The French Visit Ch. 02

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The next morning dawned bright, the early mist clearing and the temperature rising quickly. Laura and Vivette decided to spend the day by the pool, enjoying the quiet sounds of the nearby countryside.

Vivette appeared from her room wearing a striking bikini, her breasts barely covered by tiny triangles of almost translucent material. Laura could see the deep cleft of her sex outlined by the tight fabric, and felt her mouth suddenly dry. Laura herself was more modestly covered, her bathing suit rather old-fashioned compared to Vivette’s ensemble.

She wrapped herself in her towel before making her way downstairs, suddenly shy in front of the older woman. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen: at dinner the previous evening Vivette had been her usual pleasant self, an ideal dining companion, and had made no mention of the episode in the master bedroom. Laura, however, couldn’t stop thinking about it, thinking about the sight of her hostess’s slim body writhing in pleasure, and the images of a stranger’s cock pounding into the elegant French woman’s ass hard and deep had thrilled her immeasurably.

As Laura appeared downstairs, Vivette made a moue of disappointment, clearly displeased by her choice of outfit, but said nothing.

The heavy pool side chairs were of old oak, steamer type chairs that the two girls could lie full length on, comfortable ticking cushions padding the wood. There were only a few inches between the two loungers; they were placed close enough to chat comfortably.

Vivette was tanned, her skin a rich golden colour shading to honey. Laura, in contrast, was milky-fair, her skin dusted with a sprinkling of freckles. The sun was high, and Laura began to rub lotion into herself, knowing that she would turn an unflattering shade of pink if she wasn’t careful. As she struggled to reach her upper arms, she turned to Vivette, and the older woman eagerly sat at the girl’s side to help. Laura turned face down, and tried to settle, resting her head on her arms but Vivette slipped the straps of Laura’s swim suit down, pulling firmly as Laura tried to resist. Laura held the top of her swim suit to her breast, but Vivette was determined.

‘You do not want ugly lines, ma petite!’ she chided the girl, ‘and your breasts are too beautiful to hide.’

Laura gave in, and allowed Vivette to pull the swim suit down to her hips. The woman was right. Laura’s breasts were beautiful; she was a classic hourglass figure, flaring full hips and a curved line to her breasts that drew mens eyes. As she lay down again, she felt Vivette’s hands on her back, smoothing the cool liquid lotion into her skin, easing her hands over her arms and down the curve of her waist. She worked methodically, covering all of the girl’s back, further and further down until her fingertips were brushing against the lower edge of the suit skimming the girl’s buttocks. Vivette enjoyed the contrast of her tanned hands against the girl’s pale purity, and the softness and smoothness of the youthful skin.

Then she moved down to her legs, using illegal bahis both hands to rub lotion up the girl’s rounded thighs. Her fingertips slid down the insides, caressing the soft delicate skin there. Almost imperceptibly, the girls thighs separated, and she squirmed a little. Vivette’s fingers slid inwards, and higher, until she was just brushing against the cloth of the swim suit. Her touch was feather-light, delicate flicks and strokes designed to tantalize. Teasingly, she moved back down again, rubbing lotion into Laura’s curves with a business-like briskness, and smiled to herself as she heard a light moan escape the girl’s lips.

Her hands returned to caress the girl’s back. This time, there was no pretence at rubbing in lotion, this time her touch was aimed to arouse, her nails lightly scratching, tickling the girls neck, then sliding down the length of her spine. She slid her hands down the sides of the girl’s torso, brushing over the curves of her breasts at the side. Then her hands were smoothing across the tops of Laura’s thighs, her thumbs dipping into the gap between them, curving round to the soft skin of her inner thigh again. Vivette knew this was exciting the girl, and she leaned forward to drop a row of whisper-light kisses across her shoulders, and her hands slipped down over her buttocks, kneading the soft flesh under the cloth of her swim-suit.

‘Let me take this off, cherie,’ she whispered into the girl’s ear, and without waiting for an answer, she eased the stretchy material over the girl’s hips. Laura raised herself slightly to help, and was soon lying there naked, her pale rounded buttocks quivering under the woman’s expert touch.

Vivette stroked the backs of the girl’s thighs and then Laura felt her fingers, long and delicate, insinuate themselves between them, pushing in deeper to find the cleft of her sex. Vivette eased a finger gently inside the girl, and Laura gasped at the sensation, feeling every movement inside her, feeling Vivette’s finger pressing against the walls of her vagina, exploring her intimately. She knew how wet she was, and could hear the moist sounds that heralded her arousal.

Vivette was overcome with an urge to move more quickly. She wanted to thrust her fingers deep inside, and then stretch the girls pussy wide, ramming her hand in until the girl was coming wildly, her legs spread in abandon. But she knew that Laura was a virgin, and knew that her husband would want to bury himself in her first, to be the first to possess her fully, so she contented herself with just a slim finger rotating and tickling.

Laura’s pelvis was beginning to move, rocking slightly in response. Vivette whispered to her to turn over, and Laura did so, looking up at the woman who was now licking her finger, tasting the buttery juices of the girl lying in front of her. Her finger was soon buried back in Laura’s hot sex, and she edged down the sun lounger until she was able to take the young girls clitoris in her mouth, sucking gently, flicking the nub of tissue with the tip of her tongue. illegal bahis siteleri Instinctively, Laura’s hands moved to help, holding back the lips of her sex so that Vivette could explore, the woman’s tongue massaging up her slit, licking and nibbling at her labia as she continued to finger into her pussy. Laura was slippery with longing as Vivette’s finger slid into her easily, stimulating her to orgasm.

