Tamara In Stockings Ch. 06

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Tamara in Stockings

Chapter Six: An Autumn Affair

Tamara’s sexual liaisons continued throughout the summer of 98 and, as usual, whether directly or indirectly, Jack benefitted from her affairs and conquests. The couple had threesomes with Marta, Annie and Alena. Tamara owned Danita as her sex slave, an arrangement that Danita found every bit as arousing as her mistress. Tamara also visited Olivia and Paul one warm, wet evening in June and left them fucked and satisfied. Olivia wanted a regular date with her alone but Tamara politely declined, she was still enjoying her attachment to Alena and was also too busy toying with Danita.

But nothing lasts forever and, gradually, into early autumn, Tamara’s carnal companions departed one by one. As Tamara expected, her lovely Alena left her teaching job and moved to be with her husband at the northern university at which he was now working. Tamara was sad to see her go, she and Alena were well matched, they had a close connection and the best sex either had ever had with a woman. They both knew that they would stay in touch but not being easily available to each other was a cause of sadness and frustration for them both.

Tamara, bedded Annie three more times after their first sexual encounter and Jack joined in on one occasion. Then, in August, Daniel returned and Annie turned her by now considerably more assertive sexual attention exclusively on her nephew.

Marta called on Tamara and Jack several times throughout June and July. She sucked Jack dry and licked Tamara to countless orgasms. In August, she left her husband and stayed with Tamara and Jack for a fortnight whilst she found somewhere to live. It was a test of stamina for both of them and they were thankful that they could share the load. Marta fucked Tamara silly during the day then, almost as soon as he arrived home from work, dragged Jack up to bed and rode him relentlessly.

They usually ended proceedings each night with Jack lying on his back, Marta lying on top of him facing the ceiling with his cock in her cunt and Tamara going down on Marta’s pussy. Marta’s powerful orgasms erupted in her face as Tamara lapped up her juices mingled with Jack’s come. Relief was mixed with regret when Marta found a new job in London and moved in with a elderly distant cousin.

It was just a week after Marta left that Mark paid his final visit to Tamara. They played out their usual erotic routine one last time because Mark had decided to give up his part time chiropody practice having been asked to work full time in an IT company that he was already involved with. Tamara had taken enormous pleasure from the shaftings that she had received from him over the past eighteen months. She insisted on him taking her stockings as an erotic reminder of their provocative, steamy seductive encounters.

In early September, Tamara helped her very clever bitch get a late place in college on a business management course. Despite her complete domination of Danita, Tamara had a soft spot for her and wanted her to do well. Danita was very bright and capable of greater things than cleaning for her horny mistress. Tamara regretted that she would no longer sit with her legs apart whilst Danita buried her face between her thighs. Nor would she be able to spank Danita for some concocted minor misdemeanour before slipping a finger inside her and bringing her to orgasm, or to bind her hands behind her back and shaft her with her strap on cock.

By late September, Tamara’s sexual partners and playthings had disappeared. Jack felt the loss as well and encouraged her to start new adventures. He also floated the idea that they could take their already incredible sexual relationship to new heights by fucking secretly in public. He drew up a list of possibilities for them to ponder. The list was extensive and served to further stimulate their foreplay when they shared fantasies of where they would like to risk being found out.


In early October Jack had got mobile phones for himself and Tamara. They discovered the benefits of mobile phone sex one night when Jack was working late in the office and Tamara phoned him to partake in mutual masturbation. Jack was alone in the building, even the cleaners had gone, he checked that the coast was clear before wanking to the sound of Tamara’s heavy breathing and eventual orgasm all of thirty miles away.

Just after she had come and still feeling aroused by the new experience, Tamara noticed a text from Alena.

“Tried to call you but engaged. Ring me, need to talk!”

Tamara realised she’d missed several calls from her so she rang straight away. Alena was in a state of high dudgeon. She had only been back living with Jed for four weeks and had discovered that he was up to his old tricks of screwing his students again. Alena was broad minded and hadn’t objected to his affairs with women closer to his age, indeed, she had had dalliances of her own, but she disliked him taking advantage of what she saw as vulnerable young women in their late teens and early twenties.

