The Arrangement

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“I am absolutely insane!” Karla argumentatively told herself. “There can be no other logical reason for this!” Nevertheless, there she was, in the club he had requested her to meet him at.

She was a full twenty minutes early.

She had on the type of dress he had requested for her to wear. Low cut. Extremely low cut. She could not even remember ever allowing herself to wear a dress that would dramatically expose seventy-five percent of her forty-four double d’s. However, that dress was indeed gracing her body. She was very well aware of the reactions of the people in her immediate surroundings. There were lookers. There were watchers. There were gawkers. Once again, her body, as it had seemed to be doing for a few years now, was a matter of controversy to people. A slight but defensive smile was all she provided in retaliation.

Her body. Her two hundred seventy-five pound body. A body that in the five years since her divorce, had only been touched in any provocative way by her own 2 hands. However, tonight, tonight for some inexplicable reason, a reason she did not totally understand herself, she would finally allow her body to be touched by another human being, more specifically, a man. More than touched, embraced. Yes. She was going to willingly relish lovemaking, no matter how much she felt she would have to force herself to do so.

“How could I have possibly allowed this body to get so big?” She found herself in her usual self-pity shell. “Now Sweetheart,” She mentally heard her mother say, “you need to quit your belly aching! Otherwise you are going to turn into a professional belly ache!”

“Yeah, yeah Mommy!” She insultingly replied. “I hear ya!”

Who was it that had caused her to come to such a low self-esteemed conclusion about herself, and why, how? Could she continue to blame her ex husband? The man she devoted sixteen of her years to? She started out so willing to be his life mate, his soul mate, his lover. During the first eleven years, it was such a joy for her to be such a woman. The last five years she found herself attempting to be that woman. Her husband had turned into such an unorthodox scumbag! The questions, the scenarios continue to irk her. I spent a combined total of fifty-nine hours and thirty-one minutes in labor pains to deliver his children, and he replaced me by contributing to the living wages of a prostitute? I spent hours with my legs spread open for him to take me, to fuck me. Nevertheless, he decided he would rather fuck a disease-infested streetwalker. Yes, her ex husband was to be blamed for the road she taken to become a professional belly ache.

No, it was not her ex. It was not her kids, who it seemed have been intentionally spending a lot less time with her. It was not her meddling mother. These were not the people making her become disenchanted with her very being. It is I. It is myself. It is I! Her voice resounded in her head. The one statement she overthrew as often as she possibly could. It could not be allowed to be a true statement. It would mean that she would have to ultimately face the one person who had blatantly allowed the self-pity to be presented and preserved. Karla. That was why she was here tonight. Tonight she was going to make her self-pity attitude…commit suicide.

Not without help though. She was here in this club, waiting on the one who was going to assist her in accomplishing this act. It was a club in a town that she so very rarely ever traveled to, in a neighborhood she would never be able to afford. She paid for the gas in the car to get her here. The new dress she bought today was instantaneously the most expensive clothing item she had ever owned. Was it all worth it? Was the cost going to be compensated? Yes. It would be. She knew this as a fact, not as an assumption. In order for her to keep and maintain any form of self worth in her own mind, tonight’s plans would have to work. For the first time in five and a half years, a man proclaimed that he wanted to make love to her, passionately. She needed to; she earnestly desired to know if such an astronomical indulgence was, could really be possible to achieve.

She kept looking out the window for the van. She needed to see the red van he had described. The one with the fender bender on the front. That was the vehicle driven by the man she had thus far only communicated with in two forms, internet chat and an occasional phone session. In just a few precious moments that would take her hours to get through, they would have their first actual face-to-face, physical contact. Six months of conversing via email and chat on the SSBBW love connection chat room, had finally brought this moment on. Sometime within the next hour, she hoped she would be naked. She hoped Robert would be naked too.

