Teaching My Daughter to Please Ch. 01

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I arrived home from Atlanta one evening to find my freshly eighteen-year-old daughter, Jessica, and her friend, Sara, sitting on the couch and watching television. Each wore only a T-shirt and little shorts, along with a punky, studded leather dog collar. Sara had one foot on the edge of the coffee table and was paining her toenails. Her shorts were loose enough that I could see she wasn’t wearing panties. Her cute little pussy was staring at me as I tried not to stare back.

Jessica ran up to me, the jiggle of her ripe, young boobs making it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Hi, Mom,” she said and hugged me. Her tits crushed into mine as she kissed my cheek. I’ve often fantasised about her, but this was getting me hotter than usual. I had to get my mind off of it. I told Jessica that I felt icky from the travelling and had to take a shower.

I knew I had to get myself off in order to calm down, so I opened up my “special” drawer. Among my toys was a magazine that specialised in girls who were just barely 18 and looked even younger. The page corner was folded over to mark one adorable, little brunette who looked very much like my Jess. That pretty girl had brought me more than one good cum. “Where the fuck is it?” I asked myself as I dug through the drawer to find it. I searched my suitcase, hoping I hadn’t left it in Atlanta. Finally giving up, I settled for a shaving magazine and gazed at a spread of two young, shaved women sharing each other’s body. Mum. I enjoy the lesbian magazines and the girl-girl spreads in other magazines but one thing has puzzled me. Though there are many young girl titles and a surprising number of decidedly older women ones, there is an unfortunate lack of pictorials showing two women of very different ages. Even the bondage ones have little difference in age between the girls. I would subscribe in a heartbeat if I found a magazine that showed innocent beginners being seduced by mature women; learning that the best sex is with their own sex. Mum… young, smooth girls kneeling in front of older women to pleasure them with their pretty mouths… Women forcing their skilled hands into tight, hairless holes…

Ah, that got me going. I enjoyed a nice, long shower while I fucked the better part of my hand in and out of my pussy. Refreshed, I dried myself and put on a robe. Then I remembered the treat I had picked up to share with Jessica. I know most mothers wouldn’t think of smoking pot with their daughters but I also know she smokes it anyway, so why should I not bond with her? There was enough for three, so I brought it out to the girls.

Apparently, I gave too them too little warning, as the girls had not fully ‘straightened’ themselves up before I walked back out to them. Judging by her blush, Jessica knew bursa escort I had caught them.

“Jessica, I brought something for us to share.” I held up the baggie to illustrate my point.

“Wow, Mom, no shit?”

“Great!” Sara exclaimed, “Let’s go in your room and light some candles. I can’t believe your mom’s so cool.”

As the girls started the candles burning and turned on the CD player, I got comfortable on one side of Jessica’s bed, propping myself up against the wall. I found it while fumbling with the pillows. There was my magazine, folded open to the cutie that looked so much like Jessica. What surprised me even more was the magazine under it. It was one of the older women skin books. Where had she obtained that? I never had one of those. I managed to stash the magazines without the girls noticing anything.

Sara sat up next to me. I reached out to Jess, who got up sort of diagonally between us and leaned, back into my arms. I love cuddling with her.

As we smoked, I noticed Jessica and Sara casually playing footsie with each other. “You two make such a cute couple,” I whispered before realising that I had actually said it. A little nervous chuckle was the only reaction forthcoming.

Before long, the pot had apparently loosened the girls’ inhibitions, for Sara was rather blatantly caressing Jessica’s thigh while Jessica’s freshly painted toes continued to glide along Sara’s smooth leg. “You want a shotgun?” Jessica asked her friend after taking a good hit.

Sara started to lean down toward Jessica, while Jessica took a long drag and sat up to meet her. Their lips joined for Jessica to blow the smoke into Sara’s lungs. They stayed joined even after Sara had exhaled the smoke from her nose. They embraced and Jessica put one hand back for support. Her hand blindly slid under one side of my robe before she pulled it back to try again. Her hand landed on the bed that time, though only a few teasing inches from where she entered the world.

I was so hot watching them kiss that I didn’t realise how open her hand had forced my robe. As Jessica leaned back down, her fluffy hair brushed against my right nipple and I damn near came.

Her rosy cheek was almost touching my breast when she turned her head and made notice of it. “Mom, you’re falling out.”

“You’ve seen them before, sweetheart. You even sucked on them.”

“Cool. Can I see?” Sara asked.

“She meant when I was a baby, dumbass.”

“So? Come on,” she replied.

“It’s ok. Go ahead,” I told her and gently lifted her head. Oh! It was unbelievable. I have never been more turned on. Though tentative for the first instant, Jessica almost immediately started to suck on my nipple like she did when she was a baby. I stroked her hair bursa escort bayan and she cupped her hand against the side of my boob, holding it gently but firmly while she nursed.

