The Broken Mind

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Editor’s Note: story contains nonconsentual content.


Sarah Anne lifted the last cardboard box from the trunk of her car, and made her way up the steps towards her mother’s house.

This was her final destination after a rocky four year relationship with her boyfriend Steve, and a feeling of moroseness overcame her as she yearned for the small, one bedroom apartment they’d shared together.

Opening the screen door to the house, Sarah Anne pushed the inner door open, and nearly stumbled as it gave way beneath her fingers quicker than she had expected. Nothing had really changed in the time she had been away from home.

Nothing had really changed in the twenty four years since her birth. Her mother didn’t care for change, and the house had a definite relic feel to it.

The furniture and decor had remained the same since as far back as she could remember, and stepping into her mother’s house was like taking a whirlwind ride on a time machine.

Stepping through the living room with the box still in her hands, Sarah Anne made her way into the kitchen, and through the doorway that led up to the attic. Taking the steps slowly, she made her way up to the tiny remodeled room she was to call her own until she could find suitable living arrangements again.

The room didn’t feel much bigger to her than a closet, and could be quite stuffy when the window was closed. It barely had enough room within it to fit her bed and dresser, but it was quiet, and would allow her a great deal of privacy to sort through her life and the decisions she would have to make next.

It’s only saving grace was the small bathroom that sat off to the left side. If she closed her eyes, and imagined really hard, it was almost like having a place of her own.

Setting the box down on the bed, Sarah Anne pushed the bathroom door open, and turned on the light. It looked exactly as she remembered it.

The only major difference was that the brown linoleum was starting to curl slightly near the tub, and there seemed to be a crack in the ceiling she didn’t recall being there before. Other than that, it looked exactly the way it had the last time she had been in it.

Turning to gaze into the mirror above the sink, she frowned slightly at the discoloration beneath her large blue eyes. She looked tired, but that was to be expected with the amount of stress she had been under. Anyone would be tired if they had gone through what she had been through over the past few weeks.

Running her fingers through her dark blonde hair, she let out a sigh, and pushed out her full bottom lip as she scowled at her reflection. It contorted her features in an emulation of a monkey, and the image made her crack a small smile as she turned to leave the bathroom.

The sight of her little brother standing near the top of the stairs startled her, and she jumped as she looked at him warily.

“What are you doing up here, Artie?”

He didn’t respond, but she didn’t really expect him to. Her nineteen year old brother was mentally disabled, and rarely acknowledged questions that were asked of him. He could understand them, he just chose not to respond more often than not.

He wasn’t even looking in her direction. His dark eyes were glued to the small cardboard box she had left upon her mattress.

“There’s a box on your bed.” he stated as he frowned.

Sarah Anne nodded as she looked at his confused face. “Yes. I just put that there,” she told him.

“Why is there a box on your bed?” His frown grew larger as he looked at it.

Sarah Anne used her most patient tone as she responded. “I brought it up with me when I came up. It has some of my things in it.”

Arthur’s frown stayed in place as he turned to look at her.”There shouldn’t be a box there. That’s not where boxes go. You should move it.”

His large frame seemed stiff and tense, and extremely agitated as he informed her of this information.

Sarah Anne knew that distractions were the best route to go in these types of situations.

“Would you like to see what’s inside of the box, Artie?”

Instead of answering her question, he turned to glare in the direction of the box, and Sarah Anne stepped towards it, and lifted it from the bed.

Pressing the folds back on the top, she stepped towards her brother’s large frame, and held it out so that he could see inside of it. There were roughly a dozen paperback books in the box, and she held them up for his inspection.

His gaze dropped to the books for a moment, and he stared at them hard. He almost seemed to be confused as he looked at them.

Lifting one out, she held it up so he could see it better, and smiled. “See, Artie? They’re books.”

When he slapped it out of her hand, she gasped in surprise. The paperback dropped to the floor and skidded beneath her bed, and Sarah Anne snatched her hand away as if it had been burned.

“Why did you do that, Artie?” she asked with a frown.

Instead of answering her, bahis firmaları he took the box from her hands, turned toward the stairs, and dropped it so that it went tumbling down the staircase. Most of the books came spilling out, and each one hit a stair on it’s way down making a horrible racket.

