The Bet 10: Simple Dealings

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Sarah practically ran up the stairs and barged into Lily’s bedroom. A smile curled onto her face as she slowly stripped out of her clothes. It seems that was just in time for a show. The pillow her face was being forced into barely muffled the moans and breathy words as Todd pounded into her from behind. He was never the gentle sort. Hell, Sarah used to consider herself lucky if he managed to get her off in the process of getting his own needs met. Todd was groping at Lily’s swaying tits and using them to drive home.

There was no point in joining in. Todd was on the brink of filling Lily’s pussy with a load. With a pout in place, Sarah sat on the chair near the desk and spread her legs. She was soaking wet from teasing her father this morning. Thanks to her brother’s stupid rules, she was only allowed to freely hook up with Lily. Something about another man fucking her made him extra territorial lately. Drew was finally off the shit list, but he was busy with class. Which is why she was currently in her best friend’s bedroom.

“Looks like the clean up crew is here,” Todd panted out as his eyes focused on Sarah’s fingers rubbing at her clit. “She looks hungry, too. Maybe you want to suck me dry.”

“No,” Lily groaned. “Please fill me. I need to feel your delicious cum.”

“Is that so.” Todd chuckled as he doubled his efforts. His body tensed as he spat out, “Then take it.”

As Todd removed himself, Sarah took his place behind a sweat coated Lily. The pussy on display was dripping a combination of Todd and Lily’s juices. The taste was fantastic as Sarah’s tongue lapped up at the treat. A hand fell to cup her ass and followed the curve to her nether lips. Todd groaned as his fingers sunk between her folds. She could feel his erection coming back to life against her leg. The same juices swirling around on her tongue was now being smeared across her leg.

“I’m ready for this sweet pussy,” Todd whispered as he flicked her clit. Sarah shuttered and regrettably pulled herself way from the treat.

“If you want a piece of me, you’ll have to ask permission.”

“May I fuck your tight little pussy?” Glancing at him from over her shoulder she shook her head.

“Not from me,” she replied before patting Lily’s ass. Her friend collapsed. Retrieving the phone from her discarded pants and presented the temporary phone number John had used after Halloween. “He goes by Zorro. Ask him.”

Todd didn’t hesitate in reaching out to the man standing between him and a perfect pussy. John only laughed as the message came through. It was far to formal of a request from the guy on the other end. Sending back a question of how worthy his dick was, he got an image back. Delicate fingers were wrapped around the thick, stiff dick. Giving his blessing, John put his phone away and turned to his father.

He was sitting in the living room hoping to catch his sister coming bahis firmaları through the door. Since he had gotten home from class, all he could think about was burying himself deep in her. She didn’t wait to tell him that she had won the bet. That meant that they didn’t have to wait for the right time. Their father knew and their mother was still at work.

A note was left on his bed, with the remainder of her panties and lingerie, telling him she was going to unwind at Lily’s. Ramblings were scribbled about needing some time to prep for the next days shenanigans. A promise of following through with the deal, while making sure he talks with Henry.

“How long have you known,” John started the talks. Knowing his sister was now well occupied they would have about an hour. Deep down he was hoping he would win. Having two women at his disposal instead of having to share one killed the high he was feeling.

“About your sister’s exploits,” Henry answered with raised brow, “Or about the two of you?”


“Since I got back. There was a video from one of her,” he cleared his throat, “Adventures. I only just found out about the two of you. Shutting your door would have been the smart thing to do if you two are going to fool around like that. Could you imagine what your mother would say, or do, if she’d been the one to catch you?”

“Says the man you got off by his daughter’s own hand.” Henry wanted to be ashamed. The image of his little girl covered by the result of his release washed it away.

“She made it sound like you were her keeper, or something. Care to explain what gives you the right?”

“I thought it would tame her a little. If I had to approve who she was screwing there would be less happening between her legs. Plus,” John met his father’s questioning gaze with a smug smile, “I like the control.”

“She sounds a lot like your mother.” John’s brow jumped in curiosity. His mother. The older version of his sister.

“Mom likes being controlled?”

“She does if it means she gets screwed. She calmed down a lot once you kids were old enough and too curious for your own good. Something about giving you the wrong impression of the kind of woman she is. I think she hoped your sister would follow her example. Turns out she is following the wrong one.” Henry chuckled as he thought back to his daughter’s videos. Her legs parted as she masturbated with a vegetable in front of two men. Her limbs wrapped tightly around a man his own age as he used her body for his own satisfaction.

“She has put on quiet the perfect show. I never would have thought she was wild.” John’s mind slowly found its way to the gutter. Since he had started fucking his younger sister, his mind kept wandering to throughs of his mother. The need to compare the her to Sarah was growing every day.

“Perhaps we can work out a deal.” John refocused on his father kaçak iddaa to find a knowing glint in his eye. “Before that, can you enlighten me on this bet you and your sister made? She seemed rather pleased.”

