The Cabin Getaway

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Now 44 and officially un-hitched, Elizabeth adjusted to newly divorced life pretty seamlessly and easily. She was loving her freedom, her home, and her chance to create a new start for herself. Even not having her kid for days at a time wasn’t as bad as she had originally anticipated. Yes, it sucked not having him around all the time, but having some time completely to herself – to be just Elizabeth and not Mom Elizabeth – was pretty awesome, she had to admit.

One tough thing about not having her kid around everyday though was trying to fill all of her free time. She did her best to pack her schedule: meeting with friends, taking walks, working out, watching shows, shopping, and doing chores around the house, but even still, there were a lot of hours to fill. And with time on her hands, she found herself often browsing and window shopping online for all sorts of things.

One such night, with nothing much to do, she found herself on VRBO looking at cabin rentals with hot tubs, mostly just daydreaming and creating a made up vacation in her mind. Until, that is, she stumbled on a cabin in a mountain town about an hour and a half away. With a private hot tub. With great reviews. Not too pricey. And with availability that coincided with her kid-free days. “Hmmmm,” she thought to herself. “Free cancellation too? What the hell!” as she whipped out her credit card and made the spontaneous reservation.

A few days later, Elizabeth was down at Kyle’s and they were sitting on his couch catching up. “Soooo, you know how I have all this free time now?” she said sheepishly. “Well, I got bored the other night and did something impulsive,” she started, “….and I rented this cabin,” she blurted out as she pulled up the VRBO listing on her phone. “Check it out,” and she handed her phone to Kyle. “So, wanna go to New Hampshire with me next month? It’s in the mountains, right near a state park” she explained, “….and it has a hot tub,” she added in a sing-songy voice.

He chuckled. “Looks pretty awesome,” as he scrolled through the pictures. “What dates?”

“It’s two nights. Go up on December second and come back on the fourth. Think you can go?”

“I have to check with work. And I have to see if I have anything going on with the kids, but I think I should be free. Can I let you know next week?”

“Yeah, of course. There’s free cancellation for another 3 weeks, so yeah…” she trailed off, excited that this mountain getaway/hot-tub/sexy-time trip with Kyle might actually happen.

Next week, he texted her and let her know the trip was a go and Elizabeth was thrilled!


Fast forward a few weeks, and their trip was now just a day away. Elizabeth was excitedly packing and getting ready for their getaway:

Cold weather clothes? Check.

Snow boots? Check.

Card game? Check.

Toothbrush? Check.

Sexy undies? Check.

Toys? Lube? Check and check.

Bathing suit? No need.

She packed another bag full of snacks and drinks and was soon all ready to go.

Kyle arrived at Elizabeth’s later the next morning as she was finishing up work. She snuck out of her Zoom call to give him a long kiss. Her heart always skipped a beat when she saw him. At just over six feet tall, he was slim but strong, with a neatly trimmed beard and matching buzz cut, sprinkled with grays. She thought he was handsome, rugged, and sexy as hell.

“This meeting was supposed to be over half an hour ago,” she said with an eye roll “…but it should be over soon and then we can get going.”

“No problem…I’ll just chill on the couch until you’re done,” and he went to hang out in the living room until she finished up her call.

A few minutes later, she signed off the Zoom, closed out her email and shut everything down.

“All done!” she said as she joined him in the living room, plopping down onto him and bringing her lips to his. “Sorry, that took longer than I expected, but I told work not to bother me from here on out.”

“No worries,” he replied with a smile and a kiss. “You all packed?”

“Yep, all set. My bags are by the door. Just have to pee and then I think I’m ready to go.”

Kyle packed her bags in his truck while she went to pee and shut off the lights and then she joined him in the truck.

“Ready?” he asked as she climbed into his truck.

“Ready!” she said enthusiastically and then leaned in for a little kiss.

“Which way do I go?”

“Super easy, just head over to Rt 104 and then we just stay on that for like an hour and a half and then we’re practically there.”

They headed off, stopping for lunch along the way. When they pulled into town, they popped into the grocery store to grab some food so they could cook some meals in the cabin. As they got back into this truck, Elizabeth got a text. “Ooooh! Cabin’s ready early so we can check in now,” she read out loud.

