The IT Guy

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Sammy Joe looked down to the street below her posh 12th floor window office. The evening traffic had built up and it was getting darker. She had to stay late at the office because her boss wanted her to oversee the new server being installed.

It was a blessing in disguise for her because the very same IT guy she had to manage that evening happened to be her lover.

She had called her husband an hour ago and asked him to pick the kids up from their school and not to wait for her for dinner. She’d be working late again.

Sammy loved her family, but she was struggling with how things were turning out, particularly with the lack of communication from her husband for the last half of their marriage. For Sammy, communication was the most important aspect of family life.

She felt stuck now, with an uninteresting husband for over nine years. After two kids in the first, happier four years, he had slowed down. He’d lost interest in everything from peppy talks to being flirty. Lately, even sex. What Sammy needed, what most women would expect too, was support, appreciation and attachment.

Blue-eyed Sammy wondered why her husband no longer thought she was pretty. A lot of men noticed her hour-glass figure. She’d overheard a few officemates talking about her body, plainly. The more polite ones said she had the best smile in the whole San Francisco. The less polite ones, the younger men in her office, talked more about her perfect 36C boobs.

Sammy was proud of her 5 foot, 7 inch body. It was trim. She never skipped the gym. Even there, she was noticed for her perky hard nipples that usually showed through her t-shirts. At 42, she still drew the kind of attention usually reserved for college coeds.

“Hellooo,” the familiar greeting was a pleasant thing for her ears. She turned from her office window to see her lover smiling at her.

Jack Paul was athletic, solidly built, and 5 feet, 9 inches tall. He was a rugged man of mixed race. His grand dad was an Asian Indian and his mother was Italian. His hair was black and his eyes were dark brown. Born in Italy, along with his parents, he moved to Florida when he was a toddler.

Like Sammy, Jack spent time in the gym. It kept his body fit. He looked more like a twenty year-old college kid, not thirty-six.

Jack wasn’t just physically attractive. His sweet words drew her canlı bahis in to him. They’d fallen in love in the first month of his joining her firm. Jack had the most important thing Sammy wanted badly and didn’t get at home anymore – appreciation.

Jack was so easy to talk to. He listened and he spoke his mind. When he did talk, he was clear and thoughtful. He supported Sammy during the tougher phases of her job, offering good advice when she asked. He sensed when she needed to take her mind off work and could pull her into long discussions about movies, songs, and other aspects of entertainment. Those breaks relieved her stress.

In one of their first tender moments, Jack had told her that he liked her smile, her eyes, and even the lovely mole just beneath her nose which he loved to lick when they were alone.

“What are you thinking about, Honey? I can install this box in a jiffy,” he said casually about installing the new server.

“See Jack, I don’t want you to fix it too soon.”

He frowned. “Why?”

“You don’t know why? You don’t want to spend time with me? It has been a week since we sat and talked for awhile,” Sammy pouted.

“Oh my god Honey, yessssss, I want to spend time with you and, well, the whole night with you if you are available. I can call home and tell my wife that I need to work through the night.”

Jack had no qualms about calling home to say he had an urgent IT issue to work on that couldn’t wait.

Jack Paul’s story was a bit different from Sammy’s. He loved his wife, but he had a large libido that she never understood or supported. He had always dreamt about a secret lover, one that could be romantic, a soul mate to understand him.

His wife lost interest in sex after their first child. He’d been celibate ever since. Some men were just unlucky, he thought. He’d never gone to a whorehouse. He was forced to release his sexual tensions all by himself — frequently masturbating.

“Well, I can’t spend the whole night. Maybe a couple of hours so we can talk for a bit. And you can kiss me too. Nothing beyond that, hehe,” Sammy giggled.

“Oh, I can kiss you? Then let me install this server and allow me to kiss you for the next two hours, deal?” Jack was a happy man.

“Then do it. As soon as you can,” Sammy urged.

After Jack installed the server, they went back to his bahis siteleri office to catch up on the day’s events and for a good night kiss.

