The Country Club Ch. 05

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Mandy receives piercings at an erotic wedding ceremony and experiences a sexy threesome


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This series follows on from the Holiday Loving series and Chapter 1-4 of The Country Club. While it is stand alone, it will make more sense to read those stories first.


During the next few weeks, we had several bookings that people would consider to be ‘normal’. The club wasn’t only used by groups looking for a venue for an orgy; it was also booked by perfectly ‘respectable’ groups of people who wore normal clothes and conducted themselves according to the usual mores of civilized society. After the more erotic and exotic bookings we had, these were, in a word, boring. However, they were our bread and butter, so we catered for their needs and enjoyed the raunchier gatherings when they eventuated. It also meant that Neil and I had more time for each other rather than being distracted and drained by exciting weekend activities.

The next interesting ceremony was a wedding between a young couple who were both members of a club which fostered the many different and erotic activities classed generally as BDSM. Unlike many pairings within this group, Steph and Leon had an equal relationship, rather than master/mistress and slave as many of their fellow members had, and to an outsider would have been classed as a normal, loving couple. To those in the club, however, they were a great deal more than that and, of necessity, were required to keep their true natures hidden due to their prominence in society. It is said that the more a person must hide their true nature, the greater was the degree of release once this nature was permitted to be exposed, and this weekend served to demonstrate this.

The wedding party arrived on Friday afternoon and the best man, groomsman and bridesmaids immediately set about ensuring that everything that was needed was in order. Then came the dress rehearsal, everyone wearing what they would be wearing for the wedding except for the outer layers, it being deemed to be very unlucky for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the ceremony.

Neil and I had set up the sound system and tested it on Friday morning, so it was all ready for the afternoon. Once the bridal party was organized, Neil pressed play and the traditional bridal march issued from the speakers. Steph’s parents were both deceased so the president of the BDSM club escorted her down the aisle towards her husband-to-be, followed by her two bridesmaids.

Normally this would be no cause for any comment, but at this stage they were all wearing very little. Leon, his best man and groomsman were naked except for chastity cages on their cocks, these being held in position by tiny padlocks through strategically placed piercings through the tops of the bases of their cocks and beneath their scrotums. Steph and her two bridesmaids wore only very tightly laced corsets which extended from just above their smoothly waxed pussies to just below their beautifully pierced breasts, with an additional very tight loop over the top of each breast, causing their breasts to be engorged due to the tight bands around their bases. The tightness of the corsets showed that they must have been practising tight-lacing for a considerable time as their waists were very small, to such an extent that their hips wobbled quite delightfully as they tottered, with small steps, up the aisle in their five-inch heels.

“Would you like me to wear a corset like that, honey?” I asked Neil as we watched from the table holding the sound system. He reached towards me and slipped his arm around my waist, squeezing me tightly.

“Of course, darling, you know how I like you in anything even remotely sexy, and those are a lot closer than remotely. What’s your waist measurement when it’s unrestricted now?” he asked.

“Well, that would be telling. Let’s say about 29 inches give or take a bit.”

“Hmmm, I wonder how long it would take to get that down to 20 inches? Reckon you could do that in a year?”

Was he serious, I thought? Take a third off my waist? My rational mind did a double take; my body reacted totally differently and I felt myself getting very wet between my legs. I’d learnt not to fight these signs; they usually meant lots of fun and wonderful sex. So instead I guided his hand under my short skirt so he could feel my response.

“Hmmm, I think you like that idea. Have you seen what those women are wearing above their corsets?”

As his hand remained on my pussy, which I’d kept closely shaved since the bahis firmalar─▒ fetish family weekend, I looked more closely at the three women standing balanced on their high heels near the table that passed for an altar. Their breasts were engorged from the constriction around the base but then I noticed, for the first time, that their nipples were pierced and instead of having simple studs, bars or hooks through them, they were expanded by having what looked like pieces of tubing placed through the very enlarged holes.

“Ohmigod,” I exclaimed, “Those nipples are stretched amazingly. How did they get like that, I wonder?”