She hoped and prayed that Robert was not a lie. That would be a fate she did not even want to contemplate. Oh gosh, the very moisture she was experiencing between her legs was real proof she hoped that Robert would be just as real in physical pendik escort person as he was by phone or chat. Conversations of him insisting he got to taste her pussy. She squeezed her legs slightly at the thought. Talks about how she would love to lick the pre-cum from the eye of his cock. A cock he proclaimed was “Just millimeters shy of an exact 8 inches!” She chuckled at the joke. Tonight’s venue would include a dick being engulfed by her mouth. Could she remember how it was done? And hopefully, oh dear God Almighty, she hoped she would once again have the sheer pleasures of having an orgasm with her pussy wrapped around that cock, instead of the piece of plastic she had been compromising with.

Whom was she kidding? Ugh! Men do not find anything stimulating about female elephants in human form! Shut up Karla! Just shut the hell up! A battle she had lost before. It was a compilation of an untold number of things that influenced her thinking. A consistent barrage of insults. The ever-popular view of the general public about what makes a woman sexy. She did not fit the category. Her family saying things ‘in a nice non critical way’. Yeah, right. Of course, the most beneficial factor of them all, her hubby telling his brother – her brother in law – that he could not have sex with her anymore, because she was so heavy she suffocated him. He thought she was out of earshot. She was not. The damn fool!

This person, Robert never made any inkling of any such commentary. She could not remember the first day she talked with him, but she did remember why she talked to him. He had such an unusual funny screen name, ‘memberofmsn.’ He did not ‘whisper’, did not private message. She loved her internet, to a point. The internet caused a deeper wedge in her distrust of men. She, like so many of her female chat friends, was not amused by men constantly whispering a sexual favor, before she even said hi to anyone in the room. All she had to do was put the ‘F’ in her age/sex/location, and she was instantly bombarded with whispers along the lines of, “How big are your tits?” Robert, never whispered, however. She figured he had to be shy, even on the net. That would have been a good personality trait to have. That would have been a nice reason for her to communicate with him.

However, he was not shy, she quickly discovered. His flirtation, although it never really got off-color, did hint an indulgence. It was a continual reminder of his deep, keen admiration for big, beautiful women. He soon had many admirers himself . All the women loved it. Oh yes, there were a few men who had insisted on a same level of admiration for plump women, but Robert was the most genuine. That was a plus. He never whispered. He must have seen her picture, he was just being a good, kindhearted person, that was all. He did not do anything to hurt anyone’s feelings. He really would not want to be in any form of a lovemaking session with a fat woman, she thought. He obviously whispered some of the other women, but, she concluded, her picture indicated she was not deserving of his friendship. She was just too big for any man.

Then one day, she found out the reason why he did not whisper her. It was an unexpected statement from a brand new woman in the chat room. She did not remember the first remark that caused memberofmsn to crack a great joke, but she did remember her next remark.

“NO MEMBER, but I have to say that I really appreciate the fact that you did not whisper me when I came into the room, like so many other men feel they have to do.”

“Honey, I find it rude to intrude on someone who would not appreciate it!”

What had possessed Karla to type her response? Was it being caught up in a moment of contentment with what this person had to say, or was it just a curiosity of what he would say?

“Member, I wish you would be an intrusion on me!”

She sent it. A split second later, she regretted it. He would not respond to that. He would not respond to a woman who needed the majority of a couch to sit on, as her picture had indicated.

A familiar blinking blue, box was suddenly presented. This time, it was his name. She opened the message.

“Is that my invitation to whisper you?” it said.

“Yes”, she wrote back.

“My name is Robert.”


So it began.

Karla snapped back to the present when she saw a van approach. Was that it? Was that the van? It was red. It had a fender bender on the front. Was Robert the only passenger? Her eyes began to water a little, as she watched the vehicle pull into a parking space only two spots away from her sedan. What was that feeling? Oh no. She did not compensate for this. Her nipples were already experiencing that familiar stimulation. Between her thoughts and desires, they were over-sensitive. Robert had asked her not to wear a bra. He would not be disappointed.