Sara watched intently and I turned to her. “Give me a hit.” She tried to hand it to me, but I stopped her. “Not that way.” She understood and took a big drag before turning to me again. Our open lips met and Sara breathed the smoke into my mouth, following it with her wet tongue. After fencing our tongues between our mouths, I withdrew mine and gently clamped my teeth down on Sara’s. I reached one hand under her shirt and began gently tickling her tummy. Sara squirmed and giggled but could not get away while I held her tongue between my teeth.

Finally letting her go, I told her, “Let’s get more comfortable,” as I pulled the bottom of her shirt over her head and arms. Mum, such firm, ripe tits. “Get these off, too,” I added, tugging at her shorts. Sara wasted no time getting naked for me.

Meanwhile, Jessica was still nursing on my boob. Much as I hated to disturb her, it was long past time for her to get naked for me too. “Strip her, Sara.” She yanked Jessica’s shorts off her round ass and managed to pull her off my breast long enough to add Jessica’s shirt to the pile on the floor. As she did this, I shrugged my robe off of my shoulders and pulled it open the rest of the way. From then on, our contact would all be skin-to-skin.

Jessica immediately returned to my breast, licking and sucking my nipple like an infant. “Did Sara teach you how to eat pussy, Jess?” I asked her. She nodded, not wanting to pull away from my tit. That was not sufficient, though.

I grabbed a wad of her hair and yanked her head back, away from me. “I asked you; did Sara teach you how to please her with your mouth?”

Nervously she answered, “Yes, mommy,” before making a beeline back to her mom’s breast.

“Prove it, honey,” I told her and pushed her head down. She was apprehensive about licking my pussy; but once she started, oh, how she could eat. Fuck, she was incredible! Her tongue snaked into my cunt, scooping at my inner walls. Her lips gummed my labia, sucking hard on them. Still, she couldn’t stay completely away from my boobs. While she ate me out, her young hands reached up to caress and squeeze them both.

She brought me to my first cum almost immediately; not only from her very skilled ministrations, but also the sight of my beautiful daughter with her head buried between my thighs, eating out her mom so eagerly. Mum; I looked down to her soft ass and further down her delicious legs, bent at the knees with her ankles crossed in the air. Her feet and toes flexed above her ass, just begging to be tickled; soon, my baby.

Jessica continued escort bursa to bring me off, my orgasms running together, taking me into a haze of blind ecstasy. When she tongue fucked my cunt, her button nose pressed into my clit. I then realised that she had blown my mind over and over without even licking it, much less sucking. I gushed and gushed my juice, nearly drowning my daughter in a river of mommy’s cream. I could hear the sloshing of her face sliming against my thighs; but still she wouldn’t stop.

Finally, she licked my clit. I started thrashing all about. Sara tried to steady me with her hands, but gave up when she saw the futility in that. Instead, she stood up on the bed, straddling me and placing her perfect little cunt in front of my mouth. Mum, that’s what I needed! As Jessica sucked on my clit, I grabbed both of Sara’s ass cheeks in my hands and held her hairless snatch against my face. Nothing tastes better than young pussy and Sara’s was no exception. It’s no wonder Jessica can’t get enough of this girl. Her cum was so sweet, I licked up every drop.

“Jessica, come up here. Lay across mommy’s lap,” I instructed. She did as she was told. “Now, Sara, let Jessica eat your pussy.” Sara moved down so she was kneeling on the bed, her thighs on either side of Jessica’s head.

Now it was finally time to spank my daughter’s full bottom and see just how wet she can get. Mum, I rub her fleshy ass, kneading the round cheeks. Whack! My hand came down. Something didn’t feel quite right. I reached down between us and smeared my hand around my soaking pussy, getting it nice and wet. Whack!! Yes, much better. Still, Jessica barely seemed to notice it. I swatted her ass again. Sure, her girlfriend’s pussy was tasty, but I can’t believe she could be so totally unaware of my spanking. I’ll have to try a paddle when I get up.

No rush, though. There are other things I can do right away. Just how ticklish is she? I scraped a fingernail across her sole and she kicked her foot away. How dare she! I grabbed her ankle and tried again. My, my look at how she thrashes about! I tickled her incessantly until she begged me to please stop.

“Are you going to do what I tell you to, Jess?”

Breathing hard, “Yes.”

“What ever I say?”

“Yes. Just please stop tickling me.”

“OK, Jess. Turn over.” There she was, facing me, nude but for her collar. Her back arched across my legs. Without warning, I grabbed one of the candles and splashed it across her front, splattering her tits and even getting a little on the top of her pussy.

“Agh!” she snapped up.

“Now, Jessica; was that so hot or were you just surprised.”

Catching her breath, she confessed, “No, it wasn’t so bad. I just didn’t expect it.”

“Well, I’m going to get some toys for us to play with,” I announced. After I got up, I looked back at my beautiful daughter and her hot little friend. Damn, they’re sexy. I’m going to teach them so many things I wish I had been taught at their age.

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