Temptation Ch. 08

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For the next few weeks, Amy didn’t see much of Nick, and when she did it seems he was always busy and heading somewhere in a hurry. She had the distinct feeling that he was avoiding her. The creep. What was wrong with him anyway? They had had a great time together and now her body was thirsty for more of his hard and delicious body.

Instead he seemed to have gotten scared, and damn if she could figure out what had him spooked. Maybe he hadn’t believed her when she said she was on the pill. The stupid man. Oh well, she would not be reduced to begging — at least not yet. In a few more weeks she would probably be desperate, but right now she concentrated on getting her kitchen fixed.

Both Zelma and Tess had stepped in and helped her put up the new wallpaper and paint the walls in a lovely cream colour. Her new stove was in place and the end result was magnificent — if she should say so herself. She stood admiring her brand new kitchen.

“Just perfect,” she murmured.

Now she only needed to paint the skirting boards in a matching colour, and change the door knobs of the cupboards and then she would be done. Phew. It was quite a daunting task to redecorate, but the end result would be worth the while. Even so, she had learned never to do any more writing while cooking. One accident was more than enough on her résumé, she chuckled.

Although she was relieved that no one had yet seemed to figure out how she had managed to burn down her own kitchen – with her being in the same room and all. Well, except for her friends, but they would keep their mouth shut. Thank god for small favours, she smiled.

But most of all she was glad Nick hadn’t figured it out yet. If he ever did he would likely report it back to her brother and then she would never hear the end of it. Jeff was an annoying big brother in that respect, and although he meant well, he could be terribly annoying once he set his mind to it.

Her door bell rang suddenly and she almost fell off the chair she was standing on. Damn it, what now? After Nick had decided to avoid her like she was some kind of plague, she hadn’t had many disturbances, which suited her just fine. It was probably the main reason why the redecoration had been completed so quickly. She dried off her paint-smudged hands on her jeans and went to open. The door bell rang again in an insistent and loud noise that made her snarl loudly.

“Wait a second, will you? Oh, it’s you again,” she started as she opened the door to find Nick standing outside, wearing his usual expression of casual arrogance, as if she was one of the usual suspects he was out to question.

“Ever heard about using the peep-hole before you open the door?” he asked gruffly. “It could have been anyone standing out here. Looking to rob you, or rape you or whatever suited my fancy,” he snarled at her.

“Yes, Nick,” she said with a sigh. “I know, I know. I simply forgot, all right? Now, what was it you wanted this time?”

Instead he roamed his eyes all over her. Taking in her snug jeans and worn t-shirt. Both smudged with paint and glue.

“Let me guess,” he started. “You’re making a cream-coloured kitchen, right?”

“How did you guess, Sherlock?” she asked ironically. “No wonder the crime rates are so low in this city when we have such intelligent police officers.”

He frowned at her, before moving closer until it felt as if he was surrounding her, his mouth just a fraction from her own. Her eyes widened and she felt the heat radiating from him.

“Careful now, honey,” he murmured. “Or I might be tempted to strip-search you.”

She swallowed hard before replying. “On what grounds, Detective?”

“Suspicion. You’re obviously hiding something,” he chuckled.

“Like what?”

“Don’t know yet.” He raised his hand and touched her face softly, before roaming his fingers slowly down her cheek and down to her throat, aiming for her cleavage. Her breath hitched and her heartbeat continued in a faster pace. “But I’m going to find out,” he said hoarsely as his eyes darkened with desire.

She stared dazedly at his eyes for a while. Finally she managed to get a hold on herself again and she took a step back and away from his spell. Taking a deep breath at the same time. What was he trying to do? First, he had avoided her like the plague and now he didn’t seem to be able to get close enough? Something was not right here. He wanted something. That was for sure.

“What do you want, Nick?” she said icily, trying to hold on to her anger with all her might.

“Ah, you know that car of yours…,” he said slowly.

“Yes? What about it?”

“You’re blocking mine — again. It seems you’re in desperate need of some driving classes if your parking is anything to go by.”

“Maybe I don’t care about the parking,” Amy suggested. “And can’t you just use your impressive skills behind the wheels and wheedle yourself out of there?”