They arrived at the cabin a little after two in the afternoon and were impressed right off the bat. Calling it a cabin was a bit of an understatement. It was a big, cedar-sided house set amongst large pine trees in a sparsely populated neighborhood. “Wow, looks nice,” kaynarca escort Elizabeth remarked as they parked in the freshly plowed driveway. They unlocked the door and took a little tour of the place at first. A good size kitchen, living room/dining room combo with a wood stove, bedroom with a rustic four poster bed and a bathroom made up the main floor. Upstairs, there were two small bedrooms and downstairs there was another bedroom, bathroom and living area and, most importantly, access to the hot tub.

“I call the bedroom on the main floor. Which bedroom do you want?” Elizabeth teased.

Kyle laughed and gave her a kiss. “Very funny….let’s go get our things and then maybe we can check out that hot tub.”

They unpacked the truck and settled in quickly. They took their bags to the bedroom and Elizabeth was getting out the towels. “You serious about wanting to check out the hot tub now?” she asked Kyle who was standing near her next to the bed.

“Well, yeah. But first….” and he drifted off as he brought Elizabeth into an embrace, meeting his soft lips to hers. His hands pressed into her back, pulling her closer to him. At just 5’4″, she had to stand on her tip-toes to approach his height. She reached her arms up around his neck, emitting soft little moans during their passionate kiss. They’d not seen each other for a few weeks so there was a lot of pent up passion and energy in that kiss.

Kyle gently leaned forward, laying Elizabeth down onto her back and then he crawled on top of her, their lips barely leaving one another’s as they transitioned to the comfort of the bed. They continued their make out session for a few heated moments, their soft lips pressing together, their tongues darting in and out, their breaths and heartbeats speeding up. The weight of Kyle’s strong body pressed upon hers, as well as the bulge she could feel in his pants, was turning her on immensely. She exhaled a deep and slow breath along with a soft moan.

Kyle eased off of the bed and reached down to unbutton Elizabeth’s jeans. He peeled her jeans and panties off in one motion revealing her neatly trimmed mound. While he quickly undressed, she reached down and pulled her socks off and then whipped her shirt and bra off and laid back onto the bed. He then lay down over her, returning his lips to hers. The heat from his body and the heat of his erection added to the heat she was already feeling. They continued ravishing each other with kisses, their lips sometimes moving to each other’s necks, ears, and shoulders. It was frantic and heated, sensual and impassioned.

They rolled onto their sides, their bodies still pressed upon one another, their hands caressing each other. Elizabeth intertwined her legs with his as they continued their fiery make out session. Kyle then eased away and spun himself around so they were now in a side lying sixty-nine. She positioned the foot of her top leg behind Kyle’s head, giving him easy access to her wet pussy and she grasped Kyle’s throbbing cock in her soft hand and guided him to her mouth, eagerly taking him in. Kyle wasted no time in reaching his tongue to her silky opening and he began lapping up her sweet, intimate juices. His tongue made broad, swirling strokes from her entry up to her clit while, at the same time, she hungrily moved her lips along his cock, drippily covering him in her saliva.

Her blowjob wouldn’t have earned her any awards though. It was a frenzied mix of tongue and lips, licks and sucks, and Elizabeth tried her best to maintain pressure and focus on his manhood, but that was increasingly difficult as Kyle worked his magic on her snatch. She had to keep taking moments to catch her breath as small little orgasms welled up inside of her. When she returned her mouth to his shaft, she couldn’t help but let out a constant, low moan. Kyle began rapidly flicking the tip of his tongue on her clit and that was it. She could barely stand it.

“Oh my god,” she wailed, releasing her mouth from him. “I want your cock inside me now,” she demanded as she pushed him onto his back. She spun around and straddled atop him and sank her body deep onto his cock, his thickness filling her up, inch by inch.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck that feels good,” she said, breathlessly as their bodies connected in the most intimate of ways.

She began pulsing her muscles on his penis as his strong hands slid up her thighs, over her hips and then to her ass. Biting her lower lip, she arched her back slightly, pressing her 38B breasts forward. She ran her hands through her shoulder length brown hair, pulling her head back slightly as she did so. They stared deep into each other’s eyes, the blue of their eyes like the blue heat of a flame. She pulsed, gyrated and rode his cock in this position for a few minutes, loving every second of it and loving every little twinge of his dick within her.

Kyle then moved himself to sit upright a bit more, leaning back on the pillows against the headboard and this new angle allowed Elizabeth to press herself even deeper onto his cock. His hands reached under her ass, giving her an assist as she gained speed on his member. Up and down she orhanlı escort rode him, her breasts bouncing in motion with her movements.