Tamara bahis firmaları consoled her and invited her to stay with her and Jack at half term but Alena wanted Tamara to herself so they booked a long weekend in a hotel in Staffordshire. They only got out of bed to dress sexily for dinner, after which, they tumbled back into their room together to fuck until the early hours.

On the first evening when they got back to their room Alena fitted a strap on cock under the tight black leather trousers that she was wearing. Tamara’s juices began to seep out of her cunt at the sight of the cock bulging against the leather material. She was in a dress, heels and stockings, they kissed passionately on the sofa in their room. They mauled each other’s bodies, Alena pushing her hand up Tamara’s dress to take possession of her pussy before unbuttoning her fly, pulling out the false cock, forcing Tamara onto her back, spreading her legs apart and fucking her vigorously. Tamara screamed the house down.

On the second evening, Jack was missing Tamara and had to deal with a very hard erection before going to sleep. He sent a text to her asking how the weekend was going.

“Wonderful, her fingers are in my cunt right now, I’m going to come…” came the reply.

Jack’s erection was taken care of in no time at all.


In the couple of weeks leading up to half term and Tamara’s dirty weekend with Alena, she had noticed a good looking new member of staff at school. He was covering for the Head of English, who was on long term sick leave, and had been drafted in from another school in the City until at least the end of term. There had been smiles and eye contact for several weeks. Tamara remarked to one of her colleagues from the English department that he was hot.

“Get in line girlfriend, anyway, you’re already married and so is he.”

“Not actually married but I take your point, no harm in window shopping though.”

Then during break in the staff room one morning Tamara and the new man found themselves making tea in the kitchen area. They both reached for the sugar bowl at the same time and their hands touched.

“Oh, I’m sorry, here, after you.”

“You’re a gentleman, a rare breed in this school.”

“Not always,” he said with a grin.

“You’re covering for Marion aren’t you?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“How are you finding it?”

“Good, the staff here are friendly, although there is someone I’d like to know better.”

“I’m Tamara,” she said offering her hand.

“I’m Evan,” he said, taking it and holding it slightly longer than was necessary.

Tamara was wearing a loose fine knitted top that finished about three inches above the hem of her black skirt which in turn finished three inches above her knee. She wore two inch high square heels, underneath this she wore nearly black stockings and black underwear. Her long heavy necklace fell between and divided her pert breasts. Evan had been watching her for several minutes and he was very attracted to her.

“Good, now we’re no longer strangers we can get to know each other,” said Tamara with a meaningful smile.

“I’d like that very much.”

Their flirting was interrupted by a colleague of Evan’s.

The following afternoon Tamara sat opposite Evan In a staff meeting. She wore a short brown skirt, brown stockings, heels and a yellow top. Sitting in one of the low easy chairs in the staffroom, she found it difficult to hide her stocking tops. The welt was just visible for an inch or so. Evan found it hard to take his eyes off her legs, when he did eventually look at her face she gave him a suggestive half smile, looked down at her legs and looked up again to show that she knew where his attention had been focused.

The meeting finished and Sheryl, the Deputy Head, latched on to Evan and kept him talking. Tamara felt a pang of jealousy but it was the last Friday before half term and her head was full of her plans for Alena. She needed to get away so that she could arrive at the hotel for dinner by 7.30pm. Any plans she had for Evan would have to wait until after half term.

At dinner in the hotel on that first night Tamara told Alena about a new sex interest at school. Alena knew him vaguely and was full of encouragement for Tamara.

“You lucky bitch, he’s definitely worth a crack, keep me in the picture won’t you?”


On the third and final evening of their long weekend, during foreplay, Alena had aroused Tamara to fever pitch with a fantasy about what she could do to Jack. Tamara had loved the idea, she couldn’t wait to try it, her pussy tingled all the way home the next day. Tamara had been home for a couple of hours when Jack returned from work. She had occasionally pressed her fingers into her mound and felt incredibly horny but had managed to avoid using her vibrator. She wore a long tight skirt so that it wouldn’t be as easy for her to push her fingers into her vagina as it would have been in a short skirt.

The skirt was camel coloured and it hugged her arse kaçak iddaa and thighs. It finished at ankle length just above her black low heeled shoes. Underneath she wore black lace top hold up stockings the pattern of which was just showing in relief through her skirt material, if anyone looked closely. Her panties and bra were black lace and she wore a patterned red long sleeved knitted top that also finished just under the curve of her buttocks.

