The Babysitter Stays for a Week Ch. 02

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Peter woke up with an overwhelming feeling of guilt. He loved his wife. He didn’t want to destroy his marriage just for a good lay. Of course this led him to think about how good of a lay it was. Never had the sex in his marriage turned him on this much. He started getting hard just thinking about it. But the guilt won out. He got up, showered, ate a quick breakfast and left for work; two hours earlier than usual so that he avoided seeing Kelly at all.

He threw himself into his work so he wouldn’t think about it anymore. All of a sudden, it was ten o’clock at night and he was done with the one and only project he had to work on. He handed in his work and went home, fully aware that he would get home too late to see anyone.

When he got home the lights were all out. He ate a light dinner and headed to bed. As he walked through the living room, he noticed Kelly asleep on the couch. She had on the skimpy cotton shorts that she wore the previous morning. She was on her side, and he could see right up her shorts, and without any panties on, he had a great view of her ass. “God, that ass.” he thought to himself. Being a gentleman, he grabbed the blanket and put it over her. She squirmed a little and let out a little moan. Peter couldn’t help but think about how hot she was. He then had a dangerous thought.

“You’ve already done the deed once. You’ve already cheated. Why not get your money’s worth?” He was disgusted with the idea, and went to bed immediately. He woke up with the guilt once more. He figured that if he could just concentrate on work, he could get through the rest of the week without giving in to Kelly’s temptations. But that plan went out the door when his cell phone rang. It was his boss.

“Peter! I came into work early today and I saw that you finalized the Sloan account. Listen, you’ve been working hard and, the way I see it, you’ve got nothing to do. Take today and Friday off. You’ve earned it.”

This wasn’t going to fit into his plan. “Well maybe I could help Frank with his project.”

“Peter, please. Frank needs the practice. I don’t want to see you in the office. Have a great four-day weekend.” His boss hung up. Peter just stood there. This was not going to be good.


“I’m going to go for a run.” Kelly announced. Sally then turned to Peter.

“Peter, could you be a doll and make some sandwiches for the kids.” Peter stared at her.

“Just because you’re the mother of my son’s best friend, does not mean I like you in any way.” Peter thought.

But he simply responded, “Five turkey sandwiches coming up.” As he and Kelly went into the house.

Peter went right to the kitchen and started laying out the ingredients. Kelly then walked into the kitchen, wearing very short green mesh shorts and a tight short t-shirt. His dick shifted in his pants. “Oh my God, I need this run so bad. I haven’t had a good work out since Tuesday night.” She smiled and looked right at him when she said that. He pretended not to hear her. She started stretching right there in the kitchen. She began with her arms as she leaned all the way to the right, followed by the left. Both times, her shirt inched up, revealing more of her torso. Peter tried his best not to look. She then sat down on the floor, spreading her legs and putting the soles of her feet together to stretch out her groin. Peter snuck a glance and almost choked. He could see right up her shorts and couldn’t believe that she didn’t have any panties on. He had a perfect view of her wonderful shaved pussy. He swallowed, realizing that she was just as freshly shaved as she was the other night. She must have done it again that morning. He was fully hard just thinking about that.

Kelly smiled when she realized he was looking. She held that position for a long time. Peter no longer was thinking logically. All he could think about was how good that pussy felt on his cock. She finally got up slowly. She turned around and bent over, keeping her knees perfectly straight. This made her shorts ride up, showing Peter nearly her whole ass. Peter couldn’t contain himself, and the following words came out before he could filter his thoughts. “I see you run without wearing any panties.”

Kelly slowly leaned back up. She turned around and walked towards Peter. “Yeah, they bother me too much when I run. Does it bother you?” As she asked, she started lifting up her shirt a little bit.

Peter shook his head, “No.” He backed away and fell into a chair. She kept walking towards him. She was right in front of him. He could see the outline of her pussy through the mesh shorts as the light shined through the light fabric.

