The Castle Swords

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(Author’s note: to fully understand this story, please read “Halloween at St. Etienne” as a precursor to this story. It provides some background information on some of the characters and situations presented here. Thank you.)


The San Diego Union Tribune

October 4th 2002

San Diego, California – The manhunt for a serial kidnapper dubbed the “Midnight Camera” who has abducted 4 children so far has expanded throughout the Southern California region as local police and federal agents try to draw a psychological profile of the abductor.

In the latest news, 8 year old Kari Blanchard was kidnapped 2 nights ago from her home in Pacific Beach. Investigators so far have kept quiet about this kidnapping which has strayed from their previous press conferences regarding the “Midnight Camera.”

The “Midnight Camera” is so dubbed because of his M.O. of taking Polaroid’s of his victims in their bedrooms which is considered his “calling card.” These abductions have all taken place at night in the victims’ homes.

Investigators face the troublesome task of piecing together the clues to find a motive. So far there are no eye witnesses and the only link the authorities have to go on is that all the victims are females ranging in age from 7 to 12.

These abductions are eerily similar to the kidnappings that happened 10 years ago in this region. Five girls living within 1 mile of each other in the La Jolla community were abducted. Only the decomposed body of 12 year old Lauren Hansen was found floating in San Diego Bay several months after her kidnapping. The other cases remain open to this day.

* * *

Present Day

October 31st, 2002 Ireland

Enter EvangelineÔÇŽ

The rain fell in steady streams of melancholy as the taxi made its slippery journey towards the Castle Swords. I looked out the dirty window towards the lush greenery that only Ireland could be known for. My pensive gaze gave away my troubled mind as I pondered my meeting with Frost. I had received his letter several weeks back, again with the same mysterious ranting that only Frost could muster. Compared to last year, there was no clandestine meeting at a secluded cathedral deep in a forest. But rather, a Halloween extravaganza at an old castle in Ireland that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Dear Evangeline,

My Halloween spirit yearns for you and beckons you to come to the Castle Swords in Ireland. Arrive as you are and fully dressed. No one will know my dear. Let your hair down and spread your wings. I’ve always been a sucker for an angel. Especially one as beautiful as you. Oh please come. It would be so nice to see you my sweet angel. Till thenÔÇŽFrost

ÔÇŽwe are so busy living for tomorrow, that we have already lost today…

How could I not attend his party? The last time he mentioned any type of party I became acquainted with St. Etienne. I wonder if she would be there. It has been awhile. I am curious as to how she escaped the cathedral. I heard the rumor, unsure on how she did it. Since returning back from March and the Libra Woman, I have been out of the loop.

The domain of March and the Libra Woman was almost too much to bear this time. To venture back to that place of dread is a fate worth more than death. But it was worth it to try to rescue Nazare, although I failed. Of all my experiences thus far, my adventures inside the prison of March and the Libra Woman stands out as the most intense as well as the most dangerous. But that is another story to tell.

I noticed the cab driver periodically glancing in his rear view mirror to study me for lack of a better word. I guess if I were him I would too. My long cobalt blue hair, pale complexion and black cloak are an intriguing sight to say the least. I realize the world isn’t ready for meÔÇŽyet. Nor is it ready for what Engenter, the corporation is up to.

Engenter, based in San Diego, California is a “technology” company that specializes in the future of the world. They have several partnerships; from biotechnology and bioengineering, communications, medicine and defense technology to name a few. They have their hand in literally anything that involves technology.

“That is a brilliant costume, and the makeup is outstanding, if I may say so myself.” The cabbie said rather nervously. I was not sure if he was nervous about driving in such hideous weather or if I were truly some horrible being who was going to eat him alive. “Your metal eye is so realistic!”

“Why thank you. I spent a lot of time putting this outfit together.” I look back at him with my piercing purple eyes and sly smile. My left metallic eye shines like a diamond in the backseat darkness of the old cab. The damp stench of many years of transporting passengers to and fro wafts in the air like the lingering smoke of a cigarette. What little light there was outside slowly diminishes into early evening while the rain never lets up.

