The Gift of Goodness

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She was beautiful. The dirty blonde hair on the fair to perfection skin, her full red lips, her eyes! Her blue eyes could see into is soul. And they looked up as she sucked his cock. Her long fingers and red nails making marks in his stomach as she moaned taking him as deep as she could. He could do nothing but smile as he watched her “work”. He ran his fingers through her hair and took it all in, the feeling was incredible, and she was an expert.

“That’s it baby; take it all, I want you to swallow it all.”

She paused and nodded and then continued with renewed vigor, he was getting close and she knew it.

He was just about there when she said, “You can have your piece of junk back now”.

Have “what”? He was foggy when he felt the more than the nudge on the shoulder. “Louis have you heard a fucking word I’ve said to you?”

He shook himself more for the effect than anything else. His world came back to him, so instead of Gretta his ultra-hot, just out of school, twenty-something engineer giving him a blow job she was there all business telling him his worthless machine was ready to run. “Sorry Gret, it’s been a long day, and I was in my own little world, so it’s fixed and no more problems, right?” She smiled and then recanted what she had told him earlier when he was in the land of “what to be”. She was stunning, how in the world could his new electrical engineer be so good looking, as well as the best and fastest trouble shooter in the plant? To boot she could use the word “fuck” in a sentence and not miss a beat. Hours were long but no doubt Gretta was one of the perks.

He found his shift supervisor and told him not to dick anything up during the evening, but don’t hesitate to call if something came up. He then called home to tell his wife he was coming home. She didn’t buy it, he had already missed his son’s baseball practice (he was one of the coaches no less) his daughter’s soccer scrimmage and of course dinner. He promised he’d be home in an hour, all he got was “You’re from Missouri, Show Me!” and she hung up.

Instead of going back to his office he made an about face and headed for the parking lot. It was getting cool out now and even though time hadn’t changed it was still dark. Damn he thought one day I’m getting out of here before the sun sets. He climbed into his truck and set off for home. The one good thing was that he was only about ten miles from his house along a couple of country roads; it made getting to and from work a breeze even though at times he didn’t allow himself to “unwind” from the days events. He looked at his watch it was right at 8:00 pm, hell he’d at least catch the last half of CSI!

About half way home he spotted a car along the road facing him with the flashers on, and to his surprise a rather tall woman flagging him down in the middle of the road. He slowed down and stopped. To his utter disbelief there was probably one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen looking at him rather nervously. He quickly saw that her car had a flat tire, and by the looks of it, it was a rental.

“Thank goodness you stopped, I’m really sorry to bother you, but I need some help”.

With the best College education and military training all he could muster was “sure, no problem”. He then pulled his truck around so his lights could illuminate her car and put on his flashers.

He was stumped, he knew several cars had passed him coming from her direction, this had to have just happened or those people that drove by were out of their minds.

He walked up and he introduced himself, she shook his hand firmly and told him her name was Beth and that she was trying to take a short cut to get to I-35 since she had to be in Austin for a meeting in the morning. Seemed reasonable he thought, he smiled and made the mental note to STOP watching anymore of those damn CSI’s shows, he had to be more trusting.

He did applaud himself for making the Buick as a rental, she wasn’t a typical Buick driver, most of them had blue hair a handicapped sticker and couldn’t see over the dash. He pegged her as Saab or Lexus type. As he managed to get the spare out (thank God GM still offered full sized spares!) he noticed that she stood way too close and smelled way to good. When he stopped a couple of times she asked if everything was “okay” and could she “do anything for him”. He politely told her “no” and forced himself not to look at her, he could “feel” her next to him, plus after his little mental adventure with Gretta he admitted to himself that he was at the point in his life where helping someone out outweighed the chances of getting any “poon”. Damn he was getting old!! So they chatted about work, family (she said she was single) the kindness of strangers and cars, her “real” car was a G35, oh well he was still happy he got the rental right.

It only took about twenty minutes to get everything changed and after getting the car off the jack he looked at her full length, she was as tall as him (without the heels), a mane of brunette hair and very green illegal bahis eyes. He decided that it was best to continue with the selfless service so he told her that if she could just make it about 5 miles without blowing out another tire she’d hit I-35 south. They both had a laugh and he could only think that some lucky guy knew what those lips tasted like and what lurked underneath the just so right red business dress.