Kelly leaned forward and whispered illegal bahis in his ear. “Good, because I hate wearing panties. I do it just because I like teasing boys. And older men.” As she said this, she grabbed his hand and started pushing it up her leg. She let go, but Peter didn’t stop. His fingers found their way under her shorts and he once again felt the wonderfully wet and shaved pussy that has haunted his thoughts the past few days. He started rubbing her lips as she moaned and rubbed her fingers through his hair.

“I want your cock in me again. I want you to fuck my tight pussy like you did the other night.” Peter then pulled his fingers out and got up. He started walking away.

“Where are you going?” She asked, disappointed.

“To my study. Are you coming?” She smiled and followed behind him. They went into his home office and shut the door. He locked it as she went to his desk and sat on it right in front of the chair. He sat down in his chair. She was spreading her legs. In the short shorts, it looked so hot.

She began slipping her fingers under her shorts. “Will you make me come like you did the other night? Make me come with your big hard cock.” As she said this, she closed her legs and slowly pulled off her shorts. She spread her legs again, opening up her amazing pussy. Peter got up and pulled out his dick. He started rubbing her clit with it, teasing her with his head. She pulled off her shirt and closed her eyes.

“Please put it in me. I want it so bad.” She pleaded. But Peter kept rubbing her pussy with his head. Finally he pushed into her, but only a bit, then pulled away.

“Oh my God,” she moaned, “Please. Fuck my pussy.” He stood back, looking at the sight of a beautiful 19-year-old girl lying naked on his desk, begging him to fuck her. He obliged. Peter slowly put his head back into her. Even though it had only been a couple of days, he still couldn’t believe how tight she was. He had to push a few times before he was fully in her. He once again felt the ecstasy of being in her tight cavern. He started thrusting back and forth as she moaned and rubbed her pussy. After a bit, she pulled off her shirt as Peter grabbed her ass and continued pushing. But then, Peter’s heart stopped.

A knock at the door, “Peter? Are you in there?” It was Sally. Peter immediately stopped fucking Kelly. He started pulling out, but she grabbed his dick and held him right at her pussy.

“Yes, Sally. I’m just sending an email I forgot to deal with earlier.” Peter barely choked out his response as Kelly was rubbing his head in and around her shaved pussy. She was looking at him with such mischievous eyes. Peter started humping her again. Kelly closed her eyes and put a hand over her mouth.

“Ok, well I’ll finish making the sandwiches. Join us whenever you’re done.”

Peter didn’t care what Sally was saying anymore. He was about to make Kelly come. He watched his dick slide in and out of her 19-year-old pussy with pride. She started shaking and her pussy clenched around Peter’s dick.

“OK Sally, I’ll see you soon.” Peter called back while he came inside Kelly watched her writhe in her own pleasures.

She looked up at him with lust and whispered, “Mr. Hamilton, I think about you all the time. When you’re at work, I finger myself thinking about your cock. Do you ever think of me?”

“God, I try not to. But it’s impossible.” He pulled out of her and put back on his clothes. “We need to get back.” He left the room. All he could think was that he knew this wasn’t the last time.

Later that afternoon, Sally left with all the kids to take them for a sleepover at her house. Kelly was going to go out with her friends that night since she wouldn’t have to worry about the kids.

Peter was in the kitchen reading the newspaper and having his evening coffee, a habit he has regretted since he started a few years back. But it was his more recent habits that were weighing on him the most. Just as he was starting to wonder whether he could keep doing this, Kelly walked in wearing a tight pink t-shirt and a loose white skirt that went to about two inches above her knee. She looked hot. She leaned on the kitchen counter with her back to Peter while she texted on her phone. Her skirt rode up a bit revealing a very good amount of the back of her thighs. Then the door knocked and Kelly opened it.

“Hi! Steph!” Kelly let in her friend. A beautiful brunette with tight green pants revealing an amazing ass and a tight collared shirt.

“Steph, this is Mr. Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton, this is Steph.” Peter shook Steph’s hand.

“Hi Mr. Hamilton.” Steph said with a dash of seduction.

“Ok, we’re heading out. Don’t wait illegal bahis siteleri up!” The girls left, whispering to each other and laughing.

Three hours later, Peter was falling asleep with a beer in his hand watching Sports Center. He snapped up when he heard the door shut. Kelly walked in… followed by Steph. They both walked in to the TV room.

