The Interview

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Interviews always make me nervous. I guess that’s true for everybody, but sitting here in this office waiting for my name to be called I really don’t care about how anyone else feels about it. I watch the secretary that I am hoping to replace file through paperwork looking tired, weary, and ready to leave. I try to look calm and collected while tensing and relaxing my thighs. I now regret wearing the white knee high stockings because my calves are itchy with a slight veneer of sweat, but they look good with the Mary Jane’s that I’m wearing. I suddenly regret the choice of shoes, however, worrying that 3 inch heels may not be professional enough for this office. I take a shaky finger and trace the big, brown flowers on my ankle length black skirt.

“Jessica, Mr. Richards will see you now,” the secretary announces in a perky voice, startling me. I stand, adjust my white button-down top, and take a deep breath as I walk towards the giant, menacing door. I suddenly think that maybe I should take down my hair. I once knew a guy who found it very sexy when I put my hair up in a sloppy bun with a clip, but I wonder if this makes me look a little too severe. I start moving my hand up to my hair as the giant door suddenly swings open. I whip my hand back down to my side as I stare right into a pair of beautiful, deep blue eyes.

“Hello. Come on in. I’m sorry I had you waiting out there so long. I know that can only make you more nervous,” he laughs as he says this, displaying a comforting, somewhat goofy smile as his eyes twinkle with a curious delight. I eye the black suit he’s wearing. With a white shirt and a red tie, he sports a simple power look. I slide into the office in the small space he leaves between himself and the door jam and take notice of his towering height (of course, at 5′ 3″ everyone towers above me), and his broad shoulders. Something inside of me wants to poke the slight softness of his stomach that comes with men his age.

“Have a seat, Ms. Oppenheimer. Is that right?” he asks as he flashes his gracious smile at me once again. I’m lost in a segment of fantasy, imagining running my fingers through his thick, dark brunet hair as his head hovers between my quivering thighs.

“Um…eh…yeah. Oppenheimer, that’s right. Please, call me Jessica…if you like,” I can feel my cheeks heat up with a blush as my response stumbles out of my mouth. He walks behind his desk and takes a seat, the power seat. He takes my application out of his desk drawer setting it on the desk as I take notice of his large, work-roughened hands. I start tensing and relaxing my thighs again, but this time for a different reason.

“Now, tell me about your job history. It says here your last job was at a car dealership?” he questions me so professionally. I try to steady my voice and concentrate as I describe my past duties, but I can still feel the heat in the flush of my cheeks and it makes me even more nervous. I’m suddenly aware of the roundness of my perky, young breasts underneath my conservative top. I can feel the hardening bahis firmaları of my nipples as I watch his long, rough fingers toy with my application.

“Excuse me, I just made a fresh batch of coffee. Does anybody want some?” the damn perky secretary interrupts my inner fantasy and my outer qualification description. I figure that something to hold would probably calm me a little bit.

“Sure. Can you just make mine black?” I respond, almost sharply.

“Can you put a little cream in mine? Thank you,” he answers in his smooth, rich voice.

The secretary pops out, and I turn back to him to find him staring intently at me.

“I…uh…,” I stumble yet again. By this point, I’m sure he thinks I must have a speech impediment.

“Um…you were describing your past work experience,” he reminds me as he snaps out of some secret thought. I continue speaking, as I wonder if he finds me attractive. I start doing all the little unconscious flirtatious movements that women do. I motion to my breasts as I speak, rub my thigh, and start slowly twirling my foot. The secretary pops back into the office with the coffee, and leaves hurriedly to answer the ringing phone. I start to take a sip, but I notice the light color of my coffee.

“I’m sorry, I believe she gave me yours,” I tell him as I stand up to give it to him.

“Ah, so she did,” he says as he also stands. Surprised by his rising, I drop the coffee mug on the desk, soaking my application and splashing his pants.

“Oh my god, I am sorry!” I exclaim as I feel my possible position here slipping away from me. I grab some paper towels that are sitting on a side table and run over to him trying to pat his pants dry.

“It’s alright,” he laughs as he looks down at me on my knees pawing at his crotch.

“Oh…I’m sorry…uh…here,” I say nervously as I hand him the towels, blushing an even deeper shade of red.

“Well, it’s quite alright,” he whispers as he smiles down at me. However, this time it’s a different smile. A flirtatious, inviting smile. He reaches out his hand to help me up to my feet. I take it, and start to stand as I trip and fall against him. I push him down into his seat and fall on top of him. He laughs as I struggle to get up, and I notice the hardness in his crotch.

“You know Jessica,” he whispers into my ear as he pulls me toward him, “You’re very cute, especially when you’re blushing.” My breath catches in my throat as I realize I didn’t imagine the flirtation in his voice. My shock is obviously apparent on my face. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” he mumbles nervously.

“No, it’s okay. You’ve got a very sexy smile,” I return the compliment hopefully in a soft shy voice. I decide to be daring. I lean forward and kiss him, reaching my hand up into the hair at the back of his neck and sliding my fingers through it. He returns my kiss aggressively, sliding his arms around my waist and caressing my behind with his large, cool hands. I slide my knees into the chair, straddling him. His hands move up my blouse, kaçak iddaa grazing my back with his rough palms and moving them to my stomach. One hand slides out of my blouse and moves to unbutton the conservative garment. I settle my throbbing pussy down onto his crotch and feel his hardened cock. As he slips my top off over my shoulders, I start to grind against him. He moans deeply, as he unhooks my bra, freeing my swollen breasts. He massages one of my breasts with his hand, scraping his rough palm against my pointed nipple. I untie his tie, unbutton his shirt, and start kissing his chest slowly as I look up at him. His eyes meet mine and he smiles, almost embarrassed.

