The Little Voice

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Idea by SexyFem18
Written by Lillian de Jong and Miro Antonio White

Olivia woke up so suddenly it was as if someone had yelled in her ear. For a few moments she was disorientated and then she realized she was in her own room. It just looked a bit different seeing as she and her parents had just peeled off all the wall paper. Right then in the early morning sunlight her room looked like a wet cardboard box. She inhaled sharply and realized that the smell of the wet wall paper still lingered in the air. Not that much but it was still there. She wrinkled her nose at the smell and glanced at her alarm clock. She was instantly out of bed and rushing towards the shower. She was late for school! Really late.

“DANNY!! Wake up!! It’s already eight o’clock!” she yelled down the corridor to her brother. Danny had been giving her a ride for the last year ever since their parents had bought him a car. Okay a second hand car but a car all the same. She’d heard him come home late last night and suspected that he was still in bed as well. She wondered what Danny had been doing out until three AM. He was coming home late every night it seemed these days. Last night was just later than usual. But then he had explained that College life was something of a test for his manhood. Olivia hadn’t really understood that but was inclined to agree with him after hearing him come home late every night.

Danny gave no response and Olivia shrugged and stepped into the shower. She needed to wash her hair anyway and if Danny woke up now he would insist that he go first. Olivia took off her nighty and stepped into the shower. She’d just turned on the shower when she realised she still had her underwear on.

“Oh dammit!” she swore and flung the wet panties into the sink. She must’ve been more tired than she’d realised. She turned the water somewhat cooler than she would’ve liked and felt her nipples harden instantly. She smiled to herself and ducked her head under the shower so she could wash her long dark hair.

“When did I last wash it?” she wondered as her right hand searched for the shampoo while her left continued to stroke through her hair, “Was it Friday? Yes it was Friday, just before I went to Nick’s”. Nick was her boyfriend and had been for about six months. He was good looking, stylishly dressed, funny, sweet, a great listener and a great Dancer. Every thing she’d ever want in a man. There was however the sex, which had started out as somewhat clumsy and then travelled all the way right down to disastrous. She wasn’t sure why but their sex life was just plain crap at the moment. She hadn’t told Nick that she felt this way yet but she was certain he felt the same and somewhat ashamed that it was his fault.

“Or was it?” Olivia wondered as she washed the shampoo out of her hair.

She stood there, letting the cool water rush over her and thought about it for a moment. Was she the reason that the sex between them was crap? Nick was her first of course and she hadn’t had many boyfriends before him but he hadn’t had any before her. Was it her fault? she wondered again.

She stood there for quite some time thinking about all she had done for Nick, she’d even tried it anally to see if that was better but he was such an inexperienced lover and so large in penis size that he’d hurt her more with every thrust, finally begging him to get out of her and leave. She’d cried a lot after that. She felt like such a moron for ever even thinking it would be better.

Angrily she turned off the shower and started to towel off, still lost in thought. Then, with a start, she remembered that Danny was supposed to drive her to school. She opened the door of the bathroom and looked out the door. Nope Danny was still asleep.

“DANNY!!” she yelled again, not having to worry about waking their parents seeing as they were both long gone to work. Each morning her mom and dad were up at the crack of dawn to go to work. This year she hadn’t seen them that much during the week, only on weekends. Their jobs started at six in the morning and they usually left around five just to get there. They weren’t home till late either, even though they were off at five in the afternoon. Traffic was bad, was their usual response when they ate dinner at nine in the evening. Olivia had had the feeling that there was more to it than that but she’d never been able to get more out of them.

Danny still hadn’t responded. Angrily she wrapped her towel around herself, feeling the warmth of the towel on her perky tits and hardened nipples. For some strange reason the feeling of the towel around her aroused her more than usual.

Walking barefooted across the thread bare carpets of hallway, she glanced at the grandfather clock and received another shock, they were definitely going to be late for school.

Coming to Danny’s door she noticed the life sized poster of Angelina Jolie in a very sexy pose and Olivia felt another twinge of arousal shoot through her petite body. Shaking her head a little she banged on her brother’s door.

