The Dirty Old Man Ch. 07

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Ch. 7 – Another Sex Partner Visits.

On the 7th, I receive two emails plus several from my fiance’.

One from Ellen thanking me for the week of training and the other one from a very young lady, compared to me anyway, from Oklahoma named Sue. Sue, who is young enough to be my granddaughter (probably in her early 30s), wants to meet me for a possible weekend. She’s divorced and also fed up with men her age. She says she likes older men and wants a date.

I email her and tell her about Vanessa and also explain about the open marriage and dating before the marriage. I don’t hear from her for three days but then I receive an email.


“John, I’m very surprised with your situation with your fiance’ Vanessa. I thought about it for a while and I still want to meet you for a date. I’m not promising any sex but I’ve followed you a long time on Facebook and I am interested in you. Since I haven’t dated in nearly 6 months, it’s time to get back out there and I want to start with you. I realize that you are taken but I’d still like to meet and spend time with a gentleman for a change. I’d like to meet you in Illinois if possible. Let me know. Looking forward to meeting you, Sue.”


I write back giving her my physical address and tell her I’m generally available any weekend until October 10th or so. I tell her I have a spare bedroom or she can stay at a motel 12 miles from my house. I offer to send her money for the trip and to pay for the hotel room.


“John, I thank you for the offer of money for the trip. I’ll take the gas money but I will stay with you. I trust you not to push me into sex if I don’t want it. If you can get me the travel money soon, I’ll travel on the Sept 15. It should take me awhile to get there, so I should arrive late on that evening. Looking forward to meeting you. Sue.”


I send the money out the next day overnight. The following day she emails me that it arrived and I should expect her late on Sept 15th.

Illinois, Sept 14th.

Vanessa calls at 8pm and we have a hour long Skype masturbation session. She has bought another dildo and has it vibrating in her pussy as she fucks herself in the ass with the other dildo. I’m fascinated as I jack myself off. At the end of the session I tell her I’ve got someone coming over this weekend so I’ll see her Monday. She looks kind of sad. I tell her “Woman, I love you and nobody is going to take your place, I promise.”

She says “Okay, I’m sorry I’m jealous. I haven’t been able to find anyone to have sex with me while you seem to have to beat them off with a stick.”

“Honey, have you talked with Joan?”

“No, babe, I haven’t.”

“Please talk to her. I’m sure Joan can set up a threesome which includes you. I really want you to do this.”

She says “Okay, honey, I’ll talk with Joan.”

I tell her I love her and she tells me she loves me. I tell her I’ll be there around October 12th with bells on. She throws me a kiss and we hang up.

Illinois, Sept 15th.

Sue arrives at 10:35pm. Sue is wearing tight blue jeans and fairly tight white blouse. She’s a gorgeous brunette with shoulder length brown hair and has a rocking body. I’m guessing her breasts are 36C and she has a very shapely ass with a very thin waist. She could pass as a very hot college coed except she’s in her thirties. Like most women on Facebook, she doesn’t have her year of birth listed so I don’t know exactly how old she is. But she did post one time that she was in her early 30s.

We kiss. She’s beat from the long drive. I’m not very horny anyway plus I don’t want to press her into anything. Would I love to have her in my bed…..hell yeah, she’s hot as hell? I show her the spare bedroom and ask if she needs anything. I get her a glass of ice tea. I ask if she wants to take a bath or shower before she goes to bed. She says she too tired and wants to go right to bed. I kiss her and close the bedroom door. She’s down for the night.


Vanessa’s diary: “Dear diary, September 15th. One month from me becoming Mrs. John Andrews. I can’t wait. I’m really starting to get on edge and anxious. I hope John doesn’t change his mind. I don’t think he’s like the others. He keeps his promises. This next 30 days better hurry up and pass.

I talked with Joan today and she’s working on a threesome for us. She knows a guy who will probably participate. I’m a little anxious about it but still looking forward to it. Plus John wants me to do this.”


Illinois, Sept 16th

I’m up at 8am and downstairs 15 minutes later. I have breakfast and sit on the front porch. At 9:10am, Sue comes downstairs and sees the door to the front porch open. She walks out and smiles. “John, thanks for letting me sleep. I feel much better although I’m a little sore. I would like to take that hot bath now, if possible.” canlı bahis I show her the downstairs bathroom and show her where everything is, then leave her to it.

Half an hour later, she walks back out onto the front porch and says “Thanks, John. I really needed that soak. I’m feeling great now. I’d like some breakfast though. I’m really hungry.”

