The Big Apple

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Gene watched the woman as she skipped down the street. Despite the 105 degree afternoon, she looked as carefree as a child. Her lovely golden hair danced prettily as she moved, swishing back and forth with each quick step. Though he could see that her skin was as fair as a summer’s day – clear and flawless – her face was hidden by the pink parasol that she twirled with a sweet innocence. Long legs flowed from beneath a skimpy white skirt that dropped to the mid of her sleek thighs; her waist was slender, yet it flared stunningly into a woman’s figure at the hip and bust.

She came upon a small outdoor groceries stand and plucked a small piece fruit to taste. Her lush, lips closed around it, and then puckered in a delightfully silly manner as the tart red cherry assaulted her taste buds with its sourness. Her eyes lifted and met his as he heard him laugh, and Gene felt his body respond to her childlike loveliness. He was instantly, dizzyingly hard, and he took a step towards her as the base instinct to claim took control.

Her clear green eyes widened slightly as he took her by the arm, yet she did not resist as he bahis firmaları steered her away from the crowd. Without a word they wound through the populous, continuing on for two blocks until they came upon a deserted alleyway. The setting sun’s hot rays did not reach into the deep recesses of the trash lined path, and it was there in that hidden part of New York City that he took her.

With a twist of his powerful hand, Gene forced her to face him. He crushed his lips upon hers, punishing her for her loveliness with his lips and tongue. Her mouth opened beneath his, but her easy welcome to his assault was not enough for him. Gene tore his mouth from hers, and pushed her to her knees. She kneeled before him on generations of god knows what kind of filth, looking up at him with those big, wounded eyes.

He freed himself from the constraints of his pants, and thrust his engorged cock into her face. She started when it smacked softly against her cheek, and her eyes, if it was possible, widened even further when she saw what he had given to her.

“Suck it,” he commanded in a low, guttural voice. She looked back up kaçak iddaa at him once, then again to the large, pulsating cock before her. Her mouth opened, tentatively at first, then widely, and she took him into the hot recesses of her mouth. Gene’s eyes fluttered closed as her lips descended his length, slowly taking him in until the head of his cock bumped against the back of her throat.

With a groan, he forced his eyes open, wanting – no, needing – to watch. Her blood red lips circled his cock, their usual plumpness thinned as they stretched in order to encompass all of him. As she rose to the thickness of his head, the sheen of her saliva coated his shaft so that it seemed to shine in the wasting light. With an intake of air, she created a suction around his cockhead that, with the wicked coiling of her tongue, seemed as if his dick was caught in the deadly, suffocating grasp of a snake. Her tongue twisted and twirled around him, dipping into the slight crevasse that crowned his tip, as she sucked and sucked and sucked.

The coolness of her hands circled what her hot mouth could not take, and from the contrast he could kaçak bahis feel his heart pounding up and down the long vein that ran from the base to the tip of his cock. Her hands squeezed tightly, and her upwards movement pulled Gene even closer to the brink of explosion. It was her tongue, so skilled, so clever, that pushed him beyond the edge of pleasure. Gene took a lock of her hair in his hand and held her head still as he thrust himself deep. He jetted into her open mouth, emptying himself with long, hot streams.

When he was spent, her mouth closed around him and she swallowed. The muscles of her throat bore down on the sensitive head of his cock, and he immediately came once more. It was a swift, brutal orgasm that tortured his body in its intensity. Anna took it in stride, swallowing what little was left in him to give, and then proceeded to clean him with long, gentle licks as he recovered.

She finished quickly, and together they walked from the dark alleyway, hand in hand. Gene’s legs felt as though they were rubber, but Anna pulled him through the mass of people who made their daily debut into the nightlife of the Big Apple. After a few minutes of walking, he pulled his wife close, and whispered in her ear. She smiled at him, and nodded. “Yes, honey,” she replied, “We’ll definitely have to do that again someday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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