Teacher Conference

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You come home from work and there is a message on your machine from your daughter’s math teacher. JO, we need to have a conference. Your daughter seems to be struggling and we need to see what we can do to assist her. I’ll be here tomorow evening after 8 if you’d like to meet. You think about the last time you saw him and how he aroused you. A smile forms on your lips as a plan comes to mind.

The next evening you came home from work and shower. You change into a nice lacey white bra with good lift and support. The low cut silk white blouse you select shows the tops of your breasts nicely. The black medium length skirt with the slit up the side makes for a nice look. You put on a white thong panty and your black heels. A bit of good perfume and your ready. You step back and admire the picture you present. The professional business lady yet totally sexy at the same time. You like what you see and know he will to.

You arrive at the school and the front door is unlocked and the entrance is lit by a single bulb. Opening the door you enter. The halls are strangely subdued, a stark contrast to the noise of a school day. You walk down the darkened hallway to the room at the end where a light is shining. He is waiting there sitting at his desk, he sees you at the door and says Hello Jo, how are you? My you look nice this evening. He offers you a seat by his desk and he sits down. He starts discussing your daughters grades but you can tell he is not focused on the topic but more on your breasts. Smiling you lean foward and offer him a better view. You can sense from the short intake of breath that he is aroused. You glance and notice a bulge starting to grow in his pants. You decide to get more bold and lean back and cross your legs slowly giving him a short glimpse of your panties. Smiling again you lean foward once more.

He is now fully aroused as he is not even pretending to be looking anywhere else but at your breasts. You lean foward further and plant your lips on his. opening your lips slightly bahis firmalar─▒ you start to probe his mouth with your tongue. He responds by kissing you back and you feel his hand start to gently fondle your breast.

As your tongues dance he unbuttons your blouse and his hand slides inside. He cups your breast and squeezes it. He reaches behind and unsnaps your bra. His lips have moved to your neck and he is gently kissing and licking along your neck by your ear. Hi thumb and forefinger are squeezing and rolling your nipple. You move your hand down the fron to his pants to his belt and you undo it. You open his pants and pull downhis briefs freeing his erection. It is nice to look at, thick and about 7 inches long. He is circumsized and it looks good. YOu get on your knees and take him into your mouth. Gently licking the underside of his cock. he lifts up and you slide his pants and underwear down out of the way. He is now fondling your breasts much more forcefully.

As you suck and lick on his erect cock. YOu play with his balls as you suck on it. You take it out of your mouth and lick up and down the length, moving to his balls you take one then the other into you moucht and suck them. then you kiss your way up the shaft and start to deep throat. He moans in pleasure. He is pumpinghis hips up and down now as you stroke his cock with you hand and suck him with your mouth. He in now breathing hard and you can tellhe is workinghard to control himself. pumping faster now you can sense he is about to explode. You pull back and watch, as you are stroking him to orgasm. You watch close up as his cock shoots jet after hot jet of cum into the air and onto you. Some of it lands in your hair and some on your neck and tits, it is everywhere. He just keeps cumming and cumming as your hand milks every last drop of hot cum from his cock. . finally you lean down and suck the last bit of jism off his cock. Smiling you move up and kiss him deeply again. Sharing it with him.

He sighs and smiles saying ka├žak iddaa now it’s your turn. He pulls you to your feet and hikes your skirt up then sits you down on his desk. He pulls your thong panties down and spreads your legs. You put your legs over his shoulders as he starts to lick and kiss his way down the inside of your thigh. His mouth arrives at your slit, he takes the tip of his tongue and just barely parts the lips. He starts to stroke from about your hole to your clit in long slow licks. Each lick parting your lips just a little bit more. Your pussy is dripping wet. He dallies around your hole delighting in the flavor of you. licking your pussy juice. He now licks harder up to your clit with the flat of his tongue. He sucks your now engorged clit into his mouth. sucking on it hard. He sucks it and works it like you did his cock just moments before. Flicking the head of his tongue over it and then sucking it and releasing it. He takes the lips of your pussy into his mouth and sucks on them.

moving back down he slowly starts to tongue fuck you. Drivinghis tongue as deeply into your cunt as it will go. You are going crazy as he now uses his thumb to play with your clit. Working his tongu in and out and fingering your clit drives you to orgasm and you flood his face with your juice as you grasp his head and pull him as tight as you can. You pussy is just clenching and squeezing his tongue as he has it buried in you and you cum on his face. Finally you release him and he leans back in his chair. getting his breath.

He is looking at your pussy, so open wet and inviting. His cock has gotten hard again. Your legs are still over his shoulders, as he stands up he rolls you onto your back. Exposing you pussy even more to him. He moves foward grasping his cock in his hand he starts to rub the head up and down your slit. Starting at your hole and stroking up to your clit. As his cock rubs across your clit you shudder each time. Finally he is at your hole and he pushes the head of it into you. Sliding ka├žak bahis in deeply and slowly into your dripping wet pussy. You thrust against him as he starts to move slowly into you. Pulling out then driving in, in long strong slow strokes. pulling almost all the way out then driving it in deeply. His balls are bouncing off your ass. His cock feels so good. he leans foward and sucks a nipple hard as he starts to driv in faster and faster. He is now pounding you hard and fast.

He leans back and pinches and pulls on your nipples. Pulling enough to lift your breasts tweaking them as he pulls. His hard thrusts causing your breasts to tug against his grip. He looks at you and smiles. You are going nuts now meeting his every thrust groaning and breathing faster as you feel another orgasm coming You start to cum feeling his cock moving deep inside you bouncing off your cervix. he is pounding your pussy hard and fast as you feel wave after wave of pleasure roll through your body. He keeps fucking you changing angles and positions as you have one orgasm after another. You lean up and he is standing straight up. You are supporting yourself with your arms. Your both watching as he fucks you. You can see his cock soaked with your pussy juice pumping in and out of your cunt. It looks so good. Finally you feel his cock get more rigid and his balls tighten . He pumps faster and harder as he shoots a load of cum deep into your pussy. You cannow see his cum on his cock mixed with yours as he pulls out and goes back in. His cock quivering and jerking as he sprays more jism deep inside you.

He hugs your tight and kisses your neck then your mouth. As he pulls away you both look down in time to see his now semi hard cock come out of your pussy. It is soaked in your juices and a long stand of cum trails from the head of it to your pussy. You see a big river of cum ooze out of you after him. You both smile. He hands you a paper towel and pulls his pants up. You clean yourself and and stand up a bit unsteadily. He holds you and says I think these conferences may be needed every week . Smiling you agree and say it’s possible they may happen more than that. As a matter of fact your already planning your next one at your house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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