The Banker

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John opened his eye to a shrill sound. The sound was the telephone ringing. He waited a minute for his wife to get it but then realized that his wife had already gone to work. He decided to let it ring and let the answering machine get it. He laid there and listened for the message in case it was his wife and she had problems on the way to work. After 5 or 6 rings the machine picked up.

“Hello John? This is Theresa from the bank. You applied for a home loan through us and I wanted to talk to you about it. I need to meet with you…”

John quickly fumbled for the phone. “Hello?”

“Hi, John?”

“Yes. This is John.”

“Hi, This is Theresa down at the bank and I need to talk to you about the loan that you applied for. I was wondering if you could meet me in the morning about it, I need to discuss some things with you.”

“Well, I would like to but I have a trip planned and I have to leave about 8 in the morning.”

“Well, let’s see. I can meet you this evening if you would like, say around 7?”

“Well… I guess we can. Should we meet at the bank?”

“No. Let’s say about 7 at my place. I have an office there and I can take care of most things from there. Would that be acceptable?”

“Sure. Give me your address and I will meet you there,” John said.

John wrote down her address and then looked over at the clock. “Damn,” he mumbled to himself. It was half past 5 now and he didn’t have much time to get a shower and get dressed to meet this lady banker. He stumbled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. He turned on the water and then he stepped in and started to shower. The water felt wonderful and warm and so soothing on his tired muscles. Midnight shift was getting to him down at the factory. He hardly had time to spend with his wife anymore which meant no sex. His dick was getting so it was hard almost all the time. He ignored it and proceeded to finish his shower. He went through the usual routine of brushing his teeth and then shaving. He wanted to look his best so he went to the closet and picked out his nicest shirt and slacks. He carefully put them on, taking his time to make sure that everything was just right so he would make the best impression on her.

John walked into his garage and fired up his pickup. He backed out of the driveway and headed to the address that Theresa had given him. He drove until he found the road that her house was supposed to be located on. “Hickory Hills Estates.” John never seemed to be amazed at these “estates” that they called these subdivisions. He once lived in a subdivision with the titles “estates” on it and it was nothing but a bunch of tract houses together almost on top of each other. He drove for about a mile. There it is, Hickory Hills Estates. He turned down the road and then he started going up this hill and then he saw the beautiful houses. Not just nice houses but actually estates. He looked around for the number that she had given him and when he was there he noticed that she lived in one of the nicer homes there. It was beautiful. He could tell that a person with a lot of money and influence lived here.

He pulled through the stone gate that became the driveway. He pulled into the circle drive and then he parked his truck behind a car in the drive. He felt a little self concious about having his pickup there among all of the Jaguars and Mercedes that were parked in the neighborhood. He got out of his truck and walked past a BMW that was parked there. He looked at his reflection in the paint job on the car and then walked up to the doors. He nervously bahis firmaları reached his arm forward and pushed the door bell. He could hear the chimes in the house and waited.

The door opened. “Yes, may I help you sir,” a man said.

“Yes, I am here to see a Theresa about a home loan. She called me today. My name is John.”

“Oh yes sir,” the man said, “she’s been expecting you.”

The man opened the door and he walked in. He looked around at the room that he was standing in. It was a beautiful room, a room filled with the finest furnishings and the finest antiques. “Madam will be with you in a minute sir,” the man said as he walked away.

John looked around and took notice of the fine marble floor that he was standing on. He snickered to himself as he thought about how this may be the only pair of cowboy boots that had ever walked on this floor. He walked toward the huge fireplace and looked at the painting that was there. “That’s my husband,” he heard a feminine voice say. He turned around and saw a woman standing there. John’s jaw almost hit the floor. There she was, blonde, petite, and very very attractive. She was wearing a very elegant red silk blouse and a very tight black skirt that hit her about mid thigh. John was trying not to be too obvious about his attraction to this woman standing before him. He looked down her body and looked at her legs. She wore a pair of black stockings that covered a very nice pair of legs and a pair of black high heels. “Hello, I’m Theresa. And you’re John?”

“Yes ma’am,” he said hoping that he wasn’t stammering too much. He was so nervous about getting this loan. He moved forward and took the hand that was offered to him. As he moved closer to her he could smell her perfume hang in the air. “Glad to meet you Mrs… uh Mrs …”

“Just call me Theresa. May I call you John?”

“Of course, you can call me anything you want to. You are the one with the money,” he smiled.

“Well, we’ll see what we can do about loaning you some of it. Follow me into my office and we will get down to business.”

John followed her and they walked up to a set of hand carved walnut doors. She opened them and motioned for him to come in. He went through the door and she shut them behind him. She led him to a huge desk in the corner of the room. John looked around at the furnishings in the room. He walked to the desk and sat down, feeling suddenly nervous about getting this loan. Theresa pulled up a chair beside him at the desk and sat down. John looked around the room and he saw the beautiful sculptures and the paintings and the leather couch along the wall.

Theresa pulled up next to him and he got a whiff of her perfume. God he smelled good, he thought to himself. She opened a folder that was on his desk and told him what he would need to get the loan approved. She handed him a pen and started explaining the terms of the loan, if he were to get it and what the payments would be. John looked down at Theresa’s legs. Her skirt was riding up a little and he could see that she was not wearing panty hose but that she actually had black stockings on and he could see her black garters. He could feel his dick start to rise as he looked at the legs of this beautiful blonde and smelled the fragrance of her perfume. “Now just sign this paper here… and this paper here… and this paper here…” John signed what seemed like dozens of forms but finally after a few minutes he was done.

“How long until I find out if I’m eligible for the loan,” he asked?

“Well, it will take a few days, but first kaçak iddaa there is something else we need to take care of before it can be approved.”

“What is that?” John asked.

