The Kissing Game

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Emma had not seen her aunt and Uncle since she had stayed there as a girl of twelve, She remembered how she had been welcomed by them, and how they had encouraged her to come and wake them in those sunny mornings… she wondered whether they might still do so now that she was seventeen, Aunt and Uncle greeted her with warmth and surprise at her development.

“My how you’ve grown my dear” smiled her Aunt…her Uncle nodded his agreement, though he seemed to be in a daydream as his gaze followed the contours of her wide hips and ample bosom…. She caught his gaze with a flush of embarassment and pride… how handsome he was still, her heart fluttered, that he might find her attractive.

As they chattered together over their simple dinner, she found herself tingling with an strange excitement each time she caught his eye, and even when she was speaking to her Aunt, she sensed his eyes avidly surveying her bust. She knew she was flirting, and couldn’t help herself, showing off so to her Uncle. What must her aunt have thought, she mused as she lay in bed… she need not have worried, her Aunt came to wish her goodnight

“How nice it will be to have you to stay… I hope it won’t be too dull for you without any of your friends”.

“Indeed not Aunt…I shall so enjoy being with you and Uncle… may I wake you in the morning as I used to?”

“Of course my love… your uncle would be most disappointed if you did not… then we shall go to town and get you some new things…”

Her excitement at the proposed trip was nought to her thought that her Uncle was looking forward to seeing her in the morning… and that tingling excitement now made iteslf felt in her loins.

“How she has grown Charles…do you not find her most attractive?”

“Why yes my love.. she has a very fine figure…how could I fail to find her so”

“Indeed…and she finds you so too…did you not notice how she looked at you?”

“Perhaps my love… yet surely it is not to be encouraged…Am I not her guardian?”

“Nonsense my dear…she is a lusty young woman, and you are a very lusty man…what harm can there be in allowing nature to take its course ..”

“But my love…” his look of concern for her melting away at her words.

“It would hurt me as much as her if you were to ignore her charms…and how I shall enjoy watching the two of you”.

She felt very daring as she knocked at their door next morning, even though Aunt had invited her, somehow she knew that things would be very different from her childhood visits. She was disappointed that her thin old nighty did not enhance her prettiness… yet she was secretly pleased that it was so short.

“Good morning Aunt, Uncle” she beamed at them, the sun streaming in as she had remembered. She was ushered into bed beside her Uncle and she chattered about where she would like to visit, all the while, her Uncles proximity making her heart flutter.

It was as she remembered too when her uncle rose to use the chamber pot, yet she could not help but stare, much to her Aunts’ pleasure as he knelt before it. His back was not turned as it had been in those days…perhaps because she was grown-up now…and he seemed to take an age over it, slowly raising his nightshirt she gaped as she viewed his penis for the first time, thick and much larger than she expected yet seemingly out of proportion to the great bulge beneath, and even though he was not erect, the sight of him touching it , and directing his jets into the pot made her so excited, her loins so hot and itchy there…. She suddenly realised she should not be looking so, and guiltily turned to her aunt, whose knowing smile and conspiratorial expression made her feel strange. She made room for his return , and Aunt smiled to him too, in a way which Emma did not understand.

“Do you remember those games you used to play?” she smiled to Emma, and even as she thought about it , she noticed her Aunt move her hand to Uncles loins under the thin sheet. It made her hesitate…

“Err…er…oh yes of course… the pillow fighting”

“I think you are too old for that now” her aunts voice thickening as Emma watched her so obviously manipulating his penis.

“Err…the spying game” she ventured knowing immediately which game aunt wanted her to mention.

“Oh no… that one is a little boring” Emma’s voice too becoming more serious as she watched the covers lifting over her Uncles stiff baton.

“The kissing game!” she smiled as much as she could

“Ah yes.. May we play it Uncle?” The rules were simple, Uncle would hold her, pinning her arms to her sides and she must avoid as many of his kisses as she could… Even as they positioned themselves, the shape under his nightshirt made itself very clear to them all.

“You first Emma” her heart thumped wildly as her Uncle took her in his strong arms, knowing what she wanted. The game began, and at first she struggled seemingly wildly as if trying to loosen his grip, yet the result was as bahis firmaları she desired, to kick off the bedclothes and to cause her nighty to ride up around her waist. Her aunts eyes gleamed at her as she saw what had happened, her lips shushing her a little to allow Uncles grip to tighten so that her breasts squashed to his chest, and his penis pushed into her belly. She couldnt help but allow more of his kisses now, and her struggling subsided into a kind of rhythmic gyration to which her uncle matched a distinct thrusting of his own.

