The Dream

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Group Sex

Thanks to vella_ms for inspiring me to such heights of… er… fancy.

She claims she comes to me in dreams. On line, each morning, she teases. “Remember last night? What we did?”

I never remember, but when I wake my sheets are soaked and crumpled. Yesterday morning, there was whipped cream on them. And the taste of it, and her was in my mouth.

“Tonight,” I decide, “is going to stay in my mind.”

Slipping into bed, I chant to myself, “Remember this time. She’ll be here. Make it a time neither of us will forget.” I harden at the promise of her coming to me yet again.

My eyes snap open. She’s there. I don’t know how, or care, but I can feel the heat of her standing just behind me. The smell of her arousal permeates my nostrils.

I’ve never had a woman come to me before. And that just being here excites her is the icing on the cake. I’m still hard, and harden some more at her presence.

I can sense her eyes running over the sheets as she recalls what I look like, taste like, smell like. A soft moan fills the air as her memories sweep through her body.

A quick roll on my back and I wrap one arm around her waist; the other goes between her legs to grab that lovely ass. I pull her to me, setting her across my lap. Her soft skin is warm against me. She can feel my erection pressing against her back. Her silky tits are squeezed to my chest.

Bending, I lick along the tattoo imprinted on her shoulder, following it lower. She squirms her delight. The centre finger of my right hand strokes her sensitive asshole. In response she wraps her arms around me and shivers.

Pulling her away, I lick around the aureola of her left breast, then lightly sink my canines into the nipple. I know she likes pain, and the sharp sensation throws her head back with a thin gasp. I can feel a small gush of wetness where my forearm rests on her pussy.

I cradle her head with my left hand and draw her lips to mine. My tongue runs deep into her mouth. As my chuckle resonates in her chest, she plays her tongue against mine. Her hands grip my head and pulls as if she never wants to let go. My skin grows warm and slick at her passion.

I break the kiss and grin at her. “Good evening, gorgeous lady. You didn’t think you would catch me by surprise every night, did you?”

She simply smiles back, unworried over who does the taking as long as it happens.

I lift her off me, roll away and place her on her back, at the warm spot where I was lying. “Lie still, beautiful. I’m going to be awhile. If you move, you’ll be too tired to see this through to the end.” I harden my voice. “And I would be unhappy if you couldn’t finish.”

She shivers slightly at my tone of command. Orders turn her on.

I move to her feet and take a big toe in my mouth. Laving it, I apply a hard sucking pressure, then nip it with my teeth. My left hand strokes her stomach, just above her soft hair. My right pets the sole of the foot I’m working on. A gulping “mmm” comes from her and I can feel the muscles of her tummy pulse.

Moving on to her other toes, I repeat the treatment. Her gasps and moans become constant and louder.

Once I’m done with her toes, I move my mouth to the soles of her feet. I grip her ankle and run the edges of my front teeth along the arch of a foot. She hisses in pleasure and tries to pull that foot away from the intense thrill.

I give a light slap to her stomach. “Lie still! This is my night and I want you still.”

“I’m sorry sir,” comes the reply, her voice thin with lust, “but you’re making it so hard.”

“I don’t care for excuses. Do what you’re told.”

“Yes sir.”

I leave her feet and start up her lovely legs. So smooth and firm they are, a swimmer’s legs. My mouth and hands go back and forth, slowly higher and higher. As I close on her cunt, I can smell the hot liquid seeping from her. It’s delightful. If I could make an incense of that odour, I would be a rich man. Then I feel satisfaction knowing it’s just for me.

I quite deliberately bypass those wet, warm lips. She mewls in disappointment. I smile. She has no idea how much longer she’ll have to wait. Soon the waiting will be agony for her. Which will turn her on even more. As I’ve explained, she likes pain.

Once past her pussy, I kiss at the skin over her right hip joint. The skin is so sensitive there. I run the edge of a finger nail across the same spot on the left. I can hear her sob at the exquisite touch. The smell of her intensifies ever so little.

Upwards I go. I swab my tongue across her stomach. I can feel her muscles vibrate under illegal bahis the salt tasting skin. Onwards. I float over the ribs, tracing each one with lips and fingers. She swallows to keep her passion from exploding.

