Tales of Cougar Ridge Pt. 01

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Prologue: Cougar Ridge Subdivision is an imaginary place full of imagined people performing imagined acts. None of the stories are true and all names are fictitious. I have a handful of chapters completed, a few being worked on, and a number that exist only as ideas. Most of my characters, with some exceptions, are middle aged or older. I’ve written these little stories for my own enjoyment and share them in hopes that some of you will also get a bit of pleasure from them. Should a few of you wish for more I will submit additional chapters as time and inclination allow. If they produce a cold response I won’t waste our time sharing more.

Part 1: Moving In

Mark checked his mirrors as the big U-Haul truck turned into the Cougar Ridge subdivision. Yes, his Jeep was still secure on the tow dolly and yes, his wife, Kathy was right behind him with her turn signal flashing. Being careful not to block the driveway, he parked the moving truck half in front of his property and half in front of the neighbor’s property. He would unhook his Jeep from behind the truck soon. Without the Jeep on behind, he would be able to back the truck so that it wasn’t infringing on the parking space of his new neighbor. Kathy stopped behind him. She wasn’t sure where to park her car. Mark had her back into the driveway while he tried several keys before finding the correct one to open the front door of the house. “Finally!” he sighed as he stepped inside.

The last few days had been hectic and stressful as they’d packed and loaded their belongings from the old home in eastern Nebraska and driven to the outskirts of Denver, arriving there last night. They were up early this morning and headed to their new home on the east facing slope of the mountains west of Denver. Technically, it wasn’t a new home. It had been built about 15 years ago by another retired couple that intended to live out their years in the beautiful Colorado mountains. The husband passed away last fall. His widow wanted to move closer to her children so the house was listed with a realtor. When asked about the house by his friends in Nebraska, Mark was quick to tell them that it wasn’t a dream house. “It’s just a three bedroom with spacious garage.” It was good enough, though. Mark and Kathy both loved the mountains and hoped they’d have many happy years of retired living in this house.

Mark and Kathy were both in their 60th year. He had spent nearly his entire adult life working as a forest ranger in a Nebraska state park. Kathy, after their kids were in school, was able to get 25 years of service as a librarian for a community college. They were careful with their money and managed to raise their two children, help a little bit with the college bills, and to pay off the Nebraska home. It would be tight for a few years but once they both could claim Social Security and qualify for Medicare they knew they should be able to live modestly but comfortably.

Kathy walked up behind him and put her arms around him. “Well, we made it! Home sweet home.”

“Yep, Kate, we made it,” he replied with his pet name for her. “Now if we can just get all your crap put away!”

She gave his midsection a squeeze and said as she let him go, “oh, you know I only brought the necessities.”

He checked his watch. “Ten o’clock. It took us just under two hours from Denver.”

They were a fit and active couple. She got busy unpacking the “breakables” that they’d placed in her car while he unhooked his little red Jeep Wrangler and the tow dolly from behind the U-Haul truck. A curtain or two was slightly pushed aside while a window blind or two were spread in neighborhood houses to allow curious eyes to catch a glimpse of the new neighbors. Once the car was empty, they switched places with the Jeep and removed the belongings from it.

Next was the big truck. Kathy tried to guide Mark as he backed it as near the front door as possible. Mark switched off the ignition and stepped to the ground just as he heard a male voice shout, “Hello, neighbor! Looks like you could use a hand.” A smiling face with a well trimmed beard approached and extended his hand.

“We would love some help. I’m Mark Hill and this is my wife Kathy.” The men briefly shook hands.

“I’m Mel Morris,” he said as he reached his hand toward Kathy and politely bowed his bald head.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mel,” Kathy smiled. She noticed that he had hazel eyes that, as he turned his head, seemed to pick up the gray from his matching shiny gray t shirt and shorts. He had sturdy black sandals on his feet. He was of medium heft but a tall man with rounded shoulders. “Well over six feet” she thought to herself. The thought that he might have at one time been a basketball player flashed through her mind.

“The pleasure is mine, I’m sure.” Mel nodded toward the truck. “I hope this thing isn’t full!”

“Oh, it’s full alright!” Mark said in a grouchy voice but with a smile. “She couldn’t throw anything away. We had to bring it all.”

“Don’t believe a word g├╝venilir bahis of it. It’s mostly HIS stuff.” The three chuckled and got busy carrying a lifetime’s possessions into the house, garage, and back yard.

