The Awakening of Laura Ch. 02

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The story is true. The characters are real but their names have been changed.


A few years later I was transferred to Georgia for my job and eventually bought a large house in Suwanee. Laura and I were married by this time for a few years.

Our sex life was a little stagnant ever since Dom and Marilyn moved away and we were not able to find a compatible couple.

When the time came, I moved most of our stuff to Georgia and my wife staid in New York to finish out the lease, which had six months to go.

I was able to get the house ready in a relatively short time and had a lot of free time on my hands.

One day, I decided to try something different. I had read about a clothing optional resort not too far from me, so I decided to give it a try.

I got up early one Saturday and drove up to a clothing optional resort in the northern part of Georgia.

The resort was off the beaten path and looked very nice when I got there. I went into the office and filled out some paperwork and was all set to venture out.

I disrobed near my car and took my towels and headed to the pool. There were a lot of people, mostly couples, but some single men and women, as well.

I found a nice spot and laid down on the lounge. I watched the people and every now and then I would get a hello from a passerby. All the people were friendly and cordial.

After some sun, I headed to the hot tub. Nobody was there, so I got in and relaxed. The water temperature was soothing and relaxing as I closed my eyes.

As I had my eyes closed, I did not notice that a couple joined me in the hot tub. We exchanged pleasantries and they asked if I was alone. I explained that my wife, Laura was still in New York and would not be here for a few more months.

I introduced myself and they said their names were Lisa and John. We chatted for awhile and I found out that they lived not too far from me in a house that was very private. They said I could visit them anytime and we exchanged numbers.

Lisa was a beautiful Italian woman with big breasts and nipples and a nice rounded ass and a smooth pussy. John was tall and thin with a big cock and also smooth.

As we talked, Lisa moved over and got between me and John, her tits were floating on top of the water.

I was all set to get out of the hot tub when I felt Lisa’s hand on my cock. I looked at her and John and John just smiled. Lisa moved her hand to around my cock which was now hard. I told her she should not be doing this but she just smiled and kept her hand on my shaft.

Lisa leaned over and said to me, “I want you to fuck me.” I told pendik escort her there was no place to do it and she said “John and I go on the trails and we fuck there. Do you want to?” I looked at John and he nodded his approval. After my hard on subsided, the three of us got out of the hot tub and hit the trails.

A few minutes along the trails, we found a secluded spot. John was the lookout and Lisa got on all fours so I could fuck her from behind. I slid my cock into her wet pussy and fucked her hard until I came. She stood up and I could see some cum dripping down her leg, which she just rubbed away.

On the way back, I told them about Laura and how she was my whore. John and Lisa listened intently as I told them the whole story.

By the time we got back, it was time for me to go home. They asked me to come over the next day to talk some more. They gave me their address and I told them I would be there.

When I got home, I called Laura and told her about Lisa and John. She could not believe her ears. Laura wanted to hear every detail. I told her and left out nothing. I then told her I would be going over to their house tomorrow and I would call her with the details when I got home.

The next morning came and I was nervously excited about visiting my new friends.

After I attended to some business, I jumped into my car and off I went.

I brought a couple of bottles of wine to give to Lisa and John.

It took me about 40 minutes to get to their place. Their home was definitely off the main road. It was a big old colonial with a big wrap around porch.

From what I could see, the property was tree lined and had an eight foot stockade fence around it.

It was now 1:00 p.m. when I rang the bell. After a minute or so, John opened the door and welcomed me in. He ushered me in and that was when I saw Lisa. She was standing in the hallway, nude, wearing just her come hither smile.

Lisa came over and gave me a hug and a kiss and a quick rub of my cock through my jeans. They both welcomed me to their home. I gave them the wine and John gave me the tour of the house, including the master bedroom.

We went downstairs and Lisa escorted me to the patio. She told me to get comfortable, so I took that as a clue to get naked, which I did. After a few minutes, John came out nude, with three glasses of wine. The day was hot, with a light breeze which made it really enjoyable to be naked.

They had a pool and hot tub that was very inviting.

Lisa then said, “Tony, tell us about your wife and don’t leave anything out.”

I told them about our friends, Dom and Marilyn maltepe escort and our fun get togethers. I told them my then fiance was a bit of a prude and that I wanted to see my friend fuck her. Then I told them of Dom’s plan and what happened that night, and how my fiance became our whore.