Now I’ve reached her lovely tits. Those firm, glorious, tasty breasts. I lick around the base of them, then sweep up the space between. The bristles from my beard brush her skin and I can hear the tiny sound of the sheets crumpling as she gathers them in her tightly clenched fists. I lick up to the peak of one breast and suck the hard nipple into my mouth. My fingers roll the other one between them. Her mouth opens wide to draw in a long, gasping breath.

I gather both mounds in my hands and press them together. Her nipples are close enough for me to work them both at once. Which I do. A soft bang is heard. She has thrown her legs wide and one has bounced off the wall.

Breaking contact, I grab her legs roughly and drag them back together. “What did I tell you?”

“Oh,” she pants. “Not to move, sir. I couldn’t help myself, sir. You’re so good to me. No one plays with me like you. I lose myself, sir, and I move without knowing.”

I lie down on my side next to her. She turns her head to look at me. I stroke her stomach and lightly kiss those soft lips. “Forgiven, since it’s my fault. So, you like what I do?”

“Oh yes, sir. You toy with me, excite me, make me want. You make me beg. I want you now, sir. I’ve had all the teasing I need. I’m ready for you. Take me now.”

“As that movie line goes, ‘You call that begging?’ I’m just getting started. When I’m done, it won’t be your body or mind begging, it will be your soul. The only thing you’ll want is me, inside you. Sleep, air, water, food; these will no longer be your concern. All you’ll want is me.”

Her eyes widen and glaze at my threat, and promise. Her mouth drops as she realizes this will cost her soul. And she wants it, the final submission.

I roll her on her front. “Remember to lie still,” I order.

I take her arms and put them under the pillow her head rests on. “I’m making sure you don’t rush yourself. Until I tell you, your hands stay where they are.” I see the muscles in her back quiver and her ass cheeks clench. My commands alone are enough to heighten her lust.

I move down to her feet again and repeat my ministrations. Toes are played with, soles stroked, legs petted and kissed. By the time I reach her ass, her skin is awash with sweat.

Taking her cheeks in my hands I squeeze them hard, then push them together to put pressure on her asshole. Pulling them apart, I lower my head and run my tongue around her pucker. With a loud “ah!” she pushes her ass up, trying to propel me into her.

I lift my head and give her bottom a stinging smack, then another to the opposite cheek. A sudden yelp comes from her. “Oh, I’m so sorry sir, so sorry. It was so good, so nice, so sexy. I didn’t mean to.”

“I’m not always this forgiving. Follow orders and I won’t have to do it again.”

“Yes sir.”

Spreading her cheeks again, I place my tongue at her rose and shove it inside. Her lubrication has run here, giving her asshole an extra lovely taste. She trembles at the sensation. A high keen emerges from her throat. I smile inside. I can tell she passing beyond the boundaries of rational thought. “Soon,” I think.

I leave her ass. Lifting my head I tell her, “Use your hands sweetheart. You can play with yourself if you wish. But don’t lose it. You’ll come when I tell you.”

Her arms come out from under the pillow. The left snakes under her torso to fidget with her tits. Her right hand goes to her ass and starts to fondle the spot I’ve been worshipping. Then it pushes between her legs to stroke her soaked cunt.

I move my tongue and hands up her back, tantalizing the nerves there. I’m hurrying a little. I am almost as impatient as she is.

As I reach her shoulders, I can feel her body start to shake. “Take your hands away from your body. You can stop now. You’re about to disobey, and I would rather you didn’t.”

Her groan as she obeys communicates frustration, lust and desire to me. I lean over and give her a loving kiss. She hardly responds, she has such a tight grip on her emotions.

“Such a delightful woman you are,” I tell her. “Passionate, beautiful, horny and obedient. There’s none finer than you.”

“Thank you sir,” she whispers. “I’m glad I please you. You’re the most wonderful man I’ve given myself to. You balance yourself so well against my needs. You inflame them, you stoke my fire, you bring out all of me. I illegal bahis siteleri never want to leave.”

