Tawny and the Farmhands

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For the most part these stories are from Tawny’s viewpoint, with some segments being from her husband Eric’s viewpoint.

Tawny loves to be used by multiple guys who treat her roughly. Her being a slut to be used by strangers is something that Eric understands and supports, not only because he loves her, but because hearing about it is a huge turn-on for him as well. Tawny charging her “customers” for these parties is an idea she had to get the type of sex she enjoys, but still have boundaries. She’d happily do it all for free, the money is just a way to ensure that the guys feel entitled to treat her as roughly as she wants to be treated.

Ideally, these stories should be read in order. However, if the reader’s only interest is in hearing what is happening to Tawny in this installment, it’s not strictly necessary.

It is strongly suggested to at least first read her origin story “Tawny and the Value Given” to better understand her lifestyle, and to get an idea of what will (and won’t) be happening to her in these stories.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Unlike the real world, STI’s don’t exist and The Pill is 100% effective. In reality, the lifestyle depicted here would present a large health risk, and a low but non-zero pregnancy risk. Tawny’s sexual tastes are not shared by all, or probably even most, women.

Also note that when Tawny goes to a stranger’s house for sex, they have been vetted and someone she trusts always knows where she’s going and who she’s meeting.

The Tawny Chronicles so far:

– Tawny and the Value Given

– Tawny and the Five Guys

– Tawny and the Fraternity Reunion

– Tawny and the Charity Food Drive

– Tawny and the Farmhands

Copyright ┬ę 2021 by EightBits.

All Rights Reserved.

Tawny and the Farmhands


As I drove to the farm, I was excited by the prospect of again getting to be fucked by a bunch of hard cocks. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed all of the torments that I had experienced at the charity event, but I had been slightly disappointed at not being gang-banged there!

Eric had promised me that today would, as he put it, “scratch that itch”. So I was optimistic even though a produce farm didn’t seem a likely venue. All of my previous parties hadn’t started until at least early evening, so it felt weird to be headed to one during the day. The thought of being naked, and probably outside, in the broad daylight made me feel even more slutty than usual!

I pulled off the rural road I’d been on for the last 20 minutes, and up a long dirt access road to the farmhouse and its collection of outbuildings. As I’d driven up the access road, I’d seen seven or eight men in various fields, doing… farming things. (Hey, I am a city girl!) That was encouraging, in a Tawny-gets-a-lot-of-cock way!

As I parked my car, a guy walked out of the barn. He looked to be close to 40, and well-tanned. I had expected overalls, but he was in jeans and a t-shirt, although he did have on boots. I got out and said, “Hi, I’m Tawny.”

“Hi Tawny,” he said, “I’m Wayne. Wow, you are one good-looking gal! I’ve been telling the boys that they’d really like the surprise I had coming, but I don’t think they were expecting a girl that looks like you.”

I too chose blue jeans, but mine were shorts that didn’t totally cover my ass. The tank-top was one of my tighter ones. And without a bra, my nipples were very obvious. I looked damn sexy, and knew it! I smiled at him and said, “Thanks, Wayne.”

“Well, not a lot of time to waste, we’ve been harvesting like crazy the last few days. Let’s get started.”

We walked into the barn, and he said, “Off with the clothes, bitch.”

I pulled off my tank-top, exposing my tits. His calloused hands were rough as he grabbed and kneaded them, rubbing his thumbs across my soft pink nipples.

“Damn, these are great tits,” he said. He let go to let me unbutton my shorts and slide them down my legs. I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

In the same no-hesitation way he’d grabbed my tits, he reached down and rubbed my pussy lips for a few seconds, then I jumped as he abruptly stuck a finger in me and rubbed it around. “Your pussy feels good too, bitch. Gonna make my farmhands damn happy!”

He pulled his finger out, took my arm in one strong hand, and led me over to a large cross of wood that was propped up a little on the floor of the barn.

“Lay down,” he ordered, “Arms there.”

I lay down, and spread my arms out along the crossbeam as he’d indicated. The crossbeams were a little longer than my arms, and the top barely came to the top of my head, but the lower part extended quite a bit past my feet. He took a coil of rope off the table, tied it to a eyebolt near my hand, and starting at the wrist, began winding it around my arm. When he got to my body, he drew it across behind the beam and wound it around my other arm. He got to that wrist, pulled it tight bahis ┼čirketleri and tied it off. The rope was too tight for me to move my arms at all, but not painful.