“Well, probably they started with a small hole and gradually trained them to become larger. It would have taken time. Actually, I was browsing on the internet for erotic jewellery and saw some nipple ring trainers that would probably enlarge the holes like that. Do you want to try it sometime?”

Again, I felt the warmth and wet between my legs. Maybe I didn’t consciously, but a part of me certainly did.

“Yeah, I’m game, and I know you’d like me to, but it comes with a condition.”

“Oh yeah, and what’s that?” Neil grinned at me.

“You see the cock cages on the guys, and you see how they’re attached? If I get pierced, so do you. Deal?”

It was now Neil’s turn to hesitate. “Do you want me to wear a cage as well?”

“Well, I hadn’t thought of that but now that you mention it, yes.”

He hesitated a moment longer then nodded. “Deal.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him, kissing him sexily.

“Thank you. darling,” I whispered in his ear.

After a short time, Neil’s attention was attracted by Leon signalling him to play the music for them to march out down the aisle. He pressed a button and the music started. We watched as the wedding procession made its way down the imaginary aisle, Steph being supported by Leon and each of the bridesmaids likewise being supported by best man and groomsman. Once they reached the doorway Neil stopped the music and they broke formation, each of them kissing their partner and fondling them lovingly. They all then headed for us and we were introduced to the two bridesmaids, Pam and Beth, best man Tony and Alex, the groomsman. There were the usual pleasantries for a few moments, then Leon released Steph and gripped me around the waist, holding me tightly and bending his head down to kiss me. For a split second I didn’t know what to do, but a glance in Neil’s direction showed he had his arms around Steph and was in no uncertainty about what he should do.

Leon kissed me tenderly at first, then more powerfully, one of his hands taking possession of my ass and, as there was skin to skin contact, he had obviously pulled my skirt up. As I wore no panties, they tended to make my newly shaved pussy itch, Leon took full advantage of the situation. Without too much thought I lowered my hand to his crotch to find his cock still imprisoned but swollen and as hard as it could be under the circumstances.

“That comes off tomorrow night,” he murmured in my ear, “And I expect to let you know how much my cock wants you soon afterwards.”

“I’ll be waiting,” I replied, feeling his fingers probing the wet cleft between my legs.

Leon released me and I had similar embraces with Tony and Alex while Neil repeated his greeting with Pam and Beth. Once these embraces were completed, I had the opportunity to look more closely at the women’s pierced nipples. Sure enough, small stainless steel rings were inserted in their nipples, looking like small car wheels with the nipple flesh being the tires. I reached towards Steph’s left nipple.

“May I touch?” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

I felt the hard steel and the soft flesh around it. Again, a flush of dew covered my nether lips at the thought that I might wear something like this soon.

“Do they hurt?” I asked.

“No, not usually. They do if they’re pulled. Leon has a thin wire in the form of a circle that he feeds through the holes in mine and through the holes in Pam’s and Beth’s, then we stand around a pole and he locks the ends of the circle together. We can do little except stand there. We tried sitting once but it was very painful getting down as we had to work in unison and then had to find a way to sit so we were close enough to the pole. Then Leon simply told us to stand, so it was all in vain, or possibly in pain.” She laughed at her own joke.

“Did it hurt when they were being stretched?”

“Yes, a little. So long as Leon took it slowly with the stretching it was not too bad. I wore increasingly large trainers for nearly two years to get to this size, but Leon wants me to be able to take a ring the size of his erect cock, so that’s about an inch and a half in diameter, about twice as far as at present.”

I thought this would be an interesting challenge and imagined Neil’s cock being able to fit through a hole in my nipple. I felt my juices beginning to run down my inner thighs at the thought.

“How long ka├žak iddaa did it take for you to reduce your waist to fit this corset?”

“It’s a 19 inch, the tightest I’ve worn. Leon gave me a year to be able to wear it. I was 29 inches and have gradually reduced. He told me that once I could wear a corset ten inches less than my starting size then we could get married. So, here we are. This one still feels tight but the normal 21 inch I wear everyday feels quite comfortable. When I wear a corset I know I’m doing it for Leon and it always makes me feel very sexy. We fuck while I’m wearing it too, makes me feel so much tighter around his cock, he says. The breast constrictions are new. They’re not too tight at present; when we make love, Leon tightens them right up so my breasts become hard. It feels great for a while, but then I have to loosen them.”

