The COVID Experiment

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Day 1

“Oh, thank god you’re home David, I was so worried about you!” Elizabeth sighed as she threw her arms around her 20-year-old son as he stood in the doorway to her one floor home deep in the suburbs of Cambridge Minnesota.

David let his mother hug him tightly understanding her concern was from a place of love. He had been attending college at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Like most of his friends and his dorm mate, everyone thought it would blow over and they wouldn’t have to worry about anything, until more and more people started getting sick. Eventually social distancing was put in place, people were asked to wear masks, and people started Quarantining in place. The school semester was quickly converted to online only, and the administrators asked everyone in the dorms to leave if they had easy access to alternative living arrangements with family.

“Do you have anything you need help with bringing in from your car?”

“Thanks mom, but I can bring it in. It’s just some computer stuff and my clothes to be honest, I didn’t really have much else to bring.”

Already ignoring him, Elizabeth was out at his ancient Hyundai Accent dragging in his overstuffed suitcase of clothing into her house.

“I’ll let you handle your computer stuff; I wouldn’t want to damage anything my little scientist is working on. I can get these in the laundry so you have fresh clothes for your stay. Do you have any idea how long you’ll need to stay here?”

“At least till the completion of this semester and likely through the summer. I want to find a summer job, but that might be…difficult. After that, I don’t know.”

“Well you’re welcome to stay here as long as you want honey.” Elizabeth declared as she was already shoveling his clothes into the washing machine inside the garage.

David could only smirk as he moved boxes from his car to his old room, feeling a little depressed about the situation but not put out by his arranges. Sure, leaving school like this and all his friends sucked, but he didn’t mind being back home with his mother. Truth be told, he’d been worried about her since he and his sister moved out of the house, leaving their mom all by herself. Their dad left the family when they were still just kids, and their mom had raised both of them on her own. There had been tough times, but also a lot of good times. Elizabeth was a fun, fair, and loving woman, and honestly David didn’t really think he had much he could complain about from his childhood.

Dragging his boxes to his room adjacent to his mother’s, he was happy to see that she hadn’t really changed much of anything. His bed was still against the wall, just under the vent, and his desk was on the opposite side in front of the window for some natural light. It was a little bare as he had packed up a lot of his stuff for college, but it was easy enough to get his computers and books unloaded, giving his room a more lived in feel. Opening his laptop suddenly filled his room with soft moans as a video resumed playing of a well-endowed young man anally impaling an older looking woman with a thick jiggle butt. David scrambled to find the volume button just as he heard a rapping at his open door. Panic surged through him as he snapped his laptop shut, his face turning a bright red.

“Well some things never change.” His mother teased from his open door.

“Yeah, sorry about that mom.”

“Nothing to apologize for, you’re a healthy young man. I’d hopes you would have met a nice girl who would have made your need for such things obsolete.”

“Even if I had found a girl, which would have been difficult considering my work load, I’m not sure guys ever stop watching that…stuff.”

“Fair enough, just keep it down so I don’t have to hear it, and any hand towels you may or may not use as a result, just throw them in the wash after it’s already going. Sound fair?”

“Sounds fair, thanks mom.”

Elizabeth grinned and gave David a brief smile as she walked out of his room, closing the door behind her to give him some more privacy. David was glad his mother wasn’t as stuck up as some other mom’s were about stuff like pornography. She had given him his first box of condoms when he turned 15, saying she’d rather he have it too earlier than too late. Now that he thought about it, David was surprised that his mother had basically said she had hoped her son got laid in college. He wasn’t sure how much she had seen of his porno for the brief moment it had been on the screen, but the older woman in the video bore a striking resemblance to his mother. It was from his rather extensive collection of Ava Addams videos, and David was self-aware enough to admit that his preference for Ava had a lot to do with his mom. His mother had shorter hair, more shoulder length than Ava’s long hair, but equally as dark. His mother was a bit thicker than Ava around the tummy and hips, but overall very similar in shape and chest size.