“Well, John, you see part of the loan process is the interview. I need to know a few things about you that I can’t legally ask on the loan application but it all goes into the process of getting the loan. You don’t mind answering a few questions do you?”

“No,” John said as he thought of how he was going to spend any more time with this woman without pouncing on top of her and fucking her.

Theresa got up and said, “Follow me.”

John got up from that chair and followed her over to the leather couch along the wall. She picked up a notebook from the end table and sat down. As she sat down, her skirt rode up a little farther up her leg. Theresa smiled and pulled her skirt down as best she could when she sat down.

“Now, let’s see, are you married and how many years.”

“Yes. Let’s see, about 23 years.”

“Wow. Children?”

“Yes, 2 grown boys,” he said.

“How many years have you been employed as an electrician?”

“Let me think. 17 years I believe.”

Theresa continued to ask him about his personal life and his family history. After a minute or two he started to relax. He answered all the questions that she had to ask, all the time trying not to look at her gorgeous face, her ample breasts and her fantastic legs.

“Ok John, one more question and then I will be done with this phase of the loan process.”

“Ok,” said John.

Theresa got up and walked over and pulled up a chair so she was facing him. She crossed her legs and he could feel his cock start to strain the fabric of his slacks.

“Ok, the question is… do you eat pussy?” she asked.

John couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Surely he was fantasizing. “W-w-w-what did you say?” he asked

“Oh you heard me right,”Theresa said as she uncrossed her legs and pulled closer to him. “I asked you if you ate pussy!”

“Well, I don’t know what that has to do with the loan ma’am,” he said.

“It has a lot to do with whether you get the loan or not stupid,” she said.

Theresa leaned back in the chair and spread her legs slightly. John could see the thin material of her panties that barely covered her pussy. “I want to know if you eat pussy and the answer better be yes if you want this fucking loan.”

John looked around, not knowing what to do. Theresa stood up and reached behind her and John heard a “ziiiiiip” sound and then her skirt fell to the floor. She was wearing black sheer panties and Jhn could see right through them. She stepped back and then she turned around so her ass was facing him and bent over and then pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Theresa backed up and put her butt in his face, close enough that he could smell her hot cunt.

“Look lady,” John said. “I am a married man. My credit ought to stand for itself.”

Theresa laughed a loud laugh. “You obviously don’t know the power I have over your loan dumb ass.” Theresa turned around and moved toward John. John tried to move away but it did him no good. Theresa had him laid back on the couch and had her cunt over his face in a flash.

John looked up at the cunt in front of him. He was confused about what he should do. He needed the loan but he wanted to be true to his wife. He could see the glistening lips of her vagina hanging above him. He thought about how he had gotten himself into this mess. He looked up at the nylon covered legs that were on either kaçak bahis side of his head. He thought about how he could probably get a loan at another bank. Then he thought about the beautiful cunt of the blonde bank Vice President above him and then he made his decision.

John reached his hand up and put his hand against Theresa’s pussy lips. He felt her moist lips and smelled the smell of her juices flowing. He slid his hands around to the buttocks and squeezed them hard. They were so soft and firm and he liked what he felt. He moved his hand around till he had them on her hips and then he pulled her down forcefully onto his face.

“Oh god, yess. Eat my pussy John,” she said.

John stuck his tongue into the pussy that was on his face. God he loved the way it smelled and he loved the way it tasted. As soon as he had his tongue into her pussy he could feel her start to make a motion back and forth across his face.

“Ohhhhhhhh My Goddddddddd!!!!!!” she screamed as she rode his face. He lifted her hips a little and moved her so he could suck her clit into his mouth. He pulled it into his mouth and started sucking on it, giving her clit a head job. His hand back around to her butt cheeks and then slapped her on the left ass cheek. He could hear the smack and could feel her quiver as he struck a blow on her buttock. He moved his hand down and spread her ass cheeks and took his index finger and found the opening of her anus.

“Oh fuck. Oh yeah, suck me baby, suck me.” John moved his hand down between her legs and slid it between her legs and got it wet with her pussy juice. He moved it back around and with the other hand he spread her ass cheeks and took his finger and shoved it in hard against her asshole. She stiffened and let out a howl that he was sure was going to make her cool down. Instead it had the opposite effect. She stopped for a minute and then she started moving back and forth across his face with a passion that he hadn’t seen in hears.

“Oh God, I-I-I… Oh fuck yeah. Fuck my ass. Lick my clit. Oh shit John. Eat me. Eat me! EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!” she wailed as she rode his face to orgasm. She continued to rock on his face and he continued to fuck her ass with his finger until she could move no more and John removed the finger from her ass and she collapsed back on the couch.

John got up and unsnapped his pants and dropped them and then pulled his underwear down.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing??????” she loudly asked as she tried to get up. John pushed her down on the couch and held her head with one hand and stroked his cock with the other hand. “I’m gonna CUM all over you baby,” he said as he stroked his rock hard cock and pointed it at her face. John looked down at this woman with her pussy exposed, in her stockings and her rumpled skirt pulled up around her waist and then he lost it. He felt the cum building up in his balls and after a minute or 2 of stroking, he let out a blast of sperm that covered her face, covered her lips and ran down onto her red silk blouse. As his last drops of cum dribbled from the head of his dick, Theresa reached forward and grabbed his cock and pulled him close and took her tongue and licked the remaining sperm off of the head of his cock.

John pulled away from Theresa and bent over and pulled is pants up and buckled his belt. He walked over to the couch that she was laying on and gave her pussy a quick touch and then walked toward the door.

“I’ll be expecting that call about the loan any day!” he said as he walked out the door and got into his pickup.

Theresa laid back on the couch and thought to herself, “Maybe you will and maybe you’ll have to come begging for it again.” She closed her eyes and thought of what other requirements she might have of this man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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