“It looks so real.” He turns onto a muddy road that parallels the stormy ocean below. In bahis firmalar─▒ the far distance is Swords. Built in the early 1700’s, it was the home of an exiled duke who was confined within its walls. Swords was originally intended to be a prison, but after the duke died it became somewhat of a home away from home for the filthy rich as they cherished the secluded locale and preferred it much more than the stately castles that kept watched over their green pastured acreage. They’ve remodeled the prison to resemble more of a castle. But over the years, the “Castle Swords,” as it had been nicknamed, feel into disrepair and thus lost its luster as a weekend getaway.

“Well of course it’s real. It’s me!” I smile back. If he only knew who I really am, he would have had a heart attack. Coming to this Halloween party gives me a good excuse to dress in “uniform” so to speak.

You see, I am really an angel. As far as I know, I was born this way. I have the ability to transform between this form and that of a normal human being. The metallic left eye the cabbie referred to was the result of a serious accident I had when I was 13 and literally marked the beginning of my existence as an angel as I know it. I have no memory of my life before my accident in the forest 8 years ago. When in my “angel” mode, my left eye becomes a prominent feature; otherwise it is a natural eye under normal circumstances.

I was taken aback by the number of cars and people who loitered about in front of the castle. Frost had organized a party on a grand scale, much the opposite of his little soiree a year ago at St. Etienne cathedral. Being the extravagant socialite that Frost is, this didn’t really surprise more than the fact that there is always an ulterior motive behind everything he does. And I wonder what it is this time.

After assuring the cabbie that I will be alright out here in the middle of nowhere, he reluctantly made his way back to the real world. His reality as only he knows it. I once again see his dumbfounded gaze in the rear view mirror as the old cab navigates cautiously through the muddy Irish road back to the safety of the outside world. And I remarked that everyone has their own sense of reality as well as identity. And that we would never cross paths again.

The castle was indeed an imposing stony edifice. It is much larger than I had anticipated. A set of 4 powerful flood lights marked the entrance as they whizzed about in circular motion, aimed upwards through the sky towards heaven. By this time, the rain had ceased to fall and there was a definite chill in the air. Or was it my trepidation at entering Frost’s domain and not knowing what will happen? For he always conjures such intense emotions inside me. Nonetheless I find myself walking towards the entrance.

The music coming from within reverberated in the damp air and rang in my ears like church bells on a sleepy Sunday morning in a quaint little village. Outside, there were guests of every imagination, dressed to the nines in their best impression of what Halloween means to them. The typical devils, vampires, beasts and don’t forget those Star Wars fanatics in the latest in Jedi knight wear. I took special note of the girls also dressed as angels and fairies. I wish I could spread my wings and show them what a real angel is supposed to look like.

Literally everyone in the near vicinity stopped in their tracks and stared at me as I made my way through the open doors and into the foyer. I had made a grand, yet reluctant entrance into their world. A sense of uneasiness overcame me when I spotted Frost at the top of the stairs. He was chatting with a couple of women dressed as strippers. Frost in the all black leather attire of an ancient vampire had a luscious blonde in tow. The same one I saw last year at St. Etienne. He managed to look up just when I saw him and motioned for me to come meet them.

I made my way through the dance floor, bumping into several partygoers, feeling their heat and their sweaty bodies. It felt unusually warm inside the castle as I too felt myself sweat underneath my black angel outfit. The sense of piercing eyes made me freeze in my tracks as I looked about in search of a lurker. I could see his silhouette high above the stairs in one of the many unlit hallways, oblivious to all except for me. I acknowledged his presence by casually staring back and paid no more attention as I approached Frost’s group. I didn’t sense any danger from the presence but it was a unique impression nevertheless.

“My dear Evangeline, I’m glad you made it. It makes me so happy.” He kisses the top of my hand like a gentleman.

“Frost, it’s a pleasure as always.” I bow my head slightly. “Good evening ladies.” They too bow their heads in reverence as if I were a goddess.

“My friends, this is the ever elusive Evangeline, gracing her presence with us normal folk.” Frost chuckles and flashes his pearly whites in his charming way. The women giggle.

“Evangeline the angel, I remember you from last ka├žak iddaa year.” Frost’s blonde trophy says. She too was dressed as an angel. Her seductive eyes and luscious lips reeked of sexuality. But she had an unusual aura about her that I could not put my finger on. “Sennelier. My name is Sennelier.” A French name for someone without a French accent. She stood all of 5’4″ with long straight blonde hair and sea blue eyes. I was only slightly taller than her at 5’7″.

