The Extended Family Ch. 13

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Chapter 13 — Carl and Rachel Play Some New Year’s Games With the Other Six

The next morning was New Year’s Eve; Karen and I made love in the dunes at Lido Beach after our meditations. We had a tender and loving time in midst of all the chaos going on with so many visitors at the house. When we finished, we lay together talking of our love for one another. Finally, she said, “You know my bucket is very full. I am a happy camper, and I’m sure everyone else is too. This is the best Christmas holiday ever.” We kissed yet again.

At home, the two of us shed our sweat suits in keeping with house ‘rules’ and started breakfast. Soon the naked nymphs and satyrs from the bedrooms started to appear. A naked Rachel came first, pressing into her sister with a warm good morning kiss and then repeating the process with me. “Thank you two for what you did with me last night. I know it was daring — I could have bolted,” she smiled, “but I didn’t, and I will never forget it.” She had a big smile.

“Neither will we,” I assured her as the three of us hugged together. I thought of the wild sexual session the evening before where we’d made Rachel the center of attention, going so far as anal sex with the neophyte.

“Carl and I WILL do THAT again. I don’t know if I’ve ever cum so hard or been so nasty all at the same time. I will like doing both sometimes,” she looked sheepishly at her sister.

“So do we, Rachel,” Karen said as she kissed her sister’s forehead. “And, it’s only nasty if you put that label on it.” She grinned.

I put an apron on so I wouldn’t damage any of the equipment as I cooked the bacon and sausage — no, not that sausage!

Lynn arrived next, hugging and kissing each of us. She smelled of sex — an odor I was becoming very fond of. Mel joined us wearing the same perfume, then Bev and Robbie, and last was Carl.

After breakfast, we became civilized and played tourists. We went up to the Ringling Museum and walked around looking at the art and an amazing miniature circus. We walked around downtown and ate outside at my favorite restaurant. The same waitress served our table again; she sized me up with all these women together, rolled her eyes towards the sky, and gave me a big wink.

After lunch, we all went back to the house and changed into swimsuits for a walk along the beach. We drove two cars full of people to Siesta Key beach and started to walk. The air was still delightfully warm for year-end.

Lynn and I were walking along holding hands when Robbie broke off from the others and came up to us. “I have a question for you guys, can you slow down a minute?”

“What’s up?” I asked as we almost came to a stop to match his slow pace. The others continued on up the beach.

“Well, I’m not sure how to start this …” He floundered around for a second looking at each of us; I could tell he had something serious on his mind.

He finally found the words, “You know, I love Mel with all my heart?” We both nodded. “And I love the rest of you too, but Mel is really the most important person in my life right now … and, well, I feel like it will be that way forever … and, well, I want to ask her to marry me today.” He reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out a ring box and showed us a beautiful diamond as he walked backwards. “This was my grandmother’s,” he said quietly.

“Wow!” Karen said as she stopped and hugged him. “Oh, she will be thrilled. Go ahead, do it!”

“I agree,” I said as I hugged him too. A few of the others glanced back at us, but not Mel.

“Does she know about this?” I asked.

“No, this’ll be a surprise. I hope she says ‘yes’,” Robbie stuttered. “We don’t have to get married right away, but I want to be tied to her — I want us to commit to each other. I mean she’s got to graduate first. Maybe that summer.”

We both turned him around and pushed him ahead of us with love. Then I had a thought.

“Hey everybody, wait up!” I yelled. Lynn, Robbie and I trotted up to the others who’d turned around in response to my call.

“Come here,” I said,” gathering everyone together. I grabbed hands and pushed everyone into a circle. The cool waters from the Gulf of Mexico washed up over our feet. “Form a circle. We have a special occasion to observe.”

There were lots of questioning faces, but the group gathered together and circled.

I said, “Mel and Robbie into the center of our circle.” I paused and looked at Robbie. He understood and took Mel’s hand, then, God bless his heart, he knelt in front of her.

“Mel,” he said in a tender voice, “I love you with all my heart and soul … and I never want to be without you in my life … now and forever.” He reached in his pocket again and pulled out the ring box. As he opened it to her he said, “Mel, I want you to marry me — sometime, maybe after you finish school, or whenever you’re ready, but …”

He never got to finish his sentence; Mel threw herself onto him shouting, “Yes, yes, yes! Oh, I bahis firmaları love you too. I will. I will.” She was crying with joy. The two of them kissed in the middle of our circle; they stood on their knees in the encircling water and hugged.