“DANNY!! bahis firmaları Wake up! We’re going to be late for school! Hey Danny! Are you even in there?” she yelled loud enough for the next door neighbours to have heard. Still no response from Danny. In her frustration she tried the doorknob and to her tremendous surprise the door opened with a faint creaking noise. Mouth open she stared at the door. Danny always, always locked his door. No matter how drunk or late he came home. Even when he wasn’t home he had his door locked.

“Danny?” she said cautiously as she peeked into the darkened room. The walls were plastered with posters, pictures of girlfriends, pictures of vacations with his friends, one big one of herself with her brother from when they were kids and various bookshelves filled to bursting with books of every kind.

“Danny?” she said again when she couldn’t make him out on the bed. There was just an indistinct shape under the covers that were visible in the half-light. Looking at the floor she saw most of the clothes he owned were strewn across it. Playboy’s and other titty magazines littered the floor as well. Carefully Olivia crept forward, one hand holding the towel in place, and the other reaching out in front of her in case she tripped over something in the dark.

“Hey Danny, this isn’t funny anymore!” she said to the indistinct shape under the covers. Flicking on his bedside light she saw that Danny was indeed in bed and that he was lying on his back with his head between two pillows and one of his legs hanging over the sides. She noticed that he had a tattoo on his right ankle. Looking closer she saw that it was a Skull and some incomprehensible lettering around it.

“DANNY!!” she said, poking him in the side with her finger.

Danny didn’t even grunt. In fact he didn’t even move. She frowned. It was like he was dead but she could hear and see him breathing. She poked him again, harder this time.

Still no response.

She checked his alarm clock and saw that they were really pushing it now.

“GODDAMMIT DANNY WAKE UP!!” she said loudly and in her frustration of his refusal to wake she grabbed his bedcovers and pulled, hard. They fell away from the bed and landed against the closet behind her. She looked back at her brother’s immobile form and her mouth fell open.

Suddenly a small cry of surprise escaped her mouth and her hand flew up to try to stop it. Her older brother was naked!

He was naked!

Completely naked!

She didn’t know what to do. She found herself frozen to the spot, her eyes fixed on her brothers genitals.

Her eyes were open wide and her jaw was open at the sight of his cock. She remembered seeing Nick’s hard cock for the first time, and was surprised.

But she was in complete shock now. Because Nick was this size when erect and her brother wasn’t even hard.

Olivia had a half formed thought of putting the covers back over him but she found her gaze returning again and again to her brother’s massive cock.

It’d been a long time since Olivia had seen her brother naked. Back when they were little they’d often bathe together. But that was a long time ago. It hadn’t happened since they were about five or six.

She looked over her brother’s well tanned body and found herself getting aroused even more. His face looked as if someone highly skilled had chiselled it out of marble, his manly features more pronounced in the half light of the room. His upper torso was muscular yet not too much so. His washboard abs were gorgeous and then her eyes fell onto his massive cock again and she couldn’t look away.

A look of doubt crossed her face. She found herself wondering how big his cock got when it was hard. It was huge even when flaccid. Lying there draped over his left leg, it was already more than half the size of his upper leg. She’d never even seen one this size and even his nuts were so big and she suddenly wondered if he’d come more than other guys.

She suddenly forgot why she’d come into his room in the first place. She sat down gently on the bed next to her brother and watched his cock in fascination.

Then Olivia had a very strange and yet compelling thought. She silently admonished herself.

“That’s gross!” she thought, “That’s your brother!”

She tightened the towel around her perky tits.

“So what?” a sneaky little voice said from the back of her mind, “It’s still a cock and balls, just like other guys’. You’re just curious, what harm could it do?”

Again she bit her lip, torn between her overwhelming curiosity and her morality. She wanted to touch it and his balls as well. It shocked her that she’d even had the thought but what she found was that she quickly got over that shock.

Carefully she reached out, keeping her eyes flicking from her brother’s face to his cock and back again.

She felt heat radiating from his legs as she moved her hand over to his cock.

Just as she felt her finger tips touch the warm flesh of his cock, Danny kaçak iddaa grunted sleepily and Olivia felt an enormous shock run through her body and she jumped off the bed, she was almost at the door when she looked back.

Danny was still asleep!

