Ten Years Too Long

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Playful banter, innocent flirting, maybe sometimes a look that lasts that harmless moment too long. I don’t know. As I look back, everything I see was leading up to that moment. It takes two. That gaze can only last too long if the other person returns it. Flirting can only last if the other person returns it. If not… it goes out. If so, it fans the flame.

The person who initiates it wants it to last. They want interaction with that person it is directed at and hope in their heart of hearts that it will be returned in kind. Fan my lustful spark of I desire is all I ask. I want you to give it life because without you it will fizzle and my fantasy will die.

The look was so quick I didn’t know if it was ‘a look’. Did he return my gaze? It was so fast… I think it was but I doubt myself because I know that I’m hoping. Hoping does cloud the mind you know.

So here I am. I’m Kelly. I have worked with Simone for years. That’s how we know each other. We have worked for the same company since we were both in our early twenties so… it’s been nearly ten years that we’ve worked together.

Once, soon after we began working together, another employee had a party and everyone got together and was able to meet each others significant others.

That was where I met Greg, Simone’s husband. Simone met my husband Travis and we all hit it off. I had a wall up already against Greg though so I didn’t expect much and wasn’t prepared to give him a chance.

Simone had said so much about him that I knew I wouldn’t like him, but when I met him he was nothing like what I expected. Greg was gracious, polite, engaging to talk to and so handsome. We eventually paired off with each other’s spouses (not sexually but conversationally). Simone was having an animated conversation with Travis and Greg and I visited together right next to them.

I couldn’t quit looking at his eyes. The color was so deep yet they sparkled with beautiful life. Greg’s eyes said so much to me that night. They looked intently into mine saying that he was listening to every word I said. His eyes danced with laughter without his mouth ever making a sound. They also looked intent when he was thinking seriously about something I had said. He was actually taking the time to really think about something I had said. That impressed me.

Greg proved to be the perfect gentleman in a very true sense of the word. I never saw him visually ‘take inventory’ of any woman in the room, including myself. That didn’t occur to me until later though. Although I meant nothing by it, I couldn’t say the same for myself or most of the other women there. I even saw Simone harmlessly check out her share of the guys there.

By the end of the evening I had a totally different view of Greg… and Simone. I know it was childish, but by the end of the evening I felt like I did sometimes at the high school dances when I was younger. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to keep talking to this sweet guy.

Did he feel like I did? I would later wonder. I would catch myself and quell the thought. It was foolish and childish. I have always been happily married and content with Travis. I would never want to do anything to hurt my friendship with Simone either.

Periodically I would see Simone away from work. Usually Simone and I would meet at one another’s houses and have lunch or just get together for coffee and conversation. The time between seeing Greg might be a year or longer. We seemed like strangers each time we would meet again. I would be excited to be getting together as a couple again and looked forward to talking to Greg only to be let down because we couldn’t pick up where we left off. He seemed more reserved each time we saw each other.

After three or four years we found ourselves illegal bahis out as couples again. We met with a group of mutual friends at a restaurant for dinner and then planned on meeting back at my house for drinks and more conversation. I was sad because I wanted to have another engaging conversation with Greg like we had the first time but it likely would not happen. There was a gap between us. Not just Greg and I though. Greg and Travis didn’t really talk much and Travis didn’t really engage Simone as much as the first time.

I hadn’t realized that during the loud conversation at the restaurant I was staring at Greg and thinking about this. As soon as he looked at me I realized it and glanced away. He saw me do it. I knew he saw me staring at him so I looked back. It was at that moment that I knew how he felt. The conversation burst into laughter and we joined in. Could anyone tell how hot my face felt just at that moment? I hoped not.

As we walked out of the restaurant I turned with a look of ‘just seeing’…I was trying to act like turning around was the most natural thing I could have done just at that moment. When I turned I saw Greg. He was who I had hoped to see He was looking at my ass. He did see me. He raised his eyes to mine with that knowing look and without being shameful his eyes scanned my figure once again before looking away. If he wanted to see me… I wanted him to see me. I stopped and turned. Greg looked directly into my eyes and them his gaze lowered to my cleavage and then lower still. I willed myself to look directly at Simone.