“What would you like?”

“Scrambled eggs and bacon with toast will be fine.”

I walk into the kitchen and fix her breakfast. She eats and I have a glass of ice tea with her. When she’s done, she thanks me and gives me a kiss. I open my mouth and she sticks her tongue in and we tongue wrestle for a while. She stands up and says “Yum, I liked that John.”

“I liked it too. Would you like to do that again?” She laughs and French kisses me again.

“Now I’m starting to get aroused,” she says.

I smile at her. “Good,” I say. She smiles back.

We talk the entire morning. We’re really enjoying each other. I’ve got her laughing quite a bit. I fix a salad for lunch at noon and we eat on the porch, talking. We talk all afternoon. We’ve got a lot in common so it’s really easy to talk to each other. She’s got a great sense of humor. She tells me she’s not concerned with the age difference. “As a matter of fact, I’m really enjoying just talking with you. It’s very refreshing not to have to fight off the roaming hands. It’s nice to be with a gentleman for once. Although, that arrangement you have with….Vanessa is it…is really strange to me. Kind of wish you were available though. I could really get into you. I could really kick myself. Months ago when you first posted that you were a widower, I thought of approaching you via Facebook messaging. I gave it a couple of months to allow you to grieve but I kept putting it off. I wish now I would have contacted you. I would have loved to be your girlfriend, unfortunately for me, Vanessa beat me to you.”

I thank her for her kind words.

It’s time for supper. I go take a quick shower and then we dress for supper. I take her out to a nice 50s style diner that has the best food within 30 miles. We enjoy supper and the conversation. Once back at my place, we watch TV sitting next to each other and holding hands. At 9pm, she looks at me, excuses herself and goes up stairs. I think she may be going to bed but she didn’t say anything. At 9:10pm, she yells down the stairs for me to come up to help her.

I walk up the stairs and look into the spare bedroom. She’s not there. I walk into the Master bedroom and she’s in my bed with the sheet pulled over her. “John, would you like to join me?” Instant erection!!!

I walk over to her and sit on the bed. “Sue, what are you doing?”

“I really like you, John. It’s been a while since I had sex other than masturbation and I’m very attracted to you. And I’m so happy that you haven’t tried anything with me. That is one of the reasons I’m so attracted to you. You are a gentleman and I really like that. I want you to make love to me….or should I say I want you to fuck the hell out of me. I really need it.”

“Sue, are you sure about this?” She throws the sheet off. And I look in surprise at her beautiful tits. “Wow, Sue, you are one beautiful woman and such beautiful breasts.”

“Thanks, John. Please join me.” I get undressed in record time. I’m rock hard already. Sue smiles. She says “Wow, John, you must go the the gym a lot. Nice body.”

I slip my arm around her and French kissed her, exploring her mouth and tongue. We kiss for several minutes and I tell her how beautiful she is again. She tells me she thinks I’m handsome but she’s very nervous. I kiss her again and then start kissing her ears and neck. She’s starting to moan. She says “Oh, yes, John. That’s so nice.”

I kiss from her left shoulder across her collar bones to her other shoulder. I take her right hand in mine and kiss her palm and then up the inside of her arm. I move back to her neck. I kiss her neck and then start kissing down the middle of her chest and between her nice breasts. I kiss down to her belly button where I linger for a little while. I then kiss down to her pubic mound. She’s moaning loudly the whole time. I move back up and give her another long French kiss. “John, that’s wonderful. I’m getting hot!”

“Sweetie, you will get much more turned on that this.”

I kiss her again and then move back down the middle of her chest to just between her breasts. I then kiss her beautiful breasts all over, but not her nipples. After several minutes, she’s groaning in frustration because I’m not licking her nipples. I smile to myself. I continue to kiss around her breasts and she continues to groan. I say “What’s wrong, Sue?”

“Please, John……Please.”

“Please what, gorgeous?”

“Please touch my nipples….please.”

I immediately take her right nipple in my mouth and suck on it. She squeals. I caress her left nipple now too and she starts growling deep in her throat. I alternate between her nipples sucking and pinching them with my lips. She’s starting to move her hips now. bahis siteleri I kiss down her abdomen now and when I reach her pubic mound she starts to pant, “Oh, oh, oh god, oh, god, yesssss.”

