The Experiment

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They had decided to meet to satisfy their curiosity about each other. They had been in communication for a while and she was interested in his sexual prowess. He was interested in her completely open take on all things sexual. She seemed to have no limits at all and he wanted to test her.

They wanted to preserve their anonymity, so had agreed to meet at a hotel. Upon her arrival he directed her to the room he had reserved and told her that she should strip naked, pull the covers completely off the bed, and then lie face down with her limbs splayed.

She was already wet with anticipation when she arrived. She knows he is a collector of porn and he seems so well-versed in human sexuality. She wants to know if he is going to be as competent in real life as he was in their correspondence. God, she hoped he had a nice cock. It would feel so good right now. She hoped she wouldn’t have to wait long. She shivers in anticipation and notices her nipples tightening as she lays down on the bed, her tits and pussy rubbing against the mattress, causing her further physical distress.

He arrives to find her exactly as he had told her to be and is a little surprised at her acquiescence, given that they’ve never met before. He closes the black-out curtains and quietly tells her of his pleasure at her obedience. He tells her to lie still as he notices her wiggling ass and smiles to himself as he knows how horny she is.

“Okay my little slut, you wanted this meeting, so let’s get started.”

He pulls a chair up next to the bed without disrobing. He tells her to lift herself up onto her knees for his examination.

“I want to see this pussy of yours,” he intones; “you’ve had me fascinated for weeks and I’m interested in whether it is unique in any way.”

He plugs in a table lamp he has brought with him and holds it close to her body, close enough for her to feel the heat. She blushes in embarrassment as she the light shines on her, and feels the heat of the lamp on her genitals. Her ass is up in the air and she wants to open herself as wide as possible to him. She rubs her tits against the mattress to stimulate her nipples as she slips into a sexual trance. She feels desperately submissive at his examination, but she’s becoming more and more agitated. He is exciting her, just as she’d hoped. She’s never felt so exposed, so vulnerable to a man, and she hasn’t even seen him yet. The room is pitch dark with the exception of this lamp directed at her sexual core.

“Hmmm.” he says, “interesting indeed. Your lips are actually pulsing and I haven’t even touched you.”

“It’s the anticipation,” she says; “this is why it’s so easy for me to cum.”

He leans in and places his mouth softly on her outer lips. He moans and feels her immediately begin to shake and tighten. He laughs softly against her pussy and kisses it as though it were her mouth. She immediately shudders into her first orgasm and he smiles as he realizes that she wasn’t kidding. She really can cum without any clitoral stimulation.

“My, my,” he thinks to himself and rubs the cock growing in his pants.

He likes this already and gives himself over completely to the experiment.

“Well, it looks like you are truly a slut after all, my dear. This is going to be a very interesting afternoon.”

He tells her to roll over and scoot her ass over to the edge of the bed. He moves to sit on the bed and he pulls her ass up onto his lap.

“Put your legs over your head. I want to examine you further,” he tells her.

She complies and her pussy is now weeping as she realizes that he is going to enact the drawing she sent him; the one that can make her cum just from looking at it. With her legs raised, her entire genitals are fully exposed to him and again her pussy lips begin to pulse.

He gently presses the palm of his hand over her mons, his fingers barely touching her vaginal area, and waits to see how she will respond. The pressure excites her further but she lies quietly, awaiting his next move. And so begins the exploration of her pussy. He makes several comments and ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as he opens her outer lips to explore the inner ones. He runs his fingers down along the inner lips and hears her gasping response. He dips a finger into her honey pot and feels the slick warmth of her desire. He can smell her musk and it is intoxicating; a most glorious sexual smell that makes him want to plunder her. He grins at his own reaction, but has every confidence that the wait will be worth it. She isn’t wiggling, she’s dutifully waiting, but he can hear her heightened breathing and he knows he is living out bahis firmalar─▒ a fantasy for her. He wants to be sure she enjoys it.

He gently grasps the sensitive inner lips and pulls them apart as though he were opening a miniature book to read. He pulls the skin taught and listens to her moans. He watches the physical reaction and sees the white lubricant at the opening of her hole. He notices that her asshole pulses as well. He continues to dip his fingers into her cunt and then spread her juices around to her clit and her ass. He bends in close so that she can feel his breath on her as he uses two hands to pry her open and inspect her further.

“This hole looks so small, but we both know that my cock will fit inside nicely. I will enjoy watching it stretch to accommodate me later,” he says.

He tells her to lift her legs higher as he explores her asshole with the same two handed interest, dipping a finger into her tight hole and laughing as now she is wiggling for him. He continues spreading her juices throughout the entire area with his fingers. Back and forth, dipping into both holes and watching her clit become engorged with blood; seeing her clit and inner lips tighten in anticipation of orgasm.

“I like having you at my mercy,” he says to her; “what would you like me to do to you?”

She is becoming more and more agitated and knows she needs some pressure to reach climax, but she is enthralled by this abandoned exposure and vulnerability.

“Do anything you want to me. I am your slut. I’ll do anything, but please don’t stop.”

He looks back at her and finally their eyes meet. She looks at him with glazed eyes. She grabs both nipples and squeezes them hard.