Using more ropes, he looped them around behind my knees, pulling my legs open and up towards my arms, where he tied the other end of the rope to a couple more eyebolts. He held out a small bright red apple and said, “Open up.”

I was surprised to see the apple, since our rules were ball gags and ring gags unless otherwise agreed. I was pretty sure you’d have told me about a waiver, but I decide to go along with it anyway, and opened my mouth

He wedged it between my teeth, saying, “Some of the guys think women should be seen, not heard. You better not let that fall out, because if it does, I’ll find something much bigger.”

I decided I’d do my best. My mouth wasn’t stretched as wide as it could go, but wide enough. I could open wider and dislodge it, or even bite through it, but I didn’t want it replaced with anything larger where I might not have those options. It seemed safe enough – if I did happen to bite off a chunk of the apple, since he wasn’t tying it in I could always spit it out, so no risk of choking on it.

He left the barn, and returned in a few minutes with a couple other guys.

“Oh, you found a hot one this time Wayne,” one of them said. He was short and a bit chunky, and wearing the overalls I’d expected to see on everyone. He leered at my exposed pussy, and I saw him swallow hard.

“Thanks Owen. You’ll get to have fun with her, just be patient. I want to give the guys a nice incentive to get their work done quick today. Help me get her out to the field,” said Wayne.

Out to the field? I was expecting these guys to just start fucking me there in the barn.

The three of them picked up the cross with me tied to it, and carried me out the other end of the barn. We walked maybe 100 feet, and came to a post-hole dug in the middle of some field that was still full of crops. They lifted the me and the cross upright, my weight becoming supported by my arms and the ropes tied to my legs. Lifting the cross, they slid the bottom of it down into that hole. It fit tightly, holding the cross straight up, no tilt or unsteadiness at all. They stepped back and looked up at me as I hung there, knees pulled up, my legs open and my pussy completely exposed.

“Bitch, you’re the best looking scarecrow this farm has ever had!” exclaimed Owen.

Wayne said, “Now, those big titties look like they might like a little ‘support’.”

I know my tits are a little too big to be in the “perky” category, but I’ve always been proud of how firm they are, and how nicely they stick out. Plus, with my arms spread wide on that cross, they were sticking out even more than usual! So I knew that meant he had something creative in mind, and no-doubt painful.

Quickly proving my line of thought correct, he picked up a pitchfork, and said, “Owen, lift one of those up.”

Owen cupped his hand under my left breast, and lifted it as Wayne pushed the handle of the pitchfork down into the soft dirt below. He positioned the pointy tines of the pitchfork just below Owen’s hand, my eyes widening as I protested into the gag.

“Relax, bitch,” said Owen, “They ain’t sharp. Well, not real sharp anyway.” He let go, and I felt three or four of the tines poke into the tender underside of my breast. He was right, they weren’t sharp enough to break the skin, but my breast being supported by like that still hurt!

Of course, there were two pitchforks, and soon both of my breasts were painfully “supported”.

“Now for the finishing touch,” Wayne said in a satisfied tone. “A hoe for a ho,” and he placed the handle of a garden hoe between my legs. He proceeded to slide it into me, going slow and wiggling it to work it in since he hadn’t bothered with any lube.

I yelled into the gag, “At least use some lube, goddamnit!” but I knew it wouldn’t matter, even if they had been able to understand me. He wanted the wooden handle to hurt as he worked it up my pussy. When he’d gotten it deep enough to be totally uncomfortable, he stopped and wedged the end of it into the ground, which kept it firmly in place.

“Perfect,” Wayne said, “Owen, go let the boys know she’s here and they can wander by to take a look at her when they take their breaks.” The older man nodded at his boss, and went off to share the news as Wayne headed back to the barn.

I hung there, tits hurting and my wide-spread pussy full of that hard wooden handle. I was glad it wasn’t a hot time of year, and that it was nice and overcast – sunscreen was not something I’d expected to need. Being on display like this made me feel super slutty, and I wished it was a hard cock in my pussy instead of that handle.

After a while, the first of the farmhands stopped by. “Well don’t you look comfortable,” he said mockingly. He reached out and shook the handle of the hoe, making me moan. He stood there looking at me with a smile bahis firmalar─▒ that made me feel like a present ready to be opened. Knowing that a guy was not only thinking about getting to fuck me, but that he was definitely going to get to, was a huge turn-on!