Her step faltered and she felt herself turn round and head back to the bed. She had talked herself into this and now she was going to do it too. She sat down again gingerly and moved her hand towards his cock again. This time moving faster but still cautious enough so as not to wake him.

Touching the warmness of his cock sent a shiver through her that made her pussy twinge with delight. She was already wet and her breathing was shallow. Gingerly she lifted his cock off his left leg and held it in her open palm.

“It’s so pretty,” she found herself thinking. His cock was as tanned like the rest of his body and she knew that he was sunbathing in the nude, whether it was in a tanning salon or in the open air, the thought turned her on even more.

Danny had, unlike Nick, no foreskin and it was this fact that turned her on even more. The head of his, already at least eight inch long three inch thick cock, was blood red and shining in the half light.

Olivia gently closed her hand and started to slowly stroke it. She had to see how big it was and how veined when it was fully hard. The weight of his cock was something that she found at least as surprising as it’s warmth. It was quite heavy. The longer she stroked it the harder it became. She was unwilling to go any faster because she feared that might make Danny wake up.

“So what if he does?” the sneaky little voice said again, “He might just be pleased enough to show you”.

This time she chose forcefully to ignore the little voice. She would continue at the pace she was going now. Which was already faster than was wise in her opinion.

“What if you use your mouth?” the little voice said more insistently, it didn’t like being ignored, “That always worked when you did it to your previous boyfriends”.

Frowning at the thought, Olivia looked at the already semi-hard cock in her closed hand and shrugged, “Why the hell not, I’ve gone this far. I just want to see how big it gets anyway”.

Lowering her mouth to Danny’s cock she glanced up to make sure Danny was still asleep. He was.

“I bet you it tastes delicious!” the little voice cheered as Olivia halted with the cock a mere inch from her open mouth. She could smell his cock now and it smelled of sex. Hot sex and night-before sex. It smelled like her pussy smelled right after she’d cum. Wondering slightly if it tasted like that too, Olivia guided her brother’s cock into her eager mouth.

The little voice had won that bet, Olivia thought, marvelling at the wonderful taste of her brother’s massive cock. She sucked a little harder and felt the cock respond to her mouth, hardening and thickening.

“If this keeps up I won’t be able to fit it in my mouth,” Olivia thought sucking Danny’s cock deeper into her mouth, wettening it with her saliva. The feel of her brother’s cock gliding over and around her tongue was driving her crazy with desire. Slowly she sucked on her brother’s cock and little by little it grew harder and harder. She pumped Danny’s ball sack with her left hand and with her right she stroked his cock and guided it in and out of her mouth.

“My god I’m horny,” Olivia thought suddenly aware that she was literally wettening Danny’s bed with her juices.

She stopped massaging Danny’s balls and reached between her legs. Feeling the baldness of her just shaven pussy she felt her pulse shoot upwards once more. Olivia felt wonderful just then and slowly started to run her hand over her very wet pussy as she pumped Danny’s cock into her mouth. Just was she started tasting precum she got the shock of a lifetime.


Eyes wide, pulse racing and her mouth still around her brother’s massive cock and her hand at her pussy, she looked up cautiously.


Olivia flushed furiously and with a wet gulping noise she extracted Danny’s gorgeous cock from her mouth in an embarrassed sort of way. She was caught! There was no denying that.

“Olivia?! What the fuck girl?!” Danny yelled angrily, looking down at his little sister between his legs with his cock coming out of her mouth, “What the HELL do you think you’re doing!”.

Olivia felt her lip begin to tremble in embarrassment and shame. Tears started welling in her eyes and she felt a sob leave her mouth. Taking a step back from her bewildered brother she felt the towel slip to the floor. Danny’s eyes became, if at all possible, even more bewildered. Olivia stood there, tears streaming down her face, completely naked in front of her naked brother. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t respond. Danny’s mouth was open and he too seemed to have lost the ability to speak. With a wet sob Olivia covered her face with her hands and stormed out of the room.


