Target Practice

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The weather this evening is perfect, so I decided that I needed to get a little target practice in before the upcoming competition next week. My shooting is mediocre at best, and I have hopes of improving my performance this next match. I belong to a public range, but you have to be a member to have access, so I was not sure if I would see other shooters out there or not. I had long ago gotten over the uncomfortable feeling of being the lone female on the shooting range, so I wasn’t concerned about other people out there shooting as long as they were safe and left me alone. When I first started shooting, I had felt that I needed my husband to go with me, but time and experience has changed that insecurity and I am now quite comfortable going out alone to practice. In fact, sometimes it’s very nice to be able to practice without the feeling of being watched and analyzed by anyone.

When I arrived at the range, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was alone out on the pistol bays. I casually grabbed my gear and set up in one of the private bays slightly hidden from the main entry road. I am not a great shooter by any means, but I do enjoy the sport and my enjoyment was evident during this practice session. The tension of my work and life eased out of me while I methodically worked the trigger of my handgun. While working on the fundamentals of the sport, my mind wandered as it often did when I am relaxed.

I spend so much of my time around the men that I shoot with that I sometimes wonder if any of them even see me as female anymore or “just one of the guys.” I know that I like flirting with you, but am not sure if you are interested in me or not. I’ve never really been able to tell if a man is interested, and of course, being married does make most other men shy away from any type of relationship, even if it is innocent flirting. However, it is so much fun to flirt with you that I would be interested to see where the flirtation could lead. These thoughts are running through my head as I automatically draw the gun from the holster, aim at the target, and gently squeeze the trigger. In no time, my brain starts to wonder about you and I find myself lapsing into a daydream.

I take a break from my practice to allow my mind to develop and enjoy the fantasy more fully. I carefully put my gun away and sit down on the bench in the bay. I decided I had better look busy in case anyone else came out to shoot, so I decided to slowly reload my magazines. As I become lost in a very pleasant daydream, I hear footsteps behind me. I slowly turn around and feel my face flush with embarrassment as I see you standing behind me, smiling. I know there is no way you could have been privy to what I was thinking, but I felt that I had “lust” written all over my face at that point.

“Out here getting a little trigger time in?” you ask, voice tone gentle with a little hint of teasing.

“Yea, I need it bad.” I said, and then felt my face flush with embarrassment at the phrasing.

“Don’t we all,” you reply, laughing.

“Oh god, that came out wrong. I’m sorry.” I mumbled, mortified. I could not look up into your face and was very thankful that my shooting glasses had dark tinted lenses. It was one thing to flirt güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a bit when there were others around, but we were out here alone and suddenly the flirting seemed much more intense and the mood much darker. I knew that I wanted you, but was still not sure if you were just flirting with me or if you wanted me, too.

“You’re blushing, why?” you ask as you reach out and touch my suddenly hot face. “Are you embarrassed about what you said, or embarrassed by the feelings behind it?”

“Both,” I replied, quietly. I love the feeling of your hand on my face and feel myself turn into your palm just a bit, inhaling deeply and smelling the wonderful scent of you. I open my eyes and see you looking at me through your dark glasses. I reach up and move the glasses off your face to see the expression in your brilliant blue eyes. I am very pleased and somewhat shocked to see how much fire and passion you have in your eyes. I take a deep breath and decide to take a chance as I lean in and gently press my mouth to yours. Your surprise is obvious with your lack of immediate response to my kiss, but quickly passes and you return the kiss deeply and passionately. It was as if we had been waiting a lifetime for this one kiss and knew that there may not be another chance.

Suddenly, we end the kiss and look around to be sure there were no other shooters out there to see us. After we were assured that we were alone, we look back at each other and start laughing. “Well, that’s been a long time coming.” You say as you stand up from the bench. I am shocked and a little saddened to think that you were simply going to walk off, but smile as you reach your hand down to help me stand up as well.

“Yes it was. But I liked it and would like more.” I confess. You smile at me and lean in to kiss me again. This time, the passion flares even more and I feel a low moan escape my throat. I feel your hands move along my body, caressing my curves as you move them down to my gear belt. I let out a little giggle as there is a significant amount of gear on the belt and the Velcro is tight. We break the kiss and I start to unfasten the outer gear belt and take it off. The inner belt is easier to remove, and that comes off quickly and swiftly, to be piled on the table with the rest of my stuff. Once the gear is gone, you step in close again press your body firmly against mine.

“You can feel how much I like it.” You say, as you move your hips so that I can feel the hardness of your impressive erection against my lower belly. Heat quickly spreads between my legs as I feel myself grow wet. You stay pressed against me as you lead me toward the end of the picnic table, helping me jump up onto the end of it to let my feet dangle down. You slide your hands down my thighs to my knees and move them outward to allow you step into me and press your hardness between my legs.

You kiss me more deeply and your hands move over my breasts, my nipples growing hard at the touch of your hands. You move your hands down and pull my shirt up over my head, leaning down to kiss the mounds of my breasts. I wrap my legs around your waist, keeping you close to me as you bite gently on my breasts. My moans grow louder as güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you push my body backward onto the table, taking my bra off with the movement. I lay there, exposed to you as you move your hands down to unbutton my shorts. Your tongue slides along my body, following your hands. I reach up and try to pull you back up to my mouth, but you shake your head ‘no.’

