The Family Business

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Naturally, the characters in this story are of legal age and (mostly) fictitious! I wrote it to be continued if the feedback is positive! Let me know what you think!

About a week ago David spied his youngest sister and a sexy friend of hers on her bed in a sixty nine position. He had arrived to the peephole just as they were finishing sucking and finger fucking each other and so soon after he retreated so they could dress and take a quick swim in the pool together. Naturally, he masturbated in his room and then sat in the backyard to watch them play and tan together. He had got some play from the sexy young ladies his sisters brought home, but mostly he was content to watch their wet, nubile forms. He had caught his older sister in precarious positions too, such as rummaging through their father’s porn collection and fingering herself. And he had even seen Dad grope the girls when they wandered the house in loose towels, their delicate naked boobs often hanging out immodestly as they searched for clean clothes after showering. Still, David never had the courage to do more than peep on his sisters and the cute friends they brought over for sleep-overs and pool parties. He most certainly had never suspected that Dad was actually fucking the youngest of his children, petite Jessica.

Tonight, however, as he was masturbating to some porn he had downloaded, David overheard the creak of the old floors in the upstairs hallway as if someone was creeping along slowly. He imagined it must be one of the girls but couldn’t be certain. After all, the television in the master bedroom was still on and Mom was out of town for the week. David knew Dad liked looking at and occasionally touching his daughters’ young naked forms and the girls were known to pleasure themselves. The fact that Jessica had a dildo, though she turned eighteen just a few months ago, was anything but a secret to the family. For David, seeing her insert the fat rubber tool into her tight cunt was always enough to send him away hard and wanking, as was undoubtedly the case for Dad too.

David approached his own closed door and listened for the soft footfalls to end. Seconds later, he heard a door at the far end of the hall, either Jessica’s or the bathroom, open and close. David opened his door slowly and peered out in the darkness. As he suspected, the only light filtering into the hall came from the loose doorframe of insatiable Jessica’s room. Whatever was going on, she was involved and David wanted to watch. He crept along near silently having already plotted which parts of the floor creaked and which did not. After he was about half way down the hall he heard music begin playing in Jessica’s room. It wasn’t noisy. It was probably meant to cover up the sighs and soft moans she made while fucking herself.

He approached her door carefully, peering in through the cracks in the doorframe, which gave almost a complete vantage into the room. He saw Jessica at the far end of the room, showing off her tight ass while leaning over the stereo system and adjusting the music and volume. She was dressed in black boxer bottoms and a pink sport bra and her short black hair appeared damp from a recent shower. She turned slowly to face the other end of the room and the door. She smiled seductively and began bahis firmaları to sway and grind her hips to the heavy beat. David scanned her petite five foot frame from head to toe, noticing her seductive movements and her hardened nipples. He had always thought her small, pale nipples were second only to Amanda, second youngest of family, whose were large and pale. Jessica’s a-cup boobs strained against the undersized sport bra, creating a slight bulge of fleshy mound to be revealed. She looked intoxicating. And she was putting on quite the show. Thoughts of the porn David had been perusing vacated his mind; his only thought now being of his sexually precocious sister, Jessica.

“Daddy, are you ready?”, Jessica said, her voice barely audible over the music. She flashed another seductive smile.

Daddy? David was almost floored, his heart rate quickening yet again. He was actually in disbelief of what he thought she had said!

“Here we go then!”, she said in a giddy voice. She whirled around and began to writhe in the air, using moves David had only seen by exotic dancers. Jessica’s show was incredible. She raised her hands over her head, running fingers through her hair, then traced her facial features to her chin, down her neck, around her tits and finally, looking straight at the place where her father must be sitting, slipped her fingers into her boxers teasingly.

“You like that, Daddy?”, she asked.

David listened carefully, hoping to discover if his father was actually being treated to a strip tease by Jessica.

A deep, muffled voice sounded. “You look beautiful, Jessica.” Confirmed!

She whirled around again, this time spending time playing with her boobs through the pink sport bra.

“You like my little boobies, don’t you Daddy!”

For the first time, David saw his father move into sight. He stood, clad in a housecoat and approached Jessica. She recoiled slightly, still gyrating her hips, and chastised him.

“Not until I see the money!”

Her father’s left hand disappeared into a shallow pocket and withdrew a fifty dollar bill, which he offered to her. She took the bill and placed it in the front of her underwear, once again smiling.

“Sit down and wait for the show to end, Daddy. Then you can have me!”

The fifty year old stepped out of view again, returning to where he was when Jessica began the show. David was still staring through the peepholes, but decided that there was no need to be careful about being caught wanking. The only person would might raise a fuss, if even to save face for his family role, was his Dad and the man had just sacrificed all credibility…except in taste!

Jessica continued twisting and groping herself, sometimes even rubbing her pussy through her boxers. Finally, she began to sway gently while looking intently at her father. She slowly took the bottom of her sport bra into her hands and pulled upward, exposing her small but well shaped titties and pale, hard nipples. She pulled the bra over her head and let it fly to a corner of the room. She played with her nipples a bit, twisting and pulling at them while also mashing her boobs together, revealing just enough cleavage to manage a titty-fuck.

“Alright, Daddy…” She paused dramatically. “…You can kaçak iddaa have me now.”