The musky scent of her arousal was shimmering in the air, and Laura came with a startled gasp, her pelvis rocking to force Vivette’s tongue harder onto her, to push her finger deeper.

Vivette sat up, looking down at the young girl she had just brought to orgasm, enjoying the sight of the youthful body lying there relaxed, her legs still splayed open, her sex glistening and engorged. Laura sighed, a deep breath of satisfaction.

‘Oh, that was lovely,’ she smiled, and Vivette lay back down on her own sun lounger.

‘Yes, it was,’ she replied, ‘you taste of honey, my sweet one.’

As the women smiled at each other, Laura noticed a movement from the corner of her eye, and Vivette caught the angle of her gaze, turning to face the young man who had just appeared. He was tall and muscular, dressed only in a pair of tight denim shorts, resting his arms casually on a rake. Laura sat up slightly in alarm, but Vivette called over to him, and he wandered round the side of the pool.

‘This is Paul,’ she introduced the man to Laura, ‘he is our gardener,’ and she smiled at him, her eyes razing over his body. Laura recognized him: he had been the stranger in the video, the man who had ravaged Vivette so erotically.

Laura couldn’t help but copy Vivette: his body was hypnotic, powerfully muscled, a tan caused by honest outdoor work and not a salon, and an erection that his tight shorts did nothing to hide. It was obvious that he had been watching them, watching Laura come in ecstasy.

He looked at Vivette, and a silent communication between them took place. She lay on her side and he slid in behind her, the large steamer accommodating them both easily. The sun loungers were so close together that Laura had the peculiar sensation that they were all sharing a bed.

He quickly undid the ties holding Vivette’s bikini bottoms at her hips, exposing her. Laura drank in the sight of the woman’s pussy, a neat tuft of fair hair at the apex of her slit. She leant forward, wanting to see more, and was rewarded when Paul reached down from behind his mistress to finger her sex, his broad fingertip probing to find and massage her clit. He wriggled out of his shorts, and his cock stood firm and proud. Laura was so close that she could see he was virtually hairless: his balls were clean and smooth and he had only a tuft at the base of his shaft, almost identical to Vivette.

He lifted the woman’s leg high, pulling it back so that her sex was split open, her labia separating to reveal the deep musky cleft of her pussy. His cock drove into her, the bulbous tip distending her pussy. He slid into her inch by inch, canlı bahis siteleri and Laura watched intently. She had seen them fucking on tape, but this was so much better, the eroticism of their actions accompanied by the sounds of flesh against flesh, and the woman’s groans of pleasure. Paul began to thrust. Harder and harder he shoved his cock into Vivette, his balls slapping against her thighs, buried in her to the hilt. Laura was realizing that Vivette preferred sex fast and hard and vigorous: the harder Paul rammed into her, the louder her murmurs of lust. He plunged deeply, ramming in like a jack hammer, and Vivette groaned as she felt his cock fill her, reaching to the neck of her womb, stimulating the velvet lined walls of her cunt.

She looked over at Laura, seeing that the girl was watching the cock driving into her. Vivette needed to play with her clit, to rub until she came, screaming Paul’s name, feeling him pumping inside her, unloading his hot come into her needy pussy. She wanted to feel Laura’s fingers on her, to have her pussy used by the two of them, working together to bring her to orgasm. But she knew there would be time for that later: there was plenty of time to teach the girl the art of pleasuring a woman.

Paul’s hands had reached under the woman, and were playing with her breasts, pulling almost brutally at her nipples, pinching and tweaking them, leaving red marks on her skin.

Laura, despite coming only minutes earlier, felt the familiar heat rise within her as she watched the couple copulating, and almost subconsciously, her hand wandered between her legs, exploring for that nub of pleasure.

Laura’s hand mimicked the girl’s actions, and the two of them lay facing one another, each masturbating frantically as Paul continued to plunder Vivette’s pussy. Vivette began to shudder, and Laura watched her face contort, her eyes screwing up almost as though she was in pain, and Laura knew that the older woman was about to come. Her fingers, rolling and pulling at her clit, speeded up and she came with a loud moan. Still Paul continued to ram into her, ignoring her pleas to stop, stimulating her cunt beyond endurance, as after quivers from her orgasm rocked through her body.

Paul was about to come: his cock was hard, his balls heavy, and he wanted to see his seed erupt over the women. He pulled out from his mistress; his cock covered in her oily juices, and kneeled above her, holding his cock firmly. His fingers moved rapidly up and down his shaft, rubbing over the bulbous tip which was leaking pre-cum copiously. He could feel his seed rising, his balls tensing, and with a loud shout, he spurted hot streams of come over the girl laying on the lounger, watching in fascination, her hand still playing with her clit. Droplets landed on her, her face, her breasts and her belly, each almost burning. The scent of his come hung in the air, hot sex and salt.

Vivette reached across and wiped up a droplet from the young girl’s breast: she sucked the seed from her finger tip, and then licked up another that had landed on the girl’s nipple. Laura shuddered, a tremor of longing arcing through her body. She knew that this was only the start: she knew that she too would soon feel the pleasure of a thick cock in her pussy.

To be continued…

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