After about an hour another voice was heard from somewhere in front of the moving truck. “Yoo-hoo! Is anybody home?”

“We’re back here,” Mark shouted.

Two middle aged blond ladies made their way around the truck and into sight. “We saw the truck and thought we’d come over, meet the new neighbors and see if we could be of any help, “the smaller one said with a pleasant smile. “Why, hello, Mel,” her smile broadened slightly as she noticed her neighbor.

“Hello, Grace. Hello, Greta. I’d like you to meet Kathy and Mark Hill. They left Nebraska yesterday morning, spent the night in Denver, and are moving into the old Baxter house. This is Grace and Greta — the Johnson sisters. They live across the street and two houses up from you,” Mel said pointing in the appropriate direction. The sisters demonstrated similarities but they were very different too. Grace, the older of the two, was only about 5 foot two and was quite slim. Her blond colored hair was trimmed short of her shoulders. Greta was closer to 5 foot eight and probably weighed about two hundred pounds. She carried the weight well, however, and was attractive with long thick hair and a big smile that inspired you to smile back at her. Both were in t-shirts and long loose shorts. Once the introductions were accomplished, they all got busy and were making good progress in unloading the truck.

“I don’t know about anyone else but I’m getting hungry,” Grace said looking at her watch. “It’s almost one o’clock. How about I go make some lunch for us?” Everyone responded positively. “I’ll come get you when it’s ready. You come for lunch too, Mel.”

“You’ll get no argument from me,” Mel replied. Kathy thought she detected a wink from him in Grace’s direction but couldn’t be sure.

A while later Grace called them to a light lunch. Greta pointed out that Mel’s house was directly across the street from the Hill’s. Highway 207 ran along the east side of the subdivision so both Mel’s and the Hill’s homes bordered the highway. Next to Mel’s house, Greta informed them, was a house belonging to Alfred and Monica Avery. Next to the Avery’s was their lunchtime destination.

Kathy pointed behind them and asked, “and who lives next to us? It doesn’t look like they’re home.”

“Their name is Lincoln. The Lincoln family owns a very large and very old carpet business in Denver. The elder Lincoln’s must be in their 80’s. I think the second generation is about to retire and, now, the third generation is active in the business. We don’t see them very often but any of the three generations may drop in at any time,” Greta informed.

It was a pleasant lunch. The neighbors found out a good deal about one another. Grace was 57 and had lost her husband to cancer a few years ago. He had battled the disease for many years. Greta was 55 and had been divorced for 3 years. After finding themselves alone, the sisters decided to pool their resources and buy a house together. They both loved the mountains and, much like the Hills, found themselves in Cougar Ridge.

Mel had been a teacher in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was the oldest of the group having just turned 65. His wife had also succumbed to cancer some years ago. Mel had two grown sons that were now fathers themselves. They and their families still lived in the Santa Fe area but came to visit Mel as often as their schedules allowed.

Kathy and Mark recounted their story. Everyone seemed pleasant and it was obvious that they would be good neighbors. Finally Mark said, “Grace, thank you very much for lunch but we had better get busy. We are supposed to return the rental truck tomorrow.”

“Where do you have to take it?” Greta asked.

“A place just off of I-70 on the west edge of Denver,” Mark answered.

“I can give you a ride home after you drop it off if you want. I have an appointment with my eye doctor tomorrow in Denver,” Greta smiled.

“Oh, that would be great!” Kathy joined. “That way I could stay here and put things away.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?” Mark asked.

“Positive,” Greta replied locking eyes with Mark and smiling broadly.

As they all stepped out of the front door of the Johnson sister’s house Mel stopped suddenly and said, “Greta, can I go back and use your restroom? I’ll be right down.”

“Of course. You know where it is. Just let Grace know you’re there so you don’t startle her.”

“Will do. Don’t start without me!” Mel quipped.

Mark and Greta walked across the street and returned to the task at hand.

By late evening the industrious group had emptied the truck. Heavy appliances and large furniture pieces were positioned in their proper places and the many boxes (that had been carefully labeled by Kathy) were stacked in their appropriate rooms.

“That’s it! That’s enough for today!” t├╝rk├že bahis Mark exclaimed.

“Yes, it is,” added Kathy, “and we cannot thank each of you enough! There is no way we could have done it by ourselves.”

