the door and the arch and see his daughter, practically laying in the tub, sitting back with her head and boobs above the water. He got horny as he could almost make out her sepia areolas. He just wished he could see her vagina.

Giovanna, escort bostanc─▒ totally unaware that her dad is looking at her, lathered the soapy waters over her massive chest, rubbing her swollen brown nipples.

Warren got really hard really fast when he saw his daughter caress her own chest. Even more so when she began to get out of the tub. He watched into the mirror from where he was as Giovanna stepped out of the tub and let out the water.

Warren watched in utter elation as Giovanna’s big boobs swung back and fourth widely across her wide chest, with those thick and big prominent nipples of hers. Warren was filled with exhilaration when he saw his big daughter’s jutting nipples. Maybe perhaps she had a cold bath?

There were two towels hanging on the bathroom rack; one of which she wrapped around her hair because she got her hair wet, and the other she had to use to wrap around her body, because she, this morning, forgot to return the bathrobe.

Warren skid away as Giovanna walked out the bathroom and into the bedroom. Warren was excited to see the bottoms of his daughter’s big plump rump, each cheek shaking up and down as she walked. The cellulite on her big cottage-cheese booty was fully visible.

Giovanna ├╝mraniye escort went into the bedroom and closed the door. In the bedroom alone, Giovanna dropped her body towel and went in her closet, under her dad’s unsuspected supervision. His hardened swollen cock would press against the door that it began to push it open a bit but Big Giovanna here failed to notice.

Giovanna changed into another copy of the designer white cotton bra, Warren’s favorite one. He loved that bra and so did she herself. So hard and horny now, Warren couldn’t help but to slip into the room on her.

“Daddy!” she said his name as she sheepishly grabbed for her towel to cover her naked pubic area. “I’m still getting dressed, you know?”

“You don’t have to be shy, baby,” said Warren deviously. “I wanna see your coochie.”

While speaking, Giovanna stepped far into the closet so that her dad could not see her from where he was. Hearing him, she stepped out and looked at him bashfully.

“You wanna see mah coochie?” his daughter’s voice resembled a combination of surprise and disbelief, as she shyly covered herself “down there” with her hands and tightened her legs.

Despite being all shamefaced and embarrassed, Giovanna, thanks to kartal escort bayan her dad’s words, was getting kind of horny herself and she could not deny that. Warren watched, stunned, as Giovanna dropped her towel and spread her legs, wanting her dad to grab her pussy. Giovanna gave her daddy a flirtatious look with those stunning green eyes of hers. She was so horny that she couldn’t breathe or think straight.

“You wanna see mah titties?” she seductively sighed as she, without waiting for an answer from her dad, slid her hands through the straps of her white bra and dropped it, sighing heavily as she got horny.

Giovanna rubbed the outer sides of her gigantic udders, and breathed hard, locking eyes with her dad with those stunning amazon golden green hazel eyes of hers. Warren was just as horny as his daughter and his daughter’s wide sepia areolas got him to that level.

“Swing ’em,” requested Warren, firmly.

“Yes daddy,” she panted as she got down on her knees over the rugged floor and shook her big boobies back and fourth, swaying both of her big milk-jugs, her marker-cap-tip like nipples pointing vertically and directly at the floor.

Warren gracefully advanced to his almost-fully-naked daughter and groped her boobs, each hand holding each fleshy milk-bag. Her nipple instantaneously grew plump long and into his hand, and he could feel it.

This feeling felt so right. It felt so right to hold his daughters titties in his hands. Warren skid away into the bathroom to go jerk off.

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