“Will all this piercing and constriction affect your ability to breast feed a baby if you have one?” I asked.

“If I become pregnant then I won’t wear any of this and everything will come back to normal. At least that’s the theory; I guess time will tell. But certainly, women with smaller piercings have no trouble feeding a baby if the holes are allowed to close up. I just don’t know about such large holes.” Steph looked down at her nipples, pulling each ring away from her body so her holes stretched. She then popped one of the rings out and I could see the actual size of the hole. She grinned up at me, the pushed her finger through the hole and wiggled it, laughing at the expression on my face.

“I want to get my nipples pierced,” I told her, “If I do, and I will, then Neil said he’d get pierced and wear a cock cage like the guys.”

“Oh, that’s great,” exclaimed Steph, “There will be a piercer here at the wedding tomorrow and he’s staying till Sunday so there’ll be plenty of time for you both to be done.”

More fluids; it felt like a river was flowing down my legs. “That’s great, thank you.” I replied with more enthusiasm than I felt. Leon and Neil approached and Leon picked his bride-to-be up and carried her away towards the pool. I heard Steph’s shrill protests as he simply went to the edge then fell forwards into the pool, both of them going completely under the water. A few seconds later Tony and Alex joined them as they did exactly the same with Pam and Beth. I was laughing at the surprised expressions on Beth’s and Pam’s faces as they entered the water when I felt Neil pick me up and carry me to the pool. I struggled; after all, we were both fully dressed, well, as fully dressed as we ever were, but it was to no avail and I had to close my mouth as the tepid water closed over my head.

I swam to the side and joined the others, then Leon came to me and began stripping my clothes off. I noticed Steph doing the same for Neil and very soon we were naked, as were the others who had had their corsets removed by the guys. As I watched, Steph stood face to face with Neil and through the clear water I could see her positioning herself over Neil’s cock. Once in position she threw her arms around his neck and lifted herself up so she could sit down on his very hard log, which slid slowly and easily into her as she lowered herself. Pam, Beth and I were at a distinct disadvantage because Neil’s was the only available cock, the other three being confined inside their restrictive cages. However, Steph must have taken pity on us as she only stroked up and down a few times before sliding off and offering it to Beth, who repeated Steph’s actions then offered it to Pam, who again only stroked a few times. When Pam offered Neil’s cock to me, I refused.

“No, thanks, I’ll reap my rewards for your efforts tonight,” I grinned.

We swam and cavorted for a while, Neil exploring Steph’s nipple rings, then we were all briefed about the wedding procedure.

“The procedure will be the same as today except that we’ll all be dressed in our wedding attire,” said Steph. She grinned and Neil and me. “You may be surprised when you see what that is. Once all the vows have been made and we’re married, then I will unlock Leon, Pam and Beth will unlock Tony and Alex, and vice versa.”

I must have looked puzzled because Steph explained. “Oh yes, we women will be locked up as well. Once we’re all open for business, Leon will make love to me while the other couples also couple, then we’ll walk back down the aisle. That’s the formalities. After that it is a general party way into the night. I definitely expect Tony and Alex to fuck me at least once, and Neil, I’m expecting you also to fuck me, just as Leon will be fucking everything with a pussy including you, Mandy. We’re expecting around fifty guests and we’ll have a large supply of drinks and I’m sure there will be enough food to last for the whole weekend.

“Neil and Mandy, will you be available to show guests to their rooms please as they arrive?”

We both nodded our heads.

“Great. There are caterers arriving with the food tomorrow morning so none of us will have any tasks except ka├žak bahis to fuck everyone all weekend long. Are we up to that, team?”

We all agreed we were, although experience also suggested that thoughts may be greater than actions. However, be that as it may, it appeared that it was going to be a weekend to remember. Steph approached Neil and me once she had finished the briefing and told us that Pierre, the piercer, and his wife Michelle would be available for our piercings on Sunday morning if we still wanted to go through with it. For us there would be no charge.