“Nope, not unless I put on my Superman uniform and lift my car out of the parking lot,” Nick said teasingly. escort ataşehir “You’re parked right in front of my boot.”

“All right. Let me just get my keys.”

As they walked down to the garage, Amy continued. “So what’s the rush about anyway? Are you going to work at this hour?”

“No, I’m going bowling with Rob. He’s just been kicked out by his latest girlfriend.”

“Oh, dear. And now you’re going to compare notes and drown your sorrows in bowling balls and beer?” Amy asked ironically.

“Not exactly. I let you leave, remember?”

“Youlet me? As far as I recall, we had a night of mutual enjoyment with no strings attached. There’s no reason why two people can’t have consensual sex once in a while,” she droned on.

“Once, yes, but whenever you feel like having another go, I will not let you leave that easily.”

“You won’t?” Amy stopped in shock. “Who says you can decide what I do or don’t do?”

Nick stopped beside her, looking as fierce as ever. “If you don’t believe me you can always give it a try and see what I’m capable of doing,” he said matter-of-factly. “But believe me: I let you leave the first time, thinking you might need some time to think about it.”

“Think about what?”

“To make up your mind about what you really wanted, and maybe that would make you reach the correct conclusion on your own.”

“Huh?” She stared at him, not understanding where he was getting at. Talk about talking in riddles. “So, you don’t want any more sexual encounters between friends, is that it?” she asked suspiciously.

“Not unless you’re willing to take the consequences,” he threatened.

“Hah, then I’ll simply have to find someone else to fuck whenever I feel the urge for some body contact,” she snarled at him.

His frown deepened and she noticed his eyes becoming even darker than before. “I wouldn’t recommend that,” he said icily before turning to open the garage door.

“You wouldn’t recommend it?” she seethed with anger. “I can’t fuck you and you don’t want me to fuck anybody else either, is that what you’re saying?”

He turned abruptly and grabbed both her arms in his fists, holding her tightly and close to his body. “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Well, that leaves my dildo, doesn’t it? I can have lots of fun with that one and never need a man for the rest of my lifetime.”

He bent his head down toward hers and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her lips tingling as she tried to prevent herself from responding to his dominance. But to no avail. Her lips softened and she opened up to allow him inside, making a small moan at the same time. Immediately he let go of her mouth, and just stood looking at her with that heated look of his.

“You should know that the dildo is only a poor substitute for the real stuff. But if you need another demonstration, you know where to find me,” he said enigmatically as he directed her toward her car.


A few days later, Amy decided that enough was enough. It was time to do something drastic, she thought as she wandered around her apartment. Nick would have to see sense, but in order to make him…what could she do? She did have one choice, but it was a risky one, and she knew the stakes were high.

Still, something had to be done. They couldn’t continue walking around as if they were complete strangers to one another. Acting as if they never been sexually involved and never made the furniture crumble by the sheer force of their combined heat.

No, it was time to jump into the deep water and learn how to swim, or simply drown in it. At least by now she was so sick and tired of thinking about what to do, that it was better to do something, even though she might regret it later. She dug out the sexy underwear Nick had liked so well, and she dressed herself as if she was going into battle.

In a way she was going to battle. To battle against a stubborn male who couldn’t see his own best and just relax with the feelings between them. Barely covering herself with a skirt and a blouse, she went across the wall and opened Nick’s door with the spare key he had lent her when she borrowed his spare room.

Moving inside, she went from room to room, but no Nick was around. He must be working late, she thought as she took in the presence of his things and his scent that still lingered in the rooms. He had left a shirt hanging in his bedroom and she could not resist holding the fabric against her face and taking a deep sniff so as to engulf everything that reminded her of him. His scent invaded her every part and she felt her cunt moisten to the expectation of him coming inside of her.

If only he would come home soon, she wondered as she took in the rest of his bedroom. It was tidy and the large bed invited her to take a closer look, to lift the quilt and feel the fabric that had recently enveloped the body of the man she craved.

Slowly she undressed in front of his bed, enjoying the feeling of freedom as she shed away one fabric after another, kadıköy escort until she stood there completely naked and felt her breath coming in gasps by sheer anticipation.