“You girls are home early.” Peter remarked, a little uncomfortable as the girls sat next to him on either side of the couch. Kelly brought her legs up on the couch and lay down on her side. Peter coughed, as he could see right up her skirt at her cotton panties.

“Yeah, it was a really boring party. All the guys were kind of lame.”

Peter looked over at Steph, who was rubbing her hands up and down her green-panted thighs. “Doesn’t Kelly look really hot in her skirt tonight, Mr. Hamilton?”

Peter cleared his throat. “Umm I’m not sure what you want me to say to that.”

Steph got up and leaned on her knees to Peter’s left. Kelly moved around and did the same.

Kelly looked at Peter. “Mr. Hamilton, I’ve told Steph about our times together, and she wants to play with us.”

Peter was shocked, “You did what?! What were you thinking Kelly?! What if she tells someone?! What do you think that would mean for me?!” He tried to get up, but Steph grabbed his shoulder and stopped him.

“Mr. Hamilton, I would never tell anyone, because I have a good reputation. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m a slut would I? Besides, you’ve already had one 19-year-old girl, wouldn’t it be nice to have two?” As Steph finished, Kelly leaned across Peter and started kissing Steph. They were making out right in front of him. Their breasts were pushing against each other through their tight shirts. Of course, neither had bras on. Why would they? There was no need.

Steph continued. “My boyfriend has never made me come and he’s the only boy I’ve had sex with. Can you make me come, Mr. Hamilton?” As she said this, she unbuttoned her pants. Kelly meanwhile had Peter’s right hand moving up her skirt. She smiled at Steph.

Steph went on, “Will you unzip my pants for me?” Peter obliged with his left hand. As he pulled down the zipper, he realized she wasn’t wearing panties and just like Kelly, she was completely bare. His right hand then reached Kelly’s panties. He slipped his fingers under the hem and started rubbing. Kelly moaned and rubbed her breasts. Steph pulled down her pants and leaned over Peter to make out more with Kelly.

Peter decided to take charge. “Why don’t you two kiss with my dick in between your mouths?” The girls smiled.

Kelly said, “See, Steph. I told you he’d be good.” They both slid down, Kelly took off her shirt. Steph started rubbing her mouth over his fully hard dick through his pants.

“Do you want me to take it out, Mr. Hamilton?” Steph asked while she was already undoing his belt.

Kelly unbuttoned his button and unzipped his zipper. She pulled down Peter’s pants as his hard cock flopped into place. Steph started first, kissing the side of his dick. “How excited are you for two 19-year-old girls to be sucking on your cock?” She asked as she licked the side of his shaft. Kelly slid back down and joined her. They immediately started kissing and moaning, with Peter’s head in between their mouths. The feeling of their tongues playing with each other around his head was incomparable. He reached out with both hands. With his right he rubbed up Kelly’s legs and under her skirt, feeling her panties tightly wrapped around her butt. He started sliding his fingers under her panties and fingering her. She moaned even harder as he did this. With his left hand he fingered Steph’s pussy. Both girls were now moaning and licking his shaft.

Steph stopped first. “Oh my God, your cock is so big.” She got back up on her knees to Peter’s left, leaving Kelly to suck on his tip on her own. Steph leaned into Peter and pulled off her shirt. Her perky breasts were pressed against Peter’s left shoulder. Her pants were still halfway pulled down, showing off her shaved pussy. Peter started rubbing it.

“Mr. Hamilton, mmmhmmm, please make me come for the first time with your huge dick.” Peter nodded. Steph got up and slowly pulled off her green pants, and stood in front of him while Kelly licked up the side of his dick and got back up on her knees. Steph then stood right in front of him.

“I heard you like tight pussies? Mine is so tight. Do you want it?” As she asked she straddled Peter and turned around. She then spread her legs open as wide as she could and balanced forward on Peter’s knees. She then started rubbing her pussy on Peter’s dick. Looking back at canl─▒ bahis siteleri him.