“We really shouldn’t be doing this,” he whispers, almost apologetically. Again, I flush with embarrassment. “I’m sorry. This really isn’t normal for me to do. You just, I don’t know, inspire such action,” he whispers, laughing softly. I’m reluctant to leave his lap, even though I know I should. I catch his eyes again, as we both pause expectantly.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper as I slide out of his lap. “You’re a very attractive man. I’m sure you have office personnel hitting on you all the time,” I laugh, trying to diffuse the situation.

“Not really,” he chuckles, “I guess I’m a little too old for the girls around here.”

“No, not at all,” I whisper as I chuckle softly. I run my fingers down his chest, and he grabs me and pulls me back into his lap. He kisses me roughly, and slides his hands over my back to find the zipper of my skirt. The sweet sound of unzipping sings in my ears, as I lay against his chest once again, feeling his racing heartbeat. I slide down his lap to let the skirt drop below me, and then slide down to the floor to unzip his pants. I reach inside and pull out his throbbing cock. A wave of desire floods over me, as I tease the tip with my tongue. My hair still clipped up, my glasses sliding down my nose, I watch him enjoying this act. He moans deeply as I take the whole head of his cock into my mouth and suck softly. I slide his cock into my mouth deeper, as I play with one of my breasts. He starts breathing faster as I slide his cock in and out of my pouty lips, sucking harder. He reaches down, grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me back up into his lap. I straddle him once more and feel his rock hard cock sliding against my soaked panties, eagerly searching for an entrance. I tease his cock this way for awhile as he sucks on my breasts, biting them softly. He lifts me up and lays me on his desk. He slides my panties off, toss them somewhere in the mess of my conservative outfit, and drops down to his knees. He kisses and sucks my inner thighs, filling me with intense pleasure, as shown by the liquid gushing from my pussy. He stands, takes one of my hands and uses it to massage one of my breasts.

“You’re a very beautiful girl,” he whispers as he smiles sheepishly at me. I giggle with utter pleasure, as he moves my own hand down my stomach and between my thighs. He uses my hand to massage my clit and I feel the wet, sticky kaçak bahis flood in my pussy. I yearn for him to be inside of me.

“Oh god,” I breathe up at him, as desire dances upon every nerve-ending in my body. He takes my hand and brings it to his mouth, sucking the juices off my fingers. Then he slides his throbbing cock into my flooded pussy. I shudder with pleasure as I feel the walls of my pussy struggle to expand wide enough to swallow his massive cock. He slides in and out of me slowly at first as he lowers down to kiss my breasts. I bite my lip trying to stay quiet, and yet I want to scream out with pleasure. He slides in and out faster now.

“Harder,” I moan my command. He starts pumping harder, pounding against my pussy. I clench my teeth, trying desperately not to cry out and alert the whole office of our actions. I can feel the heat in my pussy building into an orgasm. And suddenly, the phone rings. He pauses abruptly. I open my eyes to find him eyeing the phone nervously.

“Oh god, the real world’s calling. It’s my secretary,” he whispers, “Shh.” He answers the phone, “Yes Carlie?”

“Mr. Bradley is here to see you. Would you like me to buzz him in?”

“Oh shit. It’s my boss,” he mumbles to me. “Just give me a moment to finish up with Jessica. The interview is almost complete,” he tells his secretary while trying to keep his voice steady and friendly. I muffle a giggle.

“Yes sir, Mr. Richards.” He slides out of me, clumsily retrieving his clothes from the floor. His hands shake nervously as he slips on his shirt and tries to button it. Strangely calm, I slide off the desk and reach out to button his shirt for him. He laughs gently as he reaches out one of his great, coarse hands to caress one of my bare hips. As I finish buttoning, he slides his arms around me and pulls me close to him.

“I’m sorry for the, eh, interruption,” he murmurs into my ear. I pull away, laughing, and collect my clothing from the floor when I notice a particular article missing.

“I can’t find my panties,” I whisper.

“I slipped them in my drawer. You don’t mind if I keep them, do you?” he asks me flashing his goofy grin.

“Sure, but that means you have to buy me another pair,” I laugh, winking at him. We both finish dressing quickly. I try to breathe evenly to slow my rapid heartbeat. I take notice of the coffee stain on his pants that started us down this path. He sees me peering at the stain.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s something to remember this day by,” he quips, while pointlessly brushing at the spot. “Well…um…I couldn’t possibly deny you the position,” he says to me, laughing, “I’m sure you’ll do a fine job. Can you start Monday?”

“Absolutely. Thank you,” I respond, giggling. He then walks me over to the once menacing door, gives me a quick kiss on the lips, and opens it.

“Thank you for coming in Ms. Oppenheimer. I’ll see you Monday,” he says in a friendly, professional voice almost too loudly. I slip passed him out the door and just slightly graze his body with my own. I slowly walk towards the elevator as I watch him reach out to shake his boss’s hand, smiling at the thought of what that hand was doing only moments prior. Before they go into his office, he flashes me a quick, filthy grin.

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