That’s How It’s Done

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Again, this actually happened. It took quite a bit longer but I might just use some of those bits for another story. And “That’s how it’s done son” is just a figure of speech. This was all done for my husband.

I made sure I was ready right for the moment you got off work. I met you at the door with a kiss and dinner. Steak and baked potato if I remember correctly. I knew it had been hot that day so you would come home very sweaty from work. So after dinner, I sent you to shower while I put the kids to bed.

I had your favorite drink sitting on the nightstand, the candles in the wall sconces lit over the bed and soft music playing. You came out of the bathroom and said you forgot something in the kitchen. While you left the room I quickly stripped off my jeans and my shirt. Underneath I had on your favorite baby doll lingerie, complete with garters and thigh highs. I think you were surprised at the quick change.

I led you over to the bed and removed your robe. I handed you your drink while I hung your robe up on the hook. I slowly walked back to the bed and told you to lay down on your stomach. At that time I took the straps out of hiding from under the mattress. I strapped you down to the bed spread eagle.

I started out by warming lotion in my hands and giving you a massage. I straddled your ass and worked the hard knots out of your back and pendik escort neck. You could feel my breasts tickling along your back every time I leaned forward. I slowly rubbed your neck and your arms. I moved over next to you so I could massage your hands, making sure to have all of the tension leave your body. You could smell my perfume.

I moved down to the end of the bed and started massaging your feet. I tickled your toes with my teeth. I know you hate being tickled. But you are tied up. So there is nothing you can do about it. I move up your legs massaging gently and then running my nails down your inner thighs. I lean forward and you can feel my long hair tickle your ass and your back just as I come in close to bite it.

I move my hands around to the front of your hips to find your hard cock waiting for me. I slowly lick up the crack of your ass and then back down to your balls. I hear you groan and its turning me on. I run my nails down your back and your ass and grab your ass cheeks hard as I slip my tongue between them, just teasing your ass.

I then crawl up your body to your hands. I release them but only to cross them over your head and re-secure them. Then I do the same to your feet and instruct you to flip over. I start my massage again, this time at your feet. I move up your legs, my hair and nails teasing your skin. You love maltepe escort to watch me as I’m making my way up your body with my tongue until I reach your balls. I lick them all over and suck them gently into my mouth. I feel your hard cock bouncing on the top of my head. I lick up the shaft and tease the tip with my tongue while looking up at your eyes. And then I devour you. I take you all the way, deep into my throat, pressing my lips hard against the base of your cock.

I keep bobbing my head up and down, slowly. You start to get frustrated because you can’t put your hands in my hair and fuck my mouth. I love teasing you. I straddle your cock but not letting you in. Just grinding my pussy against your cock. I start sucking on your nipples as your wet cock is sliding against my pussy.

But what I want is your hot mouth on my pussy. I straddle your face this time. I grab the headboard with one hand and your hair with the other as I ride your tongue. You stick your tongue in my pussy and then suck on my clit. You know how much I like it when you dig your teeth in right above it and suck hard. I grind my pussy on your face and fuck your mouth. I can feel the stubble on your chin grinding away and it pushes me over the edge. I cum all over your face, screaming and thrashing about, pulling your hair and riding you until you almost can’t breathe.

When kartal escort the orgasm passes I get off your face and kiss you deep on the lips. I love the taste of my pussy on your mouth. I’m ready though to change it up a bit. I release one of your hands from the tie downs. You quickly release the rest of your bonds and then flip me over on my knees. Your cock slips easily into my wet pussy. You give each thrust just a little more power. Pounding my pussy, your balls slapping on my swollen clit. You grab my hair and pull hard arching my back even further and instruct me to watch you fuck me in the mirror. You can’t get enough of watching my tits swinging and my ass jiggling every time you thrust into me. I feel another orgasm building and beg you to pound me more, harder, harder. I play with my clit and hit a mind-blowing orgasm. That must have tipped you over the edge because I hear you grunting “Oh yeah, oh my god I’m gonna cum” and then the shudders run through your body like an earthquake. Your hot cum explodes deep in my pussy as I am clenching and squeezing from the last of my orgasm.

You get up, out of breath and say Wow. I ask if I can clean you off. I get down on my knees and take your semi-hard cock in my mouth covered in both my cum and yours. I lick you all over, including your balls because I want to taste every last drop.

You lay down on the bed and say “Wow that was really nice to come home to.”

I say, “Yes, it would be,” quirking an eyebrow and making it a challenge.

“that’s how it’s done son” and then I turn off the light and snuggle up next to you in bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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