“And these two women are Bridgit and Jules.” They simultaneously said hello when I realized they were both twins. Dirty blondes with cool blue eyes and extremely attractive with Jules an inch taller than Bridgit at 5’8″.

“So Frost, we must talk.” My sense of duty predicated any fun I would have tonight.

“Why don’t we all go somewhere a little quiet? I can’t even hear myself think much less talk.” We walk further up the stairs passing several couples making out on the stony steps. I glance up to where my lurker was and find that he has disappeared, for now.

Frost is an enigma to everyone, even to me. He hides behind a shroud of mystery. His motives are sometimes unclear and I always question whose side he is on. A multi-millionaire, he secretly owns several biotech companies in the States. He is huge for a man, standing 6’4″, long black hair and grey eyes. To many he intimidates, but to me he is nothing more than a mere player in this world of power technology.

We walk through the main hallway of the northern wing of this immense castle, passing other partygoers, most of them inebriated and enjoying them selves. Through one open door I stole a glance at a masked woman on a chair, legs spread apart with a male between her thighs sucking in her juices. Her half opened mouth and high pitched moans marked her impending orgasm. I smiled remarking to myself that this was Frost’s kind of party.

We entered one of the master bedrooms which was dimly lit and lavishly decorated with Asian art and antiques. It opened up in the middle with a gigantic bed adorned with must have been a hundred small pillows with huge silver plates of fruit and crystal decanters full of wine on a mahogany table beside it. The whole scene looked like it came out of the book of Kama Sutra. That’s Frost’s style; seductive and mysterious with a bit of grandeur mixed in for good measure.

“Come, let’s make ourselves comfortable.” Frost took off his coat to reveal more leather clothing underneath. The twins, in matching black lace corsets each took my hands and guided me to the bed. Their touch was warm and reassuring. They moved fluidly, each with separate minds yet working together in conjunction like a well oiled machine.

“Frost, we really must talk. It’s about the missing girl in San Diego. This can all wait till later.” My weak protest was met with the twins running their hands through my hair as Frost descended into another world.

“Eve, must we talk shop at my party? We’ll talk later, I promise. Now stop being a spoil sport and enjoy yourself for a change.” Frost said in between stolen kisses with his lover.

Frost and Sennelier slowly stripped out of their clothes. His massive body, rippling with muscles was the total opposite to her diminutive frame with smooth golden skin and supple breasts. Sennelier is absolutely stunning as I reached out and caress her breasts with Frost proudly looking on.

She purred at my feathery touch, my fingertips gently brushing her skin. The twins undressed me to reveal my nude pale body contrasted with my cobalt hair. “You’re beautiful Evangeline.” Bridgit says while kissing the side of my neck and massaging my right breast. Quickly my heart skips a beat. Jules pushes us down on the bed and lands atop my body kissing the other side of my neck. I can tell these two enchantresses were formally trained in the art of lovemaking. And they were having their desired effect on me.

Bridgit slowly drags her wet tongue down my chest to my stomach while Jules spindly fingers seductively tease my slit. “Mmmmmm.” I gyrate to their rhythm, ever so slowly, ever so perfectly.

“You like that my angel? So would you like a trick or a treat, hmm?” They rub their silky bodies against mine feeling every single nerve ending twitching with animal magnetism. My moans of appreciation are met with more caresses on my sensitive breasts. I squirm to their every whim as I feel a thousand hands caressing every inch of my lustful bodice. Jules plants little butterfly kisses on my cheek while Bridgit slowly inserts a finger into my dripping pussy. I gasp at the welcome intrusion arching my back and French kissing Jules. I was losing myself to these enticing women and I had not a single care in the world. Our fluid physiques merging as one as I close my eyes and fall prey to my own dreaming sexualities.

“Unnnnnhhh.” I clamp my legs around Bridget’s head as she tongues my wet pussy. Channeling deeper into my folds she laps up my sweet nectar as it flows freely from my core. “Oh god, don’t stop, ka├žak bahis don’t stop! Oh yes! Yesss!!!!” My hands clutch her head tightly as I force more of her slithering tongue inside me.

“Ahhhhhhh..Ungghhhhhh.” I cry out loud as my impending orgasm crescendos steadily, each high pitched squeal higher than the last. Jules holds me in her arms literally trying to restrain my convulsing body as I experience one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.