After a few minutes of riding him like that, she repositioned her legs, so they were behind Kyle and she guided him to sit fully upright. He bent his legs behind her and their hands pressed into each other’s backs. Sitting like this, so intimately connected, they paused their movements and, instead, she just squeezed her muscles on him. They held each other tight, her breasts pressing into his chest, their mouths and lips coming together, devouring each other with kisses.

Kyle then took over, managing to reposition the two of them while keeping his cock deeply rooted inside of her. He lifted Elizabeth up and then eased her onto her back, laying his body on top of hers. “Nicely done there, mister,” she said with a chuckle.

“I got skills,” he jokingly returned and then he began quickly pounding into her warm, velvety tunnel. The bed squeaked and rocked slightly with each powerful thrust. With her legs wrapped around his, her hands wrapped around his back, and her nails digging in lightly to his skin, she pulled him closer with each downward thrust and tightened her muscles around his cock.

Both kind of normally quiet and reserved, Elizabeth turned into the loud one in the bedroom, and she spouted a whole range of expletives, screams and moans as Kyle pressed into her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh my god!” she screamed. She had been craving his cock for the past few weeks and he felt soooooo good.

She tried to wriggle her hand down to her mound so she could rub her nub and add to the pleasure but, instead, Kyle disengaged and flipped her over onto her stomach, seemingly, in one fluid motion. He hurriedly rammed his cock back into Elizabeth’s wet entry and she let out an “ooooooooh god” at the sensation.

She managed now to slide her hand underneath her and the added friction between her clit, her hand and the bed took her right to the edge. “Oh my god, please don’t stop!” she begged. A monstrous orgasm was swelling inside her. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” And within seconds, her body was shuddering from her shoulders to her toes. Little spasms rippled through her and she let out an enormous exhalation. Kyle took a pause from his action and leaned down to her, meeting her lips in a kiss before sitting back upright and dragging his fingers along her back.

“Holy shit….You don’t know how much I’ve been wanting that these past few weeks,” she said to him while still catching her breath.

“I think I could guess…probably about as much as I’ve been wanting you these past few weeks,” he said to her while taking the moment to pull her ass back towards him, giving her a playful slap on the cheek.

With her ass in the air and forearms on the bed, he ran his thumb over her wet opening and to her asshole and Elizabeth let out a little gasp. He repeated that motion a few times, before making little swirling motions with her lubrication on her puckered hole. He released a mouthful of saliva onto her hole and then brought his cock to her tight entry, slowly pressing it into her.

“Slooooooow,” she requested as it had been awhile since they’d done any anal play. He caringly obliged and just held the tip of his cock in her back door before slowly pressing forth, little by little. She exhaled long and deep, relaxing her body and taking him in. As her body eased, his cock slid further in until he was balls deep in her ass. Slowly and gently, he slid his dick back and forth in her tight tunnel, gaining a little more speed with each pass until he was thrusting hard and fast in her ass.

She reached down and pressed her index finger into her vagina, and was able to feel his cock sliding back and forth through her tunnel walls. He moistened his fingers in his mouth and reached down to her clit and began rubbing her quickly as well. With so many nerves being excited, she couldn’t hold back from screaming and moaning loudly. As her cries got louder, his actions became more rapid and soon they both were edging close to thunderous orgasms.

“Oh my god!” she wailed. “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” She was about to explode. And with a few more thrusts from his cock in her ass, her finger in her pussy, and the added friction on her clit, she did explode. A tidal wave of pleasure rolled through her like a tsunami. Giving her no time to recover, Kyle was quickly approaching his own tsunami. His balls tightened, his breaths became short and he let out a few little gasps before he released with an “Oh god,” and a heavy grunt as his spunk filled her ass, one spurt after another and another. With his balls emptied, they both let out a deep, heavy, contented sigh and she gasped a little as he pulled his softening cock out of her and fell back onto the bed.

“Oh my god,” she uttered under her breath as she lay there completely spent.

“Uhhh, yeah,” was all he could manage to say as he caught his breath and came down from his orgasmic high. “I’ll go get you a towel.”

He came back with a towel and they cleaned up and then the two of them lay on tepeören escort the bed, happy, but worn out, their breathing starting to return to normal.

Elizabeth turned to Kyle and gave him a quick kiss. “Now what?” she asked.

“I dunno…naptime?” he half-joked.