For the next hour or so, as they took their breaks, all of them stopped by to “see the whore scarecrow” as one of them put it, as he gave my ass a squeeze. Other comments I recall were, “nice bra, bitch” and “damn, can’t wait to fuck this little slut”, which I heard more than once.

Wayne came by several times during that hour, both to check on me and enjoy himself my lifting my tits by my nipples and moving them to find fresh spots for the tines to poke.

A few of them started to work in the field where I was displayed, and I think they spent as much time looking up at my naked body as they did working. I did love being just a decoration for a bunch of horny men to enjoy while they worked!

On one of his visits, Wayne said, “Some of the guys were disappointed your cunt was occupied”, and roughly removed the hoe handle from my pussy. He also taped a crude cardboard sign to mt stomach that said “Check it out”..

After that, all of them who came by did just that. They all took their work gloves off before feeling my wet pussy with a finger or two, except for one guy.

This guy held his gloved hand up to my face, grinned, and said, “Not going to bother taking off my gloves for a cunt like you. I did wipe them on my pants-leg real good though!”

He then shoved two fingers up me, enjoying my reaction to the pain and humiliation of the rough, stained leather scraping around inside my tender pussy. It made me feel like a dirty slut, both literally and figuratively!

I was happy to finally see Wayne and Owen coming to take me down. They’d done a good job of using ropes to support my legs, but I was still in an uncomfortable position, and wanted my tits off of those damn pitchforks!

Barn Fun

It was obvious that Wayne and Owen had worked together for a while, as they exhibited good teamwork untying me from my perch, helping me down, and they even removed the apple gag. We entered the barn, and I took a quick break to drink a little water before they led me over to a sawhorse-looking thing. The top was wider than a normal carpenter’s sawhorse, and lightly padded. There were lengths of rope attached at the base of each leg, making its purpose pretty obvious.

“Lay down, bitch,” said Wayne.

I laid face-down along the padded rail, one breast on either side. Wayne and Owen used the ropes to secure my ankles and wrists, leaving my pussy helplessly exposed at the end of the rail, at perfect dick-height.

Wayne began to rub his hand between my legs, teasing my pussy lips with his fingers. “Yeah, this pussy is going to make a lot of cocks happy tonight,” he remarked.

Owen said, “Wayne, should I tie up her hooters?”

Wayne smiled and said, “Sure, Owen. Enjoy! I’m going to go see how Freddie’s doing.”

He walked away, leaving just me and Owen, who went over to a nearby bench, bringing back a coil of baling wire and some tools.

“God, I always love tying up a bitch’s tits,” Owen said, “and yours are going to look great.”

He cut a foot or two of wire from the coil, and formed it into a loop. With my breast hanging down, it was easy for him place the loop of stiff wire around the base of it, holding the ends crossed with his strong fingers.

“Here’s where it get’s fun,” he said, breathing a little harder. He took pliers and began twisting the ends of the wire together. With each twist, the loop got noticeably tighter, making me moan. Unlike rope, or even the band clamps that Bill had used on me, the thin wire felt like it was cutting into my skin. When he’d constricted my tit enough that it looked like a taut smooth globe, he stopped and squeezed it, causing me yell as pain welled up in my tit.

That made him give a cruel smile, and he tied my other breast the same way. “Those are some nice round titties now!” he said, and squeezed them again, causing my tits to press outward even harder against the unyielding wire, making me scream in pain.

“I’m gonna squeeze those again when I get to screw you,” Owen said, “but right now I need to help Wayne with the tractor that Freddie got stuck. But don’t you worry, I’m sure one of the boys’ll be along right quick.” He left me alone in the barn.

As Owen had promised, it wasn’t long before the first farmhand to finish his workday showed up. This guy looked to be in his twenties, and he clearly spent a lot of time out in the sun, being well-tanned despite the straw hat he still wore.

“Hey bitch, you ready for some dick?” this guy snarled. “Yeah, I bet you are.”

I didn’t answer the obviously rhetorical question. I heard him unzip his pants, and, without any warmup, I felt the head of his cock enter my wet pussy. Oh yeah, it was wet. Ttied up so a bunch of guys could fuck ka├žak bahis siteleri me? You know it was!

He went slow at first, savoring the feeling of my pussy around his hard cock. As his excitement increased, so did the speed and force of his thrusts. My body rocked back and forth just enough to make my tied up tits sway, making me very aware of how sensitive they’d become.