Yes, it was a man getting out of the driver’s side. Anyone else in the vehicle? No. Good sign. Very good sign. This night could really happen. She took maltepe escort a glance at her watch. Was it possible she had only been here five minutes? Wow. He must have the same eagerness for this as she. Another good sign. Did it look like him? He did appear to be at least five feet five. He did not have a mustache. The picture that was on his profile had Robert with a mustache. However, he told her yesterday, that he shaved it off, because he found that it got in the way of his love for eating pussy. Oh yes, this night was happening! The polo shirt, unbuttoned, yum. He was so handsome. The loose slacks worn at her request. She wanted to make sure his cock was easily accessible to her hands, no matter where his cock was in his pants, as long as she allowed it to stay in his pants. That was not going to be much time, she assured herself.

She made her way toward the entryway, as he stepped on the sidewalk. She wanted to let him know she was there, and already had a table for two. He entered.

“H-hi,” she stuttered.


He returned her greetings warily. A very stern look down her V-neck, and a widening grin assured her of his liking, his wanting. She stood before this man, and in a panoramic moment, her vision of him envisioning her, she felt completely, sexually wanted.

“I am Karla!”

“Well, hello Karla! My, my, you are a fantastic looking woman here!” She heard genuine sincerity in his voice, but there was only one thing left to make sure this was real.

“My name is Bob!”

“Yes!” She shrieked. “It is you at last!”

“Umm, yeah”, Bob smiled with a little laugh. “Me at last! Karla, I absolutely love the dress there. Actually, I really love the material it does not have, if you don’t mind my saying so?”

“Oh gosh Robert! Do you really like what you are looking at? I mean I did not lie to you. This is the size of my body! Are you telling me you are not going to change your mind?”

“Change my mind? Uh, why would I want to do that? I love bigger women! And Lady, that chest size of yours is my major endorsement for that love!”

“Excuse me, you two love birds,” a hostess interrupted, “but how many for your party?”

Before Bob opened his mouth, Karla responded, “I already have our table, thank you.”

A confused look came across Bob’s face. She glance swept down the man, and when she stopping mid way. There it was. His crotch area. There she started to breathe a little harder. Her sight was on the outline. She immediately had an idea of why he looked a little disturbed at that second. She leaned into his body, being careful to use her front to cover what she was doing with her right hand. She reached for his crotch, jerking once.

She made an effort to press her mouth toward his right ear, and she whispered to him, “Unless of course, you want to get right to the sucking and fucking each other’s brains out?” She finished her whisper with just a dab of her tongue touching the bottom of his earlobe. Yes. She knew the self pity was dying, or at least for this moment, it was being put out of its misery.

“Karla, baby, that is exactly what I was thinking. How about my van? I have plenty of room.”

She literally began forcing him to the door. “I know that silly, but in the van? Here? This parking lot? Pretty risky don’t you think? Didn’t you get the hotel room yet?”

“What if I told you that there is a park and ride area not too many blocks from here that have virtually no vehicles in…”

He did not finish his offer. It was somewhat difficult to do. Her arms were now around his neck and she thrust her belly tightly against his very hard, very pronounced package. Oh yeah. It was a good 8 inches, if not, then very close.

Their eyes met. No words were necessary. It was an unspoken agreement that they kiss. Was this really going to happen, she thought? Were her lips really going to come into contact with another’s, not food, nor stamps? Not an animal, but an actual warm blooded member of the opposite sex? She moaned when their mouths met. Soft. Slow. Gentle. Now what? Oh yes, she could not forget this part, slipping her tongue inside his mouth. She groaned. Why had she denied herself this sensation for so long? He must have used a minty mouth wash. It was quite good. They broke the kiss.

Her pussy was now experiencing flood level dangers. It communicated with her mind, telling her to get the hell out of the parking lot and get to the fucking already!!!!!

“I love the idea of the park and ride, Bob. Now, please?”

Was there a man on the face of this earth who could deny a request like that? Bob showed he was not one of them, as, his hand in hers, he literally jogged her to his van. A cargo style van. That was not going to be good. He must use it for work. It is going to be filthy in there. Tools all over the floor! But was it going to matter to her? Didn’t it help build the excitement? He opened the passenger door and helped her in. From behind he reached up between her legs. kartal escort To his very pleasant liking he found that he slipped the material of her dress in a very moist feeling area.

“No Panties!” She smiled. “Just like you wanted.”

“Oh yeah,” he returned. “J-just like I wanted! Feels nice!.”