He smiled as he watched them fall, then turned to look at another box she had placed on the floor. His gaze was as intent on this one as it had been on the last.

“Mom!” Sarah yelled down the staircase apprehensively.

Her mother must have stepped into the kitchen at the time that she called because only a moment passed before her head appeared at the bottom of the staircase.

“What is it, dear?”

Sarah glanced over her shoulder quickly before turning to face her once again. “Can you come get, Artie. He’s kind of freaking me out.”

Her mother frowned slightly before clearing her throat. “Arthur? You know you’re not supposed to be in the attic. Come down here right this instant before I give you a spanking!”

The threat was completely absurd to Sarah Anne’s ears. Their mother was a tiny woman. No more than five feet three inches tall, and her brother towered over her by more than a foot. He also outweighed her by a good eighty pounds.

Yet, when she barked the order at him, his eyes widened, and he hustled down the staircase quick to obey her.

When he was out of Sarah Anne’s sight, her mother smiled up at her apologetically. “Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, dear. Hope you’re hungry.”

Smiling at her mother’s warm face, Sarah Anne nodded before turning away from the stairs.


Her mother had made meatloaf, and mashed potatoes with a side of steamed carrots, and peas. They sat at the kitchen table eating it as best they could since her mother had to pause frequently to reprimand Arthur from picking the peas off of his plate, and throwing them across the room.

By the time dinner was over, he had begun throwing them at Sarah Anne, and their mother had to raise her voice, and send him away from the table as punishment.

He seemed to balk at the order, but another threat of a spanking brought him back into line, and throwing his chair back as he stood, he stormed from the room in a tantrum.

“Im sorry, dear,” she said as she turned to Sarah Anne. “He’s not usually this misbehaved. He’s not used to having anyone else in the house, and I think he’s looking for attention.”

“It’s alright, mom,” Sarah Anne assured her. “I can only imagine what it’s like to deal with him. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.”

“Actually, honey, there is. The group center that picks him up in the mornings is going to be closed for the next few days for fumigation. They picked up a nasty case of bed bugs from what I hear.”

Her expression became apologetic as she looked at Sarah Anne.

“I hate to bring something like this up on your first day home, but it would keep me from having to take the next few days off if you were to keep an eye on him for me while I’m at work. It’s not that difficult. He spends most of the day watching television. The most you would have to do is make sure that he eats his lunch, and stays inside of the house.”

Sarah Anne’s eyes widened slightly at her mother’s words. She hadn’t been alone with her brother since he was little, and she could pick him up to get him to do the things she wanted him to do.

Now that he was twice her size, she was slightly more apprehensive at the idea of being in charge of him. Sarah Anne’s voice wavered slightly as she responded. “Alright. What do I do if he won’t listen to me?”

Her mother smiled, and waved a hand at her. “Oh. There’s a few tricks. All you have to do is say the right thing, and he falls right in line.”

Sarah Anne still felt unsure, but did well at hiding her concern as her mother smiled at her sweetly. “Alright, mom. I think I’ll be able to manage,” she assured her.


Sarah Anne slipped the thin nightgown over her head, and let it fall around her body before pulling her long, dark blonde hair out of the neckline.

Once she was covered, she leaned forward to pull her bedspread back so she could crawl into her bed. The sheets felt cool against her skin, and she quickly pulled the blankets up around her before leaning over to switch off her bedside lamp.

Snuggling down into her pillow, she sighed comfortably, and opened her eyes to see the room softly illuminated by the moon’s glow that was trailing in through the window.

It gave the room a less spooky feel to it than if it were completely dark, and she silently thanked whoever had built this part of the house for having the good sense to install a window.

Slipping to her back, she angled her head back into her pillow in effort to get situated a little better, and as she turned her head a loud gasp escaped her throat.

There was a large shadow kaçak iddaa of a person on the staircase, and as Sarah Anne’s heart raced with complete terror, she let out a startled cry. That’s when she realized that the shadow wasn’t a monster, it was her little brother.

“Arthur? What are you doing?”