‘Simone. It was so good to see you guys again. You are coming by the house aren’t you?” I said as I embraced my good friend.

“Yea, we were planning on being there.” ‘It was nice seeing you again Greg.’ I added, trying hard to not betray the fire in my stomach. Greg extended his hand and we shook. I thought about it later. He was well aware of me ‘seeing’ him looking at me the way he was and when I said ‘….nice seeing you again Greg.’ It came off as cold and indifferent and I realized as soon as I said it.

After I shook his hand I turned to catch up with Travis. It was on the drive to our home that my cell phone rang and Simone told me that Greg wasn’t feeling well and that they were heading home. My heart sank. Greg must have thought that he offended me.

Lying in bed that night my mind wondered. What was I doing? Was I going to break a longtime friendship? Was I wanting to destroy my marriage, was I not happy? It wasn’t any of those things. I loved my husband. I really did. I loved Simone, she was always a good friend. This thing with Greg was nothing more than lust or a school girl crush. It was the desire to look into those burning eyes and feel him inside of me. The thought of looking into those eyes and feeling his body against me and in me made my body warm and my knees tingle. To have this happen and not receive the consequences was my desire.

I wanted to laugh at my foolishness. What happened tonight was what needed to happen. I accidentally said what I should have said on purpose. I didn’t want to be mean to him, I wanted him to look at me and he did. After all of these years of wondering and playing with each other I killed it. I extinguished the fire I tried so hard to create. It had to be for the best. It was for the best. By chance and good luck I may have said something that saved us both.

Two years later.

I hadn’t seen Greg but very briefly since the restaurant mistake. Anytime there was an event that was couples, Simone and Greg had other plans or were sick, something… anything. Greg was staying away on purpose. I don’t think Simone was trying to avoid us. I think that if they didn’t have legitimate plans, Greg intentionally developed a cough.

As illegal bahis siteleri it happened, out of the blue it seemed and to my surprise, Simone and Greg were the ones having a party. Simone hadn’t had a get-together in several years and franticly asked me to please help her finish getting ready for it. At the last minute she had to work late to get a project out at work. It would only be an hour or so for her but that hour was precious when you had guests coming over in not so many hours. She even considered canceling.

Simone called Greg and told him what happened. He couldn’t help. He had to work late as well which put them getting home at the same time. That only gave them two hours to get ready for the party. I offered to do it for her, instead of just bringing the extra food that she wouldn’t have time to prepare, I would go to her house and get everything ready that I could before she and Greg arrived.

House keys in hand, I went to Simone’s house and began preparations. I didn’t have to call Travis, he was also delayed… halfway across the country he was closing a deal. His flight wouldn’t arrive for two days.

Shortly after I arrived, Greg did too. He seemed short and angry. “You don’t have to worry about it Kelly.” He said plainly. I’ll get things together until Simmie gets here. That was his private name for Simone. I thought it was sweet. “I was able to get someone else to cover for me so I could get here in time.”

“I want to help Greg… it’s no problem. We can have everything ready by the time Simone gets here.”

Just the thought of being alone with Greg made me feel like I would suffocate. I couldn’t breathe. After all of these years of stolen glances… tension every time I was near him… here we were alone together for a brief moment.

Here I was face to face with Greg and I felt like I had to say it now. “I didn’t mean to say that the way I did… I mean I didn’t mean to sound that way.” All of a sudden I couldn’t speak.

“What?” Greg said looking for clarification.

“At the restaurant, I didn’t intend to sound short with you. I wasn’t angry.”

Greg’s eyes told me that he knew what I was talking about but he said otherwise. “What are you talking about?”

I suddenly felt insistent. “Come on Greg, you know what I’m talking about. How long have we played this game? How long?”

Greg looked away and slowly shook his head. His eyes were distant.

“You thought that I was mad at you that night at the restaurant didn’t you?”

Greg’s head stopped moving from side to side and began slowly and distantly nodding.

“Greg. I wasn’t. It came out wrong. I just didn’t want to betray myself.”

“I can’t betray myself either.” He said looking into my eyes.

It took a moment for what he said to sink in. “What? Like an ‘I know that you know but you really don’t know for sure thing’?” I asked trying for some clarification and to hopefully lighten the mood.