When she turned to sit down he managed to get his very first view of her entire tits. Nipples, flesh, a magnificent site.

“Oh baby, are those mine tonight?”

“Yes! Do you like what you see? Am I really sexy to you?”

A smile and a squeeze of her right breast was a willingly received answer. He closed the door, and ran to the driver side. As he was getting in, she turned to notice that the back was actually cleaned. And to her amazement, astonishment, and joy, there was a mattress and a couch back there.

“Why are there furniture, and not equipment in this vehicle?”

“It is part of my business, I often have to stay on the road, and it is a lot cheaper to stay in here than in a hotel.”

It made sense. As a distributor of medical equipment, he would have to do a lot of traveling. But that was not a concern for her this moment. Right now she had an opportunity that would lead to usi ng that mattress, and that couch. He turned the ignition.

“Bob, can you drive while I jerk your cock off?”

It was a hint. He took the hint correctly. As he backed out of the space, he began to maneuver his zipper, a feat not very easily to be done with one hand.

“Oh, please, let me do that for you.”

Could she believe what was going on? Was she really undoing the zipper of a man’s pants? She very soon had all the proof she needed to affirm her questions. She had it, his cock, in her hand. Warm. Stiff. Solid. Rigid. She gasped, there was something else she remembered she loved. The vein that ran up the length of a cock. That was what she liked the most. Beautiful.

Was he speeding?

“Please don’t kill us! I wanna die with a smile on my face, but I want to complete the reason for smiling you know!”

“Don’t worry Baby, it is right around this curve here!”

There it was. The park and ride lot. How ironic. She actually lost her virginity in one of those places. And here she was, doing it all over again. Oh, what a marvelous though t to add to such a time as this.

Bob pulled the vehicle all the way to the back corner. The darkest, apparently and appropriately least used area of the whole lot. He shut the engine off.

“I would love to have both of your tits exposed, now!”

Karla was happy to comply, happy to display her genuinely unknown beauty to a beast who longed for the view. Bob explored the mountains that were on the foot hill in front of him. His pinching of her right nipples triggered a small, but most definitely noticeable orgasm flowing from within. Her breathing enticed his desire to bring more pleasure to this beautiful work of seduction he have been blessed with this evening.

“You want to get more comfortable back there?”

“Oh, fuck yes! But I do not think I can swing around here. I have to get to the side door.”

She got out of her seat to open the side door. He slipped around from his seat

to get right into the back. He reached for her hand to help her in. She, however, did not take the hand, for she had noticed that his dick, had pre-cum. It was glistening.

She had made him a promise last night. Right now, she could finally fulfill that promise. She motioned him closer with her finger. He appeared puzzled as he complied, until he saw what she was aiming to do. Her mouth opened. Her tongue darted out. His cock was about to be tasted right where she was, standing out in the open, her dress down below her tits. His cock was aimed directly at the inviting entry way. Her tongue licked, it tasted; enjoyed. She enjoyed immensely. She tugged at his pants and they dropped. His cock was right there, exposed. Did she really forget how beautiful, how absolutely magnificent a dick could look to a woman?

“You do remember I haven’t sucked a cock in almost 6 years, right? Do you think you can trust me not to bite it off?”

It was more of a question that she was asking herself, not him. He was a man. She was a woman who wanted to suck his dick. Did she foresee any rejection?

“Well, my dear, please stop starving and start enjoy the meal!”

She laughed a short laugh before she moved her head back to the direction of her intended object. She didn’t put the cock into her mouth just yet. No, she remembered what her ex hubby always enjoyed without fail when she sucked his dick. Do men in general like the same technique? She went straight toward his balls. She immediately placed her tongue at the base of the wrinkly skin. The smell, ah, this man smelled clean. This man had a great smelling, clean, purely suckable, lickable cock. She applied pressure with her tongue. She began to move her head backwards. She allowed her tongue to follow the shape of his pulsating member. She had her head back, his dick on her face, her tongue on the skin. She moved her right hand to the top of the shaft to make sure it stayed on her tongue, and it did, not moving off one centimeter. Every single vein on the bottom felt her tongue. Was he enjoying it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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