Aunt had managed through all this to push Uncles nightshirt up around his waist too, and now Emma began to sigh as she felt the heat of his penis burning against her , Its ruby tip pressing to her belly, it’s thick column pulsating along her soaking vulva. Soon she felt him thrusting more urgently, his eyes burning into hers, and rather than avoid his kisses, she sought his lips, their tongues entwining as he gasped his ecstacy, and she brought her hands around to the front , seeking his balls as she felt the first of his creamy jets flooding over the underside of her breasts. She held him there, feeling each intense spasm as his sperm erupted over her…

“Ohhhhh Uncle! “ she gasped and rushed out of the room…

Aunt drew up the covers as Uncle lay on his back, his breathing calming as she stroked his chest..

“Mmmm Naughty boy…and how she enjoyed it, the wicked minx!” She kissed him in triumph…

“And how much more she will enjoy…” she teased, drawing her husbands hand between her shapely thighs and with her own, playfully toying with his penis.

“Ahh yes my love…” he sighed, aroused immediately by her touch..and her words…

“She wants you…here” she sighed directing his fingers within her soaking vulva, watching his penis jerk into fierce erection again, marvelling at his capacity…

“You want her…you want to do it in her don’t you…empty your sperm into her…impregnate her… show me what you want to do to her…Ahh uncle…” soon she bounced under his vigorous thrusts…

Emma was bursting with excitement as she returned to her room, attaining the bed she immediately shuddered with an agony of delight as her fingers found the delicious spot which only a few moments ago had been so teasingly stimulated by her Uncles penis…how she burned for it again… she dozed fitfully…until her Aunt came to wake her later.

“Come my dear…it is nearly time for us to go to town…I hope you were not embarassed by our little game…Uncle enjoyed it so…I’m afraid you got him rather over-excited”

“Oh Aunt…truly I didn’t mean to do so…it was not my uncles fault…” Emma seemed genuinely agitated that she may have caused some offence.

“Hush now…his lusty excitement is only natural is it not…made to kiss and cuddle one so charming … has it upset you my love?”

“Why no has made me feel excited too”

“Oh you must not trouble yourself…it is only natural that you would…hugged and kissed by a handsome man…did you not enjoy his embrace a little?” her eyes shone.

“Oh yes aunt…more than a little” then her eyes cast downwards, knowing the wrong of it.

“It was naughty of him to ruin your nighty so…” she smiled lightly.

“We must find you another.. one more flattering to your lovely figure”

“Oh aunt..I do love you both so” she smiled

“I will not do wrong again” her aunt’s look became more serious.

“You are not to think so…people have no business in teaching you not to love your uncle… It would pain me greatly to think that you would shy from his embrace because of some silly conventions or rules…this is our home..we will behave as we wish to” The sermon over, they hugged, Emma’s mind racing with thoughts of the meaning of her aunts words, they could not have been clearer.. she wanted it to continue..

“Do you mean we can play our game again?” she smiled mischeviously, her aunt appreciated her slyness,

“Oh yes Emma, .. and many more games besides if you wish it ….”

The purchase of her new nightwear brought another chance for her aunt to prepare her niece for the intercourse with her husband she so fervently desired to witness. She had a large part to play in their choice of a suitable style, one which displayed her delightful charms in a way to prove most tantalising to her uncle, and her constant references to how he would like this or that in front of the serving girl, only made to excite Emma the more.

“Ahh yes, see how this one displays your bosom so …how that will excite your dear uncle” Emma could not help but blush at first…but warmed to her aunt’s obvious enthusiasm..