“I can’t believe how nasty I feel right now. I would do anything you asked me to in this moment. I am completely at your mercy and I want you so badly. You are my king, my master and I am your little whore, your slave. Fuck me, fuck me please.”

“I’m going to fuck you. But first, I want to watch you cum again and I want you to squirt for me.”

She smiles and nods but isn’t sure that she can do it. He presses his fingers deeper inside her and talks to her low and soft, telling her what a precious slut she is for him and how pleased he is with his discovery. How much he is already enjoying their experiment. He plunges four fingers into her cunny and plays with her asshole as he moves his thumb lightly over her clit. She begins to thrust her hips and tells him to move his hand away from her ass and she thinks she’ll be able to squirt. He does as she wishes and he begins to feel the release of her ejaculation on his hands. He watches closely as the lamp sheds light on her, allowing him to see the show. He pulls his hand away to see the liquid sparkle in the lamplight as it trickles down her crack. He leans down to lick the wetness and is fascinated at the sweet taste. “Sugar water,” he thinks to himself.

As she gives herself completely to the moment, she feels him continue the movement and pressure of his hands and she begins to feel her actual climax. She grabs onto the sheet beneath her and lifts her hips as high as she can. She screams as she cums all over his hands. She’s twisting and moaning and begging him to please fuck her. He can’t believe the abandon he’s witnessing and almost in fear for her overly excited state he complies with her demand. He pulls his dick from his pants and pushes himself into her super wet sheath, glorying in her warmth and passion. Knowing her likes already, he lays heavy on her and thrusts into her deep, hard and slow, talking to her and holding her hands down above her head. She’s crashing again and again as she tosses her head back and forth crying out

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!”

“Keep coming for me kitten” he says as he fucks her harder, caught up in her complete abandon.

He can’t believe his own response to her as he feels his own balls tighten. She had said this would happen, but he hadn’t believed her. He had had to witness this for himself, and as he shoots his wad deep into her pussy, he experiences his first prolonged orgasm. It seems to go on and on forever as she contracts and sucks him deeper and deeper inside her. Her lips pull him in and her walls pulse around him, bringing him no end to the release. It’s more intense than anything he’s ever felt and he collapses onto her; only then realizing that she has finally quieted.

She laughs softly and he chuckles himself.

“We are just getting started, you know,” she says to him.

“I think this little experiment is going to have very satisfying results,” he concurs.

“What’s ka├žak iddaa next?” she inquires.

He laughs to himself as he realizes that he was quite glad he’d come prepared, just in case she was everything she said she was. This was going to be a long, leisurely and very satisfying afternoon. They lay side-by-side, holding hands and smiling.

“What’s next?” he says; “I’ll tell you what’s next, my little wanton whore; I’m going to put my dick in your mouth.”

“Hmmm,” she says. “I think I’d like that. But I’m too weak to kneel for you; you’ll have to spread-eagle my face and fuck my mouth. I want you as fully exposed to me as I was to you.”

He smiles as he quickly gets up to comply. They move to the head of the bed so that he can use the wall for leverage. He notices that she’s wiggling again and he’s pleased by her speedy recovery. As she lays back and looks up at him, he kneels over her, places each knee on one side of her head. He leans against the wall as he looks down at her.

“Suck me bitch,” he demands and smiles as she looks up at him.

“Oh yeah baby, I’m your bitch and I like it.”

He spreads his legs as wide as possible and swings his balls over her face, holding his cock high and tight. She laughs as she leans towards his asshole to rim him. She holds his sack in her other hand, gently licking his anus. Her tongue explores his asshole, until he moves to position his cock over her face.

He teases her mouth with the tip of his cock, enjoying prolonging the anticipation; liking the power he feels at having her lay beneath him. She licks at him as he taps his cock on her lips. She opens her mouth for him, stroking him with the softness of her mouth and tongue. Finally, he slides his cock into her mouth and she sucks hard on the crown.

“Jesus,” he thinks to himself.

He’s so sensitive and her mouth is so hot and tight.

“Let me fuck your mouth bitch. I can’t take too much of this.”

She laughs and opens her mouth, allowing him access to stroke her and lets her saliva gather. She drools, so that she is as wet as possible for his added pleasure. She enjoys the slurping sounds and begins to stroke her pussy, pleased with how slick and wet she is. She hums and makes noise to heighten his pleasure and then inserts her finger into his asshole searching for his walnut. She strokes the magic gland lightly with the tip of her finger as he fucks her mouth and soon feels him pulse; feels his balls tighten and constrict.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth you fucking whore,” he says to her and she looks up at him to show her excitement.

He allows himself his release and feels his cum spurting into the back of her throat. He looks down at her to see how she is taking it and while her eyes are closed, he can sense her pleasure and the power she is feeling at knowing how she made him lose control.

“God, she’s good. Where did she come from?” he wonders.

“My turn”, she says, smiling as she licks the rest of his cum from her lips.

As he moves to lie down next to her, she reaches over for her bag. She pulls out a huge cucumber, fat and long and smooth.