Danny lay there on his bed for what kaçak bahis seemed like several minutes just thinking about what had just happened. Even after feeling it, seeing it and most definitely feeling it he still had trouble believing it. He looked down and saw that his cock was covered in saliva and was standing fully erect. For a few moments there he thought he’d been dreaming but his cock confirmed what his eyes had told him. Olivia, his little sister had been sitting on his bed sucking his cock. No that surely wasn’t what had happened. It must’ve been a dream after all…a very strange, disturbing and yet surprisingly horny dream at that. He looked down at his cock again and to his dismay it was still covered in saliva and standing there fully erect.

“What was in those drinks Jimmy served me last night?” Danny muttered as he grabbed his head.

“It wasn’t the worst way to wake up you must admit,” a sneaky little voice said inside his throbbing head. Danny thought about that for a few moments and then shook his head. No that was true but to have Olivia be the one to do it was just crazy.

“And why is that. She’s a gorgeous girl, she has a great body and you’ve thought about her when you jerked off before,” the little voice said, disturbing Danny even further. He had not thought about that period of his life in ages.

“Well three months,” said the voice, “After Maria’s pool party”.

“Oh god I’m going to kill Jimmy. What did he put in those drinks? Inner truth serum?” Danny groaned, grabbing his head a bit firmer.

He had to admit that the thoughts he was having were true but he found them disturbing on several levels. First of all Olivia was his sister and second…well…

Danny sat up and shook his head. He couldn’t think of a second reason. Not for lack of trying though. His brain seemed to be straining under the question. Why not have Olivia? The only thing he could come up with was indeed that Olivia was his sister. But other than that … nothing.

“Her mouth felt really good though you have to admit”, the little voice in the back of his mind said, “Imagine what the rest might feel like”.

“Oh god!” Danny moaned trying to stop the train of thought right then and there.

“I’ll bet she shags like a minx. God wouldn’t it be great to have a sex buddy in the house. Someone to have sex with before classes. Or before turning in for the night,” the little voice spoke reasonably.

Danny had to admit that point to himself. Yes it would be great to have a girl like that in the house. But Olivia?

“We’ve moved past that little moral objection. It’s not as if you’re going to impregnate her or anything”, the little voice said exasperatedly.

Danny nodded and looked down at his cock again. It was still as hard as a rock.

Standing up and stretching, Danny found the thought of having sex with Olivia not that much of a problem anymore. He’d worked out that seeing as she was on the pill there was no real chance of her becoming pregnant and besides she had engaged him not the other way around.

He looked at his alarm clock and saw that it was already nine o’clock meaning that he was already late for class. Shrugging he decided that seeing as he’d had a late night and too much to drink he was going to take a day off. It wasn’t as if he had any real need to go to class today anyway. Just a couple of lectures and all his boring classes in the afternoon. Psych 101, the advanced chemistry of the male chimp, Criminology 102 and Professor Lichburns class for what seemed to be the most moronic subject at the school: How to identify with the victim.

Danny didn’t feel like working with the victims anyway. He wanted to find Criminals and put them in jail. But his Law classes were tomorrow afternoon anyway.

He walked into the bathroom and stood there in silence as he waited for his erection to come down a bit so he could take a leak. It just wouldn’t come down; it just stood there, hard as a plank in front of him, still dripping with his little sister’s saliva.

That’s when he heard a muffled cry coming from Olivia’s room. Figuring that he wouldn’t be able to take a leak he walked out of the dark bathroom, scratching his head as he did so, and almost bumped into the grandfather clock that stood just outside. He was still pretty woozy but he figured that he’d best check out if Olivia was alright.

Her door, plastered with posters ranging from Avril Lavigne to the movie French Kiss, was standing about halfway open as if she’d slammed it and it had bounced back. Carefully so as not to alarm her Danny walked over and peeked inside. He instantly felt his erection grow.

She was lying butt naked on her front on the bed with her one arm over her head and the other was partially hidden from view seeing as she was lying on it. Again she let out a muffled cry but now Danny could hear that it was not a cry derived from her earlier crying spell but a cry of pleasure.

Cautiously he crept inside and at arriving at his sister’s bed he was awarded by a magnificent view. Olivia’s hand up to her wrist inside her own pussy. Danny was astonished. He had never known this side of his little sister before. He felt himself instantly drawn in by the scene before him.

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