“You will. We have our own lives. But tonight is ours.”

I move her on her back. Then I reach down, pull up her left leg and place it in the hand on that side. The same action is performed on the right. With her legs back and apart, her cunt is displayed to my adoring gaze. It’s soaked with her hot fluids, the lips engorged and her clit hard. The slit pulses, opening and closing with the need I’ve fed to her.

Sticking out my tongue, I lick, oh so lightly, up her lips. I can hear her hair swish across the pillow as she rolls her head back. I move back down and then wash the thin strip of skin between her pussy and asshole. My hands stroke her thighs. There is a tattoo on the inside of her left thigh and I trace the outline of it.

A gurgle of pure ecstasy comes from her. The muscles in her thighs are so tense they feel hard as iron.

I stop and look up at her. For several seconds she’s lost in her delirious haze. Finally, she raises her head to look at me.

“You can let yourself go now,” I tell her. And with that I lower my mouth to her clit, suck it between my lips and move my tongue across it.

Her orgasm freezes her in space and time. All I can feel is a light quivering of her legs against my head and the flow of liquid from her pussy. The quivers increase in intensity until her body suddenly lets go. A wail sounds from her and her hips start to pump.

I can feel her climax end and almost instantly another starts. She reaches down and grabs my head, digging fingernails into my scalp. She gives voice to a stream of inarticulate moans, gasps, and cries.

As this come ends, I put a finger into her. I curl it slightly and stroke across the passion spot inside her.

A third eruption washes through her. She wriggles wildly as her nerves fire in random order. Fresh heat runs from her to soak my sheets some more. A string of one syllable words issues from her throat, letting me know how happy she is, “Oh, sir, sir, more, give, good, good, good, more, sir, more, more, shit…”

I take my lips and fingers away from her. Slowly, so very slowly, she stops coming. Her passion is so great, it carries her along even without my help.

Finally she lies still, soaked in sweat, panting and whimpering. Her body twitches as lingering pulses of bliss course through her. Her eyes are closed and her face is suffused with euphoria.

I grit my teeth. There’s nothing more sexy than a woman caught in the after glow. I want to throw myself on her, ride her to the finish. But that would be less than she deserves.

Standing up I ask, “Did you like that?”

She swallows, then works her mouth. But no words come out. She closes it again and concentrates. It seems that language is a stranger to her now, so deep have I taken her into her primeval self.

“It was perfect, sir.” Her sweet voice comes out in an unearthly murmur. “I needed to come so bad. And I came so good. Thank you, sir.”

“No need to thank me yet. That was more foreplay. We’re at the final event now.”

Her eyes open and look at me. Her twitching stops as her craving climbs again.

I lean down and pull her to her knees. I turn her towards me, place my hands under her ass and lift her from the bed. I raise her until her waist is against my chest. She wraps her legs around me, takes my head in her hands and kisses me, hard. I respond the same way. It seems that it is not just our mouths that are joined, but our souls. The lines between us blur as our passion for each other soars.

I lower her slowly and she leaves a slick down my chest. Suddenly she feels my erection at her entrance. Breaking our kiss with a gasp, she stares into my eyes. Hers are blazing with need.

“Oh, sir, sir. I need you in me. I have to have it. I want your cock in me, pounding in me, spreading my lips. Oh God, sir. Don’t deny me any longer. Don’t tease any more. Fuck me sir, fuck me long and hard!”

I lower her a little bit. My prick pushes past her lips with no problem. She’s so wet. And wanting.

She throws her head back, digs her fingers into my shoulders. “Yes! Yes, sir. That’s it. I feel you in me, sir. So good. It makes me whole. More sir, more. Make me complete. Make me yours.”

I lower her the rest of the way. Every millimeter of me is inside. I move my hands to her ass and hold her tight, not allowing her to move her hips. She wraps her arms around my shoulders to keep herself in position. I can feel her ass muscles working try to get her hips canlı bahis siteleri to move. I can feel her cunt pulsing around my cock.

Working muscles of my own, I make my prick swell in time to the rhythm of her twat.