Lifting the quilt she lay down on the bed and covered her body with the quilt. His scent was enveloping her completely and she felt her cunt become even wetter as a result. By the time Nick would be home, she would be ready as an arrow on a bow and with only a few strokes she would erupt into a climax.

She tried to calm herself but the fantasies of his naked and strong body filled her mind, making her hunger for him. His hard cock was plastered on her eyelids and every time she closed her eyes, she could see him before her, straining as he pounded his hard flesh into her hungry body, making her tighten around him as she tried to keep him inside.

Her clit was screaming to be touched but she held herself back. From now on, she would only obtain pleasure by his hands. Nothing else would be worth while. Anything else would only be a small comfort and not as rewarding as his touch.

She let herself relax on the bed, spreading her thighs so as not to make her come too fast. The movement only allowed a piece of the quilt to sink between her legs and she felt the fabric against her clit. Moving her legs slightly and her pelvis upwards, she rubbed her clit against the quilt, but the soft touch was more arousing than pleasing. Soon she stopped the rubbing and only lay in wait for her prey to come home.


A while later she heard a key being inserted into the front door and she heard someone enter the apartment. Her lover was home, she smiled happily as she pushed the quilt aside to reveal her naked body and spread her legs in anticipation. Placing herself as a dish ready for his taking.

She heard him move around as he whistled slightly, and she listened as he moved into the living room. Maybe he needed an inducement, she thought and she bent over to the bedside table and pushed some of things laying there onto the floor.

Immediately, she heard the whistling stop and she prepared herself. Lifting her arms over her head, she pushed her breast out as she heard footsteps coming closer to the bedroom.

The door made a small creak as it opened and she closed her eyes and said aloud.

“Come and take me. Put that hard cock inside of my aching pussy, lover.” She heard a sharp intake of breath, and then he cleared his throat.

She opened her eyes and screamed loudly in shock as she grabbed the quilt and hid her body from Rob’s shocked expression.

“Ahem, I’m sorry, but I value my life too much to fulfil that wish, honey,” he said innocently as soon as he managed to talk again. “You know perfectly well that Nick would kill me if I tried anything like that, even how tempting the offer is.”

“What are you doing here?” Amy asked, her face feeling warmer than ever and mortification pouring through her. What was she doing, anyway?

“Nick lent me a key so I could collect some DVD’s he had borrowed. I never pictured him to be so lucky as to have a naked woman in his apartment, or I would have stepped by at another time. You’re welcome to come over to my place whenever you feel like it,” he added hopefully.

“Forget it, Rob.”

“No way. Now I’m really envious of Nick. That lucky devil. If only he didn’t have a gun, I would have asked you out.”

“Go away, Rob,” Amy said as she held onto the quilt that barely covered her nude body. She had never felt this embarrassed before, although Rob’s light teasing was making her feel slightly better. Thank god it hadn’t been any other of Nick’s friends that had walked in on her like his, she thought.

“I’m going. Right now,” he scrambled as he cast her one last hopeful look so as to have another peek at her nude body before he left. She just lifted an eyebrow in a questioning manner and he took the hint.

“I’m going,” he repeated, and as he retreated he added. “You know where to find me if you ever get tired of this moron,” he chuckled.

She heard him grumble to himself but she couldn’t quite make out the words except for some references to a “lucky devil”. She imagined he meant Nick, and she sank down on the mattress as she heard the door close and being looked once more.

Damn it. How embarrassing! How could she have made such a mistake? Laying herself out as a snack on a man’s bed and then the wrong man had entered? What were the odds of that? Quite small, she thought. Especially when her victim lived alone and had few visitors.

Oh well, it would never happen again after this. The odds of that was miniscule, she convinced herself as she lay quietly on the bed, thinking about Nick once more. As soon as the thought was there, she felt her cunt moisten again. That was all it took. One small thought and she was ready for some serious action. Now, the only thing missing was the leading man.

*** As she finally felt relaxed and warmth had again returned to her entire body, she stretched out maltepe escort bayan like a cat as she heard the door being unlocked and opened again. At last, she felt like giggling. Finally, he was home.