His rough hands rubbed and squeezed my ass as he continued fucking me. I was making little gasps of pleasure with each thrust. I love having a hard dick in me and the first one at each party always feels so good!

He moved his grip onto my hips, and began thrusting harder. After several strokes like that, he pressed into me hard, and I felt him come.

“Oh, damn, bitch – that’s some nice pussy!” he said, slapping my ass. He zipped up, mockingly tipped his straw hat to me, and left the barn.

Again, it was just a couple minutes before another farmhand came in. He was a little older, and had the same tan as the first guy, but no hat. He didn’t say anything, just stepped behind me and dropped his pants. He used his fingers to spread my pussy lips, and then shoved his cock all the way in one thrust and began to fuck me.

I saw Wayne enter the barn and come over to watch. He didn’t say anything either, just watched while his farmhand used the slut he’d provided as a bonus, my pussy nothing more than a reward for their hard work.

Unlike the first one, this guy started fast and finished fast. It was maybe two minutes before I felt him push hard and come in my pussy. He held his cock deep inside me, groaning as he emptied his balls. Then he left just the way he’d arrived, not saying a word.

“I see you’ve been introduced to some of my workers,” Wayne said, teasing me.

I responded, “Well, not exactly a formal introduction, but I do feel like we got to know each other.”

Wayne chuckled, “Good – plenty more of them for you to get to ‘know’ before you’re done tonight. But since you’re currently free, I guess it’s my turn!”

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a carrot, and held it in front of my face. “I wanted you to become familiar with what we grow here.”

Walking behind me, he slid the carrot into my pussy, wiggling it around a little before withdrawing it. He held it in front of me again, and I could see it glisten with cum and pussy juice.

“Figured you could provide your own lube,” he snickered. He moved behind me and stuck the tip of that carrot against my asshole. “You should probably relax, bitch,” he said as he began to push.

I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly as it entered my ass. Even with the lubrication from my pussy it was rough enough to be painful as it slid into me. When he had it as far as he wanted it, he stopped and said, “There, all decorated!”

He unzipped his jeans, and then very slowly slid his cock into my pussy, making me moan in pleasure.

“Heh,” he said, “You love things in both your holes, don’t you slut?”

His cock wasn’t any bigger than the previous ones, but the invader in my ass made it feel bigger as he began slowly sliding his dick in and out of me as I continued to moan. I answered him, “Yes, oh god, I do love having both my holes filled!”

Hearing that, he did start fucking me harder, and I felt my excitement build. He’d been at it for a couple minutes when Owen returned to the barn.

“Hey Wayne, see you’re giving it to the little tramp. How do you like those titties?”

“You did a good job, Owen,” he said between thrusts.

“Thanks. Hey, since I’m not big on waiting,” Owen said, “mind if I use this whore’s mouth before I screw her?”

Apparently that was ok with Wayne, because Owen immediately dropped his pants, pulled down his underwear and stuck his dick in my face, saying, “Lick my balls, bitch.”

His cock was medium-hard, and up close I could smell that he’d worked hard today. I wrinkled my nose, but began licking them. Having a guy make me lick his sweaty balls made me feel like a total slut, and between that feeling and Wayne’s cock in my pussy, the excitement was getting me close.

After I’d tongued his balls really well, his cock had become fully hard, so he gave me his next command, “Suck it, bitch.”

I opened my mouth and let him put his cock in it, and began to suck him. Having two guys using my mouth and my pussy at the same time always turned me on, and it didn’t take long before I yelled on his dick as I shuddered with an orgasm.

“Oh, man, Wayne, I think you just got this bitch off!” Owen yelled.

Wayne replied, “Uh, yeah, I know. Felt her cunt get nice and tight!”

“Hey bitch,” Owen said, smacking my cheek, “Doesn’t mean you can stop sucking me!”

That slap distracted me, and got me even hotter. I tried to focus, and resumed my rhythmic licking and sucking of his dick.

“Oh, yeah, almost forgot my promise,” he said. He reached down and gave one of my swollen tits a light squeeze. I screamed on his cock, coming very close to biting him! I shuddered at the thought of his reaction if I did, and prepared myself. I was glad I did because his next squeeze was a hard one. He did the same to my other tit, the pain bringing tears to my eyes for a moment.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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