The Devil Made Me Do Him

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Christine, Donna, Terri and Tom are all real people that I know. This is a complete work of fiction from the author’s erotic imagination. I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing this.

The Devil Made Me Do Him

Chapter One

It was billed to be the biggest Halloween party in the area, and I along with a few of my girlfriends from work decided it would be a fun night out. So our costume planning was in full swing by the second week of October. We met after work at one of the fantasy costume shops in the city.

Friday, October 10th, 5:30pm

“This place is huge!” Exclaimed Christine. As she was unable to contain her excitement. “I’ll catch up with you girls later!” She chimed as she tore off down the aisle towards the back of the store.

I laughed out loud and winked to the rest of my entourage and said. “Well ladies, what are we waiting for?” As we all went our separate ways to find that perfect costume.

I headed right for the accessories aisle, as I already had a handle on the clothing portion of my costume. My body suit was coming from Fredrick’s of Hollywood, and I already had the red leather skirt, fishnet stockings and gloves. As I was scanning the theatrical make-up looking for that perfect accompaniment to what would be my sexy she-devil costume, I did not notice I was being watched. When he moved closer and asked if I needed any help finding anything was when I finally noticed him. He was young, quite handsome and dressed in all black. His turtleneck fit his well-sculpted upper torso to show the outline of every ripped muscle in his chest. He looked to be about his early twenty’s, with jet-black hair and steel blue eyes.

“No, I am just looking around, but thank you for the offer.” Was my reply. He seemed a bit saddened by my ending his need to be near me so soon.

I found the theatrical make-up that I needed and I had already bought the precise shade of drop-dead red lipstick and nail polish the other day. Perfect, I thought to myself, I’m almost done with my costume! I cruised over to the capes and found a red satin number that fell just to my mid-thigh. Then found matching red satin devil horns and a devil pitchfork to complete my shopping for the evening.

Once I was finished, I proceeded to locate the rest of my entourage. Just as I suspected, I found them trying on rental costumes. Donna was modeling her choice, a crushed velvet purple floor length cape with hood worn over a black body suit with a flowing skirt. She was planning on being a maiden of darkness and was going to complete her outfit with a pewter wand encasing a crystal ball. Our applause of approval was answered with a twirl of her cape as she waited to see the other costumes. Terri was next; she was going medieval with a wench’s costume. Her hair was down, something she did not do at work very often, and it cascaded gracefully over her shoulders. Her bodice was snug and accentuated her cleavage.

She stated to us, “I’m going to have to make sure my girls behave at the party!” As she patted the tops of her breasts. We all chuckled at her comment; she was going to be a riot.

“Come on Christine,” shouted Terri, “We are all waiting to see you!”

As Christine exited her changing room everyone got quiet, everyone except me.

I genuflected in front of her and stated, “Forgive me Mother Superior, as I want to sin!”

Everyone knows that Christine is a deeply religious person, and what costume is more fitting than a nun’s habit? She looked so into the part, until that is; she lifted her long habit to show us her virgin white fishnet stockings!

“Hey, I may be a virgin, but I am going out to have great time girls!” She said. Then she turned and looked at me and added, “Well Theresa, it’s your turn to model.”

My smile told it all, “Not tonight girls; I’m just accessorizing tonight. But I will model it before we go to the party. Promise!”

“Well, what are you going as girlfriend?” Prodded Donna.

“Oh, I am going as a she-devil.” Was my cool reply.

Wow, we are really going diverse aren’t we ladies?” Terri chimed. “So, are we going out to dinner tonight or are we just going to stand around here chatting?” She added.

I waited as they changed out of their outfits and then we proceeded to the registers to pay for our purchases. The young stud I met earlier in the make-up aisle was ringing up our items. He was eyeing everyone in my entourage, giving us double and triple takes.

“You ladies find everything okay?” He asked as his eyes caught mine. A group reply of yes with a nod from me was our reply. “The rental costumes can be picked up anytime after 3 o’clock on the 29th.” Another group reply of okay was their response.

As we exited the store we decided on where to go for dinner and finished our night laughing and joking about our fun night to come.

Chapter Two

It had been two weeks since our costume outing, and everyday at lunch we were chatting more and more about our big illegal bahis night out. I had invited everyone over to my house Saturday night, to come and see my costume.