“I thought it was Mom who had been spying on us. We were debating it when she decided to make a bet.” He smiled as the thought of the very first bet that started all of this. “If it turned out to be Mom, I had to go around tomorrow in the buff. If it was you…”

“She is a little slut, isn’t she?” The father and son pair chuckled in unison. As the laughter settled, Henry laced his fingers and rested his joined hands on his stomach. “So tomorrow, we’ll have a little entertainment while your mother is away. What about after that? How will this arrangement work, dear boy? Do I come to you every time I want a little taste?”

“Something tells me you have a deal of your own,” John stated as he mirrored his father’s professional position. “Let’s hear it.”


Coming home from Lily’s so late was a big mistake. Sarah should have known that the Nunen men would be restless the minute they woke. The morning wood seeking release. There was no doubt in Sarah’s mind that John had shared the details of their most recent bet. They were probably waiting just outside her door for some sign that she was awake.

As she rolled away from the morning light streaming through the window, her arm landed on a bare chest. The smooth ridges as her fingers traced the muscles told who it was without looking. John’s hand covered wrapped around her wrist and guided to the monster between his legs. Her eyes fluttered open as her delicate fingers wrapped around the hard cock. Pre-cum was already gathering at the tip as her hand began gliding over him.

“Fuck, sis,” John groaned as his hips bucked gently with each downward stroke of her hand. She scooted closer to him and kissed him softly. His fingers tangled in her hair as he made the kiss last a little longer. With a gentle tug, she pulled away and allowed her head to be guided below the blankets. John’s fingers loosened their hold as she sought out the morning snack.

John cursed again as her warm mouth engulfed him. She spent a few strokes teasing him. Little swirls of her tongue across the tip. Soft hums and moans that sent a wave of vibrations through every nerve. Soft delicate fingers began playing with his balls. His hips bucked, telling her he was over this show. Focusing on her breathing, she took more of his cock in her mouth. Each downward stroke took in additional inch until he the head of his erection brushed the back of her throat.

Sarah knew her brother had been working himself closer to the brink before she woke up. He was already twitching and ready to release. She tried to time each of her strokes to be able to swallow what would be a delicious load. He hadn’t gotten any action in nearly twenty-four hours. kaçak bahis The first shot came while he was deep in her throat. As she pulled back, she was stopped by the hand at the back of her head.

“It’s all going straight down your throat this time, little sister.” She hummed in disappointment. She wanted to enjoy the taste of him on her tongue. Then again, she would have all day to enjoy him. The juices slowly leaking from her pussy seemed to double as remembered her father would be apart of the mix today, too.

Letting go of his hold, John allowed his sister to come up for air. She sat up from where she was at his side. The blankets fell around her as she ran her fingers through her hair. The sight of her licking her lips made him smile. He nodded his head toward the door and that’s when it hit her. The smell of French toast and sausage had made it her room making her stomach growl in response. John only gave a soft chuckle as he slid off the bed. Sarah followed his lead and soon the pair were standing in the kitchen.

Henry was behind the island with three plates being assembled when he caught sight of his children. From this position neither of his kids could see more than his bare chest. It didn’t seem to matter though that he had nothing on. John strolled in first and grabbed a plate. His dick was still hard and Sarah only marveled at the recovery. Henry nodded to his son as he gave his father a wink.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Henry greeted his daughter as he turned slightly to set the pan in the sink. “I hope your brother wasn’t to rude when he woke you.”

“Not at all.” She smiled sheepishly. The thought that her father had some idea of how John had woken her was more embarrassing than standing in front of him with nothing blocking his view of her bare body.

“Good,” Henry answered as he picked up the plates. Stepping out from his hiding place, he watched with amusement as Sarah’s eyes fell to his own erect monster. He tsked at her as he passed. “It’s impolite to stare, sweetheart.”

“Sorry, Daddy,” she mumbled in the sweetest voice. The tone and her saying daddy the way she did made his dick twitch.

“It’s alright. Why don’t you come sit with me?” John watched as his sister reached for the chair closest to her father. He shook his head and gently pulled her to sit on his lap. She squealed as she straddled his thigh. His hand wrapped around her hip before sliding across to her navel. Sarah got a few bites of food in before his fingers ventured farther south to rub her aching clit.

“Johnny here tells me that today is all about us in a sense.” A finger dipped between her folds before sawing back and forth. His thumb continued rubbing her clit. Sarah let out a moan as he added a second finger and found the hidden button. She jumped from the sensation and squirmed on her father’s lap as he took a bite of food. Her brother only smiled at the pair in amusement.

“I hope you don’t mind, sweetheart, but we took something to help us enjoy the whole day,” he purred in her ear as he forced a third finger in. “I hope you’re ready for all the fun.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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