“That’s it baby, feel every sensation. Let it all out beautiful.” Jules voices into my ear while gently licking my earlobes.

“Ohhhhh, I’m cumming! OHHH!! UNGHHHHH!!!” I thrust my hips into her face taking as much of her stiff tongue into my cunt as possible. I shake uncontrollably as my muscles spasm.

I slowly come down from my pleasure plateau, both women holding me in their arms running their long fingernails up and down my body. During all this time I never paid attention to what Frost and Sennelier were doing. I glance over and see Frost atop Sennelier’s supine body, her legs spread apart and taking a pounding from his thick 8 inch cock. An impressive specimen indeed as it pumps in and out of her wet pussy.

“Oh god Frost, this feels so good!!! Mmmmmmm!!!” Her body bounces along with his back and forth momentum. She wraps her arms around him holding on for dear life as he pushes his enormous piece of meat deep inside her essence. “That’s it baby, fill me completely.” She pants swiftly, her mouth dry from the sudden intake of air.

His groans, animalistic in nature echo throughout the room as he pounds harder into her, her small body taking a pummeling from his metal rod. She screams in orgasmic pleasure as her entire body shudders. “Oh Frost, I’m cumming!! Fuck me hard baby!! I’m there!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! AHHHH!!! Oh God!!!” She wraps her legs around his waist as she takes him all in arching her body into his. Her shivering body slowly comes down from an intense orgasm.

As I watch, the tinge of jealousy overcomes me. Here was a beautiful woman getting the fucking of a lifetime from a magnificent lover and it wasn’t me. I rub my nipples while the twins massage my breasts. Frost looks up at me and for a moment I see a flash of lust in his eyes. He wants me. He’s always wanted me and I never gave in. I look deep within him and know that I want his cock inside me. I glance over to Sennelier and her eyes tell me its okay. I slowly get up and approach them on the other side of the bed, the twins watching curiously.

“It’s okay, you can have him.” Sennelier kisses me on the mouth and smiles. She joins the twins. I turn my attention to Frost as we stand on our knees in front of each other. He doesn’t say a word and when his lips meet mine I feel a strong surge of energy coursing through our bodies. He embraces my flush body as we passionately kiss. I reach down and hold his cock in my hands. It is a purely massive tool that could pleasure and ravage any woman as it pleases. It has a life of it’s own as it pulses to a stiff attention in my hands.

“I want you inside of me!” I demand as I pull him down on top of me. He obliges and nudges my legs apart. I can feel his cock moving up and down on my slit wanting access to my center. My wetness shines on his stiff rod, covered with thick veins pumping to the rhythm of his heart. We embrace in an intimate kiss, my hands roaming his muscular back.

My heart beats fast in anticipation as he turns me over on my hands and knees. He leans forward and kisses the back of my neck sending goose bumps throughout my body. I love to be kissed there as my purring eggs him on. I feel the tip of his cock slipping alongside the folds of my pussy lips wanting to gain entrance. I push back slightly and he teases me by pulling back as well. We play this cat and mouse routine for a while until he reaches underneath and rubs my clit. I moan at the new sensation as he brings me to a fevered pitch, my cries of ecstasy ringing throughout the room.

“Oh fuck me. I need you to fuck me now!” Almost without warning he slides his cock halfway inside. I scream at the invasion. “Unnnnnnnhh!” It was a tight fit, my cunt muscles learning to accommodate his thick meat. Slowly he mounts the remainder until I am fully hilted. I relish the feeling of fullness inside of me.

“Eve, you feel so good inside.” He pulls out and pushes back in to the hilt. He speeds up as he grips my hips and pounds his cock into my wet pussy. My juices coat his cock and flow down my legs as I near another orgasm. Each thrust seems to go deeper than the last, touching my very core. I throw my head back screaming in pleasure as he pounds relentlessly into my velvet tunnel, gripping his cock as if there was no tomorrow.

Our pelvises come together in a crashing union over and over again like two wild animals fucking. Here we were in this messy act called fucking without a care in the world. My body takes over as it leans back and meets his powerful thrusts. He literally buries his fingers into my hips as my body screams wanting every inch of his manhood to invade my pussy. Over and over he assaults my tight pussy, drilling me into the bed. I fall forward with my ass still in the air receiving his dominant thrusts.

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