“Oh my God, I can’t wait for you to be inside me.” She reached back and grabbed the base of his dick. She then slowly slid down on to him. She looked back and whimpered while he started going in her. He couldn’t believe it, but she was tighter than Kelly! He laid back in ecstasy as she slowly pushed his dick all the way inside her. She started riding him hard as Kelly was fingering herself and rubbing her tits. She then stood up on the couch and slowly pulled off her panties, leaving her skirt on.

“I’m so horny Mr. Hamilton.” Said Kelly as she straddled over him, still standing. “I really need you to make me come as well.” Her thighs were directly in front of him as she pulled up her skirt to give him a close-up view of her wonderful young pussy. He immediately thought about how good she tasted on that first night. He reached up and pulled her to his mouth as he went at her. All the while Steph was still riding away.

“Oh my God! I’m going to come!” Yelled Steph. She started shaking. Kelly did the same. The feeling Steph getting tighter around his cock caused him to come as well as the two girls. All three were coming at the same time. Peter felt like a champion.

“That was the best feeling I’ve ever had,” said Steph as she slid off of him. She and Kelly picked up their clothes and started walking out. They sleepily said goodnight and went to bed. Peter just laid back on the couch, soaking in the pleasure.

Peter woke the next morning to the sound of Steph’s car leaving. He smiled. He went downstairs and once again sat on the couch reading the newspaper. He no longer cared about his recent expoits. He was so far past the point of stopping now. As he was beginning to think back on last night, Kelly walked out wearing just a tight white t-shirt and cotton panties with a little pink bow over the front. She was sure to walk right in front of Peter while she bent over to pick up a magazine off the table. She sat down to Peter’s right. He just looked over at her and smiled. Her hair in a loose ponytail, she looked perfectly young and cute. He continued to stare until he eventually caught her eye. She looked at him, smiled, put the magazine on the floor and leaned up on her knees. She started inching towards him.

“So, Mr. Hamilton. I have to pick up your boys in an hour. But before I left, I wanted to make sure of something.” Kelly was looking very sexy as she was saying this. She was pulling at her shirt.

“And what is that, Kelly?”

“Well, we all had a really good time last night with Steph. But, well…” Kelly was pulling off her shirt now, showing off those amazing young perky tits. “…I wanted to make sure you remembered who your favorite was.”

Kelly then unbuttoned and pulled down Peter’s pants and boxers. Instead of going straight into the blowjob, she made out with Peter a little bit, rubbing his dick in her palm. She then pulled off his shirt and slowly kissed down Peter’s chest. As she reached his lower abdomen she moved more to the side so she could rub her tits all over his head. She started pushing them together and rubbing up his dick, giving him a little titty-fuck. He moaned as he saw her ass in those panties sticking out. Kelly slowly slid down so that she was lying fully down on the couch and now kissing his tip. Her tits rested on his thighs. He leaned his head back and slipped his fingers in under her panties in between her legs. She was so wet.

“Ohhh. Will you think about me while you’re fucking your wife?” Peter didn’t immediately register the question. Once he did, he realized the answer was most definitely yes. He started fingering Kelly some more. She took that as a yes.

“Mmmmm. You’ll think of me when you beat off won’t you?” Kelly slowly licked up his dick. “You’ll think of my tight pussy wrapped around your dick.” As she said this, she got up and straddled him putting her arms on his shoulders. He was hard as a rock as she rubbed her panties up and down him. She looked him in the eyes with a serious look.

“I’m serious. I want you to tell me that you’re going to think about me when you’re with your wife.” As she said this, she slowly pulled her panties to the side and started rubbing up and down his dick with her bare vagina.

“I can’t say that. I can’t.” Peter reluctantly responded.

Kelly reached down and put his tip right up against that amazing tight hole. He knew this might be his last chance to have sex with her before his wife got home. “If you want me right now, I want to hear you say it.” She started rubbing the tip and inserting it very slightly inside of her.

Peter couldn’t resist. “Fine, Kelly. Yes. When I fuck my wife, I will be thinking about you. For the rest of our marriage, you will be the one I think about.”

“Thank you.” Kelly sighed with relief as she plunged Peter deep inside her…


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