The Concert

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edited by: Angel Love


She is in line waiting to get in at her favorite lounge. The band is going to play tonight and she has been waiting for them to get into town for more than three years now. She is finally going to see them perform for the first time. She is alone but she doesn’t care, it is better this way; no one can distract her. She goes to the booth.

“One ticket for Serene Device please.”

“Thirty-five” says the booth lady. She hands her the money, and gets her ticket. As she walks into the lounge, the music is bumping. The place is packed. She walks to the bar, where her favorite bartender is serving drinks.

“Hey Harry.”

“Hi sugar, the usual.”


He serves her favorite drink, Malibu with pineapple. She sips and licks her lips. She has had a long day and can finally let loose tonight. She looks around and sees the usual crowd, some new faces but nothing interesting.

The band starts at 10pm, it’s only 8:45. She sits on the stool and observes the people around her. She recognizes some people and waves hi. She sees a couple walking toward her.

“Hey, how are you!” says a tall redhead.

“Hi I’m fine,” she says. “You’re here to see the show?”

“Yeah I hear they’re awesome…you?”

“Yeah been waiting for a long time.” she says.

“You’re here alone?” the redhead asks.

“Yeah none of my friends wanted to come, it’s better for me anyway,” she says.

‘What was she wearing?’ she thinks this is a lounge not 42nd Street. The redhead has a leather mini skirt, with spiked 5 inch heels and a leather tube top that barely covers her double DD breasts.

“Oh this is John.”

The man next to her is tall about 6’5. His hair is longer than hers. He is built, had a tight black T-shirt and black jeans. He extends his arms, “Hi.”

He has blue eyes, deep blue eyes. As she looks at him, she feels like she is looking at the ocean. “Well I’ll see you around, enjoy the show.” She takes John’s hand and leads him across the room, before she can say bye.

“Harry can you get me another please?”

“Sure thing sweetheart.”

Harry is slim, looks like one of those models from Calvin Klein. The type that attracts all kinds, whether gay or straight. He has short blonde hair, green eyes, full lips, high cheeks and a chiseled nose. ‘Always flirting,’ she thinks. As the hour pass, she finds herself in the bathroom feeling a little more than tipsy. She looks at herself in the mirror, checks her makeup and puts on her favorite lip canl─▒ bahis gloss. She combs her long brown hair to the side.

She feels good tonight. She just started a new job this week and everything seemed to go well. If only she gets a man as loyal as her dog, but a relationship would be too complicated now. She turns and heads to the middle of the room. It is already 10:10pm and no sign of the band. The place is getting more crowded by the minute.

As she turns her head, she sees a tall shadow at the doorway. He is all in black but she can’t capture his face. She notices a silver chain hanging from his neck. It says ‘Lover’ on it. That’s weird she thinks. As he moves out of the shadows she sees a glimpse of his face, his hair is that kind any woman would love to have her hand go through. It’s curly and wavy at the same time. He is wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. She sees a tattoo on his right arm but couldn’t see what it was. She realizes she is staring at him when he looked her and smiles. ‘Wow,’ she thinks, ‘even his teeth are amazing.’ She quickly turns and looks away. She tries to concentrate on the announcement of the first band, but she can’t,. She feels him staring at her.

The first band starts to play and she gets more comfortable. She is getting into the music, the melodies seems to fill her senses and she begins to let go. She stars to sway her hips to the side. The crowd is getting wild. She sees guys with their arms waving and girls shaking their head from side to side. Then she sees him from the corner of her eye. He is only a few feet away from her. He catches her looking at him. He seems to say something to her but she can’t figure out what. He licks his lips provocatively and winks at her. That can’t be for me she thought, she quickly looks around her to see who is the lucky girl or guy. Everyone seems in a trance with the music. Suddenly the music stops and the first band left the stage. Finally, the band she has been waiting for is about to play. She forgets all about the mystery man and keeps her eyes on the stage.

It seems like she is waiting for hours when finally the band comes out, everyone started yell, “Serene Device.”

She felt the crowd moving her forward toward the stage. “Serene Device” they kept yelling.

This is going to get good she thought. As the crowd pushes her more to the front, she feels a hand softly rubbing hers. At first she ignores it, but she kept feeling it. She looks in all directions hoping to catch who it could be but everyone looks focused bahis siteleri on the band. The band starts to play and she quickly concentrates on the music. They open with her favorite song “Rebecca.” She feels the hand again, this time rubbing her forearm. At this point, she could care less, her favorite band was playing her favorite song, and she is going to enjoy this moment.