My girlfriends all arrived within a few minutes of each other and soon I would be modeling my Halloween costume for them. I disappeared into my bedroom and began to change into my costume. I could hear the buzz of excitement in the kitchen, as I knew my guests were refreshing their drinks and enjoying the appetizers. I thought to myself that this is going to blow their minds. My outfit consisted of a silky red body suit that snapped in the crotch, as well as, around my neck. It had a keyhole cutout for my cleavage to show off my 44DD’s. My skirt was red leather and cut to mid-thigh; while underneath was a pair of red fishnet stockings. Red boots accented my feet as red fishnet gloves adorned my hands and arms to the elbow. Can you say H-O-T I thought to myself? The cape and horns made the outfit complete. Other than my make-up I had donned everything for my costume.

I opened the bedroom door to find my girlfriends with a look of shock and awe as I exited. My she-devil outfit was a hit! I stepped out into the light a bit more as I twirled around once for them to see the entire ensemble.

“OH MY GOD! You look soooo naughty in that Theresa!” Was Terri’s comment.

“Damn girl! I should have known!” Came Donna’s response.

And Christine could only add, “Where are my rosary beads?”

As I stood with my hand on my hip I ventured. “So you really like it?” I was answered with hoots and hollers from my adoring fans. “ I am so looking forward to this party ladies…it’s going to be great fun!” I added. “Would someone take a picture of me so I can send it to Tom on Halloween?” Donna grabbed the digital camera and had me pose for a few sexy shots. I thanked her and then said, “Let me change again so we can visit some more.”

We had a great time discussing the upcoming event, and wondered how many times we would all get hit on. Our evening came to a close around 11pm as we all hugged and said our goodbyes.

Monday, October 27th, 8:45am

My cell phone rang as I was nearing the end of my commute, and I smiled broadly when I saw who was calling. “Hey baby…good morning!” I chimed as I answered my phone. This was my standard way of answering when Tom calls me.

“Good morning to you too sweetheart.” Was Toms reply. “You still wet for me Theresa?” He asked in his sexy voice that just makes the fire between my thighs go to a second alarm…then a third. My natural instinct is to clutch my pussy muscles by doing kegel exercises. I can feel my hot honey dampening the crotch of my lace, thong panties, as my deeply drawn breath and slight moan give away my present condition. “Mmmmm, very sexy baby.” He says adding. “But don’t cum…not now, and not for the rest of the week either. For I will be up from Thursday through Sunday morning and I want you to explode on my face and tongue as I make you cum until you scream uncle.”

“Really!” Was my excited response. “I didn’t think you’d be up until December baby.”

“Well, you know how my Boston account is and I just happen to need to go to the other accounts in your area. I convinced my boss to let me travel out of Worcester instead of Boston for the rest of my trip.” He explained and continued with. “I’ll be in Boston overnight on the 30th, but the rest of my trip through the 2nd I’ll be sliding my cock so deep inside of you baby my shaft will be white from your sweet cream.”

Through all the lustful feelings running through my body I remember the plans I have already made. “Oh Tom, I have plans for Friday night. There is a Halloween party that a few of the girls from the office and I are going to.” I explain and I venture. “Would you like to go with me?”

Without missing a beat he answers back with a “You got it baby.” And asks. “So what are you going as?”

“I my darling am going as a she-devil.” I reply with a wicked evil grin in my voice.

“Then I will need to get hooked up with a devil costume and quick!” Was his enthusiastic response, as he added. “Oh the night will be fun with you baby. Especially when you realize that the devil made you do him…and he is going to do you…all of you.”

I had already parked my truck in the lot and was squirming in my seat being driven to the edge by his words. He could tell by my breathing that I was so close to cumming for him.

“Give it to me baby girl, let yourself go and give me your sweet honey,” He said seductively continuing with. “Give it all to me. Cover my shaft with your creamy white cum as I fuck your cunt slow and deep…grinding myself deeper into you.”

