The Candle Party

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I got home a little early that night. I had been traveling for work, and was able to get an early flight back. You were having a candle party that night, and I hoped I would get home after it ended. I hadn’t seen you for a week, and I didn’t know if I could keep from attacking you the moment I walked through the door. So many nights in my hotel room I had dreamt of you, and now I would be with you again. I could barely contain my excitement as I approached the front door.

When I walked through the door, I could see the party was just wrapping up. All your friends were there saying their goodbyes. Several of them said coy hellos to me, with knowing smiles. I think they must have been able to read my mind. I saw you across the room, but you didn’t notice that I was there yet. I stood and watched you for a moment. You looked so beautiful standing there talking with your friends. Your smile lit up the room.

When you spied me from across the room, a shy smile broke out on your face. You continued talking with your friends, but I could see you were watching me. I could only imagine what was running through your mind as you looked me up and down. I hoped you thought I looked good in my business suit, and that you were imagining what I would look like out of it.

You walked the last guest to the door and after what seemed like an eternity, you came back into the room. You slowly walked over to me without saying a word. You came up to me, put your arms around my neck and whispered, “God I missed you.” then gave me one of the most passionate kisses we had ever shared. Your tongue searched for and found mine. After a lengthy moment of passion, you leaned your head back and said, “I got a late start setting up for the party, and I got myself kind of dirty. Would you help me clean up?”

You took my hand and led me toward our bedroom. You led me to the bathroom and stopped in front illegal bahis of the shower. You looked back at me and smiled. My breath caught in my chest as I realized what you had in mind, and I smiled back at you. You turned and kissed me again. I reached behind you and unzipped your beautiful white dress. You lowered your arms and let it fall to the floor, revealing a lacy white bra and panties set. Your tanned skin stood out against the white lace, and I could feel stirring in my loins as I looked you over.

You reached up and undid my tie, enjoying the look of me in my professional attire. You put your hands inside my coat, running them over my chest as you pushed the coat off my shoulders. It joined your dress on the floor. You slowly unbuttoned my shirt, running your hands back up my bare chest and peeling the shirt off of me. You turned around and asked me to help you with your bra. I gently undid the clasps and the bra fell away from your perfect breasts. You held your hands up, covering your breasts, and smiled a coy smile at me. I stepped closer to you and covered your hands with mine. You smiled again and pulled your hands away. I felt the creamy skin of your breasts under my hands and I felt more stirring in me.

You moved closer to me and began unbuckling my belt and undoing my pants. Pushing at my waist, my pants and boxers slid down my legs, landing in a pile around my ankles. I stepped out of them as you looked down at my growing erection. You smiled and took me in your hand. I moaned softly as you gently stroked my dick and brought it to full attention. You turned toward the shower and I stepped closer, pressing my erection up against your panties. You giggled, and I ran my fingers along your waist, slipping them under the fabric and pulling downward until your panties slid off your shapely hips. You took my hard cock in your hand and led me in to the shower.

Once illegal bahis siteleri the water was at a comfortable temperature, you turned to me and pressed your naked body against mine. As the hot water cascaded over us, you took me in your hand again and stroked as I kissed your neck. You returned my kisses, moving slowly down my chest. You made your way to my waist, and kissed the tip of my erect penis. Wrapping your fingers around the base of the shaft, you licked the head and made circles around it with your tongue. You then took me fully into your mouth, moving your head back and forth while I moaned and put my hands on your head, urging you on.

I put my hand under your chin and guided you up to meet my mouth with yours. I kissed you passionately, putting my hands on the small of your back and pulling you close to me. I leaned down and ran my tongue along the graceful curve of your neck. Moving my hands down to your small round ass, I kissed my way down your chest to your spectacular breasts. I kissed and licked my way around each one as you put your fingers in my hair and guided me to where you wanted my lips to stimulate you.

I then kissed my way down along your tummy and past your waist, to the top of the skillfully groomed hair above your pussy. You lifted your leg up and set it on the edge of the tub. I kissed my way between your legs and ran my tongue along the length of your vagina. I could feel your body tense as my tongue made its way between your labia and to the soft pink flesh underneath. I licked as deep inside you as I could reach with my tongue, as you moaned softly, your fingers in my hair. I took my fingers and spread your lips apart, taking your clit in my mouth. I sucked gently on it like it was a delicious treat. Your moans started to grow in intensity, and I could tell your climax was approaching. Sucking harder on your clit pushed you closer canl─▒ bahis siteleri to the edge, and I inserted two fingers into your wet pussy. They slid in easily and I could feel the walls of your pussy wrap around my fingers.

Your body started to shudder, and I could feel that you were close. Moving my fingers in and out of you, I sucked harder on your clit and then pinched it between my fingers. This took you over the edge, and your body rocked back and forth as your orgasm overwhelmed you. You called out, “Oh yeah baby! You’re so good! Make me come!” As the waves of your orgasm subsided, I stood up and moved close to you.

I took my cock in my hand and slowly guided it into your wet and waiting pussy. Reaching under the knee of the leg that you had up on the edge of the tub, I lifted your leg and slid myself deep inside you. Bracing myself against the wall with my hand, I rocked my hips back and forth, thrusting hard into your throbbing pussy. You put your hands on my shoulders and moaned, “Oh yeah baby. Fuck me hard!”

After several moments of rhythmic thrusting, I could feel the first waves of my orgasm start. I started moving my hips faster, and your breathing grew heavy. I could tell another climax was approaching for you, and I paced myself in perfect rhythm with you. Your moans grew louder and your head started to rock back and forth, ecstasy overtaking you as you felt my cock grow bigger inside you, signaling that my climax was swiftly approaching. I felt my come start to rise in me, and I thrust harder into you.

As your cries reached their crescendo, my orgasm took over my body, and I exploded inside you. You gasped as my hot release flooded your insides. You cried out, “Oh baby! Fill me up!” Our bodies shuddered together in a moment of perfect harmony. As the moment passed, you wrapped your raised leg around my back and pushed my cock deep into you. I took you in my arms and held you tight, as the ecstasy slowly drained from our bodies. I held you for a long moment, keeping myself inside you. You wrapped your arms tight around my neck and held your face tight against me, softly kissing my chest…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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