The Christmas Present

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The Christmas Present

Movement on the bed woke me up. Beneath the covers, I dreamily turned over and automatically reached out for soft warmth. My hand landed on the empty bed. Startled, I opened my eyes, and in the dim light cast by the alarm clock, I could see Magenta silently walking over to the closet. She quietly took something, headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs. “Ooooh, I think she’s up to something!”, I thought as my whole body tingled, and with pleasant thoughts of her in my mind, I fell back to sleep.

I know it was seven forty-two when I woke up, because the alarm clock’s one-inch high digits blazed that fact right into my eyeballs. I rolled over and my arm slid outward as I snuggled against her. I again found that I was alone in the bed. Hmmmmm … I flung the covers off me and pulled them right back on. “Yow it’s COLD!!”, I said to no one as I trembled, and wished that Magenta was next to me.

Finally I got my nerve up, and got out of bed. I hurried over to the closet and put on my robe, and tied the belt around my waist as I walked down the stairs. All the lights were off downstairs, and the curtains in the living room were pulled shut, so it was quite dark. I could hear the drip coffeemaker in the kitchen doing its thing, and could smell that wonderful smell of the fresh brew. I fumbled for a wall switch, pressed it, and standing in the living room was a large present, wrapped in blue paper with pictures of golden bells and green and red wreaths.

I opened the blinds so that the sunlight could enter the room and I could better see what I had been given. The present was a little under six feet long, with golden tan arms exposed at the sides, and a beautiful face at the top, surrounded by long silky dark hair that cascaded over the floor. The present’s bahis firmalar─▒ eyes were closed, and the face had an expression of sheer bliss.

“I must have been really good this year for someone to bring me such a wonderful gift”, I thought as I studied the present.

That familiar throbbing began between my legs as I sat down on the floor and tenderly stroked the present’s flowing hair, “I wonder where Magenta is”, I said aloud. “Oh, well, I just can’t wait. I’ll have to open the present myself.” I could hear the wrapping paper crinkle as the flesh beneath was squeezed, and my cock really began to stiffen. “Ooh … what ever this big present is, it sure looks and sounds nice! Hmmm, I think I’ll open it now.”

I got up on my knees and bent over the big package. Its arms slid outward and up, and the head tilted back. The whole gift seemed to move underneath the paper. Then my fingers encountered the tag which read:

To Michael … Enjoy!

Love Magenta

I reached out and let one finger delicately glide along the wrapping paper, starting at the base of the neck, and sliding downward to where the paper was pushed up into a mound by something underneath. I squeezed lightly. “Ooh … it feels so soft. Maybe it’s clothing!” The present shifted a little as I continued to squeeze. The package was writhing now as I continued running my fingers down its length. About halfway down, they accidentally ripped through the paper, and the tips of my fingers landed on something very warm … soft and wet. I opened the hole in the paper and peeked at the pink lips protruding from he presents thighs. I touched the wet opening … slipping my fingers along the slit until I found the button-clit … which I played with softly. The present pushed against my fingers, which slipped ka├žak iddaa easily against the opening. I replaced my fingers with my lips and tasted the sweetness of the gift and smelt the wonderful present. My tongue lightly touched the beautiful gift as the morning light shown on the prize.

“Oh … what ever is in here tastes so good”, I whisper as the present bucked a little when my tongue made contact. I could hear some of the wrapping rip as I slid my fingers up the paper again, taking hold of a seam as I began to rip the wrapping away.

A scrumptious looking stomach was exposed as I tore the paper away. I couldn’t wait…my fingers lightly rubbed it and caressed the smooth surface, and then I bent over and let my tongue dance over the prize. I could hear paper crinkling loudly now as the present writhed. I lightly kissed the warm willing flesh. Then … I kissed it again. I pressed my face into the softness and kissed longingly. The passion was building in me! My hands reached up and pulled off more of the paper. Two big luscious tits wiggled and jiggled, happy to be free and unencumbered. I took hold of one and squeezed it gently. So warm and soft as I squeezed it again and watched blissfully as the flesh jiggled and rise up between by fingers and thumb. The hardening nipple on top looking so long, big and suckable that I soon had my tongue encircling and teasing the nubbin.

The present was really moving now, and I could hear more wrapping paper ripping under the stress. My face pressed in between her tits, shaking back and forth, the tongue licking all over. My hands, meanwhile, slid downward and ripped away more paper, discovering sexy hips, which felt so good to caress and squeeze. One arm went underneath the present as I hungrily kissed and licked all over the stomach ka├žak bahis and chest. Then I sat up on my knees again, and proceeded to remove all the remaining wrapping paper. “Mmmmmm, what a beautiful present”, I whispered

I tenderly stroked my present’s cheek with one hand. Then I put one arm under her back, another under her legs, and lifted her off the floor. She was all smiles as she let her arms hang down and her head flop back. I carried the succulent present up the stairs, pausing sometimes to kiss some parts of it. The smooth skin felt and tasted so good.

I reached the bed, and plopped the big yummy present down on the sheets. It immediately sat up and pulled me down, then began untying the belt of my robe. The robe parted and my present pressed herself against me as she hugged me tight. I put my arms around her and we stayed like that for who knows how long. I then leaned her back on the bed. “I’ll have to examine my new present all over, make sure it wasn’t damaged anywhere in shipment”, I whispered as the gift purred something like, “mwmwmwmwm” and the eyes closed. My cock was so hard as I gazed upon her body stretched out before me. I bent down and ran my face, tongue and hands lightly … slowly down the whole length of her body. My fingers caressed and rubbed, feeling for any imperfections. But of course there were none. After all, this present seemed to be modeled in the likeness of Magenta.

My lips and tongue sucked and nibbled at the flesh of her legs as my hands reached up and kneaded her tits. I slid my body up hers, until my chest and hers were squeezed together, and I was staring straight down into her soft green-eyed gaze. Our lips came together and we kissed, long and passionately, as my hands continued to feel her.

Funny … this present, which Magenta had left in the living room, felt and tasted so much like her!

As my cock entered her hot cunt … I though of what I will get for Valentine’s Day …

Hi hope u enjoyed this more to come! Candycane

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