She pulled him up so they were standing again and our circle started to close around them. She held out her left hand and Robbie took the ring from the box and slid it onto her ring finger. “We all cheered,” then encircled them with hugs, kisses and congratulations. I felt so warm towards Mel and Robbie; every one of us did.

We stood talking excitedly for a few moments and then Robbie and Mel took up the lead as we continued our walk up the beach. Lynn and I loved looking ahead and seeing the two of them arm in love. They both wanted to crawl inside the other. Mel kept looking at the ring on her left hand then she’d kiss and hug Robbie again. Over the sound of the surf, I could hear her wild chatter of excitement.

At one point, Mel broke off from Robbie and came running back to Lynn and me. She jumped into my arms, locking her legs around me, as she kissed me. “Robbie said you knew about this and encouraged him. Thank you.” She dropped down and kissed her mother too. We hugged her again. “I still love you guys — and I will keep loving you guys in all the ways we love to love.” She locked eye contact with the two of us so there was no doubt what she meant.

Mel went running back to Robbie yelling, “I’m engaged. I’m engaged. I’m engaged.” She threw herself into his arms again and they twirled around, almost falling into the water.

I teased Lynn, “Looks like you’ll get grandchildren after all.”

“Not too soon, I hope,” she retorted as she kissed me too.

At the end of our long walk, we headed back to the house. I opened a bottle of champagne and got our crystal flutes out; we toasted Robbie and Mel as we stood around the patio. I suggested they take their champagne into the guest room and do something to celebrate their new commitment.

The two of them looked at us all for a minute, both blushed, but then they bolted for the guest room in a gale of giggles. We didn’t see them again for an hour.

The rest of us sat around and enjoyed the afternoon sun and shared stories of how we’d each found the ones we loved and gotten engaged. Our heads were all in a romantic frame of mind.

We were still talking when Mel and Robbie rejoined us, both wearing that wonderful after glow and satisfied expression from great sex. As I looked at them, I realized for the first time why you could always tell when someone had just had sex.

Eventually our group ended up in the pool — this time in our swimsuits since daylight prevailed. We paddled around and started talking about New Year’s resolutions. Everyone thought about what they wanted to have happen in their lives or what bad habits they wanted to break.

Rachel was the first one to vocalize a couple of resolutions. “These last three days have been such an eye opener for me. My first resolution is to have LOTS more sex … with Carl …” she looked around at the rest of us with a big grin, “AND all of you, if you’ll have me.” Carl and I were both close to her and went and hugged her.

“Wait, I have a second resolution,” she said as we broke apart. “This visit has been a wake up call for me. I have been taking so much important stuff for granted.” She grabbed my hand and kissed it. “Jim reminded me that you have to celebrate the great moments in your life even though they may be small ones — every moment is important, I guess. If you don’t, they’re gone too soon and you forget about them.” She hugged me. “So my resolution is to love more and to celebrate more — with Carl, my kids, all of you, with everyone. I want to be more aware — the celebrate every day.”

Mel said, “My first resolution is to spend more time with my FIANCÉ.” She emphasized the last word loudly and then kissed him passionately. “My second is spend more time with all of you. I hope you’ll all come back here over and over again.” She waved her arm at the house.

Bev said, “Well, I was going to make a resolution to fuck Robbie’s brains out more frequently, but I guess that slot’s been taken.” We all laughed. She went to Karen and held her hand, “I’ve been away from part of my family for too long. These visits have been a wake up call for me too. If it’s OK with you guys I’ll be back — a lot.” She looked across to Rachel and said, “Why don’t we all move down by these guys.” She looked at me, “Jim, what about you?”

“I’m just coming on my one-year anniversary of meeting Lynn — of falling in love with her, then Karen … and Mel … you … and Rachel … and even you gentlemen. This has been the best year of my life, so I guess I’m going to spend the next year being grateful for the abundance of love and caring that the Universe has given me.” I thought a bit as the others watched. “I want to be more giving and loving to all of you in the year ahead … kaçak iddaa and I guess I should extend that to the others we meet that are in need.” I looked to Carl.