They sat there in amazement. I told them that I spoke to Laura last night and told her about them and she was all excited. I then asked if they would like to speak to her now. Lisa smiled and said yes.

I called Laura and told her where I was and that Lisa and John wanted to say hi. She said ok and I put Lisa on the phone.

“Hello, Laura, this is Lisa, how are you my dear?” I heard Laura say hi and that she was glad Tony hooked up with them. “Laura, Tony is sitting with us now and we are all naked and wish you were here. Tony told us all about you and how you morphed into his own whore.” I heard Laura laugh and say, “Lisa, you are right. My husband has made me his own whore and I will do anything he asks of me.” Then Lisa said, “Laura, it was nice chatting with you and when you get here, John and I want to have our way with you, if that is ok.” I heard Laura say that it would be fine if her husband wanted her to do it. Laura then said goodbye.

Lisa and John looked at me and just said I was lucky to have a wife like Laura.

John poured some more wine and invited me onto the hot tub with them. No sooner than I got in, Lisa was all over me. I could also feel John’s hands playing with my cock and balls. Lisa and I exchanged saliva and my mouth found her nipples which I started sucking. My hands moved down to her pussy and found her opening. My fingers found their way into her cunt and as I was fingering her, John had his cock near my ass. I could feel his head trying to access my hole but he could not get it in.

I lifted Lisa up and sat her on the edge of the hot tub so I had full frontal view of her pussy. I parted her lips and started to eat her. John joined me and we each took turns lapping up his wife’s cunt juices. It wasn’t long before Lisa started moaning that she was cumming and soon she exploded in delight with her body shaking.

John suggested we get out of the hot tub and head up to the master bedroom.

We got out of the hot tub and dried off and made our way to the bedroom. Lisa jumped on the bed and beckoned us to join her.

John motioned me to go first and fuck his wife.

I got on the bed and positioned myself in front of her spread legs. I slowly guided my rigid cock into her slit and eased it all the way into her cunt. I could see John was watching us as kartal escort my cock was sliding in and out of his wife’s cunt. I started pumping her harder and faster and soon I was ready to shoot my cum in her. By that time, Lisa was gyrating her hips and raising her body off the bed and in a few seconds, we both came at the same time. My cock shot so much cum in her that it was oozing out her cunt onto the bed. John just sat and enjoyed the show.

Lisa wasn’t done yet, however. She called John over to fuck her and that he did. His big cock filled her completely and he rammed his cock deep into her cunt. Soon, they were both cumming.

Throughout the day and into the evening, we all had our turns with each other.

It was getting late and I told them I had to go. They both asked me to come back and when Laura got there, to bring her over. I told them, I would and thanked them for a great time.

I headed on home and thought that I should call Laura and have her come down next weekend.

As soon as I got home, I called Laura and told her to fly down for next weekend to meet John and Lisa. She was excited and said she would make arrangements. I then called John and asked him if they were free next weekend and they said yes and asked why. I told him I had a surprise for them and to keep the weekend free. He said ok and would tell Lisa.

Friday came and Laura flew into Atlanta and I picked her up and we went home. On the way home, I told her all about my new friends and how she will like them.

When we got home I told her that I wanted her to fuck them both, individually and together and that she was to do whatever they wanted her to do. Laura said she would do anything they ask. With that understood, Laura and I went to bed and fucked the night away.

In the morning, I called John and asked if they would like to meet at the resort. John said ok and would be there by noon.

I took Laura to the resort, which was her first time at a nudist resort. At the car, we took our clothes off and went to the pool. After about a half hour, I saw John and Lisa. I waved them over. As they came over, I stood up and we all hugged. I then introduced them to Laura.

I noticed John and Lisa looking Laura over and seemingly liked what they saw.

I suggested we all take a walk around the trails so we could talk freely.

John led the way and had Laura on his arm. Lisa and I followed them as Lisa whispered to me that John will enjoy fucking Laura, as she will too. I told Lisa that Laura is theirs for the weekend and that Laura was told to do whatever you guys want. Lisa gave me a big kiss and placed her hand on my cock and smiled.

John took us to a private area where there was a bench. We sat down and discussed the weekend plans. Lisa insisted that we stay overnight and we accepted her invite.

Look for the next Awakening story.

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