“Something like that.” He said with a slight smile. “Do you love your husband?” He added seriously.

“Yes.” I said with a tone of assurance. “Do you love your wife?”

“Yes I do.”

There was a pause that was filled with uncomfortable silence. I turned and picked up the phone. I dialed Simone at work.

“Hey…” I said. “…how’s it going?”

“Everything is printing. The courier will be here in forty five minutes.” She said.

“You’ll be here in an hour then?”

“Yea. How’s it going there?” She asked.

“It’ll all be ready. You’ll just have to change clothes.”

“Thanks. I gotta go.”

“K-Bye.” I said and hung up the phone.

I turned and looked at Greg. “We will be alone for the next hour but we do have to finish getting ready for the party too.”

I saw a canl─▒ bahis siteleri look in his eyes that I had seen a sliver of before. It was enough. Our time was growing short. I placed myself in his arms and kissed him deeply. After it sunk in and we took our first gasping breath, our hands began wondering wildly. Greg’s hands felt so big and strong on my body. He opened my blouse and lowered my bra. His mouth went to my hard nipple and sucked. My hand was down his pants squeezing his hard body. It was suddenly all a whirlwind.

Greg slid my panties to the side and easily slid his fingers inside of me. His dancing fingers almost felt cool inside of my hot core. My body felt so wet and slick. The lapping sounds of his fingers inside of me broke the silence of the room and heightened the eroticism of the moment. I wanted to be wet for him.

I shamelessly fell to my knees and took his cock into my mouth like a hungry animal. I sucked and slurped it loudly. Fluid leaked from the tip in anticipation. I let it run down my tongue to my throat before sucking again and swallowing. I felt like I wanted him to come in my mouth. I wanted to feel his warm come shoot forcefully into my mouth but before I could bring him to climax Greg pushed me away.

Greg removed what clothes were left on both of us and then pushed my legs far apart causing my loose wet body to open and be seen clearly. His eyes looked into mine for that moment before he lowered his face between my legs and slid his tongue inside of me. Electricity fired its way through my body in anticipation and satisfaction. Greg focused on my clit and then would lick inside of me. He would go fast and then slow, hard and then gentle and then deep. He nibbled at my labia and then would hold me open with his fingers so that he could lick me even deeper. I came without effort. My orgasm seemed to climax and keep going. He ravenously consumed me with his mouth.

“Fuck me Greg!” I said with gasping breath. “Please fuck me.”

There was no hesitation on Greg’s part. He guided his cock into my wet hole and rammed it so that our bodies slapped together. I moaned loudly. Greg gasped at his effort.

Greg easily drew me into his advancing thrusts so that our fucking would have seemed almost violent to a person watching. His hard cock rammed up to my stomach it seemed. It felt so completely deep. My whole body tensed and my toes curled. I think that I was in a perpetual orgasm. The rapid sloshing of our sex echoed in the room and made it that much more intense.

“Come inside of me… please. Keep fucking me and come in me.” I was begging. I don’t know why other than it had to be perfect this one and only time that we would be together. I wanted to feel him come inside of me. It in some way would satisfy my lust completely to have his come in me.

Greg gasped at his effort to ram inside of me as hard as he lustfully could before holding my legs tightly against him. I felt his body jerk once, and then again. The second time I felt his hot come inside of my body. After that, Greg ejaculated freely and it felt wonderful inside of me. I cried out as he emptied his desire into me.

For a moment our sweaty bodies collapsed onto one another and panted for breath. I could never describe how I felt just then. I am quite sure I could have floated away though. What we did took less than twenty minutes but somehow seemed much longer. I could have fallen asleep in his arms.

By the time Simone arrived, we were ready for the party. It went off perfectly of course. Greg and I worked frantically to make it so.

It seemed that we saw each other more as couples after that. Greg and I shared a glance every now and then but it wasn’t one of desire. It was simply a shared memorable secret of a fulfilled desire. I knew that it probably couldn’t happen again because it wasn’t just the sex that made it so intense and delicious. It was ten years of anticipation finally realized at an unsuspecting moments notice. That memory would last forever.

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