Tami Ch. 03

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Tami and I arrived at the gym Tuesday afternoon after I picked her up from school. Brittany met me at the school and got my address so she could come over this evening to meet Thomas. Her parents think she’s staying with Tami at the house, but she’s really staying at my apartment, where Thomas is supposed to join us. Before Tami got into the car, I saw Brittany kiss her briefly on the lips.

When we arrived at the gym, Tami got out of the car and went into the locker room to change. I got her a personal locker so she wouldn’t have to check in every time she arrived, and she could keep some things in there all the time, which would be helpful. She was my next client, so I had some time to spend with her.

Thomas saw me at the front desk talking with Kathy, and he came over and joined the conversation.

I noticed on the schedule that I had Tami for a training session and massage, then I had one more client before I was finished for the day, other than coming back later on to lock up.

Tomorrow’s schedule was already filling up. I had a sixty minute massage for a Melissa at 9. She’s new. Mom made an appointment at 11:00 for an eval, measurements, workout, and massage; that would take most of the morning and early afternoon. Lisa signed up for a ninety minute massage at 1:30. I had Tami scheduled for a workout at 3:30 and a platinum member signed up for new member orientation at 6:00; his name was Will. Somehow I was going to have to find time for some paperwork, probably coming back in tomorrow evening for that. It was going to be a long day.

“Did you find out anything about Brittany?” Thomas asked after I finished looking over the schedule.

“Yeah, I saw her at the school. She’s coming over to the house around six, and is planning to spend the night. You still coming over?”

“Oh yes, I’m looking forward to it.”


Tami came out of the locker room looking as sexy as ever, and she looked like she was beginning to fill out her workout clothes better after all the work she had been through. God, she looked great.

“Hi Thomas,” she said as she greeted us. “I’m sorry about all that happened last night. I feel really embarrassed about all of it, especially, you know, well, everything.”

Thomas looked a bit embarrassed as well.

“Don’t worry about it, Tami. I mean, I enjoyed seeing you.”

Tami hesitated and then replied, “Well, I have no secrets from you from what I hear.”

“Yeah, that’s the truth. I mean, I’ve sorta seen and heard everything about you and all. By the way, you do have a beautiful body.”

“Well, that’s a nice compliment, knowing that you’ve seen it all!” Tami replied, laughing. It was good to break the tension and all.

Thomas stared at her, I’m sure remembering how hot she looked without her clothes on.

“So, I hear Brittany’s coming over this evening. I’m looking forward to meeting her,” he said.

“Yeah, she’s looking forward to meeting you too. I asked Jace if we could come over with you two when you lock up. I promise to behave myself when we get in the sauna and all.”

“Well, you don’t have to behave yourself because of me,” he replied, laughing.

“We’ll see what happens. It could be a good time if you and Brittany hit it off, and I think you will.”

I broke up the conversation to take Tami to the machines to get her started on her work out. Thomas walked along with us.

I set her up doing three sets of fifteen reps on five of the machines, waiting until tomorrow to introduce her to a couple more. After that she’d be ready for her massage.

Kathy called me to the front desk, so Thomas offered to stay with Tami to get her through her workout until I returned, so I left the two of them together.

Thomas helped Tami set the appropriate weights, increasing a couple of them slightly to give her a better work out. Between machines they had a little time to talk, as Tami took her required rest periods.

“So, what all do you have today?” Thomas asked her.

“I have to work through these machines, and then I have a massage scheduled, and that’s about it,” she replied.

“Jason got me enrolled in the massage therapy class starting next week. He said he wanted to add a masseur; so many people are signing up and all. He even let me assist with a massage earlier today.”

“Well, you can assist with mine if you want to, that is.”

“Sure, but I’m not sure Jason would like that,” he replied.

“He wont mind; anyway, I don’t have anything you haven’t already seen,” she said with a smile.

She was right about that. I got to see everything she has last night.

They continued through Tami’s workout while I had to answer a few phone calls. I finished and went back out to the floor and saw that Thomas was still working with Tami, so I walked the floor for a few minutes helping other clients.

I noticed it was time for Tami’s massage, so I walked over to her as she was finishing her final machine.

