The Amnesia of Beth’s Father Ch. 04

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Copyright 2019 Sethp (All rights reserved) This is the completion of a fun Saga. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


It had been two days since Beth had moved out of her parent’s house and in with Cindy. She had exchanged some texts with her parents, although it was strictly to make sure they were doing okay. She just couldn’t engage in any more conversation than that. Her mother had told her that she wanted her back home more than anything and that all was forgiven. She tried to tell Beth that it wouldn’t be weird or anything. Beth’s father had told her that they had installed one of those electric chairs on the stairs so that her mother could get up and down and that things were returning to normal. He still had episodes where he couldn’t remember where or who he was, but those were becoming less common.

As they were doing homework one night, Cindy slammed her book shut. “Okay,” she said. “I’m done with it. I’m sick of it.”

“What?” Beth shot back, genuinely shocked. “What?” she asked again.

“Look, I love you and spending every night with you is the most satisfying thing ever, but…” she trailed off.

Beth frowned, “What’s the problem?” Beth was getting agitated now.

“You’re the problem. Except when we’re together cuddling at night, all you do is mope around like a sad sack.”

“What’s a sad sack?”

“Never mind. You’re so dense sometimes. You’ve got to get over there and make things right with your parents or you’re going to die. Everyday, you become less you. You’re fading on me…” Cindy lost her smile as she choked back a tear. “I couldn’t take it if YOU were like this for the rest of your life…just a hollow shell of the real Beth.”

“I’m not…”

“We are…Let’s go.” Cindy pulled Beth to her feet. “Get your shoes, because we’re going over there right now.”

“But I don’t even have a bra on…” Beth protested as Cindy tossed her flip flops at her.

“You look fine. I’m not wearing one either. Come on.”

“You don’t need one like I do!” Beth protested but Cindy cut her off grabbing her wrist.

“Come on,”

The girls let themselves in with Beth’s spare key. All the lights were on downstairs but there was no sign of Rita or Dan. Led by Cindy, the girls made their way upstairs. They could hear grunting and moaning.

The master bedroom door was open and the girls looked in. Rita had her legs in the air around Dan as he fucked her furiously. “Fuck, I love your cock baby,” Rita grunted.

“I love you so much,” Dan said as he stiffened and thrust against his plump wife.

“Give it to me baby,” she moaned as Dan came deep inside her.

He collapsed on top of her. “Do you forgive me…I…”

“All is forgiven baby,” she purred. “We’ll figure it out, baby.”

A few minutes later, they had both fallen asleep, snoring loudly. Beth’s mother still had a full cast on her leg but that was it. Her giant doughy breasts spread out across her chest. Dan was on his back as well on the side of the bed closer to the doorway.. His large cock laying invitingly on his leg. Beth felt a familiar tingling sensation between her legs at the site of it. She was consumed with lust. Her heart started beating faster. She was consumed with love.

“We have to go,” she said to Cindy, sniffling. “You heard the way they were talking to each other. There’s no room for me in this house, anymore.”

Cindy dragged Beth into the room and over to the near nightstand, looking at the medication container there. “You’re pendik escort mom will be asleep for hours if she took these.”

“We…should go,” Beth said. “We’ll come back in the morning when they’re dressed and awake. It’s too…”

Cindy ignored her friend and knelt next to the bed.

“What are you doing?” Beth nearly shrieked. But it was too late.

Cindy leaned forward and sucked Dan’s flaccid cock into her mouth, sucking on it hard.

“Don’t,” Beth said, “That was in my mom!” She pulledCindy and her mouth away from her father’s cock. It was already hardening, even as he snored. She wondered what kind of dreams he was having.

“Then you do it! ” Cindy said, grabbing Dan’s cock and pointing it at her friend. “You’re mother won’t wake up. You have to show him you love him just as much!”

Beth glared at her friend angrily. “That’s not the point! He’s not yours!” she hissed.

Cindy moved forward sucking Dan’s big cock into her mouth again, this time noisily slurping on it before Beth pulled her away again.

“He’s mine…I…” Beth stammered.

“Then act like it,” Cindy said, pulling her friend closer to the bed.

