Taking Susan Jones

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It is wonderful fucking Susan Jones. She is such a wonderful minx. I love her to bits and she does me and we just click together so precisely.

When she wears her ‘costumes’ for me our heaven is sure to come with a raging storm. The Icelandic Eyjafjallaj├Âkull volcano has nothing on us, it is that passionate!

She looks so good in that Ann Summers barrack doll dress. I love her to death and can’t wait to lavish her. I go absolutely berserk and just cannot stop having her in all sorts of wonderful ways. I want to taste her lips constantly, to feel her tongue seeking mine – to feel the passion in her deep searching kiss as I pamper her nipples and ease my fingers along the centre of her back, down and down until they find the beautiful crevice between her gorgeous round perfect hind, that miracle of the female form that tempts us guys throughout. teasing and exploring her there her.

“But darling, today I am your army private girl and you my army commanding officer, and once again I have been very disobedient and was sent to you for a dressing down.”

I was dressed for the part too, how she loved the role playing, and she wanted no sympathy, just canl─▒ bahis ┼čirketleri plain and appropriate punishment to fit her misbehaviour. I twisted my baton in my hand, tapping it on the desk in front of her, Pte Jones standing the opposite side I saw her cheeks flush when I stroked the baton, what was she thinking I hoped. If her teasing wet tongue sliding over her lips was anything to go by I had a good idea, an idea which immediately made me grow wanting again to feel the way she took it into her mouth and the beautiful way she sucked and teased with her silvery wet warm and busy tongue and wet lips to drive me to spurt so strong into her mouth. She loved that just as much as did I and , by the same token my lips yearned for the taste of her warm, silk like pussy, so wet and always so ready for my tongue searching, lips deep inside as I pressed my face into her, wanting and yearning to smell and taste her so warm and so good.

Flashing through the mind that manner in which she enjoys face sitting me.

I wanted that now but first the punishment.

“So what do you think you deserve for being so disorderly on the parade ground, Jones? This canl─▒ ka├žak iddaa is the second time you have had to come to me and it is just not good enough,” I conjured to scorn.

“You want me to be better, Sir?” she asked with her mischievous grin, ” or perhaps even worse!”

If that was the cue for a good ass spanking I don’t know what was. For that is just what she got, spread eagled over the edge of my desk, skirt rolled up and panties down to her knees, the ten full hand slaps resounded as much as her yells as that well rounded asking for it ass got the full works, just enough to blush her cheeks, just enough for them to want some creaming with to prevent bruising.

“You were hard on me today, Sir,” she said but now she was murmuring sweet nothings as I massaged the cream firmly into her cheeks. Still spread apart I yearned now to sniff and taste her ass and pussy and was soon down upon my knees as my hands still worked those cheeks apart for me to get a wonderful full view and access to her wonderful ass and wet, so wet pussy that was just asking to be eaten dry.

I ordered her to sit on my face, her legs fully stretched open as I laid canl─▒ ka├žak bahis outstretched on the floor, immediately she obeyed and slowly positioned her self above me so I could enjoy that so wonderful and thrilling sequence of seeing her under her skirt. “Now lower, lower” I instructed, until you feel my mouth press into you.”

She wriggled down, looking so lovely and tempting, Susan was all woman and no mistake, and my woman…

“Like this, Sir?” she said in that very provocative way, moaning as she felt my hungry mouth sink into her femininity.

Her taste was out of this world, that certain nectar I had become so accustomed to. Her ass moving and swaying as I enjoyed her so deep.

“Fuck me now, Sir? Hard and rough it has to be, my stiff punishment remember?”

She was all ass and pussy for me and all I wanted right now was that stiff, deep throbbing fuck to feel her hold my cock tight inside her as she rolled it around first in her sweet ass and then her pussy to enjoy the best of both worlds. Soon I came strong in both and rammed her ass like nobody’s business, by the time we had finished we were both numb with fucking and when I sent her on her way I noticed the way she walked, yes she had been well and truly fucked and seen to.

“Hope you have learned your lesson, Private Jones?” I said as she walked out.

“Yes sir and you can reckon on my being unruly quite often!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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