She gasps, “Sir, let me move. I need to move. I need to feel you, going back and forth, in and out, feeding yourself to me. I want to move. Oh please, please, sir.”

I put my hands under her legs. Instantly, she starts to pump. Long , swift and hard are her movements. She is riding me, riding me to her joy.

“So good, sir. I love it. A perfect fit. God, it’s good. I’m yours, sir. As long and as hard as you want. Any time you want.”

I’m washing her neck and shoulders with kisses. I run my teeth along her tattoo. This drives her on. She starts to lose her language skills again.

“Good. God. Sir. Fuck. More. Good. Good. Good.”

I wet a finger in the heated liquids running from her. Moving it to her asshole, I stroke lightly around the ring of flesh there.

She leans her torso back and slams her hips down, taking me all the way in. She looks into my eyes. They gaze at somewhere other than here. Her cunt snaps on my prick as she loses herself in her orgasm. I lean over and take a sweaty tit in my mouth. Her head rolls back and a lust filled groan issues from her.

She wilts as her climax ends. She is as limp as a rag doll. Realizing I can’t hold her up any more, I lower us to the bed. Gently I kiss her face, stroke her skin, fondle her ass and legs. The actions goad her back to the world. She opens lust filmed eyes and she smiles at me.

“Thank you sir. You’re so good to me. You always give me what I need.”

I pull out a little, then push back in. Her eyes flutter and she sighs as the passion start to fill her again.

“And you still want, don’t you?” I ask, repeating my movement in her.

“Oh. Oh,” is all she can manage.

“Well? You do want me again, do you not?” I move again, pushing in with more force this time.

“Sir. Yes, sir. Please don’t stop. I said I needed you and I do. I always will. Give it to me, sir. Long and hard. Please!” The last word was spoken with utter desperation. Spoken from her soul.

“I told you that you would beg properly.” And I start to fuck her, thoroughly, completely, finally. My hips slam into her in a mind shattering rhythm. Her legs wrapped around me and she pulled herself into my thrusts. I gather her in my arms feeling her wet, warm skin against my chest; her diamond hard nipples digging into me.

It’s my turn to rant. “God woman. You are so fine. Wonderful. Beautiful. Horny. Hot. Tasty. The best. Anytime. Anywhere. Always.”

My words push her over the edge. She shakes in my arms as she comes. I can feel her lust sluice over my prick. Her muscles squeeze at it. Her fingernails dig at my back and she squeals her happiness in my ear.

I don’t stop. I’m chasing after my own orgasm now. It’s very near. I work my hips harder. My body has been denied too long.

As her orgasm ends, she looks into my eyes. “Close?” she asks.

“Yes,” I gasp back.

She starts to meet my hips again. “Do it! That’s what I want. All of you inside. Do it. Do it. Do it!”

Standing up on my arms, I shoot into her with a bellow. Her eyes open wide at the feeling of my hot semen streaming into her. Then the whites show, her eyes roll back, and she comes as well.

I collapse and grasp her tightly to me. I’m still coming and so is she. We move together as one person, feeling the utter joy of the moment. We ride the wave of exquisite bliss we generate in each other.

After a long time, but too soon, we are able to stop. All we can do is pant, and bask in the feel of each other. Gathering what little strength I have, I kiss her hair, her eyes, her lips.

“Are you happy?” I ask.

Somehow, she snuggles closer. “More than I’ve ever been. You’re the man who knows me best. Knows what I want and need. You’re never anything but unselfish. I always come first. With you, I’ll never be anything but happy.”

I can feel sleep pulling me down. “Will you be here in the morning?”

“No. As you said, we have our own lives.”

The world fades away.

“And this is just a dream,” is the last thing I hear.


I wake up and I’m alone.

“Damn,” I think, “It was just a dream.”

But the sheets are a mess, rumpled and soaked with fluids, not all of them mine. There are smells besides mine as well.

“Quite a dream then. My imagination is more vivid than I thought. And best of all, I remember. All of it.”

The memory makes me smile. I never thought a dream could be so satisfying.

After breakfast, I go to my computer and start writing. “I don’t want to forget.”

And I know, there will be another dream tonight.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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