“But aunt.. does this one not billow too much down here…I think uncle might prefer one which did not hide the shape of my bottom so”

“Quite so my love.. it would trouble him greatly…see this one is better” … and so it continued…the serving girl smiling indulgently and added her own thoughts, kaçak iddaa no doubt spurred by the thought of the generous gratuity which Mrs Rutworthy had promised

“If you please ma’am, perhaps you would like to try this one…Mrs Penrose says it does wonders for Mr Penrose if you take my meaning…” “Next time we shall have

“Might I show it to uncle after dinner aunt?” she smiled on the way home

“Why of course my dear…perhaps you could change for bed early…it would be a shame for him not to see you wearing it “

There was an air of definite expectancy during dinner, and it was somewhat rushed in order to allow Emma to go and change, and she felt particularly excited as she removed her things, her head swimming a little with the strong wine they had all partaken of, her loins already itching….

Her aunt and uncle had moved to the couch while she had been changing, and were almost embracing as she came in..

“Oh my dear girl…how delightful you look Emma” smiled her Uncle, genuinely taken aback by her beauty. Her flushed cheeks made a perfect contrast to the whiteness of the gauzy material, and she beamed proudly at them both as Uncle surveyed her charming figure, his gaze as ever lingering upon her now outrageously deep cleavage. Emma could not but stare down at his lap, where her aunts fingers seemed to be clutching the impressive bulge which was developing there. They rose, for aunt to point out the fineness of the material, yet they hardly heard her.

“I must thank you so uncle..for buying me such a lovely thing..It is the most beautiful dress I have ever had” she leaned forward to kiss him, her lips burning against his, and lingering, not needing to wait for his ardent tongue to lick against hers.

“You must not thank me so much…It was as much a selfish purchase, if it allows me to see you thus…in all your beauty”

“Oh uncle” she kissed him again stronger than before. Her aunt interrupted,

“And feel how finely it fits her bosom..” she smiled slyly at Emma as she took her husbands hand and placed it on her breast where it needed no more prompting to begin suavely teasing her thick nipple.

“Indeed” he sighed, looking into Emma’s eyes as he carressed her so suggestively, and she almost swooned with delight at his touch there. Her aunt continued ..

“You seem to find her figure stimulating in such a gown”

“Indeed my dear “ he sighed as aunt’s fingers continued to mould themselves to his bulging loins,

“Her figure is perfection…it is made for love…like your own” he winked conspiratorially to Emma.

“How you flatter me uncle…and how happy it makes me to think that it might please you as much as the sight of your figure pleases me”

“Ahh and does it please you a little my dear to see how much you awaken your dear uncle’s lusty desires?” smiled her aunt, taking her hand from his breeches to allow Emma to gaze down at the impressive extent of his arousal.

“Indeed aunt, it makes me feel less a child when such a fine gentleman as my uncle might find my figure attractive”

“Oh Emma, my are most certainly not a child but one who is quite ready to enjoy the pleasures of love…

and gave her uncle a kiss goodnight as to her aunts bidding

listening to her intently as they went upstairs

“You will arouse many a lusty fellow with a figure such as yours… and no doubt enjoy the pleasures it will bring”

“Oh aunt..I long to do so..truly… yet have I not been taught that such pleasures are wicked? “

“Then we must do all we can to put such silly thoughts from your mind my love…it can only do harm to stifle those strong natural desires you clearly posess, they must be encouraged .. and satisfied to the full” Emma could hardly contain her excitement at such thoughts…

“But how might they be satisfied aunt?” she knew the reply of course, but both wanted to hear the words which confirmed their wickedness…

“By the most vigorous acts of physical union….”

“Oh my goodness aunt! “ she feigned shock at such a suggestion

“Come now child…does not the very thought of it excite your loins?”

“Ohh yess aunt..these past weeks I have thought of little else … yet would my dear Uncle contemplate such wickedness?”

“you need not trouble yourself upon that score my love…did you not see how your charms had inflamed his loins, when a man is thus erected, his only thought is of copulation”

“Yet would it not trouble you aunt, to see your husband with another?”

“It will only be a short time before we will find so many other lusty fellows for you to couple with…and in the meantime.. nothing will excite me more than to witness your pleasure in that sweetest of acts…”

“Ohh aunt! wonderful if you would be there to guide me “ they hugged

“Come now child..we must prepare ..your naughty uncle will be here in a moment …expecting more than a kiss from both of us “

“Oh aunt…” kaçak bahis sighed Emma as her aunt began to undress, reclining herself at her aunts bidding into the most inviting posture…

“I do hope I shall not disappoint him” she sighed “Nonsense my dear…tis the most natural thing…a lusty girl like you will know exactly how to please him…why the mere sight of you just now was enough to arouse him…look to your own pleasure my dear and you can be assured of his..”