My mind drifts back to our last evening together; remembering the rape scene we had both been dying to experience together. He had a two-room suite and I was in the bedroom with the door closed. I was “waiting for a friend to arrive” and not expecting what would happen next. The knock upon the door illegal bahis siteleri brought the start of our encounter. I opened it complaining to my friend for making me wait so long. His arm grasped me around the waist as his other hand covered my mouth preventing me from screaming. He forced the door shut with my body pushed face first into it. I could feel the coolness of the door against my face, which was now flushed. He whispered in my ear that no harm would come to me if I cooperated with him. My failed attempts to struggle from his grasp just angered my would-be rapist. He pushed me harder into the door as I felt his hard cock pushing into my ass cheeks. Growling into my ear, “Bitch. I told you to be quiet…are you going to force me to use this?” As he produces a knife in his hand that he removed from my waist having pinned me securely to the door. I froze in fear and shook my head no. He tore my blouse and bra from my body and whispered, “I’ve been watching you for weeks now…teasing me like all you sluts do and now it’s time to pay up bitch.”

I cringed at his words as he turns me and directs me towards the bed he pushes me down face first. Pinning me under his body as he sat across my thighs. I could hear him undoing his jeans and feel him pushing them down from his waist freeing his now engorged cock from it’s confines. I made a motion to squirm out from under him and he threw himself on me; I could feel the cold steel of the knife against my shoulder. I stopped my struggle and figured I’d just better give into him. Grabbing my hair and pulling my head back he hissed at me, “I don’t want to hurt you, but you are going to make me bitch.” As he pushed my face back into the bed. “Now I’m going to get up…move and it’s over.” He said to me. Frozen in fear I just lay there trying to move and struggling to breathe. He pushed his jeans off and pulled my skirt off my body.

All I was left wearing was black fishnet stockings and red panties. He tore at my crotch removing all obstacles; leaving my shaved wet cunt lips exposed to him. He pushed my thighs apart wide and shoved his thick cock deep into my cunt with one thrust and his balls slapped my hard clit. My body betrayed me as I moved my hips grinding into him. “So the slut likes my hard cock fucking her cunt!” He taunted. “Well I’m going to fuck you raw bitch.” He added. His brutal assault on my cunt had me in a frenzy. I was experiencing the feeling fear yet wanting him to do more. Then it happened I heard the sound before I felt the sharp sting of his hand slapping my ass. My cunt reacting with a tight grasp on his hot cock as he continued fucking me deeper and deeper. He slapped me again and again as his cock slid in and out tugging at my labia and covering us both with my hot, sticky juices. I could feel his cock grow and his balls tighten, as I knew he was nearing emptying his first load of hot cum in my cunt. He slapped my ass again as he groaned loudly as his cum filled my cunt. “Oh yeah slut milk my cock…and maybe I‘ll let you cum tonight.”

I let out a moan in my truck as I am close to cumming. “Mmmmm, oh baby I’m cumming. “OH TOM!”

“Give it to me.” He whispers.

“Uhhhh. Oh, OH, OOHHH! AAARRRGGHHH!!!” I cry out as a familiar feeling comes over me whenever I cum for Tom. “Yes Baby! Mmmmmmm….yes!”

“That’s it baby girl…give it all to me.” He whispers. “You are such a good girl.” I hear him grunt and moan my name as I know he has erupted from his much needed orgasm. He adds. “I love making you cum like that…and it’s a good thing I locked my office door. You know how much I need you baby. You know I can’t contain myself when you are cumming like that. Now remember no more for the rest of the week, save it all for me.

As I am coming down off this pre-work rush I ask him to e-mail me his stats so I can get him a costume reserved. As we say our goodbyes, we laugh, as we know that today is totally blown for doing anything remotely productive with the exception of daydreaming about each other.

On my walk to the office I think that a formal wear store is my best bet for getting him a quick fix devil outfit. I make a few calls around and find one that carries silk red dress shirts. I explained to the clerk what I was looking for, she said they had a few different styles of red suits and she knew of the perfect suit for Toms costume. She reminded me that he needed to get measured at a formal wear store to get the measurements perfect, since he would not be able to get a fitting. I thanked her and hung up.

I hurriedly dialed Tom, hoping he was not in a meeting yet. He answered, and I explained my dilemma, he assured me he would stop at a tux shop to get his measurements and get them to me A.S.A.P. I reassured him that I would have everything wrapped up before the day was through.

At lunch I let my girlfriends know of my sudden plan change for Friday evening. The general consensus was that at least someone is getting laid that night. Good, no one is pissed canlı bahis siteleri at me I thought to myself.