As if in a trance, Beth knelt down beside her father, and took Cindy’s place. She slid her full lips over the tip of his cock and worked her mouth down his shaft until he was touching the back of her throat, and her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She sucked on him lovingly until she felt a familiar strong hand on her head. She glanced her eyes up to look at her father who was smiling down at her.

Beth pulled her mouth off of him. “I’m sorry,” she said apologetically.

He shook his head. “I’m not. I’m close. Please finish me.”

Smiling at him and sighing in relief Beth sucked his cock back into her mouth, doing her best to make him cum; doing her best to give him the blow job that he deserved.

“That’s it. Uh…I’m gonna cum,” he moaned.

“She pulled her mouth off of his cock again, “Dad, I can’t. Mom…”

“Do it for me baby,” her father said. “Please. You owe me for your deception.”

He was right of course, but what the fuck? Had she been suddenly transported to the twilight zone? She looked up at him and was lost instantly in his gaze. She knew she would do anything he asked her to.

Beth nodded her head and took him back in her mouth, sucking hard on him again. She was sucking so hard that her mouth was getting sore.

“So close, that I’m in pain,” he said. “I really need to cum.”

Cindy moved next to Beth and leaned in sucking one of Dan’s heavy balls in to her mouth as Beth continued to fellate him. That was all it took.

“Oh…my fucking God! You two…here…” he said as he flooded his daughter’s mouth with his sperm. Beth could barely swallow it all and some leaked out of her mouth. Cindy lapped it up like a good friend should, and then the girls sat back on the floor.

Dan moved off of the bed grabbing one of his daughter’s hands, leading her out of the room. Cindy followed behind as he led them to Beth’s room. Despite her agitation at what had happened in the master bedroom. Holding her father’s hand was arousing her.

Once inside the bedroom, Dan led his daughter over to the bed and started kissing her neck. “Thanks for doing that for me,” he said as he cupped her large breasts, tweaking her nipples. “I love you.”

“I would do anything for you,” Beth said and then moved her head down between her father’s legs, sucking his cock into her mouth again to prove maltepe escort it to him.

“No,” Dan said pulling Beth up and pushing her back on the bed. “I need your pussy.”

Beth laid back naked on the bed, offering herself to her father.

“I love you dad. I love you every bit as much as mom, okay?” Beth whimpered as her father mounted her and plowed his massive cock into her. Tears were streaming down Beth’s cheek. She had been afraid that he would shun her, or that he wouldn’t love her anymore.

“I know baby,” Dan grunted from on top of her. “I love you too. We’ll work it out.”

Dan pulled out of Beth just long enough to let her turn around and get on her hands and knees. He entered her from behind with one powerful thrust.

“Oh, fuck me, Dad!” Beth squealed.

Cindy had slid underneath and between Dan’s legs looking up as his cock slammed into Beth again and again. She gently sucked on his balls and licked the underside of his cock as it slid out of Beth, between thrusts. Dan groaned in pleasure and erupted deep in his daughter’s pussy. There is only so much a man can take. He slid deep into Beth, with Cindy sucking his balls from below as he emptied his load.

When he was finished ejaculating, he pulled out of Beth, and a mixture of his sperm and his daughter’s juices spilled out and into Cindy’s waiting mouth. Cindy grabbed Beth’s hips and guided her pussy down to her mouth and tongue and she sucked out Dan’s load and simultaneously gaving Beth another orgasm

“Oh fuck!” Beth shrieked as her body shook and she ground her pussy onto her friends face.

All three of them collapsed onto Beth’s bed laying there silent for a long time.

“You still love me?” Beth asked.

He leaned over giving his daughter a kiss on the cheek. “I love you more than anything. You’re my second wife.” He smiled and got up, leaving the room.

“That was so hot!” Cindy exclaimed and then she rolled over and straddled Beth, moving down so that their faces were only inches apart. “I had to do that you know. He’ll never pick me over you. I saw that look in your eyes. You have nothing to be jealous of. We’re okay, right?”