Carl started, “Well, I know I’m going to have to get in shape to keep up with my highly sexed wife. I think I’m going to enjoy being married to a nymphomaniac.” Everyone laughed. “Usually men don’t think about love or caring, we just sort of ‘do’ whatever comes next. But on this visit, you have taught me to think about love and how to do it — how to make it a great experience for everyone — all the time. I’m going to start doing that too — I think I already have, but it’ll take me some work and guidance from you. I need to think about Rach more and work less too. Lastly, I like the idea of moving here — maybe that’ll be an interesting goal to look into for the year.” He reached out to Karen who took his hand and kissed it.

“I’m blessed by you all,” Karen said. “I’m a sexual being, I love making love with each of you, and I want to get better at that during the year.” We all applauded and she actually blushed. “I, too, want new relationships with my Mom, my sister, her family, and particularly with Jim and Lynn. Sometimes, I know I’m not the easiest person to live with and I promise to work on that. The other thing I want to do is find some way to help other people outside our circle – people in need in some way. I’ve been focused pretty close in, and now it’s time for me to reach out to others.” She paused then shrugged to indicate she was through. “Lynn?” she said.

“I want to work on that sex thingy too,” Lynn said to everyone’s laughter. “I have some personal stuff to clean up this year — it frets on me. I mean my divorce and cleaning up my personal finances. Jim got me back on my feet, and he’s never once asked for money or rent or help with food or anything; in fact, I arrived here with less than $200 in my pocket and I still have it.” She came over and hugged me with tears running down her cheek. “I need to feel as though I’m contributing to this family, so I want to fix that in some way in the New Year.” I started to protest, but she put a finger to my lips so I wouldn’t talk.

Lynn went on, “I’ve got a daughter to celebrate with, and I am SO looking forward to all the wedding planning stuff when you guys start to think about a date and what you want your wedding to be like. Lastly, I want to love Jim and Karen more — even more than I’ve learned to in the past year.” She kissed me passionately and hung on my shoulder. She nodded to Robbie who stood nearby.

Robbie started, “I’m entering a new phase of my life, and I so look forward to it. There’s a lot I’ll need to learn and I hope you’ll help me with lots of ‘free advice’.” We all chuckled. He walked up behind Karen and wrapped his arms around her. “You’ve created a living, learning, and loving laboratory here, and I’ve always felt privileged to be a part of it. I don’t want that to end, because I know that Mel and I grow in mind, body, and spirit when we are with you, so, speaking for the two of us, except that we’re engaged nothing else will change.” He nuzzled into Karen’s neck; Karen turned and kissed him. I noticed that Mel had her arms around Carl’s neck.

We meandered out of the pool and sat on the deck watching another spectacular sunset and chatted about life and love, in particular, talking about what Mel and Robbie had to look forward to. The women finally laid out the fixings for dinner, and we had another barbeque.

After dinner, we talked about what to do for the New Year’s celebration. Robbie summarized our options: be downtown where they planned on ‘dropping’ a large peach — there would be four bands playing; be in the arms of your lovers; or sit like a couch potatoes watching the Times Square celebration. We all yelled, “Lovers!”

That set the tone for the rest of the evening — and, by that time, we had a little over two hours until midnight. We opened up the large television into the living room where the house had comfortable padding under the carpeting. As we started to pair up, I noticed everyone avoided Mel and Robbie. I looked at them and shrugged; he winked at me, and then pushed Mel in my direction. She grinned at him and then at me.

Robbie said, “Oh wait, a rule for the next hour. No orgasms — just foreplay.” There was a chorus of boos and hisses from the seven of us; however, we all acknowledged that we’d play by that rule.

Mel came and kissed me and slid her arm around my waist. “You’re mine tonight.”

I hugged her back and asked, “Anyone else?”

“Yes,” she said, “Rachel, if she’s willing. We haven’t really … errr, been together.” I nodded and made eye contact with Rachel who was talking to her husband. I crooked a finger and motioned that we wanted her. She got the message and grinned. She kissed Carl passionately, and then came over to us, kissing Mel and me.

Rachel looked at me with a sassy stance and said, “You wanted me?”

“Oh, yes,” I said, “We kaçak bahis both want you — very much.”

I watched Lynn approach Carl and put her arms around his neck. She had yet to be his lover and tonight would be a first for the two of them. Lynn understood foreplay, she could be a master at extending the lead-in to a colossal orgasm.

Robbie claimed Bev with a kiss to the back of her neck as she stood talking to Karen. He reached out and pulled Karen into the resulting hug too.

The evening’s territory had been staked out, at least the initial ‘teams.’

