The Kids In The Pool

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“Fucking kids!” I mumbled loudly as I sat up on the edge of the bed. I was extremely pissed at being awakened at this time of the morning. I mean, imagine, teenage kids breaking into the pool area at 3 am! As the manager of a small motel on the outskirts of town, I was used to having my sleep disturbed for all kinds of things. However, it really burned my buns to have to deal with these disrespectful young people. It had happened many times before but it didn’t seem to matter how many times I called the cops, they were either unable to do anything or didn’t seem to really give a big rat’s ass. This time I intended to take matters into my own hands. Slowly I stood on my feet and slipped a pair of loose gym shorts and stepped into my slippers. Instead of calling the cops and have them come in like gangbusters, I was going to sneak into the pool and take care of this once and for all.

I walked to the sliding glass door that led to the pool area and looked out. Just what I thought, some young people, a girl and a couple of boys who looked to be somewhat older were frolicking in the pool. “Little bastards,” I said as I quietly slid the door open. The humidity was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife tonight. I hated to be a hardass about this, but it was my responsibility to keep the motel free of intruders. As I stepped out I looked to the right and noticed pile of clothes by the loungers that sat against the security fence. I picked up a pair of jeans and slipped the wallet out. Opening the wallet, I slipped the driver’s license from it. “Thomas Livingston III” the first one read. 6 foot tall, 160 pounds, brown hair, and green eyes. I slipped the wallet out of the second pair of pants. His name was Dirk Livingston and he was 5 foot 10, 150 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. The date of birth on both of the license’s told the fact that they were 30 years old and also twin brothers.

A small purse was lying by the pile of clothes. I opened it up and rummaged through it. Her identification told that she was barely 18. The air was warm and the humidity was quickly causing sweat to bead up on my body as I walked around to the shallow end and stepped in. The kids were so busy playing around that they hadn’t even noticed me. That was exactly what I had planned as I moved a little deeper.

“Stop it Tommy!” I heard the girl squeal and her giggle told the boys that she didn’t really want them to stop.

“Aw come on Christy! You know you want it!” Tommy chided the young girl.

“No Tommy! I’m not even supposed to be here. Daddy would absolutely kill me if he knew I was here!”

“Daddy would kill me! Daddy would kill me!” the other boy taunted back.

“Fuck you Dirk! You better stop mocking me!”

Both of the boys laughed and splashed water on the girl’s face. She turned her head and then both of the boys began a water assault on her. I thought back to the days when us boys around the neighborhood would sneak down into the pond and go for one of our late night skinny dips. That though was a different time and a different place. It was a damn shame that I had to be the bad guy.

“You guys are dicks!” she spat at them when they finally stopped.

“That’s what you fucking girls want. A couple of big dicks!” Dirk sneered at her.

“Yeah, but from what I hear around school is that I ended up with a couple of little ones!”

“You teasing little cunt. I’ll show you little dick!” Tommy said as he dove under the water. Tommy had the girl in a flash and Christy went up and then under the water kicking furiously as she struggled with the young man. When they came back up, Tommy was holding his arms up in the air and he held her bikini top in his hand. Christy came up and as she bobbed, I could see her small breasts in the moonlight. “Give me that back Tommy or I’m going to kick you in the nuts!” Afraid I was going to be seen, I moved my body down into the water until the only thing that was sticking above it was my head. Waves were splashing against my face as the kids’ movement caused a motion in the water.

Tommy tossed Christy’s top to Dirk. “Kick you in the nuts! Kick you in the nuts!” Dirk mocked the young girl. It was obvious that the girl had no inhibitions about her body, as she didn’t do anything to try and cover her small chest. I felt a tantalizing feeling begin to stir within my groin that I wasn’t expecting.

“You better give it back Thomas Livingston the turd!” she yelled. Once again Tommy dove quickly and gracefully and dragged the young girl under. This time there seemed to be a struggle and when they came up, Tommy had her bottoms in his hand as well.

Christy pushed her dripping wet blonde hair out of her face. “You motherfucker! Give me back my fucking bottoms right now you scum sucking creep!”

Tommy laughed and shook his head. “If you really want them bad, then it looks like you’ll have to earn them!”