Cindy and Beth kissed then, savoring the mixture of Beth’s pussy and Dan’s sperm. They were much more than friends now; much more. There was a muffled scream from the next room. Cindy and Beth bounded up from the bed running down the hall to the master bedroom. They paused at the doorway, before peaking around the corner. The sound of grunting and bodies slapping together, was coming from the room now. Beth’s father was on top of Rita again, pumping his massive cock into her in long powerful strokes. Her giant breasts, and fat belly, were jiggling as he fucked her. Beth and Cindy looked at each other in amazement. He had just cum twice and was still hard and able to fuck again. He was a freak of nature.

“I never get tired of watching your father fuck,” Cindy whispered to Beth. “He’s a champion.”

“I know,” Beth said, still watching her father fucking her mother. “We should go now and leave them together. They need to be alone. I’m a fifth wheel right now…”

“That’s not true,” Cindy responded. “You’re his daughter, but it wouldn’t hurt you to relax a little and embrace your nasty side and stop being so emotional and embarrassed about everything,” Cindy chided Beth, poking her in the ribs. “You’re going to lose him if you don’t loosen up!”

“Well fuck you and watch this!” Beth said, and strode into the room. She had kartal escort been at the breaking point for days and something inside her snapped.

“Oh Dan! Fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! I’m cuming again!” Beth’s mother yelled as she came.

“Sit up and let me cum in your mouth baby,” Dan said as he withdrew his glistening cock from his wife’s sopping pussy.

Rita sat up and her eyes opened wide in shock as she saw her naked daughter beside the bed. Dan turned towards her in shock as well.

“Of course you can cum in my mouth, Dad.” Beth said moving closer and inhaling her father’s cock into her mouth in one smooth movement. She grabbed his balls tightly so that he couldn’t pull away and bobbed her head up and down his shaft. She could taste her mother on him and it excited her.

Rita looked on in horror as her husband’s cock disappeared down her own daughter’s throat again and again. She nearly jumped out of her own skin as she felt Cindy’s hand on her shoulder. Cindy had moved over to the bed and sat down next to Rita as Beth continued to suck Dan’s cock.

“Things have changed around here Rita,” Cindy said. “Things have changed for the better. Beth needs to know that she’s still part of this family.”

Dan looked back at his wife and then down at his daughter and then back again. “I…you…here…” He stammered and then his body tensed and he flooded his daughter’s mouth with his cum again.

Beth nearly gagged as her mouth filled with his sperm and then she relaxed and swallowed it all, stroking his cock as he came and coaxing out as much as she could. When he was done filling his daughter’s belly with his sperm, Dan collapsed back onto the bed on his back and covered his eyes with his hands. His life was apparently over now.

“I don’t understand,” Rita said, her eyes starting to well up with tears. “I said we would work it out but…not together though…I”

“Dad thought I was his wife when he came home from the hospital. You know how he is when he’s aroused and goes without sex for a while,” Beth said.

Rita nodded her head. She did know. That’s why she’d married him.

“He is the best fuck of my life and … I never meant for this to happen and then Cindy came along. I’m not giving him up, mother. Not now that I’ve had him. I love him like you do, Mom! “

“We want to share him with you Rita,” Cindy chimed in. “You’ll still be his main wife of course. You don’t really have a choice though. You either share him with us or lose him and Beth.”

Dan kept his eyes covered but all this talk of multiple wives and sharing was not helping his iron erection from dissipating at all.

Beth stood up and faced away from the bed. The reality of the situation had taken away all of her bravado and she was ready to bolt. Rita got off the bed and went over to her daughter putting her hands around her and drawing her into a tight embrace.

“Of course I’m not angry. I love you and we’ll work this out,” Rita said.

“You mean it?” Beth asked.

“Of course,” Rita answered. They were both near tears as they hugged each other. A grunt from behind them caused them both to turn and look back at the bed.

Cindy had mounted Beth’s father and was riding his cock for all she was worth again, grunting each time his cock disappeared inside her. Dan looked over at them looking helpless and apologetic.

“That little whore!” Rita said to her daughter smiling. “It’s just as well, I don’t think I could go again right now.”

“Somehow I think dad has enough cock for all three of us, even with Cindy,” Beth giggled.

As if on cue, Dan motioned over to his wife and his daughter to join them on the bed. Hand in hand and smiling at each other, mother and daughter went over to join them.

The end.


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