Monday, October 27th, 5:15am

I walk towards the formal wear store and see it. That has to be the one that she was talking about, I thought to myself. Upon entering the store I am greeted by a clerk and I immediately recognize her voice.

“Hi there. I called earlier about the red suit.” I stated as I motioned to the mannequin in the display window.

“I kind of figured it was you.” She said. “I noticed you looking at the suit in the window.” And like she was reading my mind she adds. “And yes, that is the one I was telling you about…it’s perfect for a devil costume. Don’t you think?” I nod my approval.

“Oh, I have his measurements.” I stated as I handed her the information she needed.

“Okay great. Let me get this ordered for you.” She said.

“I’ll be able to have this for Friday?” I asked

She answered with a reassuring “Yes.” Asking a few questions about the suit, shoes and if he would like the cane to go with it. I figured what the hell…let’s go all the way and I ordered the cane too. She finished up the paperwork and said “I’ll see you Friday then.” I smiled and nodded yes. With my order complete and paid in full I exited the store knowing that my darling Tom was going to look so damned sexy that we just might not make it to the party on Friday.

Chapter Three

Casual Friday and Halloween what a great combo. We all had agreed to come to work dressed in our costumes and then head over to the club after work. With the exception of me I needed to pick up Toms suit and get it over to him at the hotel. My friends knew that we would show up a little later after he got dressed.

The looks I got from my male co-workers were unbelievable…I could see the disbelief in their eyes as they saw what the “real me” was like. I was concerned when the publisher came through, as he does every year, dressed in costume and handing out candy. He had his secretary take a picture of us together for the newsletter. He could not take his eyes of me either…funny the man never knew my name for the longest time, and today I know he will never forget it.

The day went by relatively quick for a Friday. We get so busy in my department that sometimes we don’t have time to think. Yet all I was thinking about was tonight and Tom being his she-devil for the night.

Friday, October 31st, 5pm

We met in the parking lot and I told the girls that we would get there as soon as we could. I reminded them that I needed to do his makeup also. That got a chuckle out of them and Donna came out with, “Just no doing him until later tonight okay.” I smiled and waved goodbye while walking to my truck. The drive to the store was very interesting to say the least. The hoots and hollers from guys in the street and in neighboring cars made me laugh. I just smiled and said to myself…none of you stand a chance, ever. I’m Toms tonight and always.

At the formal wear store it was pretty quiet a few men in a wedding party looking at the tuxedos. All the while trying to not be too obvious that they were staring at me. One of them wolf whistled at me. I smiled and continued past them to the counter.

“Hi Theresa, you look delicious tonight.” She added, “The suit is all set for you to take.”

We checked to make sure all the items were there and I was soon heading out. I looked back at the guys and winked…I am soooo bad I thought to myself. Smiling as I walked to my truck.

The drive to the hotel was short and uneventful aside from the catcalls from the various men on the side streets. I parked in the garage and gathered my things, as well as, Tom’s things. The valet guys were falling all over themselves rushing to open doors and offering help with my things. I declined and headed to the elevators to take me to the third floor. As I walked the short distance to room 314and tapped on the door with my fingernails. Tom opened the door giving me a long once over; then grabbed his suit and a bag from my right hand. Closing the door behind me I felt his free hand caress my ass through my skirt and giving it a playful slap.

“Now don’t start anything we can’t finish until later tonight.” I taunted.

We placed our things down on the bed and he held me out at arms length. Turning me in his arms to see the whole outfit and rape me with his eyes. “Oh man, can we just stay here instead?” He pleaded with me.

“No.” I replied very curt. “We need to get you ready…plus we don’t need to stay all night.”

“Damn, baby. You look so fine.” He complimented and added, “You frustrate me sometimes.”

I kissed him long and deep as our tongues danced and explored each others mouths like it was our first time all over again. I pulled away biting his bottom lip gently and kiss his lips again.

“Let’s get to it…get naked.” I commanded.

His reply was a simple, “Yes Mistress.”

I proceeded to ready his outfit as he undressed completely. I tossed him a pair of silk red briefs and motioned for him to put them on. I followed suit with his red dress socks tossing them to him. He proceeded to put them on and was conveniently in place for me to apply his make up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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