“Fuck you Tommy! I want them back now!” Once again Tommy shook his head and waved them in the air. Christy lunged but bahis firmaları Tommy was too fast for him. He moved back swiftly and she came up from the water empty-handed. Both of the boys laughed, tossing her bikini back and forth to each other. “Gotta’ earn it back Christy,” Dirk told her as he paused long enough to grab his hips and thrust them back and forth. “Yeah,” said Tommy. “Gotta’ earn it back you little cunt!”

“Fuck both of you! I’m going home!” she yelled and put her hands on the edge of the pool. My heart beat hard in my chest as the young girl pulled herself up onto the edge of the pool. She was completely naked and I felt my natural instincts react to the sight before me. I had no doubt by now that she was *********underage by the shape of her thin hips. The water on her white skin glistened like pearls.

“Oh no you don’t you little fucking tease,” Dirk said as he reached over and took Christy by the waist and drug her back into the water. “You’re not going anywhere until we say you are going bitch!”

“Leave me the fuck alone!” Christy screamed as she kicked at the water.

“I don’t think so you little tart!” With that, Tommy moved in front of her and soon she was sandwiched in between the two brothers.

“Damn you Tommy! Let me go!”

Tommy pulled his hand back and I winced as he slapped her hard across the face. Her head snapped back and bounced into Dirk’s shoulder. “Shit!” she groaned as she pressed her hands into her face.

I quietly moved across the pool toward them, keeping my body under water. “Personally, I’m tired of all these little girls acting like fucking tramps and then not putting out, aren’t you Dirk?” Tommy asked as he pressed his body against the little blonde girl.

“Yeah, I am getting pretty pissed off about it myself Tommy!” A seriousness had set into the boy’s voices and Christy knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was in deep trouble.

“I’m sorry guys. Please just let me go.” Tears of anger and fear were moving down her lovely cheeks.

“It’s a little late for sorry. We spent a ton of money on you tonight and a Livingston always gets what he pays for doesn’t he Dirk?”

“He sure as the fuck does Tom!” Christy looked around as if looking for her night in shining armor to come rescue the distressed damsel. Seeing there was none, she began to fight. “Hell yeah!” Dirk exclaimed, ” I like it better when it doesn’t come easy. Don’t you Tom?”

“Fuck yeah! I like to have to fight a little for it!” Christy’s face contorted as Tommy’s hand slipped under the water and moved in between the girl’s legs. “Fuck she’s got a tight little cunt! I bet she’s a virgin Dirk,” he said as he moved his hand around, pressing into the young flesh between her legs. “Hell, her pussy is completely bald! Damn I love a shaved pussy!”

“I’ll pay you back tomorrow!” the girl pleaded. “Please let me go!”

“You’ll pay us back tonight won’t she brother?”

“Fuck yeah! She’ll pay us back right now Tommy!” Dirk’s hand also moved into the water. He fished around and Christy’s face was filled with shear terror as he moved around on her ass. “Hell, I bet both of her holes are virgin!”

“You motherfucker! Let me go now or I’ll scream rape!”

“Go ahead and scream all you want to. Do you think anyone’s going to take your word over a Livningston’s?” Dirk moved away and pulled himself up out of the water. He sat on the concrete with his feet dangling in the water. Tommy held Christy by the waist and pushed her back against the pool wall between Dirk’s legs. Dirk quickly moved his legs to pin Christy’s arms under each one of them. “I’m gonna fuck that sweet virgin pussy of yours doll,” he said as he reached into the water. Smiling a broad smile he pulled his cock out.

“Oh god, please. Please don’t hurt me!”

“Oh, the pain you feel now is nothing compared to when Dirk shoves his huge cock deeply into your asshole!” Tommy laughed and the teenage girl opened her mouth to scream. Dirk placed one hand over Christy’s mouth and held her tightly. Tommy moved his hands under her legs and lifted them, moving forward, positioning his cock directly at the entrance to Christy’s pussy. “Go ahead and fight me Christy! I like it lots better that way!” Christy’s eyes grew wide as she felt the head of Tommy’s prick move in position and prepared to assault her virginity.

Not being able to witness anymore of this, I moved closer to the threesome. Just as Tommy was ready to consummate the rape the young girl, I made my move. With a huge leap I pushed myself up out of the water as high as I could and came down with a big splash. The two boys were startled and Tommy and Dirk released Christy from their grip. “Leave her alone boys,” I said in a deep voice.

“What the fuck?” Tommy asked.