David had always been a bit ashamed of how much he lusted after his mother, but bahis firmalar─▒ figured from everything he read online that it was fairly normal, especially for a kid with no solid father figure to speak of. Shrugging off the incident with his mother, he returned to unpacking his school supplies, organizing his bedroom with the work he had been doing at the dorms. David was working on a Bachelors in Cognitive Science with a minor in Computer Science and Communications. All his work was around the brain, and how the brain function, specifically around auditory input. He’d done the normal stuff like mapping how a simple cochlear implant could allow a deaf person to hear again, but the professor he was working with had stumbled on something amazing.

Before he had left campus, Dr. Stephenson had presented to David the beginnings of some groundbreaking work around ultrasonic frequencies to alter brain waves to help alleviate brain disease like Alzheimer or Dementia. Something Dr. Stephenson really stuck out to David though, a comment he made as David was packing up his laptop.

“If I’m right kid, you could stop schizophrenics from seeing things that aren’t there, or even make normal people see them instead.”

The impact of his professor’s statement was ringing in David’s brain as he was reading through a 300-page PDF sampling the professor’s work and his hypothesis thus far.

If I’m reading this thing correctly, it’s going to take some complicated algorithms for these cures Dr. Stephenson is talking about. I wonder if here’s something simpler it can be applied to.

Unpacking some simple sonic emitters, David lost track of time and almost didn’t hear his mother knocking at his door.

“Don’t tell me you’re doing what I think you’re doing in there already?”

“No, I’m not mom.” David chuckled as he pulled himself away from his work and opened his bedroom door.

“Good, we’re only one day into quarantine, and I can’t have you turning into a complete delinquent already.”

“Yeah yeah, I was just working on some stuff for school. I’m still responsible for completing my assignments.”

“I know David, but you’ve been at it for hours already and you just got here. We haven’t even really had a chance to talk yet. I just finished dinner, wanna take a break for some food?”

“Of course, mom.”

A few minutes later mother and son were sitting around the dinner table near the kitchen as Elizabeth scooped heaping servings of spaghetti Bolognese onto both plates.

“This will give us leftovers for at least lunch and dinner again tomorrow.”

“It smells great mom. If we eat like this every day, we’ll burn through what supplies you might have.”

“Oh, you’d be surprised David. I was reading up on this virus for a while. I recently had a large freezer installed in the garage, as you saw. It’s basically full of meat and ice cream to last for a month or more, and my pantry is overflowing with canned goods. The way I see it, we’ll be good for a while, with the odd few grocery runs here and there, and I hear they’re working on some new pickup methods where you don’t even have to get out of your car.”

“Are you worried about work?”

“Well with the money I got from your father in the settlement along with alimony and all those years of child support, I’m not really worried. The house is paid off and I have plenty in savings. Work has moved us to work from home for now, but there are rumors that we could be furloughed. If that happens, I can last more than a decade on my current savings, so we’ll be fine.”

“That’s good hear.” David replied as he stuffed his face with his favorite meal.

“So about those girls you should be dating…”

David almost choked on his meal as his mother brought back up the subject they were discussing when she caught him with porn on his laptop.

“I swear, I would if I had the time mom.”

“Well before you had the opportunity but not the time. Now you have the time but not the opportunity.” His mom teased.

“I’ll count myself lucky if we both get out of this without getting terminally ill.”

Elizabeth chewed on her spaghetti thoughtfully, sipping from a glass of red wine.

“Well if there’s a special girl at school you’d like to invite to stay here as some kind of a boink buddy…”


“Or if you need to have some cybersex with a friend from school, I can busy myself in the garden…”


“I’m just saying, we could be here a while and you’re young and in your prime.”

David looked at his mother indignantly despite her just giving him a shit eating grin. She was obviously enjoying how uncomfortable she was making him.

“Oh yeah, and how about you?” David asked, trying to turn the tables.

“What about me?”

“Been on any dates recently? Seen any guys?” David asked, giving his mother a grin in return.

“Let’s just say after your father and spending every waking moment raising you two kids, I’ve learned to be comfortable flying solo.”

“So, you have both the time and the ka├žak iddaa opportunity, but just not the interest?”

“Touch├ę. I’d say the interest is still there, but I was burned pretty hard and…I dunno, I just don’t want to risk be burned again.”

