The Lake House Adventure

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I can remember while growing up that I spent many happy hours camping and boating around my parents house by the lake I thought that the lake house would be a great place to take girls when I got older, unfortunatly I never got any girls who would up to the cabin with me. Eventually, I became the owner of the cabin. Actually, it was really more of a house since it had four rooms and running water and electricity. This particular summer was about to take a very strange for me. To set the story right, at the time I was married, or at least I thought so. My wife, on the other hand had other ideas and after two years together,(it was my first marriage and her second) she decided to “take a powder.” June left a note saying that she wanted out she didn’t give a reason why. The only good that I could see in all of this was that June asked for nothing from me, she even left me a letter saying so which I took to my lawyer real quick. “Lucky me.” I thought as I decided to head for the house on the lake just to get away from my now empty house. I figured that the lake would be a great place just to forget about June for a few days. You see, even when married I couldn’t get my wife up to the lake house.

My father built the cabin on the shore of a beautiful lake and he made sure that it had all the comforts of home except for a TV. The cabin was very comfortable. It has a good sized kitchen that would make any homeowner proud to cook in. The cabin also has four very nice bedrooms and a full size bathroom with running water. I must have been at the cabin three days or so, puttering around when I heard a knock on the door, imagine my surprise when I saw my soon to be ex-sister-in-law standing there. “Janet! What are you doing here?” I was astounded that she even knew where the cabin was located. Janet’s only words of greeting were, “Well Bart, are you going to invite me in or not?” I quickly stood aside to let Janet enter. Janet,is my soon to be former wife’s younger sister and I to admit to myself, that I always found her very attractive. Janet has blonde hair, green eyes, very firm slender body one could see that she kept in great shape. So, there I stood just watching as Janet moved towards the refrigerator to get herself a beer and I could think of nothing to say. As I watched all 5’5″ of her move so gracefully that even a cat would be envious, I remembered the times in her parents swimming pool, I would play a little “grab ass” with Janet. I would let my hands linger on her body as often as I felt that I could get away with it. I was unable to think of anything smart to say, so I asked Janet a second time what brought her to the cabin. Janet just shrugged her shoulders as she said,”I just wanted to see if you were going to be here, and I was worried about you after my sister took off. Besides, I wanted to see what the place looked like, so what better way to see the place and to check up on you at the same time.” I had to admit that Janet and I always got along great and if I hadn’t married her sister, who knows what might have happened. “Well, as you can see Janet, I am here and I am fine. You didn’t have to come here you know.” Janet noticed that I was cleaning up some of my fishing gear. Janet to my surprise reached for a rod. “Come on Bart, we should go down to the dock and try some of this stuff out.” Janet so saying she headed for the dock. I had no choice but to follow her. I knew that I followed in the wake of a storm.

By the time I arrived at the dock Janet had already discarded her shorts and shirt revealing a string bikni that hid almost nothing of her body. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her toned body as she cast the lure into the water. Not a muscle seemed out of shape on her, she looked so fit. It did confirm my opinion that Janet was one very hot looking young lady. I recalled that Janet had something of a tom-boy in her, she didn’t mind a little rough housing which did nothing to detract from her sex appeal. Janet knew that I was watching her body movements, with a hint of mischieviousness bahis firmalar─▒ in her voice after I had said nothing for some little while Janet spoke up,”Hello, Bart are you still breathing?” It was a tease. I didn’t realize that I had been staring at her and almost holding my breath. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare Janet, and yes I’m still alive,though not by much.” I replied quickly. I realized that my voice cracked when I spoke. Janet laughed softly and said, “It’s good to see that my new bikini caught your eye, at least I know your still with us.” Janet didn’t mind that I was looking at her body. Hell, she was inviting me to look all I wanted. I blushed. How could I not, the small string located tight in her butt and Janet’s 34B breasts looking ready to burst from their bikini top. I was feeling very warm. Janet knew that I was looking at her pert breasts and she said without blushing,”Don’t worry Bart, I won’t force them on you.” I just thought to myself that she wouldn’t have to force them on me at all. “Tell you what Bart,why don’t you put some of that lotion on my back.” Janet requested out of thin air. I didn’t resist the request, I couldn’t,I had become someone else, a sex starved male. The more my hands moved over her shoulders and back the more I desired her. I was more than glad that she let me touch her body, but it was all I could do to restrain myself from pulling her to me and ripping her skimpy bathing suit off and fucking her right then and there.