Again she heard him move around from room to room. Leaving his shoes in the hallway and slipping his jacket over a chair. She heard him start rummaging around in the kitchen and she prepared to use the same tactic as before. She bent over to the bedside table, and pushed a heavy looking book down on the floor.

At once she heard footsteps coming in her direction. Good thing he was a cop, she smiled to herself. He had to check every source to any strange sound. She heard him come toward her and she flung away the quilt one more time, and prepared herself for his entry. Spreading her legs, and holding her arms above her head, she again felt as a dish being ready for serving.

She chuckled to herself. At least she was ready to be devoured by the man she wanted. But this time she kept her eyes open as she noticed the door to the bedroom being opened slowly.

“Come and fuck me, you stud of a man,” she said temptingly and gave a heated smile in the direction of the door. At the sight of the man in front of her she screamed even louder than before and grabbed the quilt to shield her upper body from view. Oh damn, not again, she thought in vain.

“Not again!” she screamed out, before taking in another and more crucial detail. “You! What are you doing here, Jeff?” She snarled at her brother as he stood gaping in the doorway. His mouth had opened but no sound came out as he tried to take in the sight greeting him.

“Oh, just get out!” Amy finally snapped and started to throw things at him. A pillow hit him in the chest and finally he managed to collect himself enough to start pronounce words again.

“I might ask you the same question, sis,” he snarled at her.

“None of your fucking business,” she screamed at him, before enveloping her body even better in the quilt and getting out of the bed.

Facing her brother, she asked the first question that popped into her head.

“What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were in the Himalayas?”

“I was,” he admitted. “But there has been an increase in a tribal war and the consulate evacuated us in the middle of the dig. But, tell me, what are you doing in Nick’s apartment? Last time I checked you were living on the other side of the hallway? Or have I missed something?”

“None of your business,” Amy snarled at him, still angry at her plans being ruined this way. That did it. No more seduction effort from her part. Nick would have to realise what was between them another way. She was sick and tired of shoving her naked body to every male of his acquaintance, when the man she wanted was nowhere to be seen.

Resolutely she walked out of the bedroom and started toward the outer door, hoping to escape to her own apartment before any of the neighbours saw her.

Just as she was reaching out her hand to open the front door, it slammed inwards and she jumped back as Nick came barging into the apartment.

“Amy? What are you doing here?” he asked surprised, his face turning into a frown as he took in her scarcely clad body only draped in the quilt.

She completely lost all her resolution right there and then and stamped her feet on the floor as she screamed at him.

“You, damn man. The least you could do is to stay at home when someone goes to the effort to seduce you.”

“Seduce?” he said in a confused voice. “What are you talking about?”

“And what happens? Well, first Rob barges in, and then Jeff. What happened to the man living here, is all I ask?”

“What?” he just gaped at her. “What has Rob got to do with this?”

She just harrumphed loudly before walking around him and toward the door.

“Hey, is that my quilt?” he asked after her, before she slammed the door behind her. Taking quick looks to both sides of the corridor, she breathed out in relief at the sight of the empty hallways and quickly entered her own apartment. Luckily, she had no more bad luck, and that didn’t surprise her. The last few hours should be more than enough to last her at least a week.

This seduction business was obviously not for the fainthearted and she dragged herself directly toward her bathroom where she filled up her bathtub and lay soaked until she felt calm and collected again.


“What was that about?” Nick asked Jeff as his front door slammed in his face. Amy hadn’t seemed like her usual calm self lately, but this was strange behaviour even for her.

“Maybe I should ask you the same question,” Jeff said in neutral tone as he faced his best friend.

“How I should I know?” Nick intervened? “And where are her clothes?”

“Ahem, I think you should check your bedroom, man,” Jeff suggested.

Nick went looking and found Amy’s lacy underwear and some garments spread over the room. The quilt was gone, just as he had suspected.

“Huh?” he said unintelligible. “Seems like she had moved in.”

“You could say so,” Jeff agreed. “At least for a few hours. It’s not everyday I walk in and find my sister spread out and naked in another man’s bed,” Jeff snarled. “You want to explain that in a way I might find reassuring?”

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