The Feather Duster

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We were in a hotel room. It’s had a beautiful view and was decorated really nicely, but that’s not what we were focusing on!!

In the centre of the room was a large king-size four-poster bed. We smirked at each other, knowing how much we’d enjoy it!

We moved closer together and kissed deeply. As we kissed we slowly started to undress each other. We moved to the bed and lay side by side, still kissing.

You moved me onto my back and spread my arms. You produced some strips of silky material and tied my wrists to the top posts. Then you moved down and I parted my legs for you. You tied my ankles to the other posts.

Then you produced the feather duster. I gasped in anticipation, and smiled with longing up at you.

You started by gliding it down each of my arms and around my neck.

Then you illegal bahis worked from my ankles up to the knees and down again. Then all the way up to my thighs where you teased my inner thighs.

Next you brushed over my upper chest and moved slowly down to tease my breasts, but avoiding the nipples.

My breathing was getting heavy now.

You pulled a couple of feathers out of the duster and used one on each breast to circle my nipples until they were aching and hard. Then you slowly dragged each feather over each nipple, bringing them to their peak. The pleasure was so intense it hurt and I longed for more friction, more pressure.

By now my cunt was wet and aching. I felt close to orgasm already. I tugged at my restraints a little, hoping I could free a hand so I could touch myself.

You smiled illegal bahis siteleri at me and picked up the duster again.

Dragging it over my aching tits you slid it down over my belly. Then you started to draw little circles on my inner thighs, moving gradually up towards my cunt.

Eventually you slid it lightly over my wet slit. I moaned with pleasure and arched my hips to meet the sensation.

You slid it up and down several times as I moaned and writhed with pleasure.

You knew I needed more.

With one hand you parted my labia, exposing some of the inner flesh, and my hard clit. You slid the duster over my exposed flesh. My inner muscles rejoicing at the attention. My moans got louder.

But still I needed more.

You focused the duster on my open slit and let a finger gently canlı bahis siteleri rest on my clit. I cried out in pleasure and frustration. The tension was almost unbearable, and yet I didn’t want it to end.

You took the duster away and, with your finger still resting on my clit, you slid it over my neglected nipples. I gasped again.

Bringing it back down my body you put it back on my dripping cunt and started to move it back and forth again. This time you let your finger move lightly, slowly over my clit. Flicking and circling it as it grew and grew.

You rubbed a little harder now, the duster still teasing my slit, and I came suddenly, the tension too much to keep in.

You threw the duster to one side and replaced it with your tongue.

You slid your tongue into me, probing and circling as you entered. Your finger rubbed hard and fast on my sensitive clit.

I came again. Deeper this time, and harder. I screamed and bucked against your mouth. You kept licking and rubbing as I kept cumming, moaning loudly and breathing hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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