As the band starts their second song, she feels it. She can’t believe what it is, she tries to turn around but can’t. She is practically being pinned to the front. Suddenly she hears him “Relax, let yourself go with the music, move to the beat, you’ve been looking at me almost the whole night.”

It is the mystery man, at first she tenses not knowing what to do. She can’t scream for help. No one will hear her, and she practically can’t move. She looks around and everyone is enthralled with the band. “Relax,” he says again “I’m not going to hurt you. Have you ever had sex in the middle of a concert?”

He has a low and raspy voice; he makes sure she hears every word he says. She recognizes the voice but can’t remember where she heard it from. His mouth presses to her ears. “Well have you?” he asked again. She shook her head no.

He moves his hands down her thighs; she can’t believe this is happening. He slowly caresses her thigh, moving his hands up and down, teasing her. He starts nibbling her ear, his tongue warm and wet. “Keep looking at the band,” he says and she does.

She can’t believe that no one is noticing what is happening; even the band seems hypnotized by their own music. He keeps rubbing his hand on her thigh, as he slowly moves his other hand to her stomach, and gently rubs it. She starts to feel lightheaded; everything seems to be happening too fast. Maybe she was dreaming all of this, though she can’t figure out if this is a dream or nightmare. He moves his head and starts to lick her other ear. He holds her firmly, but his touch is soft; almost comforting. His hand travels under her shirt and is now firmly caressing her breast. She holds firmly at the rail. She feels her head leaning back on his shoulders. He seems lean and strong. She catches herself smelling his cologne.

“It’s from Dunhill, it’s called Destiny,” he whispers. He finally lets her look at his face. She knows him. Well she only met him once. She had done an article on him about a year ago. He played in a band and was the lead singer. He had deep-set brown eyes, sad eyes she had called him. He had milky white skin and pink full lips.

He bahis ┼čirketleri kisses her, hard. His tongue goes deep in her throat. Suddenly, she feels both his hands fondling her breasts. His fingers gently pull at her nipples making them hard. She moans but no one hears her. He kisses her neck and her shoulder, biting her hard and then kisses it gently, like trying to let her know he was sorry if he bit too hard. She feels her skirt being lifted. He pulls her thong making sure she feels it on her clit. She is extremely wet at this point. He moves his hand to her pussy feeling the wetness, he sighs, “Your so wet right now, I know you want it. Tell me you want it now.”

“Yes,” she says, “I want it.”

The more he rubs his hand on her pussy the wetter she gets. She pushes her ass into him. He is hard. She feels his dick throbbing through his jeans. “I’m going to give it to you now,” he says.

As he pulls out his cock the audience around her gets excited as the song, ‘Moon boots’ starts to play. She sees the audience jumping up and down.

He has her. His dick slowly enters her deeply. She almost loses her breath. She can’t believe it but it seems like he is moving into her to the beat of the music. She feels her senses heighten. Deeper and deeper he thrusts, until she has no choice but to move with him. He starts to fuck her harder now as the band flows into a guitar solo.

“This is my favorite song,” he says as he fucks her faster and faster.

“Fuck me,” was all she can say.

He grabs her breast harder, and shoves his cock as deep as he can. “You’re so wet and tight baby, I’m going to make you cum really hard.”

He starts to rub her clit, as he penetrates her. Pulling her hair tight as he turns her head so he can see the ecstasy on her face, making her look at him. Even in this state his eyes seem sad. She tries to read them but he turns her head away before she can. Wave after wave she climaxes, each one stronger than the previous one. As the band is finishing the song, so is he. He lets out a long sigh, and buries his head on her shoulder. He slowly kisses her shoulders and neck, inhaling the perfume she is wearing. They quickly fix themselves.

The last song is playing, and it is perfect for the moment, it is slow and melancholy. He holds her close to him by her waist. She leans back, her head leaning toward his chest. They hold each other until the end of the song.

With the band saying their goodbyes, he whispers, “Until next time,” and quickly slips away.

The crowd keeps pushing her to the side as she tries to find him. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be found she thinks walking toward the exit. She smiles and starts to head toward the bus stop. Until next time . . .

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