“Sorry mom, didn’t mean for this to turn depressing.”

“Oh, it’s okay son, not your fault. It was just a bit of playful banter. Let’s just say my engine is revving just fine, but I’m worried to give anyone the key, for fear they might crash the car.”

“That makes perfect sense mom.”

The two continued a friendly banter, discussing some shows they could watch together from Netflix on a regular basis, and some of Beth’s gardening plans that David agreed to help with on the weekends. Finishing the meal, they both cleared the table and David took a few minutes to do the dishes, loading the dish washer and making sure the sink was empty.

“Nice to have a man around the house again, forgot what it was like to not have to do the dishes.”

“You know the rule, you cook, I clean.”

“Works for me. Don’t stay up too late son, I know it’s the weekend but try not to get your schedule all screwed up on your first night home.”

“I promise mom, I won’t be up too late.”

Blowing him a kiss, his mother went to her room and closed the door, and David could hear her TV turn on, the sound low as the news ran through the latest COVID updates from around the nation.

Retreating to his room David resumed his research on Dr. Stephenson’s work, feeling like he was bordering on something significant. Making sure his door was closed and locked, he popped an Ava Addams video on his laptop and kept reading, giving his cock an idle squeeze from time to time. His reading strayed to some online research related to Dr. Stephenson’s theories, and eventually his studies strayed into the idea of subliminal messaging. Most of the research was around messaging through advertisement, and how things were meant to look or sound in such a way to elicit a specific response from viewers or readers.

I wonder…if that can work at the ultrasonic level. David thought idly. Humans couldn’t technically hear at the ultrasonic level, as it was projected at decibels above the human ability to hear, but that didn’t mean that the sound went unprocessed at some level by the human brain. Looking at his emitter then back to his phone, David hatched an idea, one that he immediately knew was stupid, but figured would be fun to try either way.

Pulling up his phone David turned on the voice recorder feature and he spoke a few simple phrases into the phone.

“Your son is attractive, and you like how he looks at you. There’s nothing wrong with flirting with your son and giving him a little show, it makes you excited.”

It was stupid and simple, but from what he read the subliminal messaging was all about small changes as opposed to big changes, and this felt like a small enough change based on his already fairly open and honest relationship he had with his mother.

Hooking up his phone to the Bluetooth on his ultrasonic emitter, David stepped up on his bed and opened the vent to the AC duct he shared with his mother. Running a power line up with the emitter, he pushed it into the vent and pointed it to his mother’s room, turning it up and focusing it to her side of duct.

It’s plugged in so it can run all night. I’ll plug my phone in and play this on repeat. Worst that could happen is she asks me what I was goofing around with.

Feeling like he had accomplished something, even if that something was pretty dumb, David refocused his attention on the Ava Addams video and rubbed one out before switching to some gaming on his favorite 7 Days to Die sever, playing late into the night despite his mother’s warnings.

Day 2

Sunlight poured through David’s windows despite the shades drawn, his clock reading well past 10AM as his mother pounded on his door loudly.

Snapping awake and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, David unlocked his door and opened it find his mother giving him a dumb smirk.

“Couldn’t even make it one day, could you?”

“It’s the weekend, what was I supposed to do?”

“Well you’re an adult now, so I can’t tell you when to go to bed, I just hope you didn’t rub yourself raw at the first opportunity now that you’re home.” Elizabeth teased as she gently bit her lower lip.

The comment woke David up more than the best coffee he had ever had, and he suddenly realized that his mother was wearing far more revealing clothing. Rather than her normal blouse and capris pants, Beth was wearing tight yoga pants that showed off her curves more with a spaghetti strap tank top. Her nipples pressed desperately against the fabric of her top and David suddenly felt very aware of his crotch.

“Ha, you’re funny. No, I spent all night play video games.” David clarified as he followed his mother into the kitchen to grab a morning cup of coffee.

“That’s not what I saw on your laptop yesterday.” Elizabeth continued to tease as David poured ka├žak bahis some creamer into his coffee.

“Yeah, well you probably didn’t see much.”