I move to her shaved outer labia and lick them up and down and she’s squirming now. I lightly bite the inside of her right thigh and she yelps. I do the same to her left thigh and she yelps again. I move back to her labia. I spread them apart and begin to lick her inner lips. A few times up and down on her inner lips and I grab the right inner lip with my lips and pull it. I pull on her left lip. She groaning deep in her throat now. “God, John, that feels sooooo good.”

I begin to tongue-fuck her pussy and she covers her mouth and screams. Her hips won’t stay still. She trying to fuck my face now but I stay with it. I move up and begin sucking her clit. She screams again. I run my tongue back and forth over her clit while I’m sucking it and she starts to cum. “Ohhhhhhhhh, Johnnnnnnn, ohhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkk. yessssssssssssssssss.”

I keep sucking her clit. I reach up and squeeze both her nipples and she hits another peak. Finally, she pushes me away from her pussy. “Oh, my God, John, that was awesome. I’ve never had such a deep and long orgasm.”

“The night’s not over my dear.” And I begin to work on her to get her off again. Within minutes she moaning again.

As I’m eating her pussy again she says “God, John, I need your cock inside me, please!”

I jump up and slip a condom on. I then begin slipping my cock into her. She’s wet as hell so it slides in pretty easily. She says “Ohhhhh, yeahhhh! That’s what I need!”

As I begin moving in and out she raps her legs around me and starts to pull me into her. She’s really a very hot, sexy woman and she’s definitely a good fuck. About 5 minutes into the fuck, she raps her arms and legs tightly around me and starts to cum again. She continues to cum as I continue to fuck her. About seven minutes into it I pull out and tell her to get on her hands and knees. I shove it into her in one quick stroke. She grunts loudly.

I fuck her for another three minutes and she begins to cum again and I penetrate her asshole with my thumb. It’s only in up to one knuckle because there was no lube and she’s really tight. She hits another peak and screams into the pillow. I continue to fuck her pussy and about a minute later I begin to orgasm too. She hits another peak feeling my cock pulse in her pussy.

After a couple of minutes, I pull out of her and lay down beside her. I rub her back down to her ass and back for a few more minutes. She finally starts to move and lays down beside me. “Thank you, John. That was the most awesome fuck I ever had. I don’t know how many orgasm I had. Wow! And I enjoyed the finger in my ass during the orgasm. I never had such an intense orgasm. Please do that again whenever you want.”

“Thank you for contacting me. You, young lady, are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever had sex with. Young, vibrant, hot body and such a beautiful pussy. It’s a pleasure to lick it. Thank you.”

“John, could I have the condom?”


She reaches over and removes the condom. “This is why.” She reverses it, sticks it in her mouth and sucks all my cum out of it and swallows it.


“I do that for the men that I really care about. You’ve been so great tonight that I always want to eat your cum. I like cum and it’s just something I like to do with the men I care about.” She then cleans off my cock. “Wow! Your cum is really tasty.”

We lie down together and cuddle. “John, can I sleep in here tonight?”

“If you want, there’s plenty of room.”

We lie there cuddling and touching each other. Finally, she kisses me good night and we fall asleep in each other arms.

Illinois, Sept 17th.

We wake up together and kiss each other. She says “Last night was awesome. Thank you again.”

“We’ve still got tonight right?”

“Yes, of course, as a matter of fact I could stay tomorrow too. I took a week’s vacation but I think I’ll take it easy going back and take two days to get back home. It was a hard trip out, I’m not use to driving so far. But I can stay tomorrow too if you’d like.”

“Are you kidding? I’d love to have to another day and night to make love to you.”

“Oooooo, that sounds like fun.”

We hug and French kiss. I say “Let’s shower. I’m feeling a little funky.”

“Me too.” We head for the shower and we wash each other. I wash her first and after I’m finished I kneel before her and begin licking her pussy.

“Oh, God, John!” I continue until she’s breathing very hard. I suck her clit into my mouth, slip two fingers into her pussy and begin finger-fucking her. Within a couple minutes, she says “Oh, John, I’m cummmmmmmming!”

I keep her cumming for over a minute and then pull my fingers out of her. I have to hold her up for a while because her legs are giving way. Once she’s standing on her own, I stand up. She latches on to me and kisses me. “Wow! Wait until I get my legs back, I’m going to suck the cum out of bahis şirketleri that cock.”