When Jack saw her, her gave her a huge smile and a long hug during which she could feel his cock growing against her abdomen.

“Okay, down boy, I’ve got a very naughty night lined up for you and I really hope you like it because I’m so aroused by a fantasy that Alena has put into my head.”

“Wow, sounds intriguing, come here and let me feel your lovely arse.”

He embraced her again and placed both of his large hands on her buttocks, pulling her hard against his, by now, full erection.

“Whoa, put me down Tarzan and let’s eat first then we’ll get changed and have fun.”

“Role play? You’ve really got me going now.”

“Well, that all depends on who wins the game we’re going to play.”

“What game?”

“Cards, look, we’re going to eat now, then we’ll play whist and whoever wins gets to be in control, right? I’ll explain later, tea’s ready so open a bottle while I serve.”

“What if I win, it won’t be Alena’s fantasy.”

“You won’t”

“Oh, right, we’ll see about that, I’ve hatched some pretty good fantasies of my own while you’ve been away.”

“Come on dummy, eat up then I’ll beat you at cards.”

They enjoyed the wine and their meal as though it was all part of their foreplay. Jack was intrigued and excited, he almost considered deliberately losing the card game but he liked the idea of being in control and couldn’t wait to teach Tamara a lesson.

After they had eaten, she told Jack about her weekend with Alena. He was especially aroused by the image of Alena in high heels and tight leather trousers bulging with a strap on cock. He could picture her, trousers pulled down to her knees, fucking Tamara on her back with her legs wrapped around Alena’s waist. Jack stood up, unable to disguise his own bulge, and cleared away the plates whilst Tamara got out a deck of cards; she dealt them seven cards each.

“You didn’t shuffle,” said a suspicious Jack.

“What’s the matter, Don’t you trust me?”

“Not entirely.”

“I can shuffle and deal again if you like.”

Jack fell for it.

“No, it’s okay, let’s carry on.”

Tamara had rigged the deck and won the first trick. She got to choose trumps and wiped the floor with Jack winning the next trick six to nothing. She’d arranged the cards so that there would be no doubt about the outcome.

“Oh, I see, I’ve really been suckered haven’t I? Your hand was full of aces and pictures and I didn’t have any.”

“I don’t know what you mean. Now pay attention lover boy, I’m going upstairs to slip into something less comfortable and when I’m ready, I’ll call you.”

Tamara left Jack to wonder what his fate would be, his cock started to swell again. She called him when she was ready and he wasted no time climbing the stairs to their bedroom. As he entered the room his jaw dropped at the sight of Tamara dressed as a dominatrix.

She looked stunningly sexy, her bust emerging from a low cut black basque, a tight black leather skirt, elbow length black gloves, very high black stilettos and nearly black stockings with seams. Her suspender straps and clips protruded through the leather skirt which also concealed her already damp black panties.

She stood near the bed with her weight on her left leg and her right leg slightly bent. In her right hand she had a riding crop that she held at an angle across her thighs toward her left knee. Her lips and fingernails were scarlet and she wore long teardrop jet black earrings tipped with amber; Jack was salivating and wondering where her dominatrix ensemble had come from, he knew that he hadn’t seen it before; he would have remembered.

“Don’t look so surprised, I bought all of this at the beginning of the summer holidays. Danita had a look on her face just like you have now. She would finish cleaning and get into a schoolgirl uniform that I bought for her and I would appear dressed like this.”

Jack was in awe of Tamara by now, she approached him slowly and menacingly and held the tip of the riding crop under his chin.

“Danita was a very obedient little slut, just like you’re going to be. You will do whatever I say without hesitation, any disobedience will be punished with this.”

She slapped the crop across her leather clad thighs as she spoke.

“You will only speak when spoken to and you will call me mistress. Understood?”

“Yes mistress,” said an aroused but slightly alarmed Jack.

“Strip naked now and lie face down on the bed.”

“Yes mistress.”

Jack did as he was told, he felt Tamara’s weight on him as she pulled his arms behind his back and bound them tightly with a soft red rope. Then she gagged kaçak bahis him with a red scarf. At least he hadn’t been made to wear a schoolgirl outfit, he thought with some relief. Little did he know that what he would be wearing had been the deviant, delicious highlight of Alena’s fantasy that had so captured Tamara’s imagination and pussy.