“I saw an older woman getting anally fucked and looking like she was really enjoying it.” Elizabeth stated as she sipped her coffee, not looking David in the eye.

“Uh yeah, again, sorry about that.”

“Oh, it’s okay son, I’m sure you’ve watched a lot of that. That woman though, she looked…familiar.”

This time David sipped his coffee while avoiding eye contact, hoping the conversation turned to something else.

“So, what are your plans today mom? Gardening, or something else?”

“Something…else.” Elizabeth responded oddly as her eyes darted around David.

Okay, mom is usually pretty honest with me, but this is something else. I wonder if my ultrasonic work from last night worked…

Not sure how best to test his experiment, David decided to stretch the limits of his conversation with his mom.

“What about you mom? Did you rub one out last night?” David asked, seeing how far the limitations of this conversation could go.

“I usually do every night; it helps me go to sleep. I made sure to load up on batteries and backup vibrators to prep for the pandemic.” Elizabeth revealed nonchalantly.

“Wouldn’t you rather have a real cock?”

“Of course, but after your dad, I dunno, I just don’t trust men that easily.”

“Well maybe after this is over, you can meet someone.”

“Maybe we both can son.”

Splitting from his awkward breakfast David went back to his room and started pouring through all the research all over again, reading over and over again all the details he had and compared it with his notes on the emitter and the subliminal research he had read. He wasn’t sure if what he did actually had any effective on his mother, but David had a hard time explaining his mother’s more relaxed tone.

Yeah, but she’s always been pretty honest and upfront about things like sex. Maybe she’s just treating me differently now that I’ve been out of the house for a while. I need to up the ante to see if this is real.

Grabbing his phone again, David thought for a few moments about how best to phrase his next message.

“Your son is very attractive, and you’re very turned on by him. It’s okay to be in your underwear around him and to even masturbate in front of him. You want to see him masturbate and watch him cum for you.”

Saving the audio recording on his phone, David left his room, shocked that half the day had burned away from his research. He had basically skipped lunch and it was already into the evening as the sun was setting. Stepping out of his room his mom was there, just about to knock on his door again.

“Watcha been doing in there all-day stud?”

“Nothing, just studying.”

“Honestly son, it’s the weekend and we’re like one day into Quarantine. You can take a break.”

“I know, you’re right, I just want to get caught up so I can easily pass my exams and then take more advantage of the time off.”

“And you’ll probably be up all night again playing video games?”

“Guilty as charged.” David admitted with a grin.

The two went to the kitchen and ate dinner, causally talking. The conversation was much more intimate as Elizabeth playfully teased David, her language and tone laced with a flirty edge.

“Wanna watch a show with me tonight?” Elizabeth asked as she started clearing the dinner table.

“Sure, whatcha wanna watch?”

“Let’s start up the office from Season 1. I figure now is the opportunity to freely binge watch a bunch of stuff and not feel guilty about it.”

“Sounds good, I’ll meet you in the living room once I have these dishes done.”

It only took 10 minutes for David to clear the kitchen and soon he was on the couch watching as the first episode of the Office started up. He didn’t mind the series, though the first season was always a bit tough for him because of how awkward the Michael Scott character was in the beginning, though he didn’t really get much better through the series run.

It was during the intro to the second episode that his mother stretched out on the couch, her feet landing in David’s lap casually.

“Can I help you?” David asked teasingly.

“Was just hoping to get a foot massage if you’re not too busy.”

Rolling his eyes but still smirking, David took the task of massaging his mother’s feet. Applying pressure at the bottom of her heels, he could hear her softly moan and groan at his firm rubbing and soon he was enjoying how much she was reacting to his gentle massage. He hands worked up a little higher, rubbing her calves and shins, eliciting more subtle reactions from his mother. David had just about worked up the courage to rub above her knee when suddenly Elizabeth pulled her feet off his lap.

“That’s…that’s enough for tonight, thank you David.” She said while looking a bit flushed.

Alright, that was something. She’s definitely behaving differently.

Shutting down the TV David wished Elizabeth a good night and they both retreated to their bedrooms. David heard her TV switch on again but thought he briefly heard moaning sounds come from the television before the volume was turned down.

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