The Chair

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Big Dicks

Every time I’d been to the house I’d seen the chair.

Images of the chair occupied my mind. I’d visit and see it and, for a couple of days it would be at the forefront of my thoughts, then those thoughts would fade but then I’d visit again, I’d see the chair and my fascination with it would be reignited. There was nothing special about the chair, it was just an ordinary, high backed, wooden dining chair standing in the corner by the window. But in my mind the chair was saying, was screaming, ‘Here I am. Use me. Fuck her on me.’

And that’s what I desperately wanted to do. I desperately wanted to get her on the chair. I desperately wanted to fuck her on that chair. Next time.

And do you know what, next time came.

We were in the kitchen chatting after our walk, coffee cooling, She was leaning back against the counter, me standing at her side. I could feel the heat of her body, I get a familiar feeling, groin tingles! I turn to her, lean in and kiss her on the mouth, she responds. Push in against her, my hands on her waist pulling her against me, grind my pelvis against hers, cock already thickening.

Suddenly I’m in a rush, hands move round and unfasten her jeans, push the zip down, I sink to my knees pulling her jeans and panties with me, press my face between her thighs as I drag her clothes over her ankles allowing her legs to part, I breathe her scent in, the smell of her pussy, she grabs my head and pulls my nose into her, my hands slide up her legs, the backs of her knees and thighs, grasp the cheeks of her bum, squeeze them.

She holds me in place, I lick up, between her lips, up to her clitoris, tease its hood and gently, slowly flick backwards and forwards. She is so highly charged, so responsive that almost immediately she begins to quiver, her thighs, knees, tummy, her hands start to grasp my hair. I suck her cliteris into my mouth, illegal bahis hold it between my lips and alternately flick it with my tongue and suck it. The sensations build quickly within her and an orgasm begins to flood through her, she starts to gasp and moan, her legs shudder, her knees start to collapse, I push her against the worktop, holding her up using my head and hands as she becomes totally consumed by the waves crashing through her.

Her grip relaxes, I stand, still supporting her as she recovers. Still standing close I take her weight and lift, she wraps her legs around my hips, I carry her into the next room.

Towards the chair.

Stopping with my back to the chair I ease her legs down until she stands, I pull her top over her head leaving her in just her bra. Still standing against her I remove my own top while she unfastens my trousers and pushes them and my boxers down, I push them off with my feet. I’m naked.

I turn her around, her back to me. I sit and pull her with me, seeing what I want she straddles me, reaches back between her thighs and grabs my cock. She guides it to her entrance and, with a sigh, eases it into her body. Slowly sinking as she looks down, watching as my flesh disappears into her until she finally settles onto my lap. As she pauses and savours the feeling I unclip her bra and ease it off her shoulders, pulling her back against me I stroke her thighs, her tummy, her breasts, tease her nipples, sides of her breasts, back down to her thighs and repeat the movement, constantly stroking.

I start to flex my buttocks, my cock starts to move inside her, not much but enough. Her head flops forward then back onto my shoulder. I continue flexing, flexing, flexing, sometimes both cheeks sometimes just one, just a little variation, but still enough, she grips my forearms, squeezing, starts to groan, head rocks from side illegal bahis siteleri to side, suddenly she tenses, feet push against the floor, she cries out, just once, then flops back against me. We stay like that for minutes, she still impaled, breathing hard, head back resting on my shoulder, me enjoying the weight of her body on mine, my eyes closed, the nerves in my cock feeling the tight wet muscles of her pussy still pulsing from her orgasm.

Then I wanted more.

I push my arms under her buttocks, take her weight, lift her and stand at the same time, her body tensed for a second, pussy gripped me, hands grasping my arms, I stop, whisper reassurance in her ear. Cock still inside her I turn us both to face the chair I lower her legs so that she can stand, immediately I start to sink to my knees pulling her with me, “Kneel.” I whisper, we both kneel, me behind her, hips pressed against the heat of her buttocks, both facing the chair, I gently push her upper body forward until she is face down on the seat of the chair, bent forward.

I withdraw, she whimpers and tries to grab me. I bend forward and lick her buttocks, first one then the other, she relaxes and takes hold of the seat back, waiting. Taking a buttock in each hand I push them apart, expose her swollen pussy and anus, my face between her cheeks, once again inhale her scent, lick her pussy, push my nose into her arse, her pussy is soaking, dripping, I suck her juices into my mouth, lick up, across her pussy lips to her anus, around this other entrance, bore in, suck her, can feel her pushing against me, suck harder then release.

My right hand strokes across her bum, I watch it move, slowly caress down her thigh to the back of the knee, back up, thumb connects with that burning core, rubs against her clit, teasing, very gently rubs back and forth, barely touching. Her breathing increases, canl─▒ bahis siteleri eyes close, her head turns and she pushes her forehead into the chair. I continue stroking, same pressure, same speed, she starts a low humming, deep in her throat, hands start a rhythmic grasping of the seat back. I keep going, same pressure, same speed, I watch her start to twitch, a quiver that spreads through her body, my cock seems to swell in response, responding to its own need. The quiver stops as she tenses hard, the hum becomes a long drawn out groan and in a rush she cums, flooding my hand.

Without pause I shuffle forward and, taking my flushed cock, it’s head engorged with blood, I guide it to her pussy, stroke it up and down her labia, her juices lubricate me, seeming of its own accord my cock head pushes in, she pushes back, needing me, demanding me. I slide in, in one smooth movement she swallows me, all the way until my hips touch her bottom, after a seconds pause I pull back, all the way until I can see the head, and back in, smoothly, gently in, out, in, out, my upper body hardly moving, my pelvis doing the moving but she meeting me halfway, back and forth over and again, in unison it doesn’t take long, we’re both so near, so needing it, I can feel every little bump and groove of her vagina, the sensations are overpowering, she already so turned on from repeated orgasms.

The heat builds in my groin, at the base of my cock, I start to gasp, to groan, want it to wait for her. She knows what’s happening, can feel it, she reaches back and takes my balls in her hand, massages, wants me to cum, her pussy starts to spasm, gripping me, she’s cumming, too much for me, I too start to cum, I can feel the spunk jetting into my cock, her hand grabs the base, she feels the thick liquid pulsing down, I cry out and press forward, my hips jam against her bum, I grip her hips, she still grips the chair with one hand, the other my cock, squeezing every drop out. Totally spent I slump over her, all done, sweaty against her back, kiss her neck, she twists around and kisses me on the mouth, hard.

Thank you chair.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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