“And in case you’re wondering, yes, they are French, but they speak English well.”

The afternoon had gone; the sun was setting as we climbed out of the pool and made our way to the hall. We had been expecting six visitors for supper so I had prepared most of the food earlier and simply had to heat some rolls while Neil lit the brazier and the wet corsets were placed in the drying room. We then sat around the warm fire, naked, eating dinner, drinking wine and sharing stories of erotic experiences we’d had in our lives. Neil and I shared how we’d met and also some of the more interesting experiences we’d had in the short time we’d been running the club. As the evening progressed, the composition of the couples changed and towards the end of the evening Steph suggested that the females needed some sexual relief from having to be subjected to the amorous attentions of the males in the party. The males protested, stating, with good reason, that if the females could cum, they should be permitted the same freedom. I joined the females in rejecting that suggestion, telling Neil that he was to remain neutral or there’d be no sex for him tonight.

While the men pulled out some foam pads and placed them together on the floor, I collected four vibrating dildos from our store and handed them around. I then took a pack of cards and dealt one card to each woman, including me, and then one to each man. Then the men were paired with the women based on the order of their cards. I ended up with Alex, who led me to a foam pad where I lay on my back with my legs wide apart, knees bent.

“Oh, honey,” I said, eyeing his cock swelling inside its prison, “I wish you could push that thing into me and make me cum, but I guess I’ll have to make do with a substitute.”

“I’d certainly rather push him into you right now,” he said, holding his swollen cock which was pressing hard against its cage, “But I guess that can wait till tomorrow night.”

He began gently stroking my wide-open pussy, inserting a finger, then two, into my entrance. It was sooo frustrating; I just wanted to cum, not to be played with. After an eternity, he rubbed the dildo over my crotch, between my labia and finally inserted it into my love tunnel, slowly, sensuously. I sensed that he was experienced in sex play and the thought crossed my mind that he’d let me suffer from as much frustration as he could before he’d let me cum.

I was right. He played me like a shark on a line, leading me towards my orgasm, then backing off, just enough to stop it, before leading me once more towards nirvana. He did this time and time again. The cries of the other three women as they came taunted me as I strove in vain to cum on his dildo. Finally, he sensed that I was beyond frustrated.

“If you were tied down, as my victims usually are, this would have just been a prelude. However, you’re not, so I think you could just about be ready to take over yourself. But you are so wonderful to watch. I’d love for you to visit me in my dungeon sometime when you have a spare few days.”

He grinned down at me, then turned the vibrations up higher and plunged the dildo deep inside me, the vibrating part hard against my clit. I felt the wave rolling over me, engulfing me, then I exploded with an almighty scream as I came harder than ever before. I writhed, shuddered, screamed and shook as he held the dildo inside me against all my most sensitive parts, prolonging the ecstatic agony of my release. It was too much; I passed out.

I awoke a short time later, how much later I didn’t know, to see a ring of smiling faces looking down at me as Alex knelt beside me. Once I opened my eyes, he stroked my head gently.

“You were amazing,” he said, smiling, “I want to see how you respond with my cock tomorrow night. Is that a date?”

“Oh, yes, darling, it’s definitely a date. Thank you; that was absolutely mindblowingly amazing.”

He bent forward and kissed me as the group dispersed, heading to their rooms while I accompanied Neil to ours. We were no sooner in the room than Neil picked me up and lay me on the bed. He straddled me on all fours and bent his head down to kiss me tenderly.

“So, I’m guessing that you’ll have had your fill of sex for the night?” he asked with a grin.

“Yeah, as if!! I want you, honey, deep inside me, stimulating all those bits you love to stimulate in the way you know I like them stimulated. Fuck me, honey, fuck me hard.”

He knelt between my wide-spread legs and grinned down at me. I noticed his cock was rigid and drooling precum, a good sign I was sure. What would he do now, I wondered. He reached for our pillows and placed them alongside me.

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