“You’re worse nightmare is what the fuck!” I said as I moved toward the two young men. Like cowards always do, Tommy and Dirk jumped out of the pool. “Run you little pussies!” I shouted as they ran to their pile of clothes and started kaçak iddaa putting them on. “Oh no you don’t boys, leave your clothes there,” I said as I glared at them.

“Fuck you old man!” Dirk shouted.

“No, you’ll be the ones fucked! How do you think your daddy would like to know that you tried to fuck a girl against her will?” A girl that I might add much younger than you guys.

“It’s our word against yours and hers old man. And Livingston carries a lot of weight around here. A lot more weight than a fucking minimum wage motel clerk!” The boy was probably right. Money could buy the best lawyer and judge in this county. And there was no doubt that the Livingston’s had lots and lots of cold hard cash at hand. I thought for a minute and then I pointed to the security camera. “Well boys, like they say, the proof’s in the pudding.”

“Oh fuck!” Dirk stomped his foot in anger. He knew that he’d been caught dead to right.

“That little whore lured us in here old man!” Dirk said. “She is the one who talked us into coming here!”

“The law doesn’t give a rat’s fat ass about that. Now if you leave your clothes here and get the fuck out right now, I’ll keep this between you and us. Is that a deal?”

“Our clothes?”

“Yeah, your clothes. And just be glad that I don’t’ make you take your trunks off asshole!”

“You motherfucker,” Dirk said. “It looks like we have no choice Tommy. Let’s go.”

“I ain’t going! I’m a Livingston and I don’t run from a fight Dirk!”

Dirk put his hands on his brother’s shoulders and pulled him around till they were face to face. “Well, you can stay if you want. I personally don’t want to go to prison and be ass fucked by some guy who’s doing life and will never get out of jail anyway just to prove a point. Now are you going to come with me or not?”

“FUCK!” Tommy yelled as he threw his clothes down. “You haven’t heard the last of us you piece of shit!” he ranted. He was still complaining as Dirk dragged him out the gate and into the darkness.

My attention was turned back to Christy as she stood sobbing in the corner of the pool. I walked to her and she cringed at my touch. My sympathy overrode my sexual desire as I stood by this naked teenage girl. “It’s alright Christy,” I said placing my hand to the back of her head and stroked her long blonde hair.

“They…… they…… they were going to….to… rape me!” she exclaimed and started crying harder.

“Yes they were, but they’re gone now.” Christy continued her crying and the night air was starting to get cool against my skin. Seeing no choice, I put my hands around her waist and lifted her up until she was sitting on the edge of the pool. My breath almost left me as I took in the sight of this beautiful teen that was totally naked before me. “Damn!” I said as I looked at her. Her body was perfect in every way. Although she still had those little girl features, slim legs, hips that were just starting to expand into a young woman, she had a very sexy look about her. Her breasts were about the size of small grapefruits and they were tipped with the pinkest little nipples that a grown man had ever seen. It was all I could do to keep from touching them.

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh god,” she kept sobbing. I had determined that I was not going to stand out here all night so I pushed myself up on the edge of the pool and stood, looking down at the teen beauty. “Let’s go inside Christy,” I said as I gently reached down my hand to her.

“Oh god. Oh god. They were going to rape me,” she moaned again.

Well great, now what was I going to do? The only thing I could of course. I bent over and pushed my hands under her arms and stood her up. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and pulled her naked body close to me. Her little nipples that had become erect from the coolness of the night air and were pressing into my chest. Damn this young girl felt wonderful. “Don’t let them get me mister. Please, don’t let them get me.”

“They won’t little missy,” I said as I moved my hand over the back of her wet hair. My cock was straining against my shorts big time. I wrapped my arms around the young girl and was just about to put my arm under her hips and carry her into the motel when she suddenly raised her hips and wrapped her slender legs around my waist. The young girl gripped me tightly and put her head on my shoulder, making little sobbing sounds, much like a baby would her daddy when she was upset. My hands instinctively moved down her back to gently cup her butt cheeks. The soft flesh against my fingers sent a surge of pure sexual excitement through me. I could feel the tender opening between her legs as it pushed against my hardened cock through my shorts.

Somehow I had gone from the victim to the voyeur to the hero and now to a man who could only think of this naked young blonde teen in his arms. My cock almost called out to me to do what the boys had intended when I thought better of it and carried her inside. She was wet but I walked toward my kaçak bahis bed and stood above it. “Sleep for a while,” I said as I bent forward and gently laid her down.