“Sounds good to me,” as she snuggled up next to him, her head on his chest, curled up in his arms and they both began to doze off.

They rested for about half an hour before fluttering awake, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

“I’m going to go rinse off in the shower,” Elizabeth said to Kyle as she eased off the bed. “Then maybe we can go check out the hot tub?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Kyle responded.

After Elizabeth took a quick rinse, they both wrapped themselves in some towels and headed down to the hot tub. The late afternoon air was shockingly cold on their exposed skin and Elizabeth shifted on her feet trying to keep warm as Kyle removed the hot tub cover. With a roof covering the hot tub, they didn’t have to worry about the light snow that had begun falling. But with the trees in winter mode at the back of the yard, there wasn’t total privacy between the hot tub and the apartment building just a few hundred feet away so they quickly removed their towels and scampered into the hot tub before any neighbors could catch a peek.

“Aaaaahhhh,” they both said simultaneously as they sank their naked bodies into the water.

“Oh my god, this is amazing,” Elizabeth remarked as the warm water and bubbles surrounded her.

“Yeah, this is pretty awesome,” he replied, leaning his head back in bliss.

They sat next to each other, their thighs pressed against one another, enjoying the crisp mountain air contrasted against the heat of the hot tub. It was perfect.

They occasionally shifted around, adjusting their bodies to the jets and then Elizabeth found a jet on one of the seats.

“Oooh! That’s a fun jet!” she said with a giggle as she sat upon it. He laughed as she enjoyed the pulsating water hitting her snatch. After a few moments of that, Elizabeth floated her way over to Kyle and straddled his legs. They made out for a bit and Kyle caressed Elizabeth’s breasts as they floated just beneath the surface. She ran her hand along his erect cock bobbing in the water below. She arched her back, sitting a little more upright and her breasts were now just out of the water. He brought his tongue down to her chest and flicked his tongue over her nipples before sucking them into his mouth.

“Oh god,” she breathlessly whispered as she ran her hands through his soft hair.

Elizabeth then guided his cock into her entry and she sank down onto him and they began to slowly and wordlessly fuck. With the water stealing away Elizabeth’s natural lubrication and still a bit tuckered out from before, their movements were easy, relaxed, and rhythmic; it was more like a make out session with an added bonus. As she rose up on his cock, her breasts just escaped the water before sinking back down below again. She held her hands on his shoulders, pressing herself down against the water’s buoyancy.

In the near distance, they could see someone pull into the apartment building parking lot and get out of their car. They exchanged sly little smiles and kissed, while continuing their gentle afternoon fuck. They continued for a few moments and, before long, a small orgasm swelled inside Elizabeth.

“Oooooh!” she exclaimed, pulsing her muscles along his cock before reaching down to meet his lips with hers. They separated their bodies and Elizabeth drifted onto the seat next to Kyle. She looked over her shoulder to him and gave him a cheeky smile. “Well then,” she simply said. He chuckled in response and gave a little wiggle of his eyebrows and a playful squeeze on her thigh.

“I wonder what time it is?” she asked a little bit later.

“No clue. But I could probably eat soon,” he responded.

“Yeah, me too.”

They made their way out of the hot tub and rushed back in the house to escape the winter air. Seeing that it was just around five o’clock, they decided to hop in the shower, have a snack, and watch a movie before dinner. After the movie, they made dinner together and Elizabeth was impressed, but not surprised, at how helpful Kyle was in the kitchen. They made a good team and got along well outside of the bedroom too. Stuffed from dinner, they rounded out the evening with some board games and then snuggled naked in bed watching a show on Netflix on Elizabeth’s laptop. Mid-way through the show, Elizabeth looked over and saw Kyle had drifted off, so she closed the laptop and curled up next to him and was soon fast asleep herself.


Sometime in the middle of the night, Elizabeth awoke with a tingling between her legs. Kyle was sound asleep, spooning her in his arms. She hated to wake him and she tried to ignore the feeling, but every time she moved her hips and pelvis, the feeling only got stronger. She began to ever so gently rock her hips and ass back towards Kyle, her bare butt cheeks pressing onto him. Each push/pull sent a little pulsation rushing between her legs. As she repeated her motions, she felt his cock stir to life and so she made her movements a little more pronounced. She slowly slid her hand up and down along Kyle’s thigh, then gently grazed his member and felt it bob and bounce around. A deep exhale escaped her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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