“I know you wanted to see this show as part of our experiment,” she says as she holds it up for his inspection. “I’m really going to enjoy performing for you and then I want you to use it on me.”

“Not a fucking problem,” he thinks to himself.

She tries to put the produce in her mouth, but can barely get the tip in as it is too large for her. She licks it as she looks into his eyes. She tickles her nipples with it and he watches, fascinated, as her nipples harden. Her areolas are so huge that he’s surprised they are that sensitive. She lies back with her cunny facing him and presses the cucumber to her pussy hole.

“Ahhh,” she sighs; “so good, so cool and hard and real.”

She begins to move it in and out of her and he notices that it isn’t easy as the instrument is so large. He’s mesmerized by the process of her vagina’s expanding to accommodate this thing, but even more amazed at how she can take it in, as more of it disappears inside her with each stroke. She begins to moan and move her hips as she loses herself in the moment, but becomes agitated when she can’t proceed further. She moves up onto her hands and knees with her ass now facing him and inserts the vegetable into herself once again, but this time using the mattress for leverage, so that she can ride it like a cock. She moves up and down on it, feeling it going deeper and deeper inside her.

He begins to stroke himself unconsciously and is surprised to realize that he is rock hard again ka├žak bahis already.

“I want to do that to you,” he says as he moves to take over.

She’s thinking he wants to fuck her, so she’s surprised when he takes the huge green play-cock and starts stroking her with it, while at the same time pulling on himself.

“I think I like you being such a slut,” he tells her; “you excite me like nothing I’ve experienced in a long time.”

“Then quit fucking around with that cucumber and give me your cock, you bastard. Fuck your whore like a good boy.”

That’s all it takes for him to find total abandon. He tosses the cucumber aside and grabs her hips as he plunges into her hot hole. He pumps her and thrusts as hard and deep as he can.

“You’re gonna be my slut for a long time.”

He slaps her ass hard and she’s further excited by it.

She is enraptured by him. He’s the only man she’s ever been able to be her true nasty self with and he accepts her just as she is.

“Oh yeah baby, keep fucking me. Fuck me hard,” she begs.

“I’m going to do more than that. I’m going to fuck your ass and you’re going to like it.”

“Oh God,” she cries, suddenly afraid that he’s going to ruin everything.

He grabs the cucumber again and gives it to her, telling her to use it on her pussy. He’s pleased that she does as she’s told, even though he can see that she’s nervous. He’s sorry that he can’t control himself, but he has to have her ass for this experiment to be complete. She said she didn’t like it, but he’s got to know for sure. He leans over her back as she fucks herself with the instrument and he rubs the outer lips over her clit, the way he knows she likes it. He bites her shoulder and whispers in her ear

“If you want to be my slut, you have to take it in the ass.”

He hears her cry in surrender.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t do anything you don’t want but you have to let me try.”

She’s sobbing and whimpering, but he senses her submission.

He positions himself and plays at her asshole with the tip of his cock, preparing her and getting her asshole to open for him. He moves into her slowly, waiting for any sign of pain or fear from her. He notices that she seems to be lost in the moment, pumping herself with the cucumber and simply feeling the sensation of him entering her ass. He allows himself to slide all the way in and throws his head back at the sensation. The forbidden fruit of her tight little ass is his now as she wiggles and moans beneath him. He pulls her hair back to get her to rise up to him and as she looks at him with half-open eyes, he kisses her for the first time; a hard merciless kiss as he bites her lips and thrusts his tongue in her mouth.

“You fuck me so good my lovely little slut. You make me so very happy.” He strokes her ass as he looks down to see her use the produce on herself and he pounds her faster and harder and so deep, his balls are slapping against her pussy. This is wild abandon. This is complete sexual freedom and he exults in the moment of extreme fucking.

Much to his surprise, he feels her ass tighten and pulse and he’s thrilled to see her put her head down. He hadn’t believed she’d be able to cum this way from what she’d said, but she was once again like a wildcat in the throws of her ecstasy. She screams at him to please keep fucking her and not to stop. He does his best to fuck her as long as he can, but the ultimate release into her ass is too tempting to withhold. He lets his nut go and feels his cum stream out. As he pulls out of her sweet ass, he enjoys the show of the cucumber still halfway in her pussy and his own white cream leaking from her ass and down onto her crack. God this was the hottest sex he’d had in he didn’t know how long.

She’d never believed she would actually be able to feel a man cum inside her. She’d never felt it in her pussy, but she definitely felt it in her ass. She’d been so afraid it wouldn’t feel good or that the double penetration would confuse her senses, so that she wouldn’t be able to cum. And yet, it was the most erotic experience of her life. Not only did his cock in her ass feel good, but she could feel his jet and it led her to yet another climax. She couldn’t believe this was possible, but she knew she still wasn’t sated. This man had lifted her to a level of arousal that she had never felt before and she knew that there was a level of sexual connection bordering on the perverse, which she wanted to reach. She knew there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him, to him, with him and she wanted this feeling to go on. If this was submission, then so be it. She was powerless against him and she wanted him to keep pleasuring her at all costs.

No, they both accepted that the experiment was not over. It was just waiting for the next chapter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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