Tamara stroked his buttocks with her riding crop and told him to roll over. Then she commanded him to sit up and she ran the crop along the underside of his erect cock from the base until it reached the glans at which point she pinned it against his abdomen. She knew that the riding crop was now pressing against the most sensitive part of his penis so she gave him a look of gloating domination and teased him by masturbating him with the crop until droplets of come started to ooze out of his helpless cock.

Leaving him frustrated and on the edge of an orgasm, what she did next took Jack completely by surprise. He looked spellbound as she took her short black skirt, a black suspender belt, black lacy panties and nearly black stockings from her wardrobe and underwear drawer.

“It’s a shame that none of my tops or heels will fit you.”

A gagged Jack couldn’t have spoken if he’d wanted to. His cock was rigid and jutting out from between his legs, he felt as though he might come spontaneously.

“Oh good, I can see that this is turning you on almost as much as it is me.”

Tamara looked into his slightly panic stricken eyes and gripped his cock whilst straddling him, her tight leather skirt forced up over her stocking tops. She brushed her silky black panty guessed with the tip of Jack’s cock and whispered into his ear.

“Now you’re going to be a good girl and play nicely with your mistress.”

“Hhnnnggg!” was all Jack could manage. His orgasm was screaming to be released from the confines of his balls.

“I’m going to dress you as my slut, then I’m going to tease you and make you do things to me, then, when I’m ready, I’m going to take you and fuck you so that you’re in no doubt about your submission and crushing humiliation.”

She gripped the shaft of his hard cock and stroked it several times whilst looking seductively into his eyes. Jack sat bound and helpless as semen started to rise up his shaft, Tamara was incredibly aroused, “clever Alena,” she thought as she savoured the intense erotic thrill building inside her pussy. With impeccable timing, she released her grip on Jack’s cock just as he was about to come.

It was the most excruciating erotic torture as she brought him to the brink and then left him teetering on the edge of orgasm; she knew exactly what she was doing.

She sauntered sexily over to the clothes she had prepared for Jack. She picked up the panties and with a domineering expression told Jack to stand up. She made him step into the panties and she slowly raised them up over his knees and thighs until they sat on his hips. She folded his erect cock into the lacy front panel of the panties as more of her juices seeped from her pussy. Next she fitted the suspender belt around his waist, straps dangling suggestively, and told him to sit on the dressing table chair. She slowly and deliberately unfurled the stockings up over his legs and clipped them to the four strap suspender belt.

Jack had been taken completely by surprise and didn’t know what to think when he had realised what she was going to make him wear but now he was even more surprised at just how hot and kinky he felt. His nerve ends were tingling with forbidden erotic arousal. Tamara made him stand and step into the short black skirt, she could feel her cunt walls clenching as she slowly pulled the skirt up over his buttocks and hips. There he stood, gagged, hands bound behind his back, looking perverse but so deliciously fuckable in her stockings, underwear and tight skirt.

Tamara drooled at the sight of the skirt fitting snugly over his nicely shaped arse with a mound at the front where his cock couldn’t be contained. She wished she’d got a pair of heels in size eleven; perhaps next time, she thought. She just wanted to put her hand up the skirt and grab his cock, but not yet.

Tamara sensuously slipped off her leather skirt and panties, sat on the chair and opened her legs.

“On your knees bitch and eat my cunt.”

“Oh, that’s a clever girl, suck my clit, Oh yes, lick me, suck me, you’re such a turn on in your tight skirt and stockings.”

Tamara was more aroused than she could ever remember, she tried to stay in control but Jack’s tongue and lips brought her crashing to a loud orgasm that lasted a full forty seconds.

“Oh, you naughty girl, you’ve made me come before I was ready, you’ll have to be punished for that. Go and lie face down on the bed.”

Tamara lifted his skirt, pulled down his panties and gave him three playful strokes across his buttocks with her riding crop.

“Now turn over bitch.”

Jack did as he was told. He lay there, arms bound behind him, gagged and completely powerless. Tamara’s pussy was tingling again as her eyes settled on the bulge at the front of his skirt. Now she was ready to take him, to live out the final part of the fantasy that Alena had whispered in her ear as she had been engulfed by an orgasm the previous night.

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