“Is it time for my massage?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s about that time. After bursa escort we finish we can head over to the apartment. We want to be there when Brittany arrives.

“I told Thomas he could assist with my massage if he wants to. He said that he assisted you today with one.”

“Yeah, he did,” I replied, while looking at Thomas.

“I mean, I really don’t mind if he does,” Tami replied.

“Well, I guess it wont hurt anything.”

With that, the three of us headed to the massage room, with Tami going into the dressing room to change.

“This isn’t going to be like Stephanie’s massage,” I told him.

“Look, if you don’t want me in here, I can leave. She offered after I mentioned that I assisted you with a massage earlier today, that’s all.”

“Ok, since she offered, but it will be a standard massage and that’s all. I guess you should see how they’re supposed to be done,” I replied with a smile, slapping him on the back.

Tami came out wrapped in a towel like she was supposed to. I was afraid that she’d come out bare like the last time, but she was decently covered.

Thomas and I helped her onto the table. She was face down with her arms by her sides. I pulled the towel down and folded it just above her buttocks, like I’m supposed to, but that rarely seems to happen. I folded the bottom up so her legs and thighs were exposed, but nothing else.

I got the heated massage oil and spread it over her back and handed it to Thomas so he could spread it over her legs, and the two of us started massaging my sister.

I started on her shoulders and arms, and he started at her feet, giving her a good foot massage, picking up the technique quickly.

“You two make a good team. You should offer this and charge double or something. God, this feels good having both of you working on me,” Tami replied.

“I’ll talk to Mike about that. I don’t think it’s standard practice, but we’re a little unorthodox here anyway. He might just go for it.”

“Well, from my perspective, I think its a good idea,” Tami replied as we both continued working on her.

I finished massaging Tami’s arms and shoulders and started on her back, dribbling plenty of oil across her shoulders and down the middle of her back. I have her a thorough shoulder and neck massage, applying my best techniques as a model for Thomas. I slowly made my way down her back to the top of the towel covering her buttocks.

Thomas continued massaging her feet, and then started moving up her legs and thighs to her upper thighs, staying an appropriate distance from her, well you know what I mean.

After I massaged down to the towel, I suggested that he and I switch places so I could continue on her legs and he could work on her back, so we did.

“I let Thomas work a part of the body while I work another and then we switch,” I told Tami. “That way the client gets the professional massage from me and the additional rub down from Thomas. When he gets his certification, the client will get a double massage.”

“That sounds like something women would pay top dollar for, especially getting a look at the two of you,” Tami replied. “I mean, what girl wouldn’t want the two of you running your hands all over their bodies. I mean, think about it!”

“You really think so?” Thomas asked.

“Oh fuck yes. God, this feels fantastic. I mean, it’s a real turn on to have two great looking guys giving me this much attention. I’d pay good money for this treatment; but don’t get any ideas about charging me for this! I still get the family discount and all, don’t I?”

“Tami, you get a free massage from me anytime you want it,” Thomas said laughing. We all laughed at this.

I massaged Tami’s legs up to her thighs and inner thighs, moving the towel up bit with my hands as I did so, noticing that Tami was wearing a thong; she must have left it on because Thomas was in here. Nice, I thought.

Thomas was doing a thorough job on Tami’s back, moving his hands down to her lower back, slipping the tips of his fingers just under the top of the towel, massaging her upper buttocks, but just barely.

Tami reached behind her and pulled the towel down, exposing her round ass to both of us.

“One of you better massage my ass, and I really don’t care at this point which one of you does it,” Tami said with a sigh, indicating that she was really getting into the massage and our hands running all over her body, getting both of us at once.

“Well, in that case, we’ll both do your ass,” I replied nodding at Thomas, who took the massage oil and dribbled it over her cheeks.

We both moved our hands to Tami’s ass, with me coming from her legs and Thomas coming down from here back. I rubbed the lower half of both cheeks while Thomas rubbed the top half. I let my fingers slide over her crack, letting my thumbs slide down between her cheeks, running them along the string of her thong which was buried deep, with Thomas watching my every move closely. Tami looked so sexy on the table with both of us running our hands over her.