I tell you that I want your mouth on me, and you tell me that you are in charge. You bind my hands above my head and to the table, effectively putting me at your mercy. You return to unbuttoning my shorts and slide them off my hips. I find myself on the table, bound by the wrists and wearing nothing but my panties. Your expression is one of satisfaction mixed with hunger. You put your palm on my mons and I feel my wetness press into me as you lean down and slide your tongue between my breasts and down my stomach, thumb gently pressing my panties into my growing wetness. Your fingertips pull on the top of my panties and you slide them off me, leaving me naked and wet before you.

My breath comes in panting waves as my excitement and anticipation builds. A small part of my rational brain is utterly scared that someone is going to come out and catch us, but the danger and thrill of such a thing heightens my excitement even more. You stand up, gazing at my body with satisfaction and desire. I am normally quite self-conscious about my less than perfect body, but the look in your eyes of utter lust quells those fears completely and instantly.

“Please,” I manage to whisper while you stand in front of me.

“Please, what?” you ask as you lean down and kiss me fully, pinching one of my hard nipples between your thumb and forefinger.

“Please, just please” I gasp with pleasure. My body is quickly becoming overloaded with sensations from the warm sun, the rough wood of the table, the fear of getting caught, the heat of your mouth, and the sweet sting of pain from your hands.

You smile down at me and slide your hands over my breasts, one hand gently rolling my nipple the other pinching painfully. The dichotomy of sensations sends shock waves through my body and I feel myself become even wetter and heavy with need. Slowly, you begin kissing down my chest between my breasts, sliding your tongue along my body. A slight breeze cools the trail that you leave with your tongue and sends shivers through me.

Your tongue continues moving south along my body. I watch you move down my body and feel myself grow even more excited knowing what is going to happen next. You quickly slide your tongue between my wet lips and take a deep lick of my juices. “God you taste good.” You tell me as you look up and catch me watching you. I smile and lay my head back on the table, giving myself over to the experience and pleasure. You continue to lick my lips and circle my swollen clit with your hard tongue. My hips move upward into your mouth, soft moans escaping my throat. I open my legs wide to you, giving you full access to my sex as you thrust your tongue into me. Your hands move to my breasts, pinching my hard nipples while your tongue works magic over my clit. My body writhes under you, uncontrollable to me. My legs güvenilir bahis şirketleri move over your shoulders, hips bucking into your face, screams beginning to form in my throat.

I feel my climax begin to build even more, the early spasms of pleasure just starting deep and low within my body. You continue working your tongue over my clit and move one hand down to my cunt, thrusting two fingers deep into me. I scream with pleasure as my orgasm rips through my body sending shockwaves pulsing through me. You do not stop your wonderful tongue or your magical fingers as I ride my orgasm for what seems an eternity. Finally, you stop and allow my body to recover for a moment as you look down at me. I slowly open my eyes to see you staring at my well pleasured body.

You step back from me briefly, simply watching my body bound to the table. You grin as you unfasten your pants and move toward me. My mouth waters at the sight of your hard cock and I ask to taste you. You tell me no, not yet, as you move back between my legs, rubbing yourself along my wet slit. I move my hips toward you, trying to move you inside of me. You tease me for a bit before stepping back and helping me turn over on the table. You grab my hips firmly as you slide deeply into me, moans escaping my mouth. My body begins to spasm again and I am quickly brought to another screaming orgasm as I feel your cock slide along my sensitive walls, filling me completely. I whimper and try to calm my body as you pound into me, pushing the threshold between pleasure and pain.

I can feel your rhythm increase, and sense that you are close to your own orgasm. I try to move my hips back into you but am unable to move much, arms bound above my head and your hands gripping my hips firmly, pounding me from behind. Several hard thrusts and I can feel you spasm inside me, sending me over the edge one more time and my own spasms clench onto your cock as you find your release.

Once spent, you untie my hands and help me stand up, pulling me to you kissing me deeply. We both smile at each other and once again look around hoping that nobody showed up to watch the show. I can feel the weakness and trembles in my legs as I slowly pull my clothing back on and am forced to sit down.

“Well, that was unexpected,” you say, laughing.

“Yes it was, but fully enjoyable.” I agree and smile fully back at you. You lean over and kiss me again deeply.

“Guess you aren’t going to get as much practice in as you wanted.” You say with a grin.

“Nope, I guess not. But I’m not complaining at the interruption. You can interrupt my practice anytime you want.” I reply, smiling. “It may be more difficult to now at matches for me, knowing how you feel and wanting you even more.”

“I was thinking the same thing. ” You admit.

Shortly thereafter we hear tires on the gravel and see a car drive up and park. We look to see who it is and start laughing quietly as we see James walk over to us. “Hey guys, you out here getting some practice in?” He asks.

“Yep, a bit. I’m spent though, so I’m going to call it a night,” I say, giggling. You try hard to hide your grin, but I see the laughter in your eyes as James is oblivious to what has just happened.

“Yea, I’m done, too.” You agree, even though you haven’t even gotten your gear out of your car.

“Have a good practice, James” I call as I gather my gear up and walk carefully to the car. As I drive away, I can’t help but smile at the turn of events. This should be an interesting and enjoyable shooting season.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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