His father wasted no time in taking his naked eighteen year-old daughter in his arms. She threw her head back, allowing him to kiss her deeply, perhaps even letting his tongue roam about her mouth. She grasped the shoulders of his house coat and pulled it off, leaving him also naked. And then, as his hands began to roam over her body, one hand over her soft, trimmed mound, and the other over her boobies, she grasped at his dick. David could only see his father’s backside, but little Jessica was obviously stroking their father. The two of them moaned quietly and David wanked in the hiding spot.

Jessica carefully lowered herself to her knees, resting upon a soft blanket she had laid down before the strip tease began, while her daddy began stroking her head.

“Daddy?” She asked coyly. “You want to see what I’ve been practising?”

He laughed softly at her sauciness. “Daddy wants his little girl to suck his cock.”

David couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had seen his father grope the girls’ naked boobs before, and they even appeared to consent to it, but he was shocked to hear this sort of language.

Wasting no time Jessica took her daddy’s hardened dick into her mouth, stroking it with one hand while sucking. She looked like a real pro, as if she had not only practised how to make it pleasureful for her partner but also porn stars did it. David could not see her face now, but could see her head bobbing forward and back slowly, then more quickly, and his father’s head fell back also. He was apparently being given a great blowjob by his slut teen daughter. He even began face fucking her, pulling her head into his groin every time she began to take more of his length into her mouth.

Jessica moaned and slurped as the music played on and her daddy=s hands roamed over her head and occasionally down to her tits, which were barely within reach.

“Oh, Jessica…”, he moaned. “I just can’t take too much more of this. I have to fuck you.”

She released his now saliva-drenched dick from her mouth and looked up and into his eyes. “Daddy, I want you to fuck me,” she said as she continued stroking him.

David was almost near ejaculation himself, but wanted to see her take a real cock into her pussy. He always assumed she would be a tight fit for any cock, even David’s average six inch dick. After realizing she had got a lot of practise in sexual performance, however, he doubted she would have any problem taking a big, fat one.

Jessica lay on her back, raising one leg into the air so that her father could grasp it as he slammed into her young cunt.

“You little slut, Jessica…You’re so inviting!”

He squatted, bending over her slightly to allow him to reach her pussy with his dick. For the first time, David realized his father’s length and girth. He looked to be about seven inches long, perhaps one and half inches thick. While Jessica used one hand to pull her raised leg back to give more room to her daddy to manoeuver, she used the other to guide his dick to her snatch. He rubbed her a bit, perhaps inserting a finger or two, before finally pushing forward. Jessica moaned and arched a little as he entered her. In a few thrusts, kaçak bahis however, he seemed to be sliding into her comfortably. Her voice became more pitched with every fuck she received. Her dad placed a hand over her mouth to quiet her, gently hushed, and then really lay into her.

David was stroking hard now, ready to blow all he had, when he noticed Jessica’s little tits bouncing across her chest out of the ferocity of his dad’s fucking. The music could barely overcome the noise of their fucking at this point, as a telltale suction sound filled the room and Jessica’s moans rose. Even his father was having a hard time containing his huffing and gasping for air.

In a split second, however, his Dad ceased fucking his daughter. David presumed he wanted to reposition himself and his little fuck toy. He turned Jessica over onto her side, her back to him, and he lay behind. They shimmied closer and she once again raised one leg to expose her twat to him. He obliged, placing his dick between her legs and letting her insert it between her puffy pussy lips. Pulling her very close with an arm around her waist, he thrust into her again. She let out a sharp gasp of pleasure.

David and their father did not know it, but this was the biggest cock she had played with to date. All her practice had been with two different boyfriends, both of whom were poorly endowed, and a teacher she fucked at a motel just weeks before launching her sexual adventures. Again, her sexual partner did not quite measure up to the man who she now lay with.

Jessica used one arm to play with her boobs and the other to grasp her daddy’s wrist as he continued to grasp her tightly. She was oblivious to the volume of her moaning and it appeared that her father no longer cared who might discover them.

David was trying his hardest to not blow his load early but the scene he beheld was overwhelming. When his dad’s dick popped out of little Jessica’s cunt with a pop he could not hold on any longer and with a slight gasp he began to spray over her door and the floor. After one of the hardest ejaculations of his life he struggled to he regain his composure and to focus on the activity beyond his little sister’s door. Peering through the cracks once again, he saw the teen and their father fucking furiously. The music ended as the CD shifted tracks, allowing the sound of their sexual play to roll carelessly through the room. Panting, moaning, a wet popping noise, the sound of flesh striking flesh.

As David looked on he smeared the cum he had deposited around a bit with his hands, trying to clean up any splatters so that when he made his break for it the evidence of his surveillance would go unnoticed. As it would happen, his father was very close to ejaculation, and rather than cum inside his teen daughter, he chose to smear her swollen pussy lips with a thick pasting of creamy spunk.

David heard a soft voice. “Daddy, was that worth fifty bucks?”

Still smearing his cum over her pussy he lowered his head to conclude their fuck session with a deep french kiss.

David returned to his room as soon as they finished kissing and tried to fall asleep. He lay awake for sometime, waiting till he heard his father return to his room before wanking off a second time. About ten minutes later, after he had watched the teen clean herself a bit and redress, her daddy returned to his room. David remained awake sometime longer still, dreaming of a way he could be part of that new relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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