He neither moved nor responded. He was like a statue where he stood below the top of the staircase.

Sarah Anne tried again. “Arthur, you’re not supposed to be up here. Do you want mom to be mad at you?”

There was still no inclination that he had heard her, and his utter stillness began to make Sarah Anne nervous.

“If mom catches you up here you might get a spanking,” she continued. “You wouldn’t want that would you, Arthur?”

He stayed where he was, and didn’t speak a word. He was so still that if it wasn’t for the dark outline of his body, Sarah Anne would begin to question if he was really there at all.

At a complete loss as to what she should do, Sarah Anne took a moment to think of what would be the next best move. By the time she finally realized that she would have to call for her mother, she turned her head, and noticed that he was gone.

He had silently slipped back down the staircase, and had left the attic. Breathing a sigh of relief, Sarah Anne pulled the covers up higher, and closed her eyes to sleep.


Her mother’s voice woke her the next morning. The sound of her name being called pulled Sarah Anne from a deep sleep, and for just the smallest moment she believed she was small again, and her mother was waking her for school.

“Honey, it’s eight o’clock. I have to leave shortly. Time to rise and shine!”

Groaning, Sarah Anne slipped from her bed as she approached the staircase. “Do I have time to take a shower?” she asked.

Her mother smiled as she looked up at her. “Only if you make it quick.”

Nodding, Sarah Anne stepped away from the landing, and headed towards the bathroom as she pulled her nightgown over her head. Dropping it to the floor, she stepped into the room in her panties, and quickly reached down to turn on the shower faucet to let the water heat up.

Once she finally stepped into the tub, the water felt amazing to her groggy mind. The heat splashed against her soft skin, and pelted against her back, and Sarah Anne tilted her head back beneath it as it slid over and down her body.

It was so utterly relaxing that fifteen minutes went by before she realized how long she had been standing there.

Quickly washing her hair and body, Sarah Anne rinsed off before turning off the water. Slipping from the tub, she pulled a large towel from the holder, and held it up to her face to dab the water away.

She slid it alternately over different parts of her body until she had gotten most of the moisture with it, then bent over to rub it over her hair to pull the dampness from it. Once that was done, she wrapped it around herself, and left the bathroom.

As the door opened she could hear her mother at the bottom of the stairs once again. “Honey, I really have to go now. Will you be down soon?”

“Yes, mom!” she called. “You can go. I just need to throw some clothes on then I’ll be right down. Two minutes at the most.”

“Alright, dear,” she said cheerfully. “Your brother is in the living room watching television. I left some contact numbers, and a list of do’s and don’ts on the counter. I should be home around five. Call me if you need anything.”

“Bye mom!” Sarah Anne called as she rummaged through a few of the boxes in search of the ones that held her shirts.

She searched through five different ones until she found them, and once she had she sighed in relief as she pulled a soft cotton tank top over her head.

Another two boxes resolved the issue of underwear, and she was in search of the right one that contained her jeans when a sound from behind her startled her into whirling around.

Arthur was standing at the top of the stairs, his eyes on the box she had been digging through. His dark head was tilted slightly, and a small frown passed over his features as he gazed at it.

Oh, shit. He’s going to throw all my clothes down the stairs, she thought in annoyance. “Arthur, wait downstairs for me. I’m getting dressed,” she told him.

Turning away, she pulled open another box, and smiled when a pair of Levis sat staring back at her. Pulling a pair from the box, she stood up straight, and frowned when she saw that her brother hadn’t moved from the spot at the top of the stairs.

“Arthur, I said go downstairs.” Her annoyance was apparent now, and she was beginning to lose her patience.

He was looking directly at her now, and Sarah Anne rolled her eyes as she turned away from him so that she could step into her jeans.

Holding them in her hands, she bent over, and lifted her foot to slip it into one of the pants legs when her brother slammed into her from behind. It sent her flying forward kaçak bahis so that she dropped the jeans, and went face first into the middle of her bed.

Letting out a startled cry, Sarah Anne’s hands came out to brace her from falling, and before she knew what was happening, her brother put his large hand in the middle of her back to hold her in place before his other hand came cracking down on her backside. The sound it made was loud in the room, and Sarah Anne cried out at the sudden pain of it.