“You’re very welcome,” the sisters said in unison.

“Glad I could help and I’m glad to have such nice folks for our new neighbors,” Mel added with a smile.

“When we get settled we will have to have a party or a barbecue for you in appreciation for all your help,” Kathy said with sincere gratitude.

Mark agreed, “that’s a great idea!”

“Just let us know when,” Grace responded.

“Hey,” Mel piped up, “do you two want to spend the night at my place? I have the guest room all made up. It has already been a long day for you. I can throw a couple extra burgers on the grille and you can come back over here fresh in the morning to start unpacking. I’d be glad to have ya.”

Mark and Kathy exchanged looks. “What do you think?” he asked her.

She brushed a tendril of hair from her face and tucked it behind an ear, “I’ve got to admit that I’m tired.”

“It’s settled then. Let’s lock up and go relax,” Mel said with some enthusiasm. “You two girls are also welcome to come have a burger with us,” Mel said smiling at Grace and Greta.

“Thanks but I’m ready for a shower and to put my feet up,” the smaller sister, Grace, replied as she turned to see what Greta’s response might be.

Greta looked quickly at Mark and back to her sister, “I’m with you. A shower sounds good.”

“OK, but we’re gonna talk about you if you’re not there,” Mel chuckled.

“I’ll just bet!” Greta smiled in return. “So, what’s our plan for tomorrow, Mark? My appointment is for 10:30 and is probably about a half hour’s drive from where you need to take the truck.”

“How long will your appointment take?”

“It is just a checkup. They usually have me out of there in less than an hour. How about we leave a little early, I’ll follow you to drop off the truck, and you can hang out while I get my examination? That way I’ll be right with you in case there is a problem with the truck, and I can show you a little bit of Denver. When we’re done we can grab some lunch and I’ll get you back here to help put things away,” Greta suggested.

“Sounds like a good plan. Shall we leave about 7:30?” Mark asked.

“I’ll be ready,” Greta extended her hand to shake as if consummating a deal. She squeezed firmly.

Mark expressed his thanks to Grace as he shook her hand. Kathy gave each sister a hug and thanked them for their help.

“Mel, why don’t you go ahead,” Kathy suggested. “Mark and I will grab some clothes and the things that we’ll need for the night,”.

“OK. I’ll start the burgers. “

As their crew of helpers departed Mark and Kathy went to the back of the house and into the master bedroom where they’d deposited their clothes and toiletry items. It looked like a bomb had gone off inside! There was stuff everywhere and no curtains on the windows. Kathy tossed a suitcase on the unmade bed and was bent over rummaging through it as Mark walked close behind her. He grabbed her hips and pressed his groin against her. “I guess we won’t get to christen the new place tonight, will we?” Mark chuckled.

She wiggled her butt against him. “You probably are too tired to get it up anyway,” she said as she turned to face him. She rocked up on her tiptoes to give him a brief kiss.

He wrapped his arms around her. “Yeah, you might be right. It has been a long trip and a long day.” They stood hugging — enjoying a peaceful moment. “What did you think of the neighbors?”

“They couldn’t have been nicer! Mel gave up almost an entire day and the Johnsons gave up over half a day. I think we’ll all become fast friends. What did you think?”

He let his hands slip down to her butt and squeezed. “I think Mel likes your ass. I caught him looking several times today.”

“What? No way!” she retorted as he clutched their midsections together.

“Mmhhmm! Yes, way!” Mark smiled. “But I don’t blame him. I was checking it out myself.”

She giggled, broke free, and said teasingly, “Let’s get going before your imagination runs wild and your horniness over-rules your good sense!”

They quickly threw the necessary items in a small suitcase, shut off the light, and left the room.

A moment after the room went dark a disappointed shadowy form in the back yard turned and walked into the darkness.

A few hours later Mark and Kathy settled into the soft bed in Mel’s guest room. It had been a busy couple of days. Mark was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. Kathy, although feeling tired, had so many thoughts going through her mind that she couldn’t sleep. She reflected on Mel’s hospitality in feeding them and providing a shower and comfortable bedroom. The neighbors had been so nice to them today! She was thinking of how pleased she was with their new home. Her mind wandered to where she would hang pictures and how she would arrange furniture g├╝venilir bahis siteleri and what color she wanted to paint the bathroom. “Oh, no!” she whispered audibly as she realized that she’d left the keys in her car and left it unlocked on the street. She debated within herself, “Should I go get the keys and lock the car? Is it really necessary? Would anyone really bother it tonight? If I go outside, will Mel hear me and be concerned? If someone steals the car I’d never forgive myself and Mark would be very angry. Okay, I better do it.” She slipped on her shoes and cinched her robe about herself. She moved very carefully and silently to the front door and found it unlocked. “Hmmf! Maybe I’m worried for nothing if Mel doesn’t bother to lock his house,” she thought to herself.