“Oh god, you’re bursa escort bayan both doing a fantastic job,” Tami sighed.

After a few more minutes, I noticed that thirty minutes were up, and it was time for Tami to turn over.

I told Tami to roll over and we’d do the front, and as she did so, I kept the towel over her breast.

“Really?” she asked. “Do we really need the towel? I mean, Thomas has already seen my little puppies, and there really isn’t much to look at. From what I hear, he already dried them off after I got out of the shower.”

Thomas looked a little embarrassed at that comment, but Tami was right; Thomas had already seen them and did dry them off when she got out of the shower, and it’s common for a client to remain uncovered, especially the breasts, while they have a massage, so I tossed the towel on the table. Tami was now on her back on the table, wearing nothing but a very small thong covering her bare pussy. God, she looked terrific, and Thomas must have thought so as well, as he reached down and straightened his cock in his shorts.

“How do you want to do this? He asked, with a bit of nervousness in his voice.

“I’ll continue working her legs, and you can do her arms for a few minutes and then I’ll give you some instruction on breast massage, if that’s all right with you, Tami.”

“O god yes, that’s fine with me; god, it feels so good with both of you working on me.

I stood at the bottom of the massage table and oiled Tami’s legs, both of them, from her ankles to her upper thighs, while Thomas dribbled oil over her arms and started with a finger massage, while continuing to look her over.

With Thomas working her arms, I continued working Tami’s legs, working from her feet to her lower legs to her thighs, spreading her legs slightly to allow room for my hands between them. I gave her a thorough thigh massage, letting my fingers slide over her covered pussy, causing her to moan, indicating how much she was enjoying the two of us working her over.

Thomas had finished working her arms and shoulders, so I decided it was time to instruct him on the proper technique for a breast massage.

“Are you sure you’re all right with this?” I asked Tami before I continued, sure that she would comply.

“Yeah, go ahead,” she said.

I moved to the top of the table next to Thomas and dribbled heated oil over my sister’s breasts, covering both of them.

With a client, you can keep their breasts covered, unless they tell you to go without the towel, which many of them do,” I instructed.

“So, you’re in here giving girls a breast massage with them uncovered?” Tami asked, getting interested in what goes on in the massage room when I’m with a client.

“Yeah, if that’s their preference, that is. Some ask to remain covered, but most of them want me to remove the towel so it doesn’t get in the way,” I replied.

I took Thomas’ hand in mine and placed it underneath Tami’s back, showing him how to support her scapula and spine during the massage.

“I can only do one breast at a time, but after I show you how to do it, I’ll work on her left breast while you do the same on her right breast. Just follow my lead.”

After I got Thomas’ hand in the right place, I moved to the other side of the table and did the same, placing one hand under her back against her scapula.

I moved my free hand to the underside of Tami’s breast and started massaging her, as Thomas did the same.

I massaged the upper part of her rib cage, just beneath her breast thoroughly, and then moved my hand to her side, massaging her side just below her breast to the side of her breast for several minutes. Thomas was careful to do just as I was doing, paying close attention to my technique. At this point we weren’t touching Tami’s breasts, other than the sides.

We continued this for about three minutes, as Tami continued moaning softly, enjoying our touch.

“After massaging the sides of her breasts, still supporting her with your other hand, you press your fingers firmly against her sternum and massage between the breasts, across the top, down the sides, and then back up,” I instructed, demonstrating the technique on my sister.

I did this a coupe of times, and then had Thomas try it, noticing that he was a natural at this. He massaged below Tami’s right breast, and pressing his fingers firmly on her skin, massaged between her breasts slowly, and then across her chest just above her breast, down the sides, underneath, and then back up. I watched him as he continued this for two or three minutes, getting the technique perfectly.

“God, that feels so good,” Tami moaned.

“Good, then he must be doing it correctly,” I commented. Thomas looked at me with a pleased expression on his face. He was really trying to do it correctly, and was.

I moved to the top of the table to instruct him on the next step.

“Apply a little more oil to keep the breasts well lubricated,” I said as I dribbled warm oil over booth of her breasts. “With this step you can massage both escort bursa breasts at once, and I’ll demonstrate that, and then you can do both.”