As she got into the car she reached out and took his hand once more. This time he was not prepared for the literal shock. He felt as if his entire body was on fire. His vision went white and he thought his ears would pop he heard her voice, “You are a good person and have a good soul Louis, more people in the world should be like you. For your act this evening and everything you have done in your life you will receive a gift, now go home to your family”.

In a second he was standing ten feet in front of his truck and nothing was there. He looked up and down the road and no rental Buick. He quickly checked his hands and no dirt or grime from changing the tire. Lights came up on him and a truck stopped. The driver asked if he was “okay”. Louis said yes and asked if he had passed a car on his way down the road, the driver told him “no” and then went on to ask if he’d been drinking. He assured him that he hadn’t and then Louis thought what in the wide world of sports was he going to tell his wife for being late? With that he looked at his watch it showed 8:10.

He got in the truck and his clock on his radio confirmed that his watch was right. What the hell? In all of those stories people tell about abductions they loose time. He didn’t loose anything, in fact it was like it didn’t even happen at all. The short trip home was a blur; he tried to put the pieces together so it would make sense. Nothing did. As he pulled down the drive he knew that his next check up he had to mention Gulf War Syndrome to the doctor.

As he entered the house through the garage he was met by his nine year old daughter coming out of the bathroom still in her soccer uniform.

“Mom, there is a strange man in the house!”

Her mother in the living room grading her third grade classes math papers didn’t even look up “that’s your father Hunter the one all those pictures around the house”.

She laughed as he fake laughed and hugged her, she told him that they “kicked butt” in the scrimmage and she got two goals and was robbed of a hat trick. He looked at her and knew in a few short years she was going to be trouble. She was going to be lean and mean, and with a brother only 17 months older she was just as tough as any boy. Leather and lace, fire and ice you name it Hunter was it.

Ethan called out from the game room, his almost 11 year old son was the all American boy, handsome, smart and gifted in the class room and on any field of play. He was playing PS2 baseball. “Dad, Coach Tony says you owe him 3 laps and 50 push up for tonight”.

Louis stopped in the hall, “All that for missing a lousy fall ball practice?”

“No because he had to throw batting practice, Derrick’s dad wasn’t there either”

Louis mulled that at 42 he was out there at least twice a week throwing BP to 11 kids at 35 pitches each, let’s see Zito or Santana do that at 42 on that kind of rest!

He entered the living room and his wife Misty looked up at him. She tried not to smile when she glanced at her watch, but she did. She was still a very good looking woman at 45. In their thirteen years of marriage they had rarely had a fight and while the activity in the bedroom had slowed down since the kids, they were still the best of friends, soul mates everyone told them.

She stretched and told him dinner was in the microwave; she then reached around and in a single motion removed her bra and pulled out from under her shirt. He was always amazed that she could do that, it was like magic. She sighed and gave the still very firm 36C’s a gentle scratch.

“Yeah baby, let those dogs out to hunt!”

She threw the bra at him and said that he would never grow up. He leaned down and kissed her and put both hands on her breasts and told her he was trained in “ATBM” she gave him a sideways look, at which he explained that it was “Advanced Tactical Breast Massage” a secret government course that he completed years ago.

She told him the only thing that needs to get completed was the math papers she was doing. He went into the kitchen and got his plate out of the microwave and sat down at the table. Misty called out and told him that he could eat in there with her and watch CSI if he wanted. He came into the room and put on the jazz music channel. She looked over at him.

“Not solving the mystery on CSI tonight Sherlock Holmes Jr?”

“No, not tonight, I’ve had enough mysteries for one day”

“The plant acting up again?”

“Yeah, I’ve really had it up to here with the ghost in the machine crap”

“Mechanical or Electrical?”

Between bites of a very good roast he said, “Electrical”.

“So illegal bahis siteleri did Gretta save your ass once again?”