As I worked on Janet’s shoulders, I thought to myself,”Why am I doing this?” I didn’t realize that I had spoken out loud. Janet looked over her shoulder and said with a hint of desire, “Because, I asked you to. Come on Bart, I know that you want to touch me,hell, I’ve known that you wanted to since you first went out with my sister.” She got no argument from me. “You know I’m right Bart, besides, I knew back at my parent’s pool when you were slow to move your hands away from my body when we fooled around that you had the hots for me. Did you think I didn’t notice how your hands lingered on my breasts whenever we got close together in the pool? Or how you let your hand rest on my ass a little longer than you should have? Did you think I didn’t notice your hard cock pressed against me in the pool?” Janet went on. I knew that Janet was right about all of it. I always tried to “cop” a feel or two from her when ever I visited her parents house even after her sister and I became engaged. Janet then surprsied me by leaning her whole body back into me which forced my hands to slide against her near naked breasts. “It didn’t bother me then Bart, I actually looked foward to our time in the pool. Why do you think I started to wear revealing clothes when you came by the house? I wanted you to notice me.” Janet went on. I was to surprised to move my hands away. Janet spoke up, “I believe things would go a lot easier if I just took my top off dont you?” With that she reached behind her back and undid her bikini top. I know I made a slight noise as she put my hands on her naked breasts.

I was in deep trouble now. I couldn’t stop rubbing the lotion on her firm naked breasts, I could feel her nipples harden as I brushed my fingers over each one, and Janet began to grind her whole body against mine. While my fingers moved over Janet’s nipples I heard her let out a soft moan. “Nice hands Bart, it’s time to show ourselves just how we really feel about each other.” She then started to grind her ass against my crotch, so much for hiding my hard on I thought. ” I can feel someone is very excited right now.” Janet sighed as she guided one of my hands down to her crotch. Janet pressed her back against my body while my hand rubbed her pussy.”Oh yes Bart!” She sighed, then she turned in my arms to face me and said in a husky voice, “I can see that you’ve risen to the occasion Bart.” I made no move to stop her as she pulled my shirt off or when she started to grind herself against my chest. “Bart, do you miss my sister at all?” Janet asked ka├žak iddaa as knelt down to push my shorts off of my hips. I felt Janet’s lips brushed against my cock ever so gently. I gasped out,”I get by Janet, but we really shouldn’t do this you know.” Janet ran her finger over my crotch saying, “I don’t know Bart, that cock of yours says something different.” Janet gave my cock a gentle squeeze. I let out a groan. I couldn’t resist a moment longer, I pulled Janet to me and kissed her long and hard, my cock rubbed against her flat firm stomach as I moved my hands over her skimpy bikini bottom grasping her buttocks and pulling the “G” string tight in the crack of her ass and pussy. Janet let out a gasp. There was no going back now, not after this. “Oh God, Janet you feel so good and yes! I want you.” I blurted out passionatly. Our tongues twisted together like a tornado. “Go on Bart, take my panties off now,I think you’ve waited long enough.” Janet whispered in between kisses. When I got her bikni bottom off I noticed that she had shaved off her pubic hair and said so. Janet responded,” You like it?” I could only nod my head yes. Then she pulled me down onto the dock next to her saying. “Kiss me there then.”

I was getting rougher with Janet than I intended, could it be that my pent up anger with her sister was showing at last? Was because I hadn’t had sex since June walked out? I didn’t know or at that moment even care, I wanted to get my “rocks” off. What ever the reason was, I heard Janet gasp in pain as I twisted her nipples a little bit to hard. “You don’t have to do it that hard Bart.” Janet said gasping for breath, I didn’t listen and kept it up any way. I didn’t try to bring Janet to a climax, I just shoved my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her as hard as I could. Janet must have sensed my urgency,because Janet was more than game, she got her body to move in rythem with mine and dispite the rough start, Janet kept her legs wrapped around my legs telling me to keep pumping my cock into her till I came. Janet’s grunts turned me on even more, that’s when I knew that I would explode, all my pent up desires were going to pour out of my cock into Janet’s pussy and I knew that I would be very happy. When the climax came, I emptied my sperm into Janet, pumping hard as each spasim racked my body, and Janet held on to me whispering, “At last! Bart,let your sperm fill my pussy.” When I was finished, I rolled off of Janet and I was surprised that she didn’t scold me or some other such thing. I knew what I had done. “Oh Christ, Janet, I’m so sorry.” I cried. I had forced myself on her! Janet leaned up on one arm and said, “What are you sorry for? You didn’t force yourself on me, I didn’t resist you did I? As far as I’m concerned you have nothing to be sorry for,just remember the next time, go a little slower, after all I want to be able to enjoy making love as much as you do.” So saying she rolled herself right on top of me pressing her oil and sweat soaked body against mine grinding herself against me. “God, I wish my cock was still hard Janet.” I said haltingly and with a shy smile. “I want to fuck you again, only not so rough this time.” Janet smiled as she squirmed against my body. “Don’t worry Bart, you’ll get your chance and then some, but first lets go have some lunch. And don’t worry about your clothes, I have a feeling that you won’t need them.” Janet and I walked back to the cabin hand in hand, naked and in silence.

