The Beach House

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I’ve been anticipating our rendezvous for days, anxiously thinking about you as I fly to the Norfolk airport and drive the rental car to the beach house. It’s a cool day but sunny and the wind is brisk as I sneak inside, careful to close the door behind me. I had anticipated knocking on the door and finding you there, but the door is open and I wander in.

The cottage is small, but cozy. I wonder if I should come back or wait. It’s approaching nightfall, so I figure you will be back soon; maybe you’re out beachcombing.

So I will wait, but I have a devious surprise in mind —I’ll hide and surprise you.

There are not too many hiding places in the small cottage, but I find the bedroom closet just big enough to hide in. So I squeeze inside as the light begins to dim; it’s soon dark and I hear the door open. You’re back.

After some rummaging in the kitchen, you come into the bedroom and turn on the light. I can just see you through the louvered door. You look great but look are bit restless, undecided. I am transfixed, wondering if I should surprise you now or wait…if I burst out now, it might really freak you out. And things may prove to get interesting if I wait. I control my breathing as much as I can, bahis firmaları but it’s pretty hard to do it.

I watch you pull off your top, shorts, and panties. I see you naked the dim light; it excites me to see you, unaware of me, comfortable with your body. After a long stretch, you pull on a t-shirt and hop into bed. Whew…getting warm in here, I think.

You start to write in your journal, but can’t seem to concentrate. Putting the journal aside, your fingers absently trail to a hard nipple jutting against the thin fabric of the t-shirt. I think your other hand is busy underneath the covers- I can’t tell but you are lazily playing with your clit- just a bit. You close your eyes, and I wonder what you are thinking. I’m mesmerized by the sight and feel my cock growing hard in my shorts, but I am so cramped in the closet. I need relief soon.

You pleasure yourself just a bit longer, but the beach has made you drowsy and you drift off to sleep. I wait few minutes, but I am so turned on I need to get up and do something about it. I quietly open the closet door and quickly step out of my Topsiders and strip of my shirt and shorts. My hard cock springs out (ahh relief!) and I slip in the bed beside you.

You kaçak iddaa feel so warm as I spoon against your back, nuzzling your neck and taking in the scent of your long, soft hair. I lightly kiss your neck just below your ear and my cock is now pressing against the crack of your ass. My body is cool and you shiver at my touch, but are not quite sure what is happening just yet. I want you so bad, so I reach across your body, lightly brushing across your hard nipples, sending another shiver across your body My hand then slowly goes lower to your mound of fine pubic hair. Your pussy is still wet after your self-pleasuring, and is still flowing a bit.

But this touch awakens you slightly and you realize it’s me, moaning my name as my finger tease your clit. I’m not sure if you’re awake or dreaming, in the midst of some dream, but you quiver and breathe more heavily now. I am so turned on by your reaction; my cock twitches against your ass. I can’t wait any longer to be in you, so I lift your leg a bit to cross mine. My cock finds the moist folds of your pussy and with a quick thrust—I’m in you—MMMMphhh—you groan back in your throat. You are fully awake now, sighing and eyelids fluttering with each thrust. I’m still rubbing kaçak bahis your clit from the front as I fuck you from behind; it’s such an exquisite feeling.

I shift you on your stomach, your face in the pillow, and put your ass up just enough so I can still reach your clit. Now I can give you the full length of my cock from tip to base. My pace quickens, pounding you harder. My balls feel so full, and you can feel them hit your labia as I thrust. My fingers move from your clit to your asshole, rubbing slow circles, tickling you and your moans are loud but muffled into the pillow.

Soon I feel your pussy contract around my cock and can sense you are about to cum. It’s builds in slow waves, like the ocean outside, and then hits you in one final surge. Something inside me lets go and my control is lost, and I cum deep inside you, filling you up.

I collapse on your back, my cock still inside you. It’s a luxurious feeling for both of us, slippery and sensuous.

“I was just starting to dream about you, and then you here,” you say. “That was so amazing… So how did you know I was here?”

“I have my spies.” I laugh. I tell you of how I heard about the cabin from your friends and how I was able to get away. “I thought you would like a surprise.”

We talk a bit more, but soon the see breeze lulls us to sleep, spooned close together again. More sensuous dreams fill our heads until morning, when more dreams become real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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