He managed a laugh and told her yes. Misty had taken Gretta under her wing, she was one of the few women at the plant, and being new to the area she didn’t have that many friends. It was difficult to find a date for her, not too many single male elementary teachers out there. Plus she put more hours in than Louis did.

“Maybe we can have her out for Thanksgiving if she isn’t going home? I can always use a hand with making the stuffing.

Louis closed his eyes and told himself he was such a pig. His word association with Gretta and Stuffing did not conger up visions of Thanksgiving dinner!

The rest of the evening was uneventful, Louis thought about telling Misty what happened coming home, but decided against it. It didn’t make sense; he knew he had been working a lot of hours, but what took place defied explanation. A “gift for being a good person”? What kind of crap was that? Hell, he would be overcome with emotion by winning the “Texas Two Step” on the weekly lotto, now that he thought would be a gift. He wasn’t greedy, just thankful for what he had.

He tucked the kids in and went to his bedroom. Misty was already in bed, as he went into the bathroom she called out. “If I’m asleep when you get here remember I love you”.

He told her he’d be right there, Misty said “good” he could give her a little head massage before she fell drifted off. Louis got into bed and she was out like a light. In the darkness he gave her head a gentle massage, he could see her smile as she snuggled down in the sheets, life wasn’t too bad he thought, strange but not too bad at all.

The digital clock read 2:27 when he woke up. At first he thought he heard water splashing, but he could feel Misty stir next to him, then he heard it again, he rolled over and could see the unmistakable trace of candle light coming from his bathroom.

Now the combat training took over. He rolled out the bed onto the floor and in one motion retrieved the Glock from its hidden position under the frame of the bed. In a half crouch- crawl with the weapon at the ready he made his way to the bathroom door. The glow of more than one candle was apparent along with the sound of someone or something in the bathtub.

He made a quick check (not believing what he saw), then on his knee with the Glock ready to go he spun in the door way and confirmed what his mind told him could not be there.

The bathroom was aglow with every candle they that Misty had. There must have been a half dozen surrounding the two-person garden tub and sink and basin areas. The kicker was that in the tub filled with bubbles was an Asian girl, who from just her head was absolutely beautiful.

Without blinking seeing a gun pointed at her she reached out and patted the bubbles.

“Bubbles are fun, but to really relax you have to use salts. Misty should try these salts that are made in my home town, they are so good, they just melt all the tension and stress right out of you”.

Louis couldn’t process everything in the past six hours, so he just stood up, lowering the weapon and walked into the bathroom.

“Hi Louis, would you like to join me there’s plenty of room”.

“Let me guess, you’re one of Beth’s friends?”

“Boy you don’t miss anything do you?” She said with a laugh. “She says “Hi” she had to be in Austin later today”.

“Yeah I know, this might sound tacky but this is going to be hard to explain if Misty wakes up and comes in here and sees this”

“No she won’t, trust me on this one she’s out, so it’s just me and you”

“And you are……………..”

“Oh, I’m sorry I’m Nikko” She smiled and extended a bubble covered hand and arm.

“I’m not going to get the same thing that I got from your pal Beth? With the water who knows what will happen”

She laughed and said “no” as he shook her hand; again the surreal-ness of moment caught him off guard.

She then stood up and asked him if he would be kind enough to get her a towel. As the bubbles slid off her he saw her in all her glory. Like a work of art. He picked up a towel off the counter (it wasn’t there when he went to bed) and handed it to her as she opened the drain. She made no attempt to hide herself from him. All Louis could do was take a couple of steps back and lean against the counter between the sinks. He opened his shaving drawer and placed the Glock in it, so it would be out of sight and it would allow him to place both his hands in front of the growing bulge in his Old Navy briefs.

As she dried off he had her in the mid to late 20’s about 5′ 3″ and 110 pounds at best. Her body was like a rock. Her breasts were large for what he thought Asian women would have. Her nipples were very small but pointed unlike anything he’d ever seen. She had an incredible gap between her legs and she was completely shaved so you could clearly see the outline of her sex.

She stepped out of the tub and finished canlı bahis siteleri toweling off, she folded it up, and placed it on the edge of the tub and promptly set down on it without crossing her legs. It seemed like the process had taken forever and not a word had been said.