Standing at the top of the table, I started massaging Tami’s breasts, running my hands across her shoulders, down between her breasts, and then cupping my hands, I moved them up over her breasts all the way up to her neck and her chin, and then moved them back, repeating the process three times or more, with Thomas watching closely.

I then took his hands in mine, placing the palms of his hands flat against Tami’s chest, above her breasts, and slowly moved them down between her breasts, and then up over them, around the sides and back over them, and them sliding them up to her chest to her neck and back down.

“You want to try it on your own?” I asked him, knowing how he’d respond.

“Yeah, I think so,” he replied a little nervously.

“Go ahead then,” I told him.

Thomas placed his hands at the top of her breasts, moved them down between them, across the bottom, around the sides, and back down between them. When he brought his hands back up, he massaged her upper chest to her neck and then back down. His technique was perfect.

“How much pressure do I apply?” he asked.

“You want to apply a firm pressure without pressing too hard. Here, like this,” I said, covering his hands with mine and repeating the process a couple of times, and then allowing him to do it on his own for a few more minutes.

“Oh yes, that feels great,” Tami moaned.

After he finished, I showed him how to do a full breast massage. I covered his hands with mine again, and then moved them down the sides of both breasts, up over the top, massaging her firmly, and then down over the side again, back over them to the top, and back down.

I released my hands from his and allowed him to massage her on his own, and watched as Thomas gave Tami a through breast massage, demonstrating that he was learning the proper technique.

After a couple of minutes, I took over and demonstrated an additional technique, while talking Thomas through it.

“You do the same process, and then run your hands down the top of the breast, letting the nipple slide between your fingers, applying a little pressure. After doing this a few times, you can use your fingers to circle the nipples, rubbing the aerola with your fingertips, and then rubbing the nipples, which are usually erect by this time, just as Tami’s are.”

I continued the demonstration for a few minutes, and then let Thomas try it, with my hands covering his. I moved his hands down the top of Tami’s breasts, trapping her hard nipples between our fingers and tweaking them gently and then circled her aerola with our finger tips and rubbed her nipples again.

I then removed my hands from his and let him try it on his own, noticing that he was getting the hang of it well. I noticed how closely he was paying attention to the technique, and while this could have rapidly turned into a sexual thing for the three of us, Thomas remained quite professional.

I let him continue the breast massage while I moved to the side of the table and dribbled oil on Tami’s abdomen and started massaging her from her breasts down to her thong, massaging her all over, as she continued moaning her pleasure.

I looked at the clock, noticing that we’ve already gone a few minutes longer than her appointment, and said that time was up.

“Oh god, do you have to stop? This feels fantastic,” Tami commented, almost breathlessly, “I mean, I don’t mind if you want to show Thomas some other techniques.”

“We have other techniques, but I’m not sure I want to use you to demonstrate them,” I said to Tami.

“Please?” she pleaded.

I knew that Tami was my last client, and we did have a little time before we had to leave to meet Brittany, so I decided we could have one final demonstration.

“I have one other thing I think you’d enjoy, but I don’t think you should take your thong off, you know, with both of us in here and all.”

“Well, leave it on, that’s fine with me,” she replied.

“We have leg stirrups that we use for, ah, vaginal massage, although I’ve never given one except on a medical manikin, which wasn’t much fun. Are you sure you want to do this, Tami?” I asked, giving her an out after telling them what I had to show them.

“Sure, like I wont be exposed or anything; anyway, Thomas and you have both seen me, you know, down there and all.”

“Ok,” I replied as I walked over to the equipment closet and got the two stirrups. They were more like leg braces than stirrups. I placed them in the holders at the bottom of the massage table.

“I’ll show you how we use the equipment, but wont do the actual massage, at least not now, anyway.”

“They’re something like they use at the GYN office,” Tami commented as I placed them in the brackets and told her to slide down on the table.

I slid Tami down a little further on the table, and placed both legs in the braces, which supported her legs just below the knees. I adjusted them, spreading her legs as far apart as would be comfortable, just as I had been instructed in class. Thomas was still standing at the head of the massage table, and I asked him to join me at the business end.

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