“Spank!” her brother yelled out.

Surprise quickly turned to anger as she tried to push back against his hand in order to rise, but his overwhelming strength held her easily in position as his hand came cracking down again.

“Spank!” he yelled out again with a laugh.

Sarah Anne’s breath seethed out from between her teeth as she lost her temper. “Arthur! You let me up right this second! You’re in very big trouble!”

Her words seemed to hold little impact as he brought his palm down again. The impact was hard, and Sarah Anne gasped as she felt her bottom burn.

“You’re bad,” he told her. “You’re in the attic.” His palm came down again to slap at her ass, making it feel like it was in flames.

Crying out, Sarah Anne tried to reach back to cover her bottom from the next blow. “I’m allowed to be in the attic! This is my room!” She hollered at him. “Now let me up!”

“You need to be punished,” was his only response.

Pressing his palm more firmly into her spine, he pushed her hand away, then Arthur reached up to grip the waistband of her panties in his large fist, and roughly tore them down until they were around the middle of her thighs. It bared her crimson backside to his view, and he smiled as he slapped her ass again.

“Spank!” he said with another laugh.

Gasping at the searing agony that he was inflicting, Sarah Anne tried not to panic. “Arthur. You’re hurting me. Can you please stop hitting me, and let me up?”

In response, his palm came down again. “Spank!” She gritted her teeth. “Spank!” She closed her eyes. “Spank!”

Something in Sarah Anne snapped, and she snarled as she pushed back against his imprisoning hand. She was extremely close to wriggling free when her brother fell on top of her, and slid his hands beneath her arms to curl over her shoulders. He held her in a vice grip upon the bed as he laughed again.

“More spankings,” he told her firmly.

This time he used his hips to demonstrate the punishment. Lifting them away from where they were pressed into her bottom, he slammed them into her.

“Spank!” he yelled out again.

The strength he put into it jarred Sarah Anne’s entire frame, and pushed her up the bed. When he’d pull his hips back, she would slide down a little until he slammed into her again pushing her back up.

Up until this point he had been physically assaulting her, and more or less scaring the hell out of her, but Sarah Anne’s trepidation doubled when he laid on top of her, crushing her into the mattress.

He was now slamming his jean covered genitals into her bare backside in order to spank her, and with each pummel of his hips, Sarah Anne could feel that he was thickening within his jeans, and hear that his voice was becoming strained as he yelled out the spanks.

“Stop!” Sarah Anne cried out. “Get off!”

Instead of complying, his large hand lifted to the side of her head, and pushed it down to the mattress roughly, and held it there.

His spankings were increasing in speed, and Sarah Anne let out a cry of anguish as his hips began aggressively humping her bare ass.

“You’re bad,” he panted on top of her. “I need to spank you good.”

Sarah Anne could feel the length of his stiff dick pushing against her sore bottom, rubbing between her cheeks as he ground himself into her.

He had stopped using a slapping motion, and was roughly dry humping her through his jeans. He was grunting, and breathing heavily as he rocked Sarah Anne’s body to the tempo of his thrusts.

His palm was still pushing her head into the mattress, unwilling her to move at all, and for the next twenty minutes, Sarah Anne had no choice but to lay passively as he roughly rode her body.

The energetic way in which he moved against her had the bed frame squeaking in complaint, and Sarah tried to block out the horror that was happening to her as her brother grunted and lunged into her over and over.

When she felt like she could not take it a second longer, a sob escaped her. “Arthur, stop! I’m sorry I was bad! Forgive me! Please stop!”

His hips jetted against her continuously as she pleaded with him, but he ignored her agonized cries as a strange groan escaped him. It was followed by another and another, and Sarah began to realize in horror that he was having an orgasm as he stilled against her.

When it was over, he released his hold upon the side of her head, and placed his palms on the mattress to levy himself upwards to get out of the bed.

Once he was on his feet, he reached down to pick up the cardboard box that held her blue jeans. Walking over to the top of the stairs, he let it go, and watched it tumble noisily to the bottom of the landing.

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