Or so Sammy thought.

It was late after all, and they needed to get home to their families. In his office, sitting up against the desk, they kissed as usual, tender at first. They became passionate, soon sucking at each other’s tongues. Jack kissed her neck and then slipped his hand beneath her blouse to cup her breast.

His touch set off little explosions in her pussy. He gently pulled her shirt up to expose her white, supple 36C breasts and began to suck on her nipple.

“Oh my love, you know I love your perky hard nipples to death,” Jack whispered.

“Yes, i know darling.” Sammy was in ecstasy.

He started to pull her breast in, sucking its full roundness into his mouth.

“Ohh my god, it feels soooooo good,” Sammy whimpered as he switched to her other breast for the same treatment. Rockets were flying directly south. His touch was like electricity for her.

He tried to unsnap her bra, but she stopped him. “No my love, just kisses. You forgot? We will be late.” Sammy was a bit scared. After all, she thought they were just going to kiss.

“Jack? Please? I know if I let this go further we’ll never go home,” she whispered even though she wanted him badly inside her.

She pried his hands away but he only moved slid them under her shirt again, this time to rub her back and slowly work downwards to fondle her ass cheeks.

For Sammy, the sensation was exhilarating. She arched her back and started to moan.

Jack looked deep into her eyes and said, “I want to eat your pussy.”

Sammy wanted his mouth on her badly but somehow she resisted. “No baby, please…” But her eyes said ‘yes.’ What girl could resist a simple offer of pleasure?

Sammy was torn. Part of her wanted to go home because she knew that was the right thing to do. But the other part of her wanted to be eaten because, well, it felt soooo goood.

Jack began to unzip his pants. Sammy shook her head but she still followed his lead to an office chair where he sat her down.

He knelt and slowly began to take her pants and panties off, one leg at a time, until she was exposed in the bright fluorescent light of his office. When she looked down, his eyes were wide with anticipation.

She bahis şirketleri saw what he wanted. Her. He spread her legs apart and then gently spread her pink, pulsing lips apart for him to take all the glory in.

Sammy started to moan uncontrollably. She was wet already, waiting eagerly for his lips touch hers. His tongue lightly licked at her, sending fireworks up and down her body. Jack sucked her gently and then steadily harder as her body arched to meet each plunge of his tongue in her pussy.

She stared down between her own legs, watching him fucking her pussy with his tongue. The bright office lights illuminated his oral performance. That night, as always, his performance was outstanding.

As he sucked all the juices from within, tasting all of her, her legs tightened around his head. She writhed under his mouth

Jack took his fingers and began fucking her slowly, so slowly, feeling the heat inside of her. He moved faster and deeper to her g-spot, feeling the swollen spongy area.

“Ohh my love, take me…take me…” Sammy moaned. It had driven her crazy, the sensation of his fingers fucking her harder and harder. She arched her back again trying to deal with the pleasure he was giving her.

He moved up her body and they kissed as he fucked her g-spot. She shuddered and came, squirting fiercely and uncontrollably. Her legs snapped together because the orgasm was unbelievable. She squirmed in the chair, breathing heavily.

He gave her one minute to catch her breath before he began again, fucking her with his fingers, brushing against her g-spot, making her to squirm against his touch. He’d wrapped himself around her body to hold her close and the convulsions her next orgasm brought were so intense he felt them She began to squirt again uncontrollably, her juices dribbling down his hand and off his wrist onto the carpet.

They slid off the chair to the floor and held onto each other tightly. They lay there for over thirty minutes.

At some point, they must have fallen asleep. Sammy woke first.

“Oh my god, Jack! Wake up! It’s already ten o’clock. We need to run now. It’s getting really late!” Sammy panicked. They both sat up, fixed their clothes, and shared a deep kiss before hurrying outside.

In the parking lot they kissed again. They said goodnight and climbed into their cars for the drive home to their families. As they drove they shared the same thoughts. They were each grateful for the time and the pleasure they had shared, grateful too that they could be there for each other in the way they both needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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