She holds onto me for several more minutes and then she kneels in front of me. She takes my cock in her mouth and starts to suck me. She is good but not quite as good as Vanessa, although I don’t tell her that. She sucking me and playing with my balls. After four minutes she starts to stroke me while sucking me and I don’t last another minute before I cum in her mouth. She opens her mouth to show me my cum and then she swallows it. She licks her lips and kisses me. I slip my tongue into her mouth and she looks at me surprised.

I take her out to a local mall for some shopping. I buy her a few things including a sexy outfit from Victoria’s Secret. We spend the afternoon shopping, talking and walking hand in hand. I did notice several people looking at us. Old man with a hot young woman. Hah! Suck it guys. We grab lunch at the mall and later stop at a local restaurant for supper.

Back at my place, she says “John, let’s take a shower again. I’m kind of sticky from all the walking in the mall.”

“How about I turn the hot tub on and we enjoy that for a while. It won’t take long to get to temperature.”


Fifteen minutes later we are soaking in the hot tub.

We soak, kiss and fondle each other for twenty minutes. “Sue, let’s get out, I’m about medium well done right now.”

She laughs and says “Yeah, I was just going to say something. I’m really hot too.”

“Yes, you are.” And I kiss her again. We head for the shower, mainly to cool down a little. We wash each other and continue to kiss and touch each other. After the shower, we dry each other off and walk naked up to the bedroom hand in hand.

“On your back gorgeous. I’m going to get you off a couple of times.”

She smiles, lays down and spreads her legs out wide. I stand at the bottom of the bed, lick my lips and think “God, I’m so lucky. I’m going to remember this year for the rest of my life.”

I crawl up to her, my cock is hard already. She says “I see you are ready.” I smile and begin by sucking and licking her toes and feet. She is surprised and says “Oh, my……….that feels strange but it also feels good. Oh, I like that.”

I continue licking and sucking her toes. After a while, I kiss and lick up her legs. I kiss around her pussy and blow on it, she moans. I continue kissing around her pussy but not touching it. I move higher kissing my way up to her beautiful breasts. I again kiss around her nipples. She moans when I don’t immediately go for her nipples. “Please, John.”

Eventually, I get to her nipples and lick, suck and nibble on them both. She’s moaning loudly now. I kiss and lick down her beautiful, flat abdomen to her pubic mound. I begin to lick and suck her outer labia, running my tongue up and down them both. After a couple of minutes of attention to her outer lips, I spread her pussy and start the licking, sucking and pulling her inner lips. She can’t stay still now and she continues to moan loudly. “Hmmmmmm, God that feels good, John. Sooooo Goooood.”

When I begin to tongue-fuck her pussy, she lets out a loud squeal. I tongue-fuck her for a couple of minutes, then insert two fingers into her wet pussy. I begin sucking her clit which is hard and sticking out as I finger-fuck her. In less than a minute she start to cum, screaming. I continue sucking her clit and finger-fucking her and she keeps cumming. She cums for over two minutes and then pushes me away from her pussy. “Stop, John, please, it’s too much now.”

I crawl up beside her and give her a big kiss, sticking my tongue into her mouth. She kisses me back and we tongue wrestle for quite a while. She reaches down and grabs my hard cock. “I want this inside me, John. Fuck me, now!”

I smile at her and say “When you’re ready, climb on top of me and fuck me.”

She sits up and moves down to suck my cock which is already so hard it hurts. She goes down and starts to lick and suck my balls and ball sack. Man, it feels good. After a couple of minutes of torturing me, I hand her a condom and she puts it on me. She crawls up onto me and sits down on my cock. Wow, she is surprisingly tight for a woman in her 30s. Does it feel good! She leans forward and French kisses me. When we break the kiss, she starts to move up and down on my cock. I begin playing with her hot tits and nipples. She begins moaning almost immediately. “John, this feels amazing.”

I French kiss her again and move my hands down her body eventually stopping at her ass cheeks. I’m rubbing and squeezing her ass cheeks as she’s fucking me. It is amazing. She’s got a hot beach body. I can see why the young guys can’t keep their hands off her. But you’ve got to romance a woman. She’s not a piece of meat to use to get you off.

I start to rub her clit. Within a couple minutes, she begins to cum again. I’m trying my best not to cum but it’s hard. Her vaginal muscles are tight to start with and now they’re squeezing the hell out of my cock. But I manage to hold off. She continues to fuck me and she is going from orgasm peak to orgasm peak. After a while, she stops fucking and rests on my chest. I let her stay that way for a couple of minutes and then say “Let’s change positions. Get on your hands and knees.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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