“So Louis, you like what you see?’

“Yes, I do Nikko, but to be honest, in all my evil ways I’ve never really had a fantasy or fixation for Asian women, but I must say I find you stunning”

“I can see that (she smiled as she made an exaggerated gesture toward his shorts) that’s one of the reasons I was selected to come here and explain to you the events that have taken place”.

As Louis was about to ask a question, she held up her hand as if to say “stop”

“Before you ask anything, let me give you the disclaimer, I’m pretty good at this and it usually satisfies 90% of the initial questions. First of all, yes, I am a real person, I feel, taste, eat, sleep and breathe just like you. The caveat is that like cars I have few extra “options” (she did the little quote sign and Louis was dumbfounded looking at her naked with her legs open talking to him in such a mater of fact way).

“It allows me and people like me to move about in a way that seems to most like blinking. Second, I am not an angel from heaven or a demon from hell. Most folks seem to have a hard time with this one, people have pretty rigid beliefs and a lot of times it’s just too hard for them to handle so we’ll go and they’ll have no recollection that we we’re even there”.

“Yes, there are quite a few of us, men and women, of every nationality, age, creed and walk of life. Like for you this evening it makes communicating easier and less stressful. I do have a boss, who also has a boss. Assignments are given based on the individual we will be visiting and the nature of the gift that will be bestowed on them.”

“We don’t spy, peek in, video tape, voice record or camera-phone picture any events before, during or after even if you are seen with Paris Hilton. She stopped and looked at Louis. “That was my attempt at humor Louis.”

All he could do was smile and nod as she went on. “A record is kept, and trust me it’s in a place safer than Ft. Knox.”

“The gift you receive is yours for life. It can not be taken back, but can be returned if for some reason you don’t want it. And No, you can’t trade it in for something else, and if you do return it you won’t have any memory of it. The nature of the gifts are tailored to the individual, everyone is different. Yes, you can tell selected people about the gift, but with most people the nature of it will keep it pretty much a secret”

She stopped and seemed to be thinking if she missed anything. She nodded with a satisfied smile.

“So that’s about it, now what are your questions?’

“It’s not a condo in Crested Butte is it?”

“That’s one of the reasons you were selected Louis, you have a sense of humor that most people couldn’t fathom”

“Okay, I guess I have to ask the question; “why me?” I mean I think I’m a pretty good person, I take care of my family, I love my wife my kids. I want nothing more than the best for them. But on the other hand, I’m still a man, and if I had the chance I’d jump to make love to you and that’s with my wife not twenty feet away! That can’t be the type of behavior that needs to be rewarded”

“Louis you are too critical of yourself. We (she made a motion with her hands in a wide arc) know that you are devoted to your family; you work hard to provide them the things they want and need. You love your wife and wouldn’t ever want to leave her much less hurt her. But over the years what have asked for? Nothing is the answer. You could go without anything as long as your loved ones have what they want. So that is why I’m here, to give YOU a gift, and if you play your cards right you might get to fuck me”.

As he leaned against the counter stunned Nikko went on.

“Here it is. After this evening your semen will have a very special property. I know it sounds funny, but that is the nature of YOUR gift, it makes it unique. What if I told you that it would help with aging? Not a fountain of youth, but if Misty looked and acted like she did at 35 instead of 45? That she’d have more sexual energy, be more adventurous? That simple aches and pains would disappear as well as minor health issues? Would that be something you could live with?

Louis looked at her shocked. “That would be a dream come true!”

“Good, on top of that what if you were in the shape you were at 31? That would be pretty good right?”

Louis thought back and wished for the days of having two good knees instead of one and being about 15 pounds lighter.

“Yes that would be a gift; this is like extreme make over without the commercials”

Nikko laughed. “Yes it is, and this gift will not only work on your wife but anyone that comes in contact with your semen. So if you have any “friends” out there that could use some help”. She gave him an exaggerated wink.

He didn’t really know (more believe) what that meant, but she stood up and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed against him. She was warm and his initial instinct was to place his hands on the counter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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