Once outside in the cool air she moved quickly and was no longer concerned with the sound her feet made. She went across the street and up a block to her car. She opened the door and confirmed that nothing had been disturbed. She locked the doors and turned back toward Mel’s house just as a small form rounded the corner of his house and entered the door that Kathy had just come out of. Kathy couldn’t be positive but the form seemed to have light colored hair and gave the impression of being a woman. The light went on in Mel’s bedroom. Kathy returned to stealth mode and quietly crossed the street. Mel’s bedroom was next to the sidewalk. There was an unobstructed sliver of light that indicated a gap in the curtains covering the window. Kathy looked left and right to be sure that she wasn’t watched. She crept to the window. Mel had evidently opened the window partially in order to allow some fresh air to circulate. She peeked inside and saw the towering Mel with his arms wrapped around a much smaller woman, the couple engaged in a passionate kiss.

As their faces separated Kathy recognized Grace. Mel said in a soft voice, “I’m so glad you came.”

“I wasn’t sure if I should since you had company,” she replied.

“We should be fine as long as we’re quiet. Those two were worn out and I’ve heard snoring coming from that room almost from the minute they went to bed.”

“I was afraid they were going to spoil our normal Sunday night get-together,” she smiled at him.

“No way!” Mel growled playfully as he kissed her again and his hands went to her buttocks pulling her against him. She was wearing a long t-shirt. He worked it higher and higher until he was caressing her bare ass cheeks. “Wearing my favorite underwear, I see.”

“I thought you’d approve. I didn’t see the need to wear any since they’d only be in the way,” she glibly replied. She rubbed her belly against his erection. “I think you really are happy to see me tonight.”

“Mmmmhmmm. Let me show you how much,” Mel said as he turned her back to the bed and guided her down on the spread. He laid down partially on top of her, the couple engaged in a hungry kiss.

Kathy knew she should quit watching and get to bed. She had no right to spy on these two new neighbors that had been nothing but generous to her. Still, it was captivating and arousing to watch them.

Mel was wearing only a pair of dark blue boxers. Grace was able to slide her hand up his leg, beneath the boxers, and was firmly caressing his butt. Mel, for his part, ran a large hand over her soft belly and up to her breasts. She moaned into his mouth. “Let’s lose these,” she said as she started to push down his shorts.

“I’ll lose mine if you lose yours,” he said. They broke their embrace. He slipped off his boxers as she lifted the t-shirt over her head. For a few moments Kathy had a clear view of them both. Mel was in very good shape for his age — not as muscled and defined as when he was younger, no doubt, but still a very attractive man. Kathy focused on his erect member. She hadn’t studied very many cocks in her life – Mark’s and a few more in real life – plus a few more in porn videos that she and Mark had watched. Mel, like Mark, was circumcised and, from what Kathy knew about such things, of average size. Mel was lighter skinned than Mark, even in the most private area. She noticed that the glans on Mel’s penis was about the same size as the shaft and rather pointed. Mark’s glans was the fattest part of his penis and was flatter. Mel’s body had much less body hair. It was hard to touch anyplace on Mark that wasn’t covered in dark hair. It was a turn-on for Kathy to note the differences and similarities.

It was apparently turning Grace on too. She was rolling her body atop Mel’s with her light brown haired pussy in his face, knees on either side of his head, while her hands held his cock at an angle that allowed her to lick and suckle him. For her part, Grace was an attractive woman. Kathy hadn’t realized just how petite Grace was because the clothes she had worn during the day had given the appearance of a larger body. Her breasts were quite small and had sagged somewhat with the passage of time. She was exhibiting a very youthful libido, however, as she licked, nipped, and teased Mel’s penis. She was down on her elbows as he had his legs wide spread so she had access to his scrotum and testicles with her free hand. Mel had a hand between their bodies was caressing a turgid nipple.

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