“No! Don’t leave me! They’ll come back,” she cried as she dug her nails into my neck. I was off balance from being bent over and I fell forward and landed on top of her. I felt the warmth of her young pussy through my thin shorts. Oh how I wanted to take advantage of the situation. It would have been so easy to just comfort her and she would have been mine. “It’ll be ok Christy,” I whispered into her ear as she held onto me. Once again I felt myself move into the role of protector of the child. It took every bit of stamina that I had but I managed to roll from top of this delectable creature and onto my side. Christy slid her leg out from under me as I moved, but kept her left leg draped over my hip. I shuddered to think how this would look if someone came in right now. I left my arms wrapped around her and after a time she relaxed and lessened her grip on my neck. What a relief it was to be able to breathe again. After a few minutes I moved onto my back and Christy placed her head against my shoulder. “Please don’t leave me,” she pleaded softly. Her sobbing stopped and soon turned to soft snores. I looked at the clock. The time was 4 am and I was so tired so I too began to relax and drifted off into a light sleep.

The excitement of the night must have taken its toll on me because I dreamed that I had a woman in my arms and I was making mad passionate love to her. I could almost feel her hand on my cock as it moved up and down the length of my rock hard meat. “So big and hard,” I heard her whisper. “I love the way it feels,” she breathed in my ear. I opened my eyes and I was shocked when I found out it was the teenage girl with my cock in her hand. I jerked up and I heard her giggle. “What’s wrong mister?” she asked.

“Damn girl! What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to make my hero happy,” she said as she stroked the length of my dick. “What’s wrong don’t you like it?”

“Yeah, but….,” I groaned. “You’re too young Christy,” I said weakly as she stroked my shaft.

“I might be too young for some things but I’m not too old to thank you for saving my virtue tonight,” she spoke in a soft little girl voice. “Nobody has ever stood up for me the way that you did tonight and I just want to thank you properly.” Her skin felt like the finest silk as it moved its feather-like touch down the length of my hardness and cupped my testicles in her little hand.

“Damn girl!” was all I could say her gentle hand massaged my balls. “Fuck…….,” I groaned.

“Sorry, I don’t’ know how to fuck yet but I’ve gotten pretty good at this,” she giggled as she kissed my neck. The softness of her tender lips against my neck as they kissed and sucked was incredible. I suddenly felt like a teenager again as she pushed my hormones to the limit. The girl was right, she knew exactly which buttons to press.

“Now close your eyes tightly and imagine that we are in a dark room with just the moonlight shining through the window. I’m lying beside you and you reach over to kiss me. Can you imagine that?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I said as I closed them tightly.

“Good.” Christy gently flicked her tongue to the backside of my ear. “Imagine my body as my wet skin glistened from the sweat that was beading up on my body.” Christy placed her lips on my cheek and her tongue flickered out across it. “Now imagine that you had already gotten me to the brink of wanting you inside me. Imagine how bad you want me. Imagine how much you wanted me to get on top of you and spread my legs. Mmmmmmm. I bet you’d love it if I were on top of you, my legs on each side of your hips with you aiming your hard fat cock at the opening of my pussy. You’d like that wouldn’t you mister.”

“Oh fuck yes. More than you know,” I moaned as I tried to imagine the sight of the blonde teen. I thought of her small breasts as they arched forward, her nipples swollen from the attention that I was giving each one of her tender buds.

“You kiss me and lick my body to the brink of climax when I signal you to stop. You look up at me as I lay there with your face positioned between my legs. You kiss the lips of my virgin pussy and your tongue flickers one last time against my wet pussy lips as I move my fingers through your thick black hair.” This girl knew what to say and seemed to be able to read my mind. “You’d like to put your face between my legs and kiss my sex until I was begging you to stop. You’d like to be able to make me want to impale myself on your hard cock wouldn’t you?”

“Mmmmmmm,” I groaned as I imagined the musky taste of her sweet blonde pussy.

“I lift myself up on my elbows and smile at you. Without being told, you move yourself onto your back. The air is thick with the smell of our sweat and the flowing hormones from our bodies.” Christy released my cock and the disappointment that set in was soon forgotten as she placed her finger against my lips. The musky taste of her sweet pussy was on the tip and she pressed it into my mouth. “This is what I would taste like. This is what you would be sticking your tongue into. I taste delicious don’t I?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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