A light knocking sounded his arrival, Emma bid him enter and though the light was a little dim, her eyes were immediately drawn to his loins where his nightshirt was lifted like a tent over the most prodigious erection his eyes feasted upon the tableau before him, his lovely wife sitting in only her lacy shift, and her beautiful niece, reclining provocatively, her knee raised enough for his gaze to catch the puff of dark curls above her curving mount,

“Ahh my two delicious beauties…how you both excite and inflame your uncle” he smiled, the act of sitting upon the bed between them causing his penis to rear up even more prominently.

“So much is clear my love” smiled her aunt, indicating his outrageous display.

“Whilst it may not be so apparent sir, your most obvious excitement has more than filled aunt and I with anticipation has it not?” sighed Emma, raising her knee just a little more.

“Anticipation for what pray?” smiled her uncle

“Intolerable fellow…can you not see how your poor niece lusts to have your penis within her?” she sighed, drawing the hem of his nightshirt up and over his towering manhood, “Is that not so Emma?”

“Oh indeed aunt…” she sighed, gazing in awe at the size of him as aunt helped him remove the nightshirt altogether and began stroking his muscular chest, her head resting upon his shoulder. She moved her hand down, taking hold of his huge baton

“It will give you much pleasure will it not to spout into your wicked niece?”

“Ahh yess my love” he sighed, kissing her.. She pulled his legs apart “see how full of seed he is for you Emma darling” she sighed, scooping his huge testicles onto her palm..

“Enough to fill both of you!” he smiled wickedly as her aunt lifted his nightshirt over his head,

“Come child, and kiss your uncle” she urged, pulling off Emma’s nighty too, lust in her eyes as she came to him, her rolling breasts swaying tantalisingly in front of his eyes… the anticipation of what was to come was almost too great for all of them .. for Emma, knowing that in but a moment, that sleek fleshy column would pierce her eager loins , would thrust within her… she closed her eyes as his tongue found hers, and imagined it’s fertile juices squirting inside her.

“Oh uncle…Oh please…put your penis in me”, for her uncle, knowing that what they had planned so wickedly was about to take place That the child of his idle brother was even now imploring him to mount her almost brought him to an immediate crisis, and the thought that she would soon be beneath him, receiving his incestuous sperm…

“Do as she asks Charles” smiled her aunt in a moment,

“Put your penis into your dear niece’s vagina” She reclined back onto her elbows, parting her creamy thighs, her eyes like saucers, fixed upon the engorged hood of his penis as it reared between them, the huge sack beneath swaying as he positioned himself. Soon she felt it”s heat sliding against the open petals of her vulva

“Ahhh Uncle..” she gasped as her aunts hand intervened , directing matters

“Ahh my darling girl..” sighed her uncle as the slippery opening accepted his swollen cockhead..

“Ahh uncle!” she gasped again, her loins tensing and her inner muscles almost forcing him out again as she shuddered with delight

“Ohh my sweet..Emma..” he almost growled with lust, slipping one arm beneath her slender waist to allow him to control her unsteady hips as the full length of his great column forced within her hot, soaking vagina, stopping to savour the intense pleasure once he was fully sheathed, his balls pressed to her bottom.

“Oh lovely” beamed her aunt, kissing her wanton niece as she too savoured the scene.

“Oh Aunt Alice.. “ she beamed in return, before her uncles lips glued themselves to hers, his tongue plunging into her mouth, just as his penis had plunged into her loins.. and she was anything but passive , forcing her own tongue against his, pressing her breasts to his chest, and beginning to work her eager hips, causing an exquisite friction upon her pleasure bud as he began a slow rhythm… Emma tossed her head, almost fainting with the pure pleasure she felt there.. all propriety slipping away from her as she abandoned herself to it…

“Ahhh Uncle..Ohhh “ she wailed as her Aunts eyes took on a wild gleam

“Fuck her Charles…Fuck your little niece!. … come in her darling…” she whispered to him, knowing that his seed would boil very soon with such exquisite provocation ..Emma’s eyes took on the same wild expression, as she abandonned herself to her pleasure, allowing her most wicked thought to pass her lips, whispered to her aunt

“Ah papa..” A smile came to her aunts lips ,

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