I suggested to Mel and Rachel, “Since we have an hour to kill, so to speak, I suggest we go and climb in the backseat of my car and pretend like we’re back in high school, using all the approaches and defenses from that time in our lives. Role play. What say?”

“Oh, goody,” Mel said, “but I want a couple of minutes in ‘wardrobe,’ if I may?”

“Me too,” Rachel said gesturing at Mel with a look of conspiracy.

“Fine,” I said, “perhaps I’ll make some changes too.”

We all headed off and in ten minutes we met in the kitchen. Mel had put on some cutoffs and a tube top, and tied her hair back in two ponytails. She looked six years younger, sexy as all hell, yet I’d seen this outfit at many of the malls on high school age girls.

I’d found an old polyester shirt I guess I’d had in the 70s when I’d been in my late teens and early twenties. I’d also put on blue jeans. I’d dug up an old Trojan and put it in my wallet too.

Rachel joined us wearing a pleated skirt (no poodle) with a white blouse and sweater tied around her neck. She was wearing calf-high white socks and saddle shoes (the latter were really an old pair of golf shoes but they had the same look). She was wearing a ring on a chain around her neck and had also put her hair up in long braids.

Rachel came bounding up to us acting like she had a large wad of chewing gum in her mouth. “Hi Mel. Hi Jim. Whatca doin’?” She pranced around a little like a nervous teenager would do.

“Well,” Mel started, “we were just goin’ down to the drive-in movie and see what’s playin’. Wanna come?”

I turned to Mel and tentatively asked, “Hey doll, I thought you said you wanted to be alone?”

“Yea, but Rach is cool. She can watch the movie while we … errr, play.”

“OK. Let’s go,” I said and led the way to the garage. Once beside the car I turned on the parking lights and announced, “Oh good, the movie is ‘Godzilla Versus the World.’ Let’s all get in the backseat and watch.”

The three of us piled in the backbench seat of my sedan with me in the middle. Now both Rachel and Mel were pretending to chew huge wads of gum. Everyone draped their feed over the front seats. I put my arm around Mel. We had enough light to see exactly what we were all doing.

“Hey, Rach,” Mel said, “you watch d’movie and don’t watch Jimmy and me, OK?”

“Yea, OK,” Rachel said, “but since I broke up with Richie, I’ve been missin’ the lovin’ I used to git. Suppose we could share Jimmy?”

“Up to Jimmy,” Mel said in a matter of fact voice.

“Yea, I guess,” I said trying to sound both eager and unexcited at the same time.

I stretched nonchalantly to put my arm around Rachel, dropping a hand to her well-cloaked breasts.

She grabbed my hand and said, “Hey, Jimmy. Don’t git so fresh so fast, and don’t make Melinda jealous either. She’s my best friend.” The girls went into gales of giggles. The gum smacking continued periodically.

“It’s OK, Rach. I’m not jealous. And Jimmy really knows how to smooth a girl, if you know what I mean?”

“Oh, OK,” Rachel said pulling my hand back to her right breast. I also dropped my hand and cupped Mel’s generous left breast. The gum chewing temporarily stopped then started again amid more giggles.

“Hey Mel,” Rachel said, “Do you let him get to second base?”

“Oh yea,” Mel said, “You mean let him feel my bare breasts. Yeah, I do. I even let him suck on ’em too. That’s the part you’ll like.”

I started to unbutton Rachel’s white blouse using only one hand. I was purposefully a little clumsy at the process, swearing gently that girls wore too many layers of clothing. Eventually, I got down to her bra. I reached inside the device and tried to run my fingers along to her nipples, but the way we were sitting virtually prevented my access.

I shifted attention to Mel and reached into her tank top slowly until I had my hand firmly around one of her globes. I could feel her nipple harden in my hand. We kissed pecking at each other’s mouth.

When I turned back to Rachel, she was also ready for a kiss, so I pecked her on the lips too, and then I repositioned her so I could reach deeper into her blouse for a full feel. Her nipples were already erect.

“You can tell you excite me Jimmy,” Rachel said. “You can smooth me, but I don’t want you tellin’ any of d’other guys about ‘dis.”

“I am a man of my word. I don’t talk about my dates. I either say whom I went out wid, or I say what I did, but I don’t talk about the two together. OK?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Rachel said, then pecked me on the cheek as I massaged her breast. “Do you guys French kiss?”

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