The two of us ate lunch with no word passing between us, after what we did no words needed to be spoken. The lunch finished we cleaned off the table together and I kept watching her as she bent over to wipe the table top clean, I moved behind her and holding her bent over the table, I started to finger her pussy and her puckered anus, Janet grabbed the edge of the table and let out a groan of pleasure and she wiggled her ass seductivly. “Can’t keep your hands off of my ass? Oh my yes Bart, I like that a lot!” Janet sighed excitedly. I got on the floor and started ka├žak bahis to lick her pussy as well as fingering her ass. “Yes Bart! Make me cum.” Janet said looking back at me. I gave my finger a good shove into her ass and Janet grunted. “I always knew we belonged together.” I let out a soft grunt. “I wish my cock was ready to go again right now Janet.” Janet turned on her back and spread her legs. ” We have more than enough time to get your cock hard again Bart,now,lick my pussy till I cum!” I did my best to make it happen and Janet loved every moment of my tongue work. I watched as her hands moved over her own breasts down to her slow heaving stomach letting out little grunts of pleasure. In fact she liked it so much that she the table shook when her body jerked spasmodically after I slid my finger into her anus. The only thing I could think of was “Who was June?” Janet let out a long hard “Ahh! Mmmm! Don’t stop now! I’m cumming!” her legs wrapped around my shoulders holding my face close to her pussy. I could feel her whole body shudder hard as she climaxed. Janet was all smiles when she finally sat up on the edge of the table. Well, I finally got a girl to the lake and it turned out to be my sister-in-law. “You were a great desert Janet.” I told her as she stroked my face gently. “I glad you liked it Bart, you do know of course that I’m more than desert.” I just nodded my head in agreement. Janet was about to show me how much more when she told me to get on the table. “We are going to make your flag rise again Bart.” And she got a good start by rubbing her breasts accross my cock.

This would be a most pleasent kind of torture, feeling the nipples of Janet’s breasts brush against the head of my cock made me want to reach out and pull her on top of me but I promised that I would keep my hands to myself until she told me to move them. “You want me to suck your cock Bart? Or do you want me to let you cum on my tit’s?” Janet said teasingly. I felt read to cum and it didn’t matter to me where I climaxed. ” Christ! Janet, I didn’t care! I’m ready to explode now!” I moaned. Janet laughed and replied, “Right now I think I want your cock in my pussy, then we shall see what we can do next.”, then she gave my cock a quick tease with her tongue. Janet had full control of my future and she knew it. I felt as if my balls would burst from having so much pressure on them and it got worse when I felt her pussy slide against my already loaded and sensitive cock. “Oh my God! Janet, please, I’m about to burst at the seems!” With a smile she said, “That’s good honey, that’s real good.” And she lowered her body onto my cock. Janet’s arms braced against mine so that I couldn’t move and she moved herself up and down my cock slowly almost sleep like in her movements. “Now my darling cum for Janet.” She grunted as she pushed herself harder onto my cock. It was to much for me, I unloaded my sperm and it felt to me as if a dam broke, I bucked and heaved my self on the table and Janet held on to me as if she were riding a bronc in a rodeo. “Yes! Yes! My love, that’s it, ahhh!” Janet sighed happily as my spasims finally passed. I didn’t have the strength to sit up right away, I never had such a sexual experiance like this before and I said so to Janet. Janet shrugged her shoulders and with her hand on my spent cock she said, “I always knew that you and I should be together like this Bart,I’m sorry that it took you so long to see that.” I reached out and carressed her face and said, “I’m sorry it took so long myself.” Janet took my hand then she sat next to me on the table,”I’m glad that’s out of the way. Now, we have the whole weekend to plan for.”

Janet’s entire plan was to show me how much fun we could and would have together. The only time she wore anything more than a bikini bottom was when ever we went to town, even then she made sure that what she had on was practically transparent her only reason? “I want to keep you hot and horny Bart, I don’t need you looking elsewhere fro your fun.” She told me in jest. I told her that she would never have a problem in that department. There is more to this story of